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Exit the Fall

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"I hate you," Hikaru feels compelled to inform him, even though he's arching his back, and you is more of youuahhhh. He can feel Ogata-san's smirk against the nape of his neck, but before he can say or do anything to wipe the damn thing off his face, Ogata-san's hand is stroking his dick and moving his hips, and all Hikaru can do is moan and open up.

"You were saying, Shindou-kun?" Ogata-san's voice is in his ear, and it's a little breathy – okay, a lot breathy – and Hikaru groans. Ogata-san takes this as encouragement and shoves Hikaru's face into the pillow, both hands on his hips now and thrusting faster and harder.

Hikaru tries to bite his lip – he really does, because the last thing he wants is to inflate Ogata-san's already overly obese ego – but the whine leaves his throat and suddenly he's chanting, "Harder, harder, god damn it, Ogata-sensei," (and Ogata-san picks up a little there, the fucking pervert) "fuck me harder." And then suddenly his vision goes black and he's coming onto the (Egyptian) cotton sheets.

Ogata-san lasts only a moment longer – damn him – but then he's gone stock still, and Hikaru can feel him spasm. Once he's done, and they're cleaned up (and, by cleaned up, Hikaru means on their backs with the condom somewhere in the vicinity of the trash can), he stares up at the ceiling. "You know," he says around a yawn. "I still hate you."