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A Song for the Fallen Maid and the Warg

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I don’t remember being in this place…


There was a knock on the door of the room and the boy abed allowed entrance. The girl dressed in silver, who was around his age, or two years his senior, came inside and shut the gate behind her. At the sight of her he smiled. It was so pleasant to see her after spending his long day inside his dorm and hearing Old Nan tell him stories about the White Walkers. Of course, it thrilled him to hear such horrifying things, but nothing could ever compare to the sight of this lovely girl. She had always been beautiful to him, and she was even more so today. Her raven hair hanging half loose and her skin of light toast glimmered at the light.

He always loved to see her.

The maid stood there and smiled meekly, often turning her glance from floor to boy. She had no idea what to do or think. She merely blushed. The young boy grinned even more, and finally he had greeted her after a long while of silence.

“Evening, my lady, it’s always good to see you.”

Her shy smile grew a bit. “And I feel the same for you, my lord.” She took a short pause as she stared at the boy at the bed. “Was there something you needed?”

He pouted his lip. “I just wanted to talk, that’s all.”

Her cheeks turned a bit red. “Well, it’s always good to converse with you, my lord.”

He smiled even more. “How has your day been?”

“Uneventful,” she answered. “The only thing I did today was learn how to sing songs and sew as always. But that was until Arya decided to destroy your sister’s good needlework.”

He laughed at that. Of course Arya would do that, she loved to piss of Sansa like nothing else. “And why did she do that?”

She shrugged. “Probably because she was jealous of her sister’s good work. Or maybe perhaps it was for the sake of annoying her and entertain herself.”

The boy laughed again and again. “Well, we know one thing for sure: mother will not be happy to hear about this.”

“I told Arya to sneak out and do bow and arrows with Robb and Theon instead, but she wouldn’t listen to me.”


This didn’t sound right…


Bran gave out a small smirk. “Well, even if she did go to them, mother would still be furious.”

The girl laughed. “I can imagine.”

The boy gave out a small chuckle and for a while again, they stayed silent and stared at each other. Whilst they stared, the boy reached out his hand and the young maid was surprised by this.

“Please, come closer.”

This seemed quite strange to her. Never in his life did he ever ask her to come much closer to him. She wasn’t sure whether she should object to this, but instead she did as she was told and sat beside the young wolf. There and then, he took her hand gently and held it, staring at her eyes with more than just happiness. They seemed more of affection, and that made the girl a bit scared. She could hear her heart thump loudly, her skin running a bit cold… she felt completely petrified. She tried her best to calm down as the boy merely smiled and stared at her with such a tranquil gaze. The maid blinked her eyes as the young wolf went on to speak again.

“I’ wanted to speak to you about something I’ve heard from a little bird.”

A little bird? The girl could only nod and look at him attentively.

“Someone’s told me that you have certain feelings for me.”


There was something definitely wrong here.


The girl blushed. “R-really?” she laughed nervously. “And who told you that?”

He laughed a bit. “I’m sorry. I can’t tell you that, I promised them not to.”


Something was definitely not right here.


Did she really have feelings for the young boy? She really didn’t remember that, but her heart beating fast and her skin going hot and cold said it was so. Her throat felt dry and the girl could only hear her soft hyperventilating, nothing more. Her heart was beating so fast, she was even wondering to herself whether she was going to die anytime soon. The girl closed her eyes, avoiding the thought of the way the boy would look at her at all. Instead of hearing his voice, what she felt was his hand, reaching towards her cheek and caressing it gently, as if it were his last day on earth. That made the maid flinch and opened her eyes she did again. She seemed surprised that the gaze of the young wolf was serene and affectionate instead. He kept beaming at her, paying his thumb against the soft skin of her face. She felt her face turn redder as she felt him. The boy gave out another soft chuckle and assured her:

“It’s alright. I know how you must feel right now. I hope you forgive me for speaking of this.”

Maybe she should go. Maybe she should just leave him to his rest and bother him no more. This was making her nervous, and talking about such feelings made her really uncomfortable. The girl gulped thin air and gently shoved his hand to the bed as she looked from side to side and glanced at him sheepishly.

“I-if there’s nothing else to talk about… maybe I should go.”

Before she was able to leave, she had been stopped by the gentle grip of his hand. At that, the girl gazed at their hands joined, and she blinked her eyes in a bit of shock. For a moment she stared and she then gave out a sigh.

“My lord…”

“Daeltrix… please, stay here with me.”

Hearing his gentle and innocent voice… that soft call coming from his lips… it made her have a small shiver down her spine and heart. He called her name so gently and so lovingly… Daeltrix knew this would be too good to be true. No one made her feel this way since her last relationship, not since…


She knew something was wrong here.


She could only nod and stay with him. Then, with the other hand he tapped his bed and turned to look at his furred covers, and then back at the girl.

“Lie down with me.”


This was not right.


This really made her feel nervous. She knew she shouldn’t be doing this, but still the urge to do so came to her. But still, she questioned, “And what will your mother say about this?”

He merely smiled. “Don’t worry about that now. I’ll deal with her later.”

What could she do? Obey her young lord and nod. What power did she have to say no to a young lord’s command? None. That much she knew.

The only thing she could do now was nod and lie down. When she did so, she felt his arms wrap around her, and her forehead he pecked. At that she gave out a soft chuckle. She had no idea why, but it just made her react this way. Delighted to hear that light-hearted laugh, Bran stared at her and grabbed her hand once more, placing it at his chest. Right when he did that, Daeltrix could feel his heart beat slowly. That made her memerized. Something abour feeling his heartbeat made her find comfort despite the uneasiness, as if she felt she was meant t be here. But also, she knew something about this was not right.


Why was that?


Bran rubbed his cheek against her head and closed his eyes in a bit of gladness. Feeling her hand against his chest made his heart flutter. He guessed that might be a good thing, seeing as she was right beside him.

“Can you feel that?” At that, Daeltrix nodded. “That’s me, feeling the same way as you do.”


Something was very wrong.


The girl seemed to be flattered by this remark. She grinned and asked, “So you love me too?”

He nodded and smiled. “I always have… ever since you came to Winterfell.”

That made her heart beat even harder and faster. This really made her a bit uneasy. Words could not describe how she felt right now, and in this point in time, she had no idea what to do. Thankfully, Bran was the one to say the words instead of her.

“Daeltrix… I know I can’t give you what you would want. I never will be able to and it saddens me. But if this counts, I can still love you.”

At the sound of those words, her eyes glimmered in sadness, yet there was a sparkle of love deep in those hazel eyes of hers. She gave out another sigh and reached her hand to stroke his cheek.

“Then that’s what matters to me, Bran, for I will do the same for you until the day I die.”

For a while they stared at each other once more, losing into the blyss of their own eyes. Daeltrix felt her eyes blink as she slowly approached the boy. As still as he was, he patiently laid there as he closed his eyes and waited for that moment to come, the moment when he was to feel her lips against his for the first time.

He could taste that sweet hint of strawberry and honey lingering in her lips. Nothing was ever sweeter than this. Bran did not want to let go of her and neither did she ever want to let go of him. As they both kissed, their arms wrapped around each other, Bran’s hands caressing her cheek and back and Daeltrix’s fingers were dancing at his hair. None of them wanted to let go, yet the maid knew she shouldn’t be doing this. She knew something was not right, yet she did not know what it was. If this seemed so wrong why did it make her feel good? Why did it feel right?

That, the girl could not understand at all, and her brief moment of pleasure ended as soon as she heard those familiar voices inside her head, loud and clear like rain.


Daeltrix! Daeltrix! Wake up!



The maid pulled her lips suddenly away from the young wolf’s. Her eyes glanced from side to side and both shock and perplexion were crawling inside her like a monster, slithering inside a burrow. The poor boy stared at her in utter shock.

“Did you hear that?” she muttered.

He seemed really confused. “Hear what?”

She blinked her eyes and looked at the ceiling. “Those voices… I hear them across the wall.”

She then turned to look at him and felt dreadful. The girl probably sounded so stupid to him, and at the thought of that she turned her gaze at the boy’s chest instead. Amused by the girl’s imagination, Bran chuckled a bit and caressed her as he gave out that sweet innocent smile to her.

“I only hear your voice and mine,” he pointed out as his thumb stroked her cheek gently. “Perhaps you have been reading too many books.”

At that, Daeltrix laughed. Of course she would be imagining things; this is what happens when you read too much crap in more than one hour. She had spent too much time with the numerous tomes she borrowed, it was time she stopped thinking of her daydreams then. Perhaps now she should just focus on Bran alone, and how much of a good time she was having with him. “Perhaps I have.” She stared back at him as she felt her hand reached his. “I’m sorry for being distracted. It will never happen again”

He chuckled. “That’s alright, it happens to me too.”


This really wasn’t right at all.


The girl beamed, gladdened to know that she was not the only one whose mind could go bonkers. She laughed and smiled, She caressed him and was about to approach his lips, but then those retched voices bothered her once more.


Daeltrix, wake up! You’ve been asleep for a while; it’s time to get up!


At that, she flinched again and looked at the ceiling as she did before. She blinked her eyes and questioned with a voice of wariness, “Who’s there?!” She took a pause. “Show yourself!”

Bran squinted his brows a bit. “Is everything alright?”

Daeltrix didn’t answer him. Instead, she followed the annoying voices that called out to her and demanded, “Answer me, for god’s sakes! Who calls?!”


Daeltrix, wake up! It’s time to be up now!” she could now hear clearer than before. “You rested for too long, you need to be up at your feet now!


The girl’s attention was no longer drawn towards poor Bran, but rather to those eerie and loud noises that she heard inside her head. She kept looking at the ceiling as the voices grew and grew, and it was then when she could no longer take it, and everything faded from her.


Daeltrix! DAELTRIX!