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don't get dead (too late)

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Danny came to herself slowly.

“Ugh,” She heard a voice standing about her sneer. It sounded familiar, but foreign and wrong. “I forgot how… uncivilized newborns are.”

There was the sound of heels on carpet, muted, and then a pale hand tilting her head up. Danny’s head lolled on her neck, her hair falling across her forehead. Her eyes slowly swam back into focus, and she blinked.

Perry looked down at her, her face impassive and superior. “Please clean up after yourself dear. We have a lot of work to do.”

“Perry…?” Danny murmured, her lips sticking together. There was something on her face, and she furrowed her eyebrows and licked at it. Copper bloomed on her tongue, making her mouth water and her teeth ache for some reason. “What-… what’s going-”

Danny looked down, and threw herself backwards with a shriek. Kirsch, his throat ripped open, lay on the carpet. His eyes were wide and blown with fear, and his mouth gaped slightly in death.

There was blood everywhere.

It coated Danny’s front and pants, running in tacky tracks up and down her arms. Her mouth was stiff with it, and she could taste congealed blood between her teeth.

“Welcome to death, darling.” Perry said, stepping over Kirsch’s corpse. “Now let’s get to work.”