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The problem with ignorance isn't that it's ignorance. The problem with ignorance, most often, is that it has to be faked.

The problem with Reina is that Kumiko keeps avoiding her - and she can't help but notice it.


The eye is instinctively attracted to motion and colour. Reina would be aware of this, if she ever expressed any interest in anything that isn't music.

As it is, all Reina knows is that whenever her eyes land on Kumiko, the girl is walking away from her. The repeating pattern makes her molars itch with irritation.

She pretends not to notice.

Kumiko keeps avoiding her, and Reina (grits her jaw until it starts to hurt and) forces herself to look away from the retreating back.

Stop moving, she thinks, stay still. Stop moving so I won't have to notice you all the time, she chants inside her mind but, ah-


Kumiko doesn't.


Face to face and Reina's hand cupping Kumiko's cheek, it's easy to say "You're an awful person". Easier than "Stay."

"This is a confession of love, after all."

Move, Reina wills. Lean closer, so I won't have to, she bites her tongue before saying.

"Don't you dare abandon me," is what comes out. Close enough, she guesses. Close enough to the issue at the heart of the whole mess to hurt.

Reina supposes "If I do, you can kill me," is a fitting answer, really.


Kumiko stays where she is, and not an inch closer.