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Do Your Homework!

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‘Merlin’s beard Derek! Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s rude to sneak up on people!?’

‘I wasn’t sneaking, you’re just unobservant.’ Derek looked down eyes averted, he had totally been sneaking and just the thought of the great lump of a werewolf trying to be invisible brought a smile to Stiles’ face.

‘Hmph!’ Stiles huffed, taking in Hale’s new expression, one of pure annoyance, before giving his wand another wave, it swished through the air.

Derek had to admit there was something about the young Stilinski boy once he had a wand in his hand, it mad him seem almost wise with his hand poised and his face set in concentration. Although on this occasion the effect was ruined as the clutter in front of the ravenclaw burst into flames.

‘What the hell are you trying to do?’

‘Well now that’s an interesting story-’

‘Is it homework?’ Derek Hale asked his peer suspiciously as he eyed the mess in front of the younger boy.

‘Well now that depends on what you define as homework..’

‘Well I define it as doing the work given to you by your teachers. How do you define it?’

‘Em- well- uh technically-’

‘Shut-up and do your transfiguration homework before I take points!’

‘Sourwolf.’ Stiles grumbled into the desk.

‘I heard that!’

‘I heard that.’ stiles mocked back.

‘I’m warning you Stilinski!!’

‘I’m warning you Stili-’


In defeat Stiles stuck his tongue out and blew a raspberry in the direction of the scowling huffelpuff.