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University Discoveries

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“Hey, James, were you wanking in your room last night?” asked Mike as he reached for a teacup from the kitchen cupboard.

“Pfft. No,” James denied, unconvincingly.

“I heard you,” responded Mike and the other two at the table smirked.

“The walls aren’t very thick around here,” offered Tom.

“I could hardly focus on my studies last night,” said Ben.

“You were moaning really loudly--,” said Mike.

“Would you just shut up about it?” said James. He tried to hide his blushing by ducking further into his book on Chaucer, but the morning light around the breakfast table wasn’t helping. The three other men grinned.

Oh, but Eve was lovely. James could just drown in her chocolate brown eyes. But great God, he couldn’t say something like that in front of Mike. Maybe Tom and Ben would take the piss for a moment, but Mike would be unrelenting. Forget it. They wouldn’t ever understand.

James’s general disgust with Mike found another outlet.

“Can’t you put a shirt on, ever?” James said to Mike.

“And deny you the prime example of what a true masculine body should look like, you pigeon-chested tosser?” said Mike with an arrogant smirk. “Never happen, mate.”

Tom choked on his coffee and covered it with a laugh. Ben quirked an eyebrow at Tom.

“What?” asked Tom.

“Nothing,” said Ben. He smirked.

Tom glared back at him over his coffee mug.

“What are you two on about then?” said Mike, finally taking his seat at the head of the table.

“Nothing,” said Ben and Tom simultaneously.

Tea and toast for Mike’s breakfast as usual. Mike never indulged in jam during rugby season. Too many empty calories, he said. Tom glanced quickly at Mike’s torso as he ate. It was all Tom could do to gain any weight. Mike had to do what he could to keep it off. Ben was slim as well, but Tom had two inches on him and it made Tom look even thinner. James was puny all around, poor sod.

“Well I’m off to the library. Got to study up on my astronomy before Professor Leighton’s exam today,” said Ben as he picked up his cup and plate and placed them in the sink.

“When are you ever NOT in the library?” asked Mike around a bite of toast. “Jesus, are they giving away free blow jobs or something?”

“Who’s week for washing up?” Ben asked, ignoring Mike completely, the crude bastard.

“Tom’s, I think,” said James.

“Like hell,” said Tom. “You traded with me two weeks ago. Remember, James?”

“Oh hell,” said James. “Alright, just leave them there.”

“Laters,” said Ben as he put on his coat and grabbed his books from the adjoining sitting room.

“I’m off too,” said Tom. “I’m so going to fail this history exam… I mean, who cares how many horses died in World War I anyway?” He posed the question as an act of bravado for Mike more than anything. Honestly, he really did think it was awful about all those horses, but he didn’t want to seem too much of a pouf in front of James and Mike. It was bad enough that he wanked off this morning in the shower to the thought of Mike sucking him off. Jesus, he was beautiful.

As soon as Tom left, Mike eyed James. “Going out with her again, mate?” he asked, only half-curious.

“What’s it to you?” James grumbled.

“Jeez,” said Mike getting up and putting his plate and cup in the sink. “See if I take a going interest in your life again then.”

“I’d rather you didn’t,” said James.

Mike came over to him and leaned in closely to James. He could feel Mike’s breath on his ear when he said, “Don’t worry, wanker. I won’t,” and he went upstairs to finish getting dressed for class and the rugby match later that afternoon.

As the front door finally closed behind Mike, James breathed a sigh of relief. If Mike knew what Eve looked like, James knew he wouldn’t have a chance with her. She was a stunning girl: slim, statuesque, perfect. And James knew she had a thing for bad boys. Mike would be just up her alley. Oh no… Mike and Eve could never meet and that was that.

James finished his cereal, did the washing up and raced to class thinking of all the deliciously dirty things he would do to Eve once he and she were alone that night. He couldn’t wait.