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He’s not technically skipping any classes—he already turned in his paper, so he’s not obligated to show up to class—but Finn would have been perfectly willing to skip all his classes, to skip practice, to skip Wisconsin Singers rehearsal, any of it, if that’s what it took to get himself on the 6:37am flight from Milwaukee to LaGuardia. It took some negotiating with his mom and Burt to even get him on that flight; his mom seemed convinced he was lying about not missing class and Burt wanted him on one of the flights with layovers because they were cheaper. In the end, both parents finally agreed to the early Tuesday morning non-stop flight, but if they hadn’t, Finn was prepared to use the voucher to book the flight he wanted.

Finn’s mom and Burt don’t know about the voucher. Maybe Kurt and Puck have forgotten about the voucher, because it’s never been mentioned again, not since the end of the summer and of the thing the three of them shared. Finn won’t ever forget the voucher, though when or why he’d have occasion to use it still remains unclear, outside of scheduling a better flight for a family holiday. Still, a family holiday is better than not seeing them at all, and even if he’s nothing else to them anymore, he’s still their brother; they remind him of that almost every phone call.

The flight’s surprisingly empty for a Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Finn’s pretty sure, but he’s never actually taken a flight anywhere for Thanksgiving, let alone one that leaves at six in the morning, so maybe his expectations don’t mesh with reality. That happens kind of a lot. The flight attendants are all friendly, and one of them offers him a pillow and a blanket. He’d be surprised about how sad something small like that could make him, but Finn sort of gave up on trying to define the limits to his sadness about, oh, four months ago.

His row is empty, which makes it easy to stretch out across both seats. Finn grips the armrests tightly during take-off, taking deep breaths until the plane levels out, then he leans his head back against the window. He tries to sleep, but all he can really achieve is a light doze, so that by the time the plane starts its initial descent into LaGuardia, Finn is slightly disoriented, along with still being just as tired.

Finn grips the armrests again as the plane makes a bumpier–than–necessary landing. As the plane slowly taxis to their gate, he pulls out his phone and checks the time. The plane’s running a little early—9:35 instead of the anticipated 9:40—and Finn wonders if Kurt and Puck know, and if they’ll be there on time to meet him, and what exactly he’s supposed to do when he sees them.


Noah slaps at the phone irritably, since he's nominally closest. It's not a Sunday, it's not a Monday, which is his earliest class, and it's not even a Thursday, when Kurt usually gets up early to go to work. It takes about fifteen seconds for it to process through his brain.

It's Tuesday. It's not just any Tuesday, it's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and Finn's plane is supposed to land at LaGuardia at 9:40 am. It's leaving Milwaukee at 7:37 EST, which means that for Finn, he had to be all the way to the airport pretty early. They don't have to be awake as early, but they want to be on the 2 train by 8, which means they have to grab breakfast before that, and that is why the alarm is blaring at 7 am. On a Tuesday.

Noah grins and rolls over carefully, running his finger down Kurt's nose just once before Kurt blinks at him and then slowly smiles.

"It's Tuesday."

"It is," Noah agrees, sliding his arm around Kurt's waist. "It's the Tuesday before Thanksgiving."

"And you're skipping your very first college class today!" Kurt says, mock–proudly.

"I talked to Professor Stone and he was very understanding about the fact that I wouldn't want family to be wandering around LaGuardia unmet," Noah protests. "And Allison and Ben are going to share their notes. So I'm not sure it actually counts as skipping. It's more like… an excused absence."

Kurt laughs and after a second, Noah joins in. "Fine. Your first excused absence," Kurt concedes. "So let's get moving."

Thirty minutes later, they walk out the door, first grabbing coffee at Starbucks, then heading up to Bagels & Co for breakfast, at which point Kurt teases Noah about being a walking cliche with his lox. "Shut up," Noah says around a mouthful as they get onto the 2 train. "There's probably something cliche about whole wheat and veggie cream cheese."

Kurt sniffs and shakes his head, then grins. Ten minutes later, they're standing and waiting in the cold for the M60 bus, and Kurt shivers a little. "Good thing I brought my gloves," he grumbles.

"It's not that cold. Yet." Noah wraps his arm around Kurt's shoulders for the rest of the wait, though he agrees with Kurt: he's glad he has gloves on his hands, now. The bus stops at least twenty times, Noah figures, or maybe it just feels like that many to both of them. He's not sure which of them is squeezing more tightly, and maybe it doesn't matter. Finally, they get to the parking lot close to the central terminal and walk inside. Their careful planning has them there a good thirty-five minutes too early, so they very carefully figure out if Finn's plane is still on time—it is—and where to stand, before finding an open table to sit at while they wait. This time, there’s nowhere else they have to be, no flight they have to run to catch.


Finn’s probably a good fifteen minutes earlier at the gate than anyone expected him, between the early landing and how quickly they were able to taxi to their gate. He has his carryon in hand, ready to bolt off the plane as soon as the flight attendant says they can disembark, and anybody who might have gotten in his way seems to think wiser of it, because they step out of the aisle and give him a clear shot to the door. He tosses a polite “thanks” to the flight attendant and then sprints up the concourse.

The escalators don’t move fast enough, and he pushes past on the left, muttering “excuse me, sorry, sorry” as he goes up, which means he’s probably going to be that much more too early. Maybe it’ll give him a chance to get his bearings or whatever while he waits, or maybe he can just pace around the baggage claim for a little while, even though he doesn’t have any bags to pick up.

Sure enough, when he gets up to the top and looks around the arrivals area, he doesn’t see them anywhere. They’re not by baggage claim or the doors, and he doesn’t spot them when he gives the coffee shop and deli a quick look, so he walks back towards the baggage carousel again, starting the circuit all over again. If he has to, he can text or call them, but he’s trying to make this all as unawkward as possible, and it feels like that might make it more awkward.

“Finn!” Kurt’s voice calls from behind him. Finn spins around and scans the coffee shop again, but this time he sees them. They’d actually been sitting there the first time he looked, but somehow he missed them, focused on the wrong details or something, because that’s them. It’s them, and there’s no glass separating them this time, they’re not heading in opposite directions.

“Hey!” Finn says, and any of the question about what to do sort of evaporates as he jogs in their direction, a huge smile on his face. “I didn’t see you!”

Kurt and Puck stand up, both of them grinning as they move around the table towards Finn. “Ninja,” Puck says with a shrug.

Finn stops in his tracks a few feet away, and his carryon bag slides off his shoulder and arm, hitting the floor with a thunk that should probably be alarming, but doesn’t seem important at the moment. “Hey,” he says again, looking from Puck’s face to Kurt’s and back again.

“Hi.” Kurt’s grin gets a little wider, and he looks over at Puck for a split second before they both move forward, throwing their arms around Finn. Finn wraps his arms around them, pulling them close and burying his face in Kurt’s hair, then turning his head to press his face against Puck’s short hair. Finn’s eyes sting and he has to blink them hard to keep from crying into the top of Puck’s head like an idiot.

“Fuck, I missed you,” Finn whispers. “I missed you.” He tightens his grip on them, if that’s really even possible, and keeps moving his face from Puck’s hair to Kurt’s.

“Missed you too” is the muffled reply, their faces buried against him, and he can feel their hands on his back, under his coat, fingers twisting in his hoodie. Finn runs his hands down their backs, over and over, breathing in their familiar smell and ignoring the fact that they’re in the middle of an airport with people all around them.

“Excuse me? Sir?” someone says from behind them. “Is this your bag? I think you may have dropped it.”

Finn lifts his head from where it’s resting against the top of Kurt’s and turns his face towards the person speaking to him. “Huh? What bag?”

Kurt giggles a little. “I think he means your carryon.”

“Oh. Ok, yeah.” Finn nods his head at the guy. “Thanks. Yeah, that’s mine.” Finn looks down at the bag, trying to decide if he really wants to let Kurt go long enough to pick the bag up again or not. He’s mostly leaning towards not.

“I think they’re worried that you have something deadly in there,” Puck says with a very straight face. “Like secret plans to dominate the Upper West Side via football.”

“I’ve got my playbook pages in there. And my iPad. Maybe the combination’s what’s so bad?" Finn suggests. “I don’t think I look very threatening, though.”

“Well, you do look—” Kurt cuts himself off abruptly. “We should go back over to Manhattan now!”

“Yeah. I don’t have any other bags or anything,” Finn says, still not letting either of them go. “We can go if you’re ready to go.”

“We’re ready,” Puck nods, and the two of them shift slightly before Finn can feel the slight press of their joined hands against his back. Finn lets his arm drop from around Kurt long enough for him to lean over and grab his carryon, resettling it on his shoulder before putting his arm around Kurt again. The two of them steer him out of the terminal to the correct bus stop, where a bus pulls up after just a few minutes.

The three of them board the bus and squeeze into a seat together, Finn tossing his bag into the seat in front of them and draping his arms across their shoulders. It’s so they can fit in the seat better, if anybody asked, but really it’s because he needs as much of their bodies against his as he can get, and this might be as much as he can get.

“Flight okay?” Kurt asks. “Were you able to sleep?”

“It was alright. Little bumpy on the landing. I kinda napped, but not really,” Finn says. “Early morning.”

“Maybe too early for the pilot, too?” Puck says with a quirk of one eyebrow. “Nothing planned today if you need a nap.”

“I’ll be ok. If I get too grumpy, you can just smack me or something. Maybe we can get some coffee or something to eat, though?” Finn asks. “It was too early for breakfast when I left this morning.”

For some reason, this seems to amuse both Kurt and Puck, who nod. “We can do that,” Kurt agrees. “Shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Awesome,” Finn says. He tightens his arms around Puck and Kurt’s shoulders and sinks down slightly in his seat, exhaling deeply. He hadn’t even realized how wound up he was until just this moment, when some of that tight, confused feeling relaxed. It’s not awkward, not yet anyway, and for the moment, Finn’s perfectly content to sit between them, holding them.


Finn doesn’t seem particularly concerned that they get off the bus and switch to the train on the east side of the park, and Kurt exchanges another covert grin with Noah when they disembark at the 86th St stop and walk four blocks south before turning onto 82nd.

“Still hungry?” Kurt asks Finn with a slight grin.

“Am I ever not hungry?” Finn answers, grinning back. “All I’ve had today is one of those little bags of pretzels.”

“What do you think, K? Should he try the nachos or the mac ‘n’ cheese? With a burger, I mean.”

“Oh, nachos, definitely,” Kurt says, nodding. “And, here we go,” he says as they pass the thrift store and stop in front of Mad River.

Noah opens the door and smirks a little, gesturing for Finn to walk in first. “After you.”

“Hey, is this the Wisconsin place?” Finn asks, as he’s walking in. He looks around the room and then laughs. “Yeah, ok. It’s obviously the Wisconsin place.”

“Was it the pennants or the large Bucky that convinced you?” Puck jokes as Kurt leads the way towards the bar. Mad River’s only just opened a few minutes ago, so they sit at the bar and wait for someone to come out from the back.

“It was the red. Also, the giant W over there,” Finn says, pointing in the direction of the W. “Anybody could have a Bucky.”

“Are you saying that Bucky gets around?” Puck asks just as Winston emerges from the kitchen.

“It’s not Saturday, boys,” he says after a split second.

Kurt smirks a little. “No, it’s not. But if it were Saturday, then we wouldn’t have Finn with us, so…"

“Oh!” Winston turns towards Finn and grins widely. “I’m not sure if you’re more famous for playing or being their brother.” He sticks out a hand. “I’m Winston.”

“Finn Hudson,” Finn says, gripping Winston’s hand and giving it an enthusiastic shake. “And probably for being their brother, I’d guess. I haven’t really played in that many games.”

“Five,” Kurt can’t help pointing out. “Five out of eleven.”

Finn shrugs and ducks his head slightly. “That’s not even half. And I didn’t do so great in one of ’em, so…"

“Yeah, you have complete control over the offensive line,” Noah snorts. “And it’s all of the last five, so.”

“Well, we’re all hoping Jensen’ll be feeling better soon,” Finn says.

“Speak for yourself.” Kurt shrugs. “I mean, yes, of course being ill isn’t good, but there’s no need for him to make a miraculous recovery in the next four days.”

Winston laughs. “Watching out for your brother, I see.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” Noah grins.

“Well, it’s good to meet you,” Winston says to Finn. “You’ve been playing really well. Kind of fun for us to have a personal connection to the games, too.”

“Thank you! It’s been fun to play. Sure wasn’t expecting it this year, but I guess you never can know what’s gonna happen,” Finn says. “I feel lucky more than anything else.”

“Mmmhmm. Hard work had nothing to do with it?” Kurt says, arching his eyebrow.

“Everybody on the team works hard,” Finn answers.

Kurt rolls his eyes. “Right. Winston, can you bring Finn some nachos and a burger as well?”

“Of course,” Winston nods. “Regular order for the two of you?”

“Please,” Noah nods, and Winston disappears briefly back into the kitchen before he returns, one of the servers trailing behind him with a camera in her hand.

“Can we get a picture?” she asks. “Maybe one with Winston right here in front of the W!”

“Sure, yeah!” Finn says, his grin getting even wider. “Take one for me, too?” He fishes in his pocket for his phone and hands it to the server with the affable smile he seems to reserve for flight attendants, waitresses, and other middle-aged women from whom he’s requesting a service.

“No problem,” the server chirps, and Kurt suppresses a giggle as Finn and Winston stand in front of the red W while the server snaps a few pictures. “Thanks!”

“No, thank you!” Finn says, winking at her. “Hey, could I get some extra pickles and maybe some hot sauce?”

“Of course!” She hands Finn his phone and disappears back into the kitchen, while Winston shakes Finn’s hand another time before doing the same.

“You’re incorrigible,” Kurt says to Finn, raising both eyebrows.

“Nah, it’s just hot sauce,” Finn answers.

Kurt starts to laugh, leaning against Finn’s shoulders. “Of course it is,” he murmurs, and it’s very difficult not to add ‘darling’ at the end.


After Winston stuffs them with free dessert, Kurt shivers dramatically when they step onto the sidewalk.

“Do we need to get a taxi, blue eyes?” Noah asks. “Not up to walking to the bus stop?”

“It’s not that cold, really,” Finn says. “Not like it is back in Wisconsin, anyway.”

“It is cold,” Kurt insists. “But a taxi would be quicker, and almost as cheap.”

“Taxi it is, then,” Noah agrees, and the three of them shove into the back seat of a taxi, Finn’s bag in the front passenger seat. It doesn’t take long to cross Central Park, and Noah tosses a ten at the driver as they climb out.

“And here we have our building,” Kurt says with a twirl of his hand. “Complete with decorative fire escape.”

“It’s nice. Very New York,” Finn declares, still smiling. Noah’s not sure, in fact, that Finn’s stopped smiling since he spotted them at the airport, including when he was eating. Noah can’t help but feel like maybe it’s a hopeful sign, but then, Finn could just be glad to see them.

Noah unlocks the front door of the building, and the three of them head for the stairs. “Third floor walk-up isn’t bad,” Noah says to Finn. “Could be on the sixth floor.”

“Dude, I work out for like two hours almost every day,” Finn laughs. “It’s just stairs. It’s cool.”

“Allison always tells us we should have gotten a building with an elevator.” Kurt looks thoughtful for a moment. “Come to think of it, Dad might’ve agreed with her when we moved in.”

“Yeah, I can just see Burt hoofing furniture up these stairs,” Finn says. “I bet he was whiny.”

“He was more than willing to pay for the delivery service from Ikea, let’s put it that way,” Kurt agrees, opening the door to the third floor and making his way down the hall towards their apartment. Noah hasn’t really gotten used to the idea of it being their apartment sometimes; he feels a bit like an imposter, like someone is waiting to jump out and laugh at them for thinking they were adults.

“Yeah, I bet he was! Poor Burt.”

Kurt unlocks the door and pushes it open. “And here we have our own few square feet.”

Finn looks around the apartment and says, “Wow, that’s… a few square feet, alright! It’s nice, though. I like it.” He walks inside and then asks, “Where should I put my bag?”

“By the closet’s fine,” Noah answers.

“So, pretty much anywhere, then?” Finn jokes.

“I wouldn’t recommend the bathtub,” Kurt replies as he and Noah take off their shoes. Finn watches them for a moment, then takes off his own shoes and sets them next to Noah’s. He sets his backpack by the closet and then stands in the middle of the apartment looking somewhat confused, his eyebrows scrunching together.

“You can throw your coat over here,” Noah tells him, taking off his own at the same time. “Just watch out for all of K’s. If they fall off, we all have to help pick them up.”

Finn grins again and takes off his coat, carefully hanging it on the rack. “I feel like I’m about to fall over,” he says. “It was still almost yesterday when I got up this morning, it was so early.”

Noah and Kurt both laugh, and Kurt grabs Finn by the wrist, pulling him towards the futon. “Sit,” Kurt tells him.

Finn laughs and shakes his head, sitting down. “I guess Syd might be right. I’ve gotta remember to tell her that later.”

“Oh?” Noah asks, raising his eyebrows as he and Kurt sit down on either side of Finn.

“Yeah, she says having me around is like having a puppy, except I don’t pee on her stuff,” Finn says. “I don’t. Pee on her stuff, I mean.”

“I should hope not!” Kurt says, wrinkling his nose.

“Pretty sure there’s some frats on campus where that actually happens,” Finn says. “Some dudes from Fiji peed in a girl’s car during one of their parties. Seriously. Who does that? Fiji, I guess, but seriously. Why would someone do that?”

“That’s gross.” Kurt keeps his nose wrinkled.

“Yeah, a lot of the frats are gross. I mean, there’s a reason I didn’t rush or anything. I mean, lots of reasons why, but peeing in cars, that’s definitely on the list of reasons not to, right?”

Noah can’t remember the last time he heard Finn sound quite so nervous and rambling. “Peeing in cars is always on a list of reasons not to do something, I think,” Noah agrees.

“Anyway, I didn’t need the Greeks. I’ve got football and the Singers and the QSA, so I stay pretty busy or whatever,” Finn continues rambling. “And some of them were real dicks, anyway, and I’ve got Syd if I really need somebody to be a dick to me for a while. She doesn’t think it’s all that funny when I tell her that, but I kinda think it’s hilarious.”

“It’s something,” Kurt nods, leaning against the back of the futon.

“So… so. It’s different,” Finn sort of blurts. “That you aren’t on my iPad.”

Noah grins and shakes his head. “We could cut out some cardboard frames and hold them up.”

“You look different. It doesn’t show up as much on FaceTime, I guess.” Finn runs his hand through his hair and his eyebrows squish together again. “Everything’s different now, I guess.”

“Not everything,” Kurt says quietly.

“Well, yeah, I mean, there’s…" Finn takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. “The two of you. That’s… that’s the same.”

“That’s not the only thing.” Noah shifts sideways, partially facing Finn.

“Feels different,” Finn says softly. “Like maybe what you need from me now is just…"

“What we need is for you to be happy. What we want…" Kurt trails off.

“Is a brother?” Finn asks. He sounds and looks heartbroken, but he gives Kurt a sad, crooked half–smile. “That’s what it seems like you want. When we talk.”

Kurt closes his eyes briefly and then looks at Noah. “Maybe you should try?” he says ruefully.

“More like we keep reminding ourselves,” Noah says. “We—” He stops, looking at Finn. “We don’t want to make your life… complicated.”

Finn’s eyebrows squish together even more and he shakes his head slightly. “You don’t make my life complicated.”

“We could, though,” Noah sighs. “Whatever it is, it could, and… we don’t know what you want, and.”

Finn tilts his head and shakes it again, to indicate he’s not following whatever Noah’s saying.

“We don’t know what you want,” Kurt repeats Noah’s words. “And the last thing we want is for you to feel like you have to give us a certain answer, that there’s only one acceptable thing to want. Of course we—”

“We hope for one answer,” Noah interjects. “But.”

“Answer to what?” Finn asks. “You didn’t ask me anything yet.”

“Fuck it,” Noah mutters, leaning forward and sliding his hand on the back of Finn’s neck before turning Finn towards him and bringing their mouths together. A low whine comes out of Finn and both of his hands move to the sides of Noah’s face and then up into his hair, Finn kissing Noah back desperately.

Noah feels Kurt’s hand half on top of his, Finn’s lips underneath his own, and none of it is enough. Noah slides his other hand down Finn’s chest, then underneath Finn’s hoodie, slowly working it up.

“Does that mean the answer’s yes?” Kurt asks, sounding almost smug.

Finn barely pulls away from Noah, their lips still touching, and he answers, “Yes, the answer’s yes, fuck I missed you two so much,” before crashing his mouth against Noah’s again. His hands slide under Noah’s shirt, running across Noah’s stomach and sides.

“Then there’s something you should probably know,” Kurt says almost calmly. “Did you notice all the throws and blankets? And how warm it is in here?” He continues without waiting for Finn to answer. “Generally speaking, clothing is unnecessary at home.”

Noah pulls away just long enough to whisper in Finn’s ear. “Also, it’s Tuesday.”

Finn’s head drops onto Noah’s shoulder and a tremble runs through him. “I missed you. I missed you so much,” he says quietly. “I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, darling,” Kurt murmurs, running his hand through Finn’s hair, almost petting him. “We missed you, too. So very much.”

“We love you,” Noah whispers. “So proud of you.”

“I’m so stupid. I never should have… I should have kissed you goodbye,” Finn says into Noah’s shoulder. “I should have called you right then and asked you to come back. I should have told you every single time we talked.”

“Finn, darling,” Noah sighs, and it’s a little bit a sigh of relief, the name falling out of his mouth again, finally. Before Noah can continue, Kurt leans forward, his lips against Finn’s ear, whispering so quietly Noah can’t make out the words. Finn turns towards Kurt, kissing his eyelids and his cheeks and the tip of his nose before pressing their mouths together. One of Finn’s hands stays under Noah’s shirt, the other sliding under Kurt’s, and Finn’s whole body seems to relax as he touches them.

Noah just watches the two of them kiss for a long moment before starting to remove his own shirt and discarding it in the floor.

“We still have far too many clothes on,” he notes, sliding a hand up Finn’s back, under his hoodie and the T-shirt underneath it.

Kurt pulls away slightly and nods. “Tell us what you want, darling,” he whispers, voice low. “Tell us a little story.”

“I want my clothes off. I want your clothes off,” Finn says.

“And then?” Noah asks, tugging on Finn’s hoodie.

“And then I’m going to kiss you, both of you.” Finn puts his arms up, letting Noah pull the hoodie off. “I love you. I love you both so much. And then I’m going to touch you and I’m going to put my mouth on you and I’m going to— fuck, I’m going to do everything. I missed you so much.”

“Remember what Noah said earlier?” Kurt says wickedly. “We don’t have to be anywhere today. Or the first half of tomorrow.”

“Good,” Finn says. “Nobody’s going anywhere.”

“No,” Noah agrees, pulling off his jeans and then his underwear. “Not going anywhere. Not putting on any clothes.”

Finn starts unfastening his own jeans, then pauses. “Guys? You, uh. You know I’ve been, you know. Dating. Right?”

“Yes,” Kurt says slowly, nodding.

“I just. I got tested. Just, you know. So you know that.” He doesn’t look up at them while he’s talking. “I thought you didn’t want— I didn’t think I’d ever have this again. And…" Finn trails off and sighs. “Fuck. I’m so stupid. If I’d known or had any idea, but I thought you didn’t want this. I made myself believe that.”

“What could we have done?” Noah asks softly. “We wanted—want—you to be happy. Whatever that means for you. We need that, darling. Need to know that.”

“All I need to be happy is you,” Finn says. “That’s all. That’s what I’ve been missing. I like school, I like playing and I like the Singers, and I have friends there, but it’s you. That’s the part that was wrong, was not having you two.”

“We’re right here, and you’re here, and you’re ours,” Kurt responds.

“I’m yours,” Finn agrees. “And I love you and I was stupid to not tell you that every day. I thought about you all the time. I dreamed about you.” He pushes his jeans off and kicks them away, then puts one arm around Noah’s waist, hauling him into Finn’s lap.

Noah grins. “Hi.” He puts his head on Finn’s shoulder. “We love you too.”

Finn strokes his hands down Noah’s back, holding him close, then he reaches out with one arm, putting it around Kurt. Kurt presses against Finn’s side, his arms around Finn and Noah both, and Noah’s not sure which of them—maybe all of them—lets out the very content sigh.

“I like your hair,” Finn says, after a few minutes pass.

Noah grins and moves his head back and forth against Finn’s shoulder a couple of times. “Did you know that having something on your head makes it warmer?”

“Crazytalk,” Finn says, laughing. “But I’ve never not had something on my head, so I guess I don’t know the difference.”

“I suppose not,” Noah agrees, tilting his head slightly so he can run his tongue over Finn’s collarbone. He watches Kurt’s hand move through Finn’s hair, turning Finn towards him until their lips meet, and Noah grins, moving his own mouth up on Finn’s neck.

Kurt slowly pulls away after a long moment. “Everything, you said, darling?” he asks, grinning widely.

“Yes,” Finn answers quickly. “As much as we can fit into today and tomorrow, anyway,” he adds.

“It’s only a month until the semester break,” Kurt points out. “Which is far less than four.”

“Four months was…" Finn sighs and shakes his head, and the arm around Noah tightens. “Long. It was long.”

“Too long.” Noah sighs against Finn’s neck. “We should try to make ourselves forget how long it was.”

“What’s first on that list of everything, darling?” Kurt asks.

“Can we lie down on something? This thing folds out, right?” Finn says.

“Yeah,” Noah nods, standing up reluctantly, and Kurt does as well. “But you’ll have to stand up for a second.”

“But I don’t wanna stand up,” Finn grumbles. “I want the futon to be magical.” He does stand up, though, with an exaggerated frown on his face.

Noah stops as they’re about to fold it out and grins, looking over at Kurt, who looks about as predatory as Noah feels. “Damn.”

“Mmmhmm,” Kurt agrees.

“Guess it’s a good thing it’s so cold in Wisconsin. Layers,” Noah shrugs with a smirk.

“What?” Finn asks, looking confused.

“Let’s just say we can definitely tell you work out two hours a day, or whatever you said earlier,” Kurt laughs. “You look good, darling. That’s all.”

“Yeah?” Finn grins, but blushes slightly. “Working out’s kind of my job.”

“Then your job has some excellent benefits – for us,” Noah smirks.

Finn runs his hand through his hair and his face gets a little redder, then he leans over and starts unfolding the futon. “Yeah, yeah.”

“You don’t believe us?” Kurt asks, his voice almost sounding hurt, but he’s smirking at Finn’s back, too.

“I’m just me,” Finn says. “Same old me, that’s all.”

“Hmm.” Kurt wrinkles his nose and sits down on the now–unfolded futon. “So we can’t appreciate you, is that what you’re saying?”

“No, I’m not— I’m just saying that… I’m still just me, that’s all. I’m the one that does the heavy lifting.”

Noah nods. “Yep. You do. We can tell.”

Finn’s face gets even redder. “Shut up.”

“Make me,” Noah says with a smirk. Finn takes a step towards Noah, then hooks his arm around Noah’s waist and pushes him down onto the futon, Finn’s mouth on Noah’s as they land next to Kurt. Finn’s hand runs down Noah’s chest and hip, and Finn shifts slightly to the side so he can wrap his fingers around Noah’s cock.

Kurt laughs, and Noah can feel Kurt shift closer to them, his legs sliding against Finn’s and Noah’s. “If you keep your hand there, darling, he’ll just start making more noise.”

Finn pulls his mouth away from Noah’s and grins at Kurt. “Noise is ok. Just as long as there’s no more talking about me.” He moves his hand up and down Noah’s cock slowly, and leans across Noah’s chest to kiss Kurt.

“But we like to talk about you,” Noah protests, sliding his fingers down Finn’s chest. He curls his hand around Finn’s cock and squeezes gently before releasing it, running his hand along Finn’s thighs.

“Yeah?” Finn asks. His eyes close and his body relaxes against Noah’s. “I bet you just talk about me all the time, in the middle of all your busy New York stuff.” He huffs a short laugh.

“Well.” Noah keeps moving his hand over Finn’s thighs, up onto his stomach, and back, teasing, never quite touching his cock. “I think there’s a few people who think we should talk about you less.”

Kurt nods. “It’s true. ‘Let me guess. Finn.’ is something we’ve been known to hear,” he says wryly.

“I might kinda talk about you guys a little bit, too,” Finn says. “Don’t, uh, talk to Syd about it. She’s a liar, you know. She lies. If you asked her about it, she’d say it was a lot.”

“We need to meet Syd,” Noah declares. “Definitely need to meet her, don’t you think, K?”

“Absolutely,” Kurt agrees. “Get her contact information, everything.”

“I’ll give you her number if you promise you won’t break her, ok?” Finn says. “I think she only barely puts up with me as it is. Syd’s awesome.” He tightens his hand on Noah’s cock. “But no more Syd talk now.”

“Yeah?” Noah pushes up against Finn’s hand. “What are you going to talk about, darling?”

Finn just laughs and shifts so his head is against Noah’s stomach. Finn kisses him across his stomach and hip, hand still moving, and then kisses Noah right near the base of his cock.

“Fuck,” Noah whines. “Finn.”

“Maybe you should ask him what he wants,” Kurt suggests, grinning.

Finn nuzzles his face against Noah’s stomach, then looks up at him. “So, what do you want,” Finn starts, then smiles almost shyly and adds, “baby?”

“I want you inside me, dammit,” Noah answers, biting his lip and rocking his hips slightly to match the movement of Finn’s hand. Finn’s smile widens and he moves his head a little so he can run his tongue along the underside of Noah’s cock, just once, before he sits up.

“That sounds like a good plan,” Finn says, grinning. “Where do you guys keep your, you know. Supplies.”

Noah and Kurt both start laughing. “Just look around,” Kurt manages after twenty seconds or so. “We promise that there’s none actually in the food, but otherwise it’s pretty much fair game.”

“Then hand me a bottle of something,” Finn says. “It’s been four months, you guys.”

Noah reaches to the side and then hands a bottle to Finn, starting to laugh again when he notices Kurt doing the exact same. “Oh, look, you get two,” Noah says.

Finn hands the bottle from Noah over to Kurt. “Yep, I get two,” Finn agrees. He flips open the cap on the bottle Kurt handed him, pour some lube into his hand. “I’m probably out of practice with this stuff, you know.”

“I’ll let you know,” Noah says dryly. “C’mon.”

Finn’s fingertips circle Noah’s entrance for just a second before he pushes two fingers steadily inside. His other hand goes back to Noah’s cock and he moves both hands in a slow rhythm, a half–smile on his face. “That’s ok?”

“Yes,” Noah hisses, tilting his hips up. “Fuck, darling.”

Finn slides his fingers out and adds a third when he pushes them back in. “Yeah, in a second,” Finn agrees.

Now,” Noah argues. “It should be now.”

Finn laughs and rolls his eyes as he pulls his fingers out again, and says, “Fine!” He moves Noah’s legs up and then his cock is pushing inside Noah. “Holy fuck, Puck, I missed you.”

“Missed you too,” Noah murmurs, closing his eyes. “Fuck, fuck, darling, missed you so much.”

Finn’s movements falter for a moment and he moans softly, then thrusts into Noah harder. “Kurt,” Finn says in a low voice, which changes to a whine when he continues with, “Kurt, please.”

Noah can tell the moment Kurt’s completely inside Finn, both of them exhaling, and Noah grins and opens his eyes, rocking his hips experimentally until the three fall into the same rhythm. “Good thing no one’s probably home downstairs right now,” Noah laughs, putting one hand on Kurt’s side and the other in Finn’s hair.

Finn mutters, “There’s other people?” and if it weren’t Finn saying it, and he didn’t sound totally blissed out, it would be kind of cheesey.

Noah uses the hand in Finn’s hair to tug him down, and he presses his lips to Finn’s neck, over and over, careful not to leave a mark. None of them are going to last very long, and Noah lets his eyelids close again as Finn thrusts into him. Finn starts whispering by Noah’s ear, then murmuring, incoherently at first and gradually louder.

“Fuck, baby, fuckfuckfuck, I love you, love you, both of you, fuckfuck missed you,” Finn babbles, thrusting harder into Noah, one hand wrapped around Noah’s cock. “Love you so much. Puck, Kurt, love you, please, please!”

Noah pushes into Finn’s hand, his fingers tightening in Finn’s hair as he hears Kurt hum for a few seconds before speaking. “Come for me, my loves, now, now.”

Finn cries out, something that vaguely sounds like “Oh god!” before coming inside Noah. Noah shudders as he comes, and he can feel Kurt shake a little before the only sound is all three of them breathing, finally still.

“Mmm,” Kurt says after a moment. “But now I need a blanket.”

Noah grins and reaches behind him, finding a throw and unfolding it before draping it over the three of them. “Better, blue eyes?”

“A bit.”

Finn changes position and drapes himself over Kurt, too, one arm still flung across Noah. “How about that? Warmer?”

Kurt laughs. “Yes. The very latest in textiles.”

“I’m working really hard on my furniture major, but I’m taking a blanket class now, too,” Finn says. “It rounds out my transcript or whatever.”

“Blanket science?” Noah suggests.

“I think it’s one of those liberal arts things,” Finn says. “I’m still not really sure what those are. I mean, I already vote for those guys, so I don’t really need to take classes about it.”

“Oh, darling.” Kurt giggles. “God, we missed you.”

“You just missed me being a blanket,” Finn answers, but he pulls both of them a little closer to him.

“Hmm. No. Blanket’s purely a bonus,” Kurt says thoughtfully. “Must’ve been something else.”

“Don’t forget all the heavy things,” Noah teases. “We have a whole backlog.”

“I’ll lift you,” Finn grumbles. “Don’t even need a spotter this time, ’cause of how you aren’t really that heavy of a thing.”

“I’m not dancing with you in here,” Noah says wryly. “I don’t think there’s enough room, for starters.”

“You could try in the kitchen,” Kurt says innocently. “Really give Treadmill Guy a reason to knock off early.”

“Treadmill Guy?” Finn asks. He rolls over onto his back, pulling Kurt and Noah against his chest. “Who’s Treadmill Guy?”

“From the window in the kitchen, there’s a guy across the street who runs on a treadmill. We have this theory—”

Noah has a theory. I merely accept that it’s plausible,” Kurt interrupts.

“Fine, I have a theory that he varies the length of his workout based on if he sees us naked or not. One of us, five minutes shorter. Two of us, ten minutes shorter. And both of us at the same time? Fifteen minutes shorter.”

“You think he gets a bonus for naked guests?” Finn asks. “Maybe he could, like, skip altogether.”

“It’s Thanksgiving week, though,” Kurt points out. “Aren’t we morally obligated to make sure he gets in as much exercise as possible, to offset the gluttony of Thursday?” He stops, then shakes his head. “Then again, gluttony’s sort of the point of Thanksgiving.”

“He shouldn’t be treadmilling after all that turkey, anyway,” Finn says. “We’re not supposed to work out right after we eat, ’cause it makes guys puke on the equipment. It’s kinda like the rule with swimming, only that one’s not true, I don’t think. The puking on the equipment thing is totally true, though. I’ve seen it happen.”

“Eww,” Noah says, wrinkling his nose. “Dude.”

“That’s disgusting, Finn,” Kurt complains. “You could have left off the last sentence.”

“I’m just saying that maybe he shouldn’t do so much treadmill this week,” Finn says. “Sorry. I won’t say anything else that’s gross, I promise.”

“In that case, I suppose we could be good citizens and all stand in front of the window,” Noah says, amused. “Luckily, Treadmill Guy is always clothed.”

“That’s good. Otherwise, it would be sorta awkward,” Finn says, nodding his head. He suddenly starts laughing quietly, holding them a little tighter.

“What is it, darling?” Kurt asks.

“I’m happy. I’m just really, really happy,” Finn answers. He turns and kisses the top of Noah’s head, and then turns towards Kurt and does the same. “I didn’t even feel like I was allowed to hope for this.”

“Just look at it as… bypassing the hoping stage?” Noah suggests with a laugh. “It’s like do not pass Go.”

“I think if you guys pay me $200 that’s against the law or something,” Finn says. “And if I pay you $200, that’s like $400 total, and I don’t have that much cash with me.”

“It’s only illegal if you get paid?” Noah asks. “I’m confused. No one’s paying anyone. Well, unless we order food. Then we’ll pay the delivery guy.”

“If you pass Go. You get $200 for that. Right? That’s the same game, isn’t it?” Finn’s eyebrows scrunch together. “Or am I thinking of Life or something?”

“Yeah, but you’re not passing Go. So.” Noah grins. “No $200.”

“You two are ridiculous.”

“Well, good, so then nobody’s breaking the law,” Finn says. “But I’m still confused about the Go part.”

“How about we don’t Go anywhere,” Kurt says wryly. “At least at the moment.”

“Can we go to the door if we order food?” Finn asks. “Oh, and do I have to put clothes on for that?”

“Only one of us has to go to the door,” Noah answers. “And you could just wear a blanket. Or pants.”

“I don’t want to wear either of those things. Maybe I’ll just wear you,” Finn says. “You’re better than pants. I’ll just put you on.”

“Still ridiculous,” Kurt pronounces. “But well-intentioned.”

“I’m putting that on my next performance review. ‘Better than pants’. You think that’ll get me a raise?”

“I’ll give you a raise,” Finn offers.

“Yeah?” Noah lifts his head a little and grins. “Remember, I said no dancing.”

“Because I totally meant dancing,” Finn says. “Obviously.”

“Duh. You always mean dancing. You’re a dancing fool or whatever.” Noah laughs. “Dancing Finn. That’s what the tribute bands sing.”

“Young and free, only nineteen,” Kurt quips. “Ooh, that’s right!”

“What’s right? Tribute bands are never right,” Finn says. “Trust me on that one. They had this tribute band at a Pike party one weekend, it was David Bowie tribute band. They all dressed like David Bowies. Different David Bowies, from like, that one where he steals the baby and that one where he had the lightning bolt on his face, and the one where he was afraid of Americans.”

“David Bowie was afraid of Americans?” Kurt shakes his head. “Well. No. I don’t imagine a David Bowie tribute band would work all that well.”

“But I’m pretty sure K was referring to your birthday present.”

“Do I have to put pants on for my birthday present?” Finn asks.

“No.” Kurt shrugs. “But you do have to let me go get it.”

“Sweet! Except the letting you go part. You have to come right back.”

“It’s cold out there. Why wouldn’t I?” Kurt points out, scrambling out from under the blankets to grab the bag from the closet and sliding back under quickly. “Swiped my phone, too. So we can order food if we get hungry.” He dangles the bag in front of Finn’s face. “So you want your present, darling?”

“Yes!” Finn grabs the bag. He reaches inside and pulls out the portable ping pong set, giving it a confused look. “Well, it’s important to be able to travel with ping pong.”

“Never be bored.” Noah shrugs. “We thought it was kind of amusing.”

“You could play ping pong in the airport or something.”

“I should take videos of myself playing ping pong in all kinds of weird places,” Finn says. “And then I can Tweet it!”

“Put them on your ‘official’ Twitter,” Kurt suggests, grinning. “But see what else is in there!”

“More shot glasses!” Finn fishes out the five shot glasses, one at a time. “Our room is a very popular room for lots and lots of people drinking just one shot each. Well, except sometimes we use them for ‘Who Can Drink More Than The Doug?’ Answer, by the way, is nobody.”

“But you all keep trying?” Noah guesses.

“Many have tried. Many have failed. Also, many have puked.”

“More puke. We’re sending you back with an anti-emetic, darling,” Kurt muses with a grin. “There’s one more thing in there, though.”

“I don’t know what that thing is that you just said,” Finn says, grinning back. “But I hope it’s not what’s in the bag.” He reaches in and rifles around at the bottom of the bag for a few seconds before coming up with a keychain with a single key on the ring. “Key to the city? Like a superhero gets?”

Noah snorts. “Do we look like we have the authority to do that? Anyway, look at the keychain.”

Finn does, in fact, look at the keychain, holding it close to look at the circle of map. “Hey, is this where we are right now?”

“Upper West Side, in the 70s,” Noah nods. “Wouldn’t use it instead of your phone, but.”

“And the key?”

“Sorry, not to the entire city, darling, but it will get you into these few square feet.”

“Seriously?” Finn asks. “So I could just show up, like, any time?”

“You might want to make sure you know which bus and train to take from the airport first, but, yeah,” Noah grins.

“I could totally do that. Probably.” Finn pauses. “Maybe. Asshole.”

“Yeah, you like my asshole, asshole,” Noah grins. “Happy birthday, you young thing.”

“Well, you guys were always my cougars,” Finn says.

Kurt giggles. “That’s us. Cradle-robbers. Happy birthday, darling.”


Finn hasn’t had a naked meal since probably four months ago, let alone a naked take-out meal, not since he’d gone to Madison, so it actually ends up making everything feel more real in a way. Not that the actual fucking didn’t feel real, but he’s had dreams about that, and he hasn’t had any dreams about eating Thai food naked. It feels normal and good, and Finn decides he’s just going to be happy instead of kicking himself again about those four months he fucked up.

Also, the Thai food in New York is really good, so that’s something, too.

He hadn’t ever given much thought to the specific things he missed, partially because it hurt too much and partially because he didn’t think he had a right to miss them. Of course he always noticed that little pause, the one where ‘darling’ was supposed to go, but it wasn’t something he could say or do anything about. Hearing it again—a lot, like they can’t make themselves stop saying it, not that he’d want them to—feels almost as awesome as the sex, and sex feels almost as awesome as being able to tell him he loves them in the way he really loves them, not in that brother way they’ve been pretending for the last four months that they feel.

Once they finish the Thai food and wash up the dishes in the world’s tiniest, teeniest little kitchen, the three of them lie back down on the futon, this time with all the pillows from the lofted bed and a bunch of extra blankets.

“Okay,” Puck announces, brandishing his iPad. “Calendar.”

“Oh, hang on, mine’s in my bag,” Finn says. He crawls off the futon and pulls his calendar out of the pocket, then climbs back onto the futon. “Ok, now I have it.”

Puck looks confused. “Dude.”

“What?” Finn looks confused right back at him. “It’s my calendar. Ok, it’s one of my calendars, but this is the important one.”

“Oh?” Kurt raises an eyebrow. “How so?”

Finn hands Kurt the calendar without any explanation. Kurt takes it, looking curiously at the bent cover, and then pages through it without a word. His forehead wrinkles a little as he gets to the middle of the calendar, and then he puts it down carefully on Finn’s chest.

“Darling.” Kurt puts his head on Finn’s shoulder. “We love you.”

“It’s the out-loudest way I was allowed to wait,” Finn says.

Puck picks it up from Finn’s chest and looks through it slowly, too, before burying his face against Finn’s neck. “Waiting sucked,” he mumbles.

“It did suck, and I was dumb,” Finn says. “I won’t be dumb this time.”

“Also no more four months.” Noah lifts his head up and pulls up the calendar on his iPad. “You don’t have to go back to school until mid-January.”

“So it’s only like a month this time? And then it’s a few weeks off,” Finn says. “That’s not so bad. I need a pen.”

“Hang on.” Kurt leans over, dangling half off the futon, but when he comes back up, he’s got a pen in his hand. “We won’t be in Lima long, though, because of working, so you’ll have to come out here part of that time.”

“That’s ok? I don’t want to get in the way of your stuff out here, or anything,” Finn asks. That was sort of the whole reason for thinking it was over to begin with.

Puck rolls his eyes at him. “I don’t think you’re going to get in the way of twenty hours of work, give or take. Unless you have a secret plan to take down Starbucks.”

“I bet Syd’s taken a class about that,” Finn says. “I bet she could give me some pointers. Either her or Gina. She’s got some kind of weird thing going on that I don’t understand, but might have something to do with corporate espionage or whatever.”

“Sounds fun. Or boring.” Puck grins. “I mean, spying on the amount of coffee sold doesn’t sound all that interesting.”

“Which one’s Gina?” Kurt asks lazily. “Is she the singing one?”

“No, that’s Trish. Gina’s Syd’s roommate, but she and Trish are kind of a thing,” Finn explains. “I’m not totally sure what kind of a thing, because they don’t, like, hold hands or whatever, but Trish says they don’t like to give the straight guys a cheap thrill, so it might be more serious than it looks.”

“Darling,” Puck says with a slight frown, “do you know all the lesbians in Madison?”

“Well, I mean, not on a first name basis. Ok, well probably most of them on a first name basis, but there’s some girls who come to the QSA stuff that I don’t know if they’re lesbians or not, so maybe yes and maybe no,” Finn says. “I know Syd, Gina, Trish, Noel—she’s kinda pissed off all the time—and Jill. Jill keeps trying to introduce me to guys at parties, and I keep pretending like I don’t understand why she’s doing it. I think Syd thinks it’s funny.”

Puck has a strange expression on his face, and Kurt tilts his head to the side. “Are you their mascot?” Kurt finally asks, smiling slightly, but his tone is a little weird.

“Maybe a little bit,” Finn says. “Only, now they’re coming to the football games! Well, they came to the last one anyway, the one we lost. Trish had a sign that said ‘Lesbians Jump Around for Eleven’.” He pauses and then grins. “That’s me, by the way.”

“Yes, we were aware,” Kurt says dryly. He looks over at Puck. “Lesbians and butt–slapping, baby.”

Puck shrugs. “What can we do?”

“The lesbians don’t slap my butt! And I don’t slap anybody’s butt!”

“Sometimes they slap your butt, though,” Kurt points out, a little sharply. “All ‘oh, good play’ and then. Butt–slapping.”

“It’s gotten worse,” Puck says, sounding almost gloomy. “First it was just the one guy. Now it’s like three or four of them.”

“Wait, are you jealous?” Finn asks, laughing. “You’re totally jealous. You want a butt–slap, too!”

“No, we want them to stop slapping you,” Kurt says, and Puck just glowers.

“Nope, it’s definitely that you guys want butt–slaps, too,” Finn announces, and he grabs Puck and pulls him across his lap. Puck squirms a little, but not like he really means it, and Finn smacks him on his ass with a loud pop. “There! Now you don’t have to be jealous. Kurt’s turn!”

Or, we could take all your pants and get ‘do not slap’ embroidered on the seat,” Kurt suggests brightly. “That’d be a nice fashion statement, yes?”

Finn laughs again and doesn’t actually make any move to let Puck out of his lap. Instead, he puts his hand back on Puck’s ass, over the barely–pink mark, and pets it. “I don’t think Coach Meredith will be ok with that, but I guess I could tell him you insisted. I’m not so sure he realizes you’re bossofme, though.”

“It’s only because he hasn’t been formally introduced to K,” Puck says. “Let us come to a few games and he’ll catch on quick.”

“You want to come to my games?” Finn asks. He runs his hand across Puck’s ass and down the back of his thigh. “I’d like that. I’d really, really like that.”

“We heard tickets can be hard to come by, but we thought we might know someone,” Kurt says, looking happier now that the butt–slapping’s been discussed.

“Any game you want to come to. I’ll, I dunno. Shank people if I have to. I will make it happen,” Finn promises. “It would be really awesome to know you guys are watching me play.”

“Television’s not quite the same,” Puck agrees. “Even if one of them is really big, over at Mad River.”


“Wait for the 2,” Noah says as the 1 train pulls in. “Fewer stops between us and doughnuts, that way.”

“It seems wrong that I have to come all the way to New York for doughnuts,” Finn says.

“Yes, clearly that’s the sole reason you had for traveling here,” Kurt says dryly.

“It’s good to know where we rank,” Noah laughs.

“Yeah, but you could come to Wisconsin to visit me,” Finn says. “The doughnuts can’t. Or anyway, they haven’t been willing to so far.”

“Maybe you need to offer them something special.” Noah shrugs. “There, this one,” he adds, pointing to the train just pulling in. “Stand in the door and make sure we all get on.”

Finn stands in the door as instructed, and once they’re on the train, keeps a large enough space cleared that the three of them can stand without coming into contact with strangers.

“And now I am reminded of why I wouldn’t want to commute downtown instead of across town,” Kurt grumbles slightly, pressing against Noah and Finn both. “Think about it. I bet some people aren’t working today.”

“Some people should be working today,” Finn says. “And stop being on this train.”

“That’s the problem, they’re using this train.” Noah shakes his head. “Only a couple more stops, though. Aren’t you glad we’re on the 2?”

“Yes, I’m thrilled to be on this train,” Finn deadpans. “Nothing makes me happier than being on this train. Except, you know, all the places we could be right now instead of a train. Bed. Bed would make me happier than this train.”

Kurt stifles a laugh. “Darling, we’ve been in or on a bed for nearly all of the past twenty-four hours.”


“I think you both have a point,” Noah says, “but now it’s time to go get doughnuts.”

“We could bring the doughnuts back to bed with us,” Finn suggests. “Breakfast in bed. Mike and Tina can take a cab.”

“I think that they might object, sadly,” Kurt says, and Noah’s not sure if Kurt means the sadly or not, because he’s not sure if he would, either.

“I think they don’t know our address, either, so that might be problematic,” Noah feels obligated to point out as they shuffle off the train and up into the main part of Penn Station.

“I did text Tina and told her just to meet us at the Krispy Kreme, though,” Kurt says.

“Then I’ll sit at the Krispy Kreme and eat my doughnuts, and I’ll imagine we’re in bed eating doughnuts,” Finn says, grinning. “So, in case you’re wondering what I’m thinking, it’s that. So I guess don’t ask me what I’m thinking once Mike and Tina get here.”

Noah laughs. “I want to see the looks on their faces now. Maybe I will ask you.”

They order four dozen doughnuts, even though they start out planning to just get two dozen, and then find a place to sit and wait on Mike and Tina while they drink their coffee and eat their doughnuts.

Mike and Tina’s train gets in on schedule, and Kurt spots them first, while Tina’s looking around and Mike’s staring at his phone.

“There’s no app for locating people. Yet.” Noah grins and shakes his head as Kurt waves one hand over his head and Tina finally spots them, nudging Mike as they walk forward, rolling their suitcases behind them.

“Hi!” Tina almost yells, smiling widely. “This is so crazy!” She flings her arms around Kurt, then Noah, and finally Finn. Finn lifts her off the ground when he hugs her, then turns to Mike and does the same to him.

“Hey! How was the train?” Finn asks.

“Quiet, thankfully,” Mike answers. “We had to get up pretty early to catch it. Crowded, too, though. There was a group of middle schoolers from Maine coming to watch the parade on Thursday.”

“Ouch. Were they good at least?” Finn grimaces like the idea of a train full of middle schoolers is a particularly special hell.

“No one got kicked off, which one of the chaperones was very concerned about,” Tina laughs. “I did make sure they weren’t on our return train, though. If they were going to be, we were going to change our tickets.”

Noah laughs. “Yeah, did they have those matching T-shirts?”

“Yes!” Mike shakes his head. “Why do the school groups think that’s a good idea? Is it some weird East Coast thing? I don’t remember having to wear matching T-shirts for any field trips. Especially not with the name of the school plastered on them.”

“Bad fashion advice.” Kurt sighs. “It’s tragic, really.”

“East Coast kids get lost more or something,” Finn offers. “Back in Lima, if you got lost, that was your problem. They didn’t coddle us like those East Coast schools.”

“Ready to brave another train?” Noah asks as they stack up the remaining three boxes of doughnuts. “Shouldn’t be as crowded going back uptown, anyway.”

“Sure,” Mike agrees, then stops. “Why the look of heavy thought, Finn?”

“I’m thinking about eating doughnuts naked.”

Mike stares. “What?”

“Darling,” Kurt says, laughing. “You can’t startle people that way. Not here.”

“Is there a set location where I am allowed to startle them?” Finn asks. “I can be good if I know where I can and can’t say stuff.”

“On second thought,” Noah shrugs, “at least here they’ll know you aren’t really going to be naked.”

“Oh, I’d never put anything past Finn,” Tina laughs. “Just don’t eat all of the doughnuts.”

“We’ll do our best to prevent such an occurrence.” Kurt shakes his head and directs them back towards the subway. “Are you going to insist on the 2 back up?” he asks Noah.

“Why not?” Noah shrugs. “It is quicker.”

“Quicker is good,” Mike offers. “Quicker means a faster lunch, right? So where are we compared to where we stayed in May?”

“Relatively speaking, close to where we were in May,” Kurt answers. “But not particularly close to home for us.”

“This city is huge,” Finn says. “You can seriously ride around on a bus or a train all day. I don’t know how the people here remember how to get anywhere.”

“It’d start to stink after awhile. If it didn’t when you first got on.” Noah shakes his head. “Also, there’s an app. Handy things, phones.”

“They usually stink right away. Says the one who doesn’t ride a bus every day.”

“You don’t every day,” Noah teases. “Just the days you go to classes. Or work on that stagecraft class.”

“So every single day.” Kurt sighs dramatically, feigning the best put-upon look he can. “It’s tragic. Very, very tragic.”

“The buses in Madison are all really clean,” Finn says. “I think they clean them with eco-friendly cleaning stuff, too.”

“No sled dog team yet?” Noah asks innocently.

“Nope. Apparently they don’t really issue those when you go to UW. I do have a lesbian cheering squad, though,” Finn explains. “They’re way better than sled dogs. Plus I don’t have to walk them. Oh, and Syd helps me with my reading if I have questions, or if I can’t pronounce the names.”

“But darling, what are they like in the snow?” Kurt says, blinking his eyes and widening them.

“Trish is a great musher, but Gina’ll just punch you,” Finn answers. “And don’t even ask Noel. Seriously. Don’t.”

“We’ll keep that in mind.”

“This train?” Tina asks suddenly.

“Nope, that’s the 1. Problem with getting the 2 is actually getting a 2,” Noah admits. “We always seem to get here right before a 2 comes along. I walk most of the time. It’s probably better that way, or otherwise I’d be ranting about the MTA way too much.”

Kurt raises an eyebrow and grins, squeezing Noah’s hand. “More than you already do, baby?”

“I don’t rant about it that often.”

“That’s a 2, right?” Mike asks.

“That’s a 2,” Noah confirms, and the five of them pile inside, heading back to the Upper West Side, where they grab take-out before going to the apartment.

“We borrowed an air mattress,” Kurt says to Tina and Mike as they enter the apartment, “but you’ll have to wait and inflate it just before bed, so we can still walk around in here.”

“It’s sort of like being in a hobbit hole,” Finn explains. “But you get used to it. Sort of. Or you can just spend most of your time on a piece of furniture and you don’t notice so much.”

“I had been going to say it can’t be smaller than a dorm room, but I’m wrong,” Tina admits. “It’s adorable but I didn’t realize just how small!”

“We have a separate kitchen and room for an actual table,” Kurt points out. “Plus a bathtub. Comparatively, we’re living large.” He snorts.

“Large for very small animals,” Finn says. “Large for, like, mice.”

“Did you just seriously insinuate that we’re mice?” Noah asks.

“I think he might have.” Kurt shakes his head slowly. “Mice.”

“Hey, how do you think I feel? It’s like I’m Godzilla and your apartment is Tokyo, and I can’t walk to the bathroom without accidentally destroying some weird anime wig shop or whatever,” Finn says. “If I turn around too fast, you won’t have any kitchen table at all!”

“Yes, because we’ve used it so much since you got here,” Noah says wryly, and Tina giggles.

“Where else would you eat?” she asks, still giggling.

“Well, I am majoring in furniture,” Finn answers, shrugging. “I’m just saying.”

“Also, blanket science,” Kurt says quietly, smirking at Finn.

“Straight A blanket scientist,” Finn agrees. “I’m a master of blanketry.”

Tina giggles again, looking between Finn and Kurt and Noah, then sits down on the floor, take-out bag in hand. “So what are we doing after lunch?”

“I have to work later,” Noah says. “I’ve got four or five hours though.”

“We’ve got to meet Aud and Mom and Burt at around four,” Finn says. “Well, mostly Mom and Burt, since Aud isn’t the one who was worried about not being able to find Kurt and Puck’s apartment. I mean, I guess she could be worried, but probably not, since she’s a baby.”

“My very detailed step-by-step directions backfired,” Kurt sighs. “To be fair, though, I had tried sending vague and general ones and was asked for more detail.”

“Ooh, we’ll get to see her,” Tina says, grinning. “I showed my roommate the pictures you all posted on Facebook and she thought it was kind of funny, how much older you are than Audrey.”

“Yeah, one of the guys asked me why you didn’t own up to her being a cousin!” Mike agrees. “Also a lot of comments on the hair.”

“She has awesome hair,” Finn says. “It’s like Kurt’s. It even kind of stands up like that! Her hair is very wheee!

“And yet I suspect Carole isn’t trying to get Audrey’s to look like that,” Noah laughs.

“Doubtful,” Kurt agrees.

“She’s just naturally that awesome,” Finn says. “Lucky girl.”


“We have to leave soon to meet Dad and Carole,” Kurt explains to Mike and Tina. “Noah’s going to work at four, so have fun wandering around the Upper West Side, if you want. As long as someone can point you towards Broadway, you can figure out which way is uptown and which is downtown enough to find Noah’s Starbucks, anyway.”

Mike nods and Tina grins. “Sure! So we should find dinner on our own?”

“Yes, I have no idea what Dad will want the two of us to do.”

“Here, take my key,” Noah offers. “Someone should be here to let me in after work, at least, right?”

“We promise not to leave you standing in the cold,” Kurt assures him before kissing him. “Ready, Finn?”

“Ready to see Aud, anyway,” Finn says. He drapes his arm across Kurt’s shoulders.

“I’m going to convince Dad to pay for a taxi back,” Kurt says, shaking his head slightly. “I don’t think we want to ride the M60 yet again, with a baby.” They step into the hall and Kurt shuts the door.

“Be good at work,” Finn says, leaning over to kiss Noah. “We’ll see you later.”

Noah laughs. “I’m never good at work. I’ll bring you coffee, though.”

“That’s like being good,” Finn says, shrugging.

“Close enough?” Noah offers. The three of them walk together for a block before Kurt and Finn go down to the train.

“I wasn’t kidding about the taxi,” Kurt tells Finn.

“Yeah, babies on trains don’t seem like a good idea,” Finn agrees.

“Plus a taxi’d take about half the time.” Kurt shakes his head and they climb onto the train. “I told Dad not to overpack, because the hotel rooms aren’t that large. I don’t know if they listened, though.”

“They pretty much don’t listen to anything we say,” Finn says. He puts his arm around Kurt’s waist and pulls him closer. “Hey.”

Kurt grins up at him. “Hello. And, no, they don’t seem to.”

Finn leans his face against Kurt’s hair and leaves it there, just breathing for a few moments, before he says, “Well, they’re gonna be how they be, I guess. Too old for us to change them.”

“Are you insinuating that our parents are old dogs, incapable of learning new tricks?” Kurt giggles. “We probably shouldn’t tell them that. Do you think they’ll let us kidnap Audrey for a few hours? We can tell them it’s so they can rest.”

“We can take her to the American Girl store and get her started early,” Finn says, in what is as close to a squeal as a man his size can make. “We should buy her one of those baby ones.”

“Dad will kill us.” Kurt smirks. “Let’s do it.” The train ride and subsequent bus ride are as boring as Kurt expected them to be, considering it’s the third time he’s made the same trip in two days. They arrive ten minutes ahead of the scheduled arrival time and make their way into Terminal B to wait.

“I have this awful feeling that they brought that pack-and-play,” Kurt sighs as they look to see which baggage carousel Burt, Carole, and Audrey’s luggage will be on. “Despite the hotel having a crib available.”

“And her being too little to do a whole lot of playing or, like, moving around too far or anything,” Finn says. “She doesn’t even sit yet. Mostly she just looks squishy and eats and poops and makes that face she makes when she’s pooping. You’ve seen her make that face, right?”

Kurt laughs. “What I particularly like is the look on Dad’s face that immediately follows Audrey’s pooping face.”

“Oh, the nuclear diaper face?” Finn asks. “I love that face.”

“Me too.” Kurt smirks. “I think he forgot about diapers the entire pregnancy.”

“Maybe he thought girls were a self–cleaning kind of baby?”

“He spent enough time wrestling with that changing table monstrosity.” Kurt shakes his head. “Ooh, board says they’re at the gate.”

“Cool,” Finn says. He relocates his arm from around Kurt’s waist to across his shoulders. “I call dibs on Aud.”

“I’ll remember that when she makes the pooping face.” Kurt smiles brightly and leans into Finn for a few seconds before straightening. “They’ll either be here very quickly because the rest of the flight wants Audrey off, or very slowly because of everything they’ve packed.”

“Then I should do this really quick just in case,” Finn says, leaning down to kiss the back of Kurt’s neck. “There. Now I’m ready for parents.”

“The world is never ready for—” Kurt cuts himself off. “I hear a very loud baby.”

“That’s my girl!” Finn says. “Oh, there they are, too! Mom looks really tired.”

“Dad said they were flying out of Toledo so they didn’t have to drive all the way to Columbus, but that meant a layover at O’Hare. That’d make me tired, without a baby.” Kurt shrugs. “I think we were right about overpacking, though.”

A moment later, Kurt sees Burt and Carole approaching. Burt has a carryon over each shoulder and is lugging a baby seat holding an enormous diaper bag. Carole has a screaming, flailing Audrey in her arms and does, in fact, look exhausted. When they come within arm’s reach, Finn plucks Audrey out of Carole’s arms and holds her against his chest, where she immediately stops screaming.

“Audrey likes me best,” Finn announces. “Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.”

“It’s probably because—” Kurt cuts himself off, again. “Anyway. Yes. Welcome to New York on one of the busiest travel days of the year.”

Burt sets down all his bags and pulls Kurt into a bear hug. “I don’t know what we were thinking. We should have flown in on Tuesday.”

“This way you got an extra day to work?” Kurt suggests. “Don’t leave your bags unattended, you might be in on Finn’s plot to take over the Upper West Side via coffee.”

“And playbooks,” Finn adds. “Don’t forget those.” He shifts Audrey to his other shoulder and pats her on the back. “Audie-Aud, your brother’s a dangerous football terrorist. Shhhh.”

“Finn!” Carole exclaims, pushing her hair out of her eyes. “Don’t say things like that! Not in an airport, for heaven’s sake.” She looks at Burt and his bags and then nods to herself. “I’ll go find our suitcases. Kurt, can you help me? We checked the stroller and the pack and play as well.”

“Nah, Mom, I’ll come with you,” Finn says. “Bags are my job. Here, Kurt, you can hold Aud, but you have to give her back later, ok?” Finn carefully holds Audrey out in Kurt’s direction.

“I told you, I will as soon as there’s a pooping face,” Kurt reassures Finn, taking Audrey from him and then settling Audrey in his arms. “Hi, Audrey. No, don’t eat clothing, little girl.”

“There’s always a pooping face!” Finn calls over his shoulder as he follows Carole towards the baggage carousels.

“That’s true. There’s pretty much always a pooping face,” Burt agrees. “I forgot how much poop one little baby can make. I swear you didn’t poop that much when you were a baby.”

“I didn’t,” Kurt says airily. “So how was the flight, Dad? She keep everyone awake?”

“She certainly exercised her lungs for the better part of the flight,” Burt says with a grimace. “Didn’t want to nurse, just wanted to complain.”

“I told you, non-stop is worth the extra money. Taxi back?”

“It’ll get us there faster?”

“About half the time, yes,” Kurt agrees, shifting as Audrey starts to whimper. “You’re almost done traveling, little girl. You can stay in a nice room where people will bring your mommy and daddy food and you don’t have to go anywhere.” He grins at her. “And tomorrow there’s lots of balloons.”

Audrey doesn’t seem particularly impressed by the thought of balloons, since she starts to grunt, then turns red and makes the pooping face. Luckily, Finn and Carole return, both of them pulling a large rolling suitcase, Finn also lugging the pack and play, Carole pushing the stroller with one hand.

“Finn!” Kurt says, almost sharply.

Finn laughs. “She totally pooped, didn’t she?”

“She made the poop face. She doesn’t like balloons.” Kurt holds her out from his body slightly.

“Well, who does, huh stinky–girl?” Finn asks Audrey, taking her from Kurt. “Aw, she doesn’t smell that bad, do you, Aud? You can’t help it that everything goes right through you!” He cradles her against his chest again, holding one arm in Burt’s direction. “Diaper bag?”

Burt hands over the bag. “You sure you wanna do that, Finn?”

“Hey, I changed those gross tar diapers when she was first born,” Finn says. “I got this. I’m like a diaper–changing professional or something. I’ll be right back!”

“I suppose he can add that to his furniture major,” Kurt muses under his breath. “Do the two of you want anything to drink before we leave, then?” he asks more loudly, turning to Burt and Carole.

“A glass of wine?” Carole asks hopefully.

“I think that has to wait for the hotel,” Kurt says, frowning. “Also, I can’t legally buy that, so. Wait. Can you have wine while she’s nursing? Does Audrey get drunk?”

“Oh, no worries. Everything says one drink is fine. Some books even encourage women to drink a beer a day while they’re nursing!” Carole says brightly.

“It’s good advice for the dads, too,” Burt adds.

“And perhaps the older brothers,” Kurt says wryly.

Burt frowns. “Mmhmm. Perhaps.”

“She’s cleeeeeaaaaan!” Finn’s voice carries across the airport lobby. Audrey seems much happier as Finn hands the diaper bag back to Burt. “And nope, you can’t have her back!”

“Oh, we’re kidnapping her on Friday morning,” Kurt says offhandedly to Burt. “You two can sleep in or eat an entire meal in one sitting or something equally wild and adventurous.”

“See, Burt?” Carole beams at Kurt and Finn. “I’m so glad I packed my breastpump!”

“Mom! Don’t say that!” Finn says, pulling Audrey against his chest and looking horrified. “Seriously. We’re in public!”

“Finn, there’s nothing wrong with the natural function of breasts,” Carole admonishes him as they walk outside. “It’s important to use the right terms for body parts around her, too.”

“Mom, come on, you feeding her is cool, just don’t talk about it, geez.” Finn cringes. “You’re my mom. You’re not supposed to have body parts.”

“On that note, I’m going to attempt to find a cab driver who doesn’t peel out of here, horrified, at the sight of this many people and this much luggage,” Kurt announces. It does take about five minutes to find a cab, get everyone inside, and the luggage put away. “Hotel Beacon,” Kurt addresses the driver, who nods, and Kurt sinks back into his seat, exhaling loudly.

Finn puts the arm that’s not holding Audrey around Kurt. “Maybe we can take her to the Park. You think she’d like it?”

“She might like the ducks. Or a carriage ride, if it’s not too cold. No one’s playing baseball now, though, so you’ll have to skip indoctrinating her into baseball–watching for now.”

“We’ll get around to it eventually,” Finn says, leaning against Kurt and shifting his arm so Audrey can look at both of them. “So, now that she’s less squishy, I think she maybe has your same nose,” Finn declares. “Look at it.”

“It still looks like a baby nose to me,” Kurt admits. “But I think her hair is even taller.”

“No, looks just like your nose. I guess you have a baby nose,” Finn says. “She does have awesome hair, though. It’s gonna be taller than yours.”

“I don’t have a baby nose,” Kurt says indignantly, narrowing his eyes at Finn.

“Boys, I swear,” Carole says with a shake of her head, turning around from the front seat.

“What?” Finn asks, sounding faux innocent. “I’m just saying how much my brother and sister look alike! It’s sweet.”

“You’re awful,” Kurt counters. “Baby nose. Hmph.”

When Carole turns back towards the front of the taxi, Finn puts his lips right near Kurt’s ear and whispers, “I’ll tell you I’m sorry later.”

Kurt raises one eyebrow, resisting the temptation to fire back with ‘tell, or show?’, since Burt and Carole are both there and ostensibly listening.

“Huh? D’you say something, Finn?” Burt asks, sounding slightly groggy. It’s entirely possibly that he dozed off against the taxi door as soon as they pulled away from the airport.

“Nope. Just telling Kurt I’m sorry I insulted his nose,” Finn says.

“We’re in Manhattan now,” Kurt offers, trying to change the subject.

“Already? I guess taxis are a lot faster!” Burt says.

“Yeah, if you sleep in them,” Finn says under his breath. “Isn’t that right, Aud?”


After dinner, Mom and Burt decide they need to put Audrey and themselves to bed early, so Finn and Kurt head back to the apartment. Finn wraps his arm around Kurt’s shoulders and pulls him close, because even though it’s not that cold to Finn, it’s probably plenty cold to Kurt, since he’s always cold.

“You know,” Finn says, leaning his head towards Kurt’s ear as they’re walking down the sidewalk. “I’m really sorry about the nose thing.”

“Mmmhmm.” Kurt looks up and shakes his head slowly. “I see how it is. Insulting my nose.”

“No, your nose is a perfect nose,” Finn says. “I was just teasing. You know I like your nose.”

“So you say.” Kurt smirks. “Am I a bad host if I want to send Mike and Tina to stay with Dad and Carole and Audrey?”

“Yeah, probably,” Finn admits. “Couldn’t I just text them or something and tell them to stay out late ’cause I’m apologizing to your nose?”

“Send them to an all-night diner?” Kurt says. “Oh, we’re horrible.”

“Nah, I’m not horrible. Ok, I’m a little bit horrible.”

“You are definitely at least somewhat horrible.” Kurt unlocks the main door to the building and stops at the mailbox. “Oh, how nice. Junk mail.”

Finn looks at the stack of mail in Kurt’s hand and frowns. “Hey! Why do you guys get a catalogue for Vermont cheese?”

Kurt shakes his head. “Noah signed up for some mail-order foie gras or something. I think they sold our address.”

“Yeah, a likely story,” Finn grumbles. “Cheese traitors. And here I was all apologizing and everything.”

“Will it make you feel better if I dispose of the Vermont cheese catalogue?” Kurt asks. “It’s not like we actually order our food from a catalogue, you know.”

“Maybe. A little bit.”

Kurt shakes his head, trying to hide a grin, and dumps the Vermont cheese catalogue in a garbage can, along with all but one other piece of mail. “Better, darling?”

Finn takes his time to look like he’s thinking about it, and then he makes a pouty face and says, “Some better. Not all the way better.”

“You’ll have to bring us cheese at Christmas or something, then,” Kurt says dryly. “Protect us from the invasion of Vermont cheese.”

“All I wanted to do was come back and apologize more about the baby nose thing,” Finn sighs. “Then it was all cheese invasion and there’s all this cheese drama.”

“I didn’t realize cheese was so serious,” Kurt says as they climb the stairs. “I should have kept the contact information and told them we didn’t want their cheese.”

“That’d teach ’em,” Finn agrees. “Think Mike and Tina are back yet?”

“Doubtful,” Kurt decides. “If they went out for an actual meal and not take-out, they’ll be another hour or two at least.”

“So… I could still apologize?” Finn asks, grinning at Kurt. “I do feel really, really awful that I said your nose was a baby nose, even if it sorta does look just like Aud’s.”

“Wouldn’t that be that Audrey’s looks a bit like mine?” Kurt asks, but he’s smiling and nodding a little.

“A tiny, baby–version of yours,” Finn says. “Squishier and babier than yours, definitely. Yours isn’t a baby nose, like, at all.”

Kurt unlocks the door and walks into the apartment, shedding his coat and shoes immediately. “She does have to breathe while she’s eating, I suppose. But I’m with you.” Kurt shudders extra-dramatically and then starts to take off the rest of his clothes, like it’s automatic or something. Finn shrugs and starts taking his clothes off, too.

“So, has your nose forgiven me?”

“It’s considering it. It might need a small amount of persuasion.”

“Poor, angry nose,” Finn says. He takes the one step between where he’s standing and where Kurt is, and places a kiss on the tip of Kurt’s nose. “Better?”

“Hmm. Acceptable.” Kurt smirks and runs his hands up Finn’s arms. Finn kisses Kurt’s nose again.

“It really is the best nose.”

“Then I suppose Audrey’s just lucky to have one moderately similar?”

“Definitely she is,” Finn says. He kisses Kurt on his chin. “You’ve also got the best chin.”

“Does that come with a ribbon? Trophy?”

“I’ll have to check my bag later, see what I can come up with,” Finn says. He kisses Kurt along his jaw and down his neck. “Your neck is awesome, too.”

Kurt tilts his head to the side. “So what you’re saying is I should leave ‘neck model’ open as a fallback career?”

“Mmhmm,” Finn mutters against Kurt’s neck, kissing it again and then running his tongue up the side, then back down and across Kurt’s collarbone. “Shoulders, too. Those are just great.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Kurt runs his fingers through Finn’s hair repeatedly. “Neck and shoulders.”

“And arms,” Finn says, kissing Kurt’s upper arm and then moving to kiss the other arm. “Yours are pretty much the best arms.”

“This is a very worthwhile way to spend an evening, I think,” Kurt murmurs.

“Yeah, just you, me, and all your parts,” Finn says. He presses his face into the middle of Kurt’s chest, slowly lowering himself to the ground, and kisses Kurt there, too. “All of them are good.”

All of them?”

Finn puts his arms around Kurt’s waist, palms against Kurt’s back, and runs his hands down Kurt’s lower back and down his ass and his legs. “Yeah. All of them.”

“Show me, darling.”

Finn presses his lips to Kurt’s stomach, hands still on the backs of Kurt’s thighs, Kurt’s cock brushing against the side of Finn’s face. He pulls back enough to run his tongue around the head of Kurt’s cock. His fingers tighten on Kurt’s legs as he lets Kurt’s cock slide across his tongue and into his mouth, moving slowly down until Kurt is as far inside Finn’s mouth as Finn can take him.

“Oh, god, darling,” Kurt breathes, his fingers tightening in Finn’s hair. “Fuck, that’s so good.”

Finn keeps moving his head, his tongue wrapping around the underside of Kurt’s cock. He slides his hands up to Kurt’s ass, kneading the skin with his fingers as he speeds up the movement of his mouth and tongue. Kurt’s hips rock forward slightly, his legs moving just a bit farther apart, and one hand rests on Finn’s shoulder, some of Kurt’s weight on it.

“Finn.” Kurt’s voice is low, almost a whisper. “Finn, darling.”

Finn’s hands grip Kurt harder and he moves his head faster, pulling back enough to lap at the head of Kurt’s cock every few movements. Kurt lets more of his weight fall against Finn, his breath coming faster, and his hips push forward again. Finn’s almost holding Kurt up at this point, digging his thumbs into Kurt’s hips, and he can taste that Kurt is getting close. He hears Kurt start humming and Finn gives Kurt’s cock one firm lick with his tongue before he slides his mouth all the way down Kurt’s cock.

“Fuck!” Kurt thrusts forward once, his hands tugging on Finn’s hair, and comes, leaning against Finn. Finn swallows, still moving slowly until Kurt stops shuddering, then he pulls away, running his hands down Kurt’s legs again.

“All your parts,” Finn says, grinning. “Just like I said.”

“Mmm. Futon now,” Kurt demands. Finn nods and decides that means he should probably just pick Kurt up and relocate him, so that’s what he does, scooping Kurt into his arms and carrying him the very short distance to the futon.

Once Finn sets Kurt on the futon, he pulls the blanket over him and then lies down, wrapping himself around Kurt. “Better, bossofme?”

“Yes, darling.” Kurt slides one arm around Finn’s waist. “Love you.”

“I love you, too,” Finn says. “How long do you think we can stay naked before Mike and Tina get back?”

“That probably depends on whether you mind Mike and Tina seeing us naked,” Kurt giggles, and his hand moves lower. “At least another half an hour or so, though.”

“Well, I think Mike might be kinda traumatized. Tina would probably think it’s cool, though.”

“Tina would be disappointed if we were merely naked,” Kurt corrects. He curls his fingers around Finn’s cock. “God, darling, you’re so hard.”

Finn closes his eyes and moves into Kurt’s touch. “Yeah, well. I had my mouth on you. It was hot.”

Kurt giggles. “Yes, it was.” Kurt moves his hand more quickly. “Very hot. I approved, as you no doubt realized.”

“Yeah,” Finn answers. “Fuck, Kurt. Your hands are awesome. I think I forgot to mention them before.”

“I’ll let that slide.” Kurt tilts his head up, pressing their lips together, his hand still moving rapidly. Finn opens his mouth and pushes his tongue into Kurt’s mouth, putting one hand in Kurt’s hair. Finn moves his hips, kissing Kurt harder.

Kurt pulls out of the kiss slowly, his hand moving in time with Finn’s hips, and he puts his lips next to Finn’s ear, not speaking, just breathing steadily. Finn’s getting close, and he hears himself talking quietly, mostly nonsense stuff, lots of “I love you” and Kurt’s name over and over. He knows he’s waiting, but couldn’t say what he’s waiting for if someone asked him. Finn just knows that whatever it is, only Kurt is the one who can give it to him.

“Love you, Finn,” Kurt whispers. “It’s your turn to come for me, now.”

That’s it, that’s what Finn was waiting for. He comes all over Kurt’s hand, making a low cry and bucking his hips. Kurt keeps moving his hand until Finn is still, then reaches behind him before using a towel to wipe his hand off.

“Wish we could nap,” Kurt admits, brushing his lips across Finn’s cheek.

“You can nap and I’ll keep an ear on the door,” Finn offers. “I’m not tired and I don’t mind.”

“Okay.” Kurt closes his eyes, smiling slightly. “Check our phones, they might have texted an ETA.”

“Will do, bossofme,” Finn says. He kisses the top of Kurt’s head and holds him closer. It only takes a few minutes for Kurt’s breathing to even out, his body relaxing against the futon and Finn. Finn feels around with his foot until he feels the edge of his jeans and grabs them with his toes to pull them towards the futon. He gets his phone out of the pocket and checks; he has one text from Puck that says M&T out until at least 10 have fun with the little smiley face thingy with the halo. Finn shakes his head and puts down the phone, then tightens his arms around Kurt and lies there, listening to him breathe.


"That's a wrap!" Nathan exclaims as the last customer exits the store and he goes to lock it. Noah shakes his head.

"Shouldn't you be in Hollywood with your ‘that's a wrap’ talk?" Noah asks.

"Nah, more and more shows are shooting in New York these days," Nathan argues. "Now get out of here."

Noah pauses in wrapping up the food and raises an eyebrow. "What?"

"Get out of here!" Nathan repeats. "You've got guests in town. Go start your Thanksgiving."

"Okay, okay," Noah agrees, laughing. "Thanks, man."

"Just return the favor if we both work New Year's Eve or something."

Noah shakes his head. "Yeah, neither of us work Mondays right now."

"Damn. Good point. Except." Nathan's eyes brighten. "That means I should be off New Year's Eve. Excellent."

"Later," Noah calls over his shoulder, grabbing his coat before stepping outside. Normally it's still pretty busy when he leaves work on Wednesdays, but with Thanksgiving the next day, the streets are emptier than usual. The walk home doesn't take long, and he pauses outside their door, listening to the laughing inside. He starts to pull out his key, then remembers he let Mike and Tina take it, so he knocks instead.

The door swings open slowly to reveal a smiling Finn, wearing nothing but a pair of Wisconsin sweat pants. “Oh, hey, Pu—”

Noah cuts him off by putting one hand on the back of Finn’s head and bringing their lips together, kissing him hard and pushing him back into the apartment, shutting the door behind them with his free hand. Finn wraps his arms around Noah’s waist and starts untucking Noah’s work shirt, running his hands across Noah’s sides and then pulling up on the hem. Finn pulls away from Noah long enough to lift the shirt off and then toss it back over his shoulder, then slams his mouth back against Noah’s.

There’s a giggle that sounds distinctly like Tina, and Noah’s pretty sure Mike’s trying to ignore them. Kurt’s probably just watching with a big grin. Finn doesn’t seem to even notice that they’re being watched, wrapping his arms around Noah’s waist again.

Noah pulls back and rests his head against Finn’s, grinning. “Hi.”

“You didn’t bring coffee,” Finn says, smiling back at him. “Unless you count as coffee. You taste like coffee.”

Noah laughs and presses his lips to Finn’s ear. “You’re welcome to taste me as much as you like,” he whispers, then pulls back. “Nathan decided since I had guests he’d clean up on his own. See, I’m early instead of having coffee.”

“Ok, early’s better,” Finn says. “You’re better than coffee, definitely.”

“Thanks.” Noah pulls away enough to grab a pair of pants that doesn’t smell like coffee, and he waves at Mike and Tina, pressing a quick kiss to Kurt’s lips before he heads to the bathroom. There’s exhibitionism and then there’s just changing clothes. When he gets back out, Finn’s back on the futon next to Kurt, and Noah drops down on Finn’s other side. Finn puts an arm around each of them and pulls them close.

“We just started the DVD,” Tina says, gesturing to the television. “We can start it over, if you want.”

It takes a minute for Noah to register that A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is playing, and then he shakes his head. “Nah, it’s fine.”

“Me and Puck have seen it about eight million times, anyway,” Finn says. He rests his head against the top of Noah’s head for a moment. “My mom always put it on for us. She found it on TV every year and we’d sit in there and watch it.”

“And eat Chex mix,” Noah adds. “Don’t forget the Chex mix.” He thinks for a moment before continuing. “I think there’s some chips and salsa in the kitchen. No Chex mix, though.”

“I hope that was an invitation, because I’m taking it as one,” Mike says, standing up and heading into the kitchen, where they can hear him rummaging around for a few moments before he returns with a bowl of salsa and the bag of chips. “There.”

“If I’d thought about it, I could have made Chex mix. I think the instructions are on the box,” Finn says. “But I didn’t think about it, so no Chex mix.”

“That still requires a box of Chex, though,” Kurt says, sounding amused. “Which we don’t have. Ooh, or you could have had a Chex mix carry-on.”

“It’s not a liquid,” Tina says, laughing. “So you could have more than three ounces of it!”

“Or, I guess we could have bought some Chex here. They sell Chex in New York,” Finn says. “Wait, they do sell Chex in New York, right?”

“Yes, darling,” Kurt reassures him, running a hand through Finn’s hair. “Chex, Cheerios, all the cereal you’d expect. We weren’t going to feed you cereal for breakfast while you were here, though.”

“Bagels. You promised us bagels,” Mike breaks in. “Are you going back on your promising of bagels?”

“Nah, we’ll still get you to bagels at least once,” Noah says, laughing.

“We can have them in the morning, maybe?” Finn asks.

“They’ll probably be open for at least a few hours.” Kurt shrugs. “Mike, Tina, you can come discover the bagel culture of the Upper West Side, if you like.”

“Sure!” Mike agrees quickly. “Say that sounds lovely, Tina,” he says to her, and Tina laughs.

“I will make sure Mike doesn’t despair from a lack of bagels,” Tina says. “I promise, Mike.”

“Good.” Mike sighs exaggeratedly. “I am very relieved.”

Finn presses his lips to Noah’s ear and whispers, “I think it’s a plot, and I like it.”

Noah grins and nods, sliding his hand up Finn’s thigh just a bit. “Safe assumption,” he murmurs in return once Mike and Tina are re-absorbed in the hijinks of Charlie Brown.


Kurt turns out the light in the bathroom and uses his phone to navigate through the dark apartment. The blinds are all closed, and Kurt hopes that means it’s dark enough for Tina and Mike to remain oblivious to anything else that might occur in the room.

He stops at the ladder to the bed and bends close to Finn’s ear, whispering. “Wait a bit and then come up here, darling.”

“Sounds good,” Finn whispers back.

Kurt climbs up and slides under the blankets, pressing up against Noah, and listens. It’s late, and Mike and Tina both seemed pretty tired. “I told Finn just to wait a few minutes,” Kurt whispers to Noah, who nods. After another minute passes, Noah starts kissing Kurt’s neck, just lightly enough to almost tickle, and Kurt has to stifle a giggle.

“Think they’re out yet?” Noah wonders.

“Let’s hope so.” Kurt sighs and listens again, and finally he hears a slight creak from below them that he thinks means Finn is moving. His guess is confirmed when Finn quietly climbs the ladder and into the bed with them.

“Hey,” Finn says, crawling across the mattress until he’s between them. “I miss anything?”

“Noah’s trying to tickle me,” Kurt reports quietly. “Also speculation on how fast they would fall asleep.”

“I wasn’t. Much.” Noah’s arm drapes across Finn, his fingers brushing against Kurt’s chest. “We’re overdressed.”

“They sounded asleep to me,” Finn says. He pushes his sweatpants down and wiggles out of them, tossing them to the foot of the bed. “Is that better?”

“Yes.” Kurt does the same with his own pants, and he can feel more than see that Noah’s removing his as well. “Mmm, that’s better.”

Finn runs his hand down Kurt’s side, over his ass, then down his leg, then he leans forward and kisses Kurt, his tongue pushing slightly into Kurt’s mouth. Kurt runs his fingers through Finn’s hair, his hand resting on the back of Finn’s head, and he opens his mouth more widely under Finn’s lips. Finn’s tongue slides against his, and Finn’s hand moves back to the curve of Kurt’s ass, kneading his fingers into the muscle.

“Can we be quiet enough?” Kurt whispers.

“No,” Finn whispers back. “Probably not. Probably I need help being quiet.”

Noah laughs and Kurt buries his face in Finn’s neck. “What if we keep each other’s mouths occupied?” Noah says quietly.

“I’m up for that.” Kurt raises his head and giggles. “As long as we aren’t too loud.”

Finn rolls to his other side, and Kurt can hear Finn’s mouth on Noah’s, followed by Finn saying something in a voice that’s too low for Kurt to make out the words. There’s an answering murmur from Noah, and Kurt listens to Noah shifting before hearing a quiet but familiar click. Finn rolls back towards Kurt, pushing gently against Kurt’s hip to encourage him to turn over.

Kurt rolls on his side, putting his hand over Finn’s long enough to squeeze his fingers. After Kurt releases his hand, Finn runs his palm along Kurt’s leg, moving it forward, then trailing his fingertips up the back of Kurt’s thigh. Kurt hears the bottle lid click again, and then one of Finn’s fingers is grazing his entrance, the tip barely pushing inside. Finn starts kissing the back of Kurt’s neck, his tongue making tiny circles as it travels to the juncture of Kurt’s neck and shoulder, and then Finn pushes his finger deeper. Kurt sighs and rocks his hips back, biting his lip to keep from talking.

Finn’s teeth press lightly into Kurt’s shoulder as Finn gasps and then makes a low moan. His finger starts to move inside of Kurt, slowly at first, and as Finn moves his finger faster, his moans get louder.

“Finn,” Kurt hisses, “don’t make a sound.”

Finn’s moans cut off abruptly, and he presses his lips against the side of Kurt’s neck. He also withdraws his finger, then pushes two back inside, his whole body rocking against Kurt as he moves his hand— all completely silently. Kurt bites down hard on his own lip, holding back his own moan, and he’s reminded that he really could tell Finn to do anything and that would be all he had to do.

After another few minutes pass, Finn exhales sharply, but still doesn’t make a sound as he slips his fingers out of Kurt, replacing them almost immediately with his cock. He pushes forward, his hand wrapping around Kurt’s cock as he thrusts into him. Kurt presses his lips together and shifts back, into Finn’s movements. Finn’s angle changes slightly, and Kurt whimpers. In response, Finn other arm moves until it’s under Kurt, and Finn presses his palm against Kurt’s mouth, forcibly holding him silent. Kurt would whimper again, if he could, and he rocks into Finn’s hand and then back against Finn.

Finn continues to hold Kurt tightly as he thrusts into him, and Finn’s mouth finds the side of Kurt’s neck again. He alternates between gently biting and licking at Kurt’s skin, his thrusts speeding up, and his hand moving faster on Kurt’s cock. Finn’s breathing is loud against Kurt’s ear, almost panting. Kurt can feel Noah’s fingers against his side, and he does wonder how Noah’s keeping himself quiet. Kurt moves against Finn a little faster, feeling himself getting close.

Finn’s hand suddenly presses harder against Kurt’s mouth, his hips snapping forward faster, and Kurt nips at Finn’s palm. Finn’s hand tightens on Kurt’s face, his teeth sink into the crook of Kurt’s neck, and he thrusts forward one more time, his whole body shuddering against Kurt’s. Finn’s hand keeps moving on Kurt’s cock, and Kurt bites Finn’s hand again as he comes. He can feel the moment as Noah comes, just seconds later, and Kurt leans his head back against Finn’s shoulder.

Finn exhales loudly, his hand dropping away from Kurt’s face to pull him closer, and Kurt can feel him snuggling back against Noah as well. The three of them lie there for a moment before Kurt can hear the distinct sound of Tina giggling.

“That was hot,” she whispers a moment later.

Kurt can feel himself start to laugh, and he rolls over, stifling his laughs against Finn’s chest and grabbing Noah’s hand to squeeze it hard. Finn presses his face to Kurt’s head and his shoulders shake slightly, but he still doesn’t make any noise.

“Glad you enjoyed it,” Noah whispers a few seconds later, and Tina giggles again.

“Good night, boys!” she says, and Kurt can hear the squeak of the air mattress as she turns over.

“Guess we have an audience after all,” Kurt says very softly, hoping it doesn’t carry. “Finn?”

Finn makes a soft sound, barely more than a puff of air, in response.

“Mmm. You can make noise now, you know,” Kurt whispers.

“Oh, thank fuck,” Finn says, all in a rush. His hands start traveling over Kurt’s body again. “I tried really hard to stay quiet.”

“I know, darling.” Kurt presses kisses along Finn’s collarbone and then up his neck, and Noah laughs softly.

“You want to put on a show, don’t you, blue eyes?”

“Yeah, he does,” Finn says, still keeping his voice low. “You should feel him, Puck. He’s already hard again.”

Noah’s hand brushes against Kurt’s cock just after that, and Kurt lets himself cry out quietly as Noah’s fingers curl around him. “I need two cocks,” Kurt mutters.

“Oh?” Noah laughs.

“That would be kind of weird,” Finn says.

“But then I could fuck both of you at the same time,” Kurt attempts to explain.

Noah’s laugh is even louder, and if Tina was almost asleep, Kurt’s pretty sure she isn’t now.

“Oh, yeah, that would be kind of cool,” Finn says. “It might be hard to find pants, though.”

“Fashion or fucking, K.” Noah moves his hand slowly up and down Kurt’s cock. “There’s a dilemma for you.”

“If we fuck enough, I don’t have to get dressed,” Kurt says. “But I suppose that’s not practical.”

“I think it sounds awesome,” Finn says. “You know, I don’t really need to see that parade, you guys.”

Kurt giggles and pushes at Finn’s chest. “Roll over, darling.”

“Ok, bossofme.” Finn rolls onto his other side, and Kurt hears him kissing Noah for a moment before saying, “Hey, baby.”

“Hi, darling,” Noah answers quietly, and Kurt runs his hand down Finn’s back while he reaches for the corner of the bed with his other hand, trying to guess where the lube might have landed. Finn presses the bottle back into Kurt’s hand.

“It was under me,” Finn says.

Kurt giggles and pours some into his palm before handing it back to Finn. He coats his cock and then slowly presses into Finn, his hands on Finn’s shoulders. “Mmm, you feel good, Finn.”

“Doesn’t he?” Noah answers. “Nice and hot and tight for you, blue eyes.”

Finn’s hips rock forward suddenly, and he whispers, “Fuck. Puck, baby.”

“Yeah. K’s going to fuck us.” Noah reaches behind him and finds Kurt’s hand, pulling it forward until Kurt can wrap his fingers around Noah’s cock.

“Yes, my loves,” Kurt agrees, thrusting into Finn and moving his hand on Noah with the same rhythm.

Finn starts quietly muttering to himself, his lips obviously pressed against Noah’s neck or shoulder, because the words are slightly muffled. “Oh, god, Kurt, fuck, oh fuck, Puck baby, fuck, fuck.”

Kurt speeds up, pushing in harder, and he puts his lips to Finn’s back, murmuring against Finn’s skin. “Come for me, darling.”

Finn cries out, probably louder than he even realizes, and rocks back against Kurt, tightening around him before rolling his hips forward towards Noah. Kurt speeds up his hand on Noah, and Finn’s hand wraps around Kurt’s, moving with him. Kurt can feel Noah coil up before he comes, and Kurt pushes fast into Finn a final time as he comes as well.

“Love you guys,” Finn says, through heavy breaths. “Love you both so much.”

“Love you, too,” Kurt replies, and he can hear Noah echoing him.

“Finn?” Noah murmurs after a moment.


Kurt can practically hear the grin on Noah’s face. “Happy Thanksgiving.”


When Puck’s alarm goes off way too early for Finn’s comfort, Finn turns his face to bury it in Kurt’s hair, and whines, “Make it not be noisy.”

“Time to get up,” Puck says, sounding way too cheerful. “So we can be very American.”

“I know,” Kurt says, sighing. “I know what you’re thinking, darling. It’s true.”

Finn lifts his face from Kurt’s head enough to turn it in Puck’s direction. “Asshole.”

Puck just laughs. “Yeah, yeah.”

“Won’t have to ask if Mike and Tina are awake,” Kurt mumbles. “I need coffee and bagels. And wool.”

“So, the bagels and sheep store?” Finn asks. “New York has everything.”

“No, no sheep. Just wool. Because it’s cold. You can tell. That is a cold sunshine.” Kurt points accusingly at the light around the blinds. “See?”

“It’s not December first, yet,” Puck says, laughing again. “Still going to accept gracefully the first snowfall?”

“Hmph.” Kurt rolls over and puts his pillow over his head. Finn curls up behind Kurt, draping his leg and arm across him and pulling him close.

“I’ll keep you warm. We’ll ignore Puck. He’s an asshole,” Finn says, rubbing his nose against Kurt’s neck. “We can send him to the parade to get cold and I’ll just stay here and be your blanket.”

You’re an asshole,” Puck retorts, sliding his hand down Finn’s back and squeezing his ass before his arm stretches across Finn and does the same to Kurt. Then Puck drops down from the bed, and it’s clear he’s smirking. “Yeah, this is a nice view.”

Kurt wiggles his ass in response, and Finn laughs. “Poor Mike,” Finn says.

“Are you guys trying to get me back for last night?” Mike says, sounding half-asleep. “I’m sorry. Tina woke me up, we tried to be quiet—”

Puck starts to chuckle, effectively cutting Mike off. “That might be more than we wanted to know.”

“Leave them alone, Mike,” Tina orders. “Remember, Kurt promised us bagels.”

“I will take you to the bagels,” Kurt says, his voice muffled by the pillow. “Get dressed. And there will be bagel–going.”

“You’re so grumpy, bossofus,” Finn says, lifting the edge of Kurt’s pillow. “Do you have to get dressed for bagel–going, too? ’Cause you’ll be cold if you go out like that.”

Kurt opens one eye and stares at Finn. “Yes. I would be. So I do.” He starts to yawn and stops himself. “You two stay here and I’ll bring you bagels. You will make me coffee.”

“Ok, I’ll do that. Text me when you’re on your way back and your coffee will be waiting,” Finn says. He kisses the side of Kurt’s neck and then crawls partly on top of him to kiss his throat. “Wish we didn’t have to be social.”

Kurt nods. “Me too.”

“Mike and Tina are really hungry, apparently,” Puck announces. “K, they’re practically running to the bathroom.”

“So I gotta get off of you, huh?” Finn grumbles. “Bleh. I don’t like that. Ok, don’t I have pants up here somewhere? I should get those.” He rolls off of Kurt and starts feeling around the blankets for his sweatpants, which he locates and pulls on.

Kurt sighs and nods, climbing down from the bed without bothering to find his own pants. “I’ll change later,” he mutters to the room at large as he puts his clothes on. He walks over to the door and puts on his coat, hat, gloves, and scarf on as Mike and Tina emerge from the bathroom. “Ready?”

“Yes!” Tina answers for both of them, enthusiastically.

“Right. We’ll be back in a bit,” Kurt says, still looking a little bit asleep, and then the door closes behind the three of them. Finn climbs down from the bed and flings himself onto the futon next to Puck.


Puck grins and moves the blankets lying on him to the side. “Hey, asshole.”

“You’re the asshole, asshole.” Finn puts one arm around Puck’s waist and hauls him into his lap. “C’mere.”

“Here I am,” Puck says, putting his head on Finn’s shoulder. “Missed you.”

“I was up on that bed for like five years, dude. It was terrible,” Finn says. He leans his head against Puck’s. “The climb down took, like, forever.”

“Shut up, asshole,” Puck mumbles into Finn’s neck. “You know what I meant.”

“Yeah, I know what you meant,” Finn says softly. “I missed you, too. Never been away from you that long since I met you, you know? It’s… weird.”

“Really fucking weird,” Puck agrees.

“Sometimes I don’t think about it, and I’ll, like, holler out the door for you guys, and then I’m all, oh, shit. They can’t hear me from New York.” Finn’s arm tightens around Puck’s middle. “There’s a lot of stuff you couldn’t hear from New York, mostly because I’m shit at saying it.”

“You’re here now,” Puck says, sounding like that’s the only thing that really matters. “You’re right here.”

“Yeah, I am. I’m not fucking it up again,” Finn says. “We’ll figure it out. We’ll make it work.”

“Transporters would help, though,” Puck says wistfully.

“Faster, anyway,” Finn agrees. “Fuck, it’s already going by too fast. It’s already Thursday.”

“Yeah. Definitely too fast.” Puck sighs. “But it’s only a month. And we all have finals.”

“And I’ve got that football thing, at least for a little while longer.”

Puck laughs. “Football thing. Right.” He lifts his head up and kisses Finn softly. Finn brings his other hand up to cup Puck’s face, holding the kiss a little longer before pulling away.

“You’ll come watch me next year?” Finn asks.

“Yeah. Just didn’t expect you to play this year, since most of the time they talk about paying your dues and shit.” Puck shrugs and starts kissing Finn again, moving his lips up Finn’s jaw.

“Mmm. Yeah, me either. It just sorta happened.” Finn slides his hand down Puck’s chest until his fingers brush against the head of Puck’s cock. Puck moves his hips forward and tucks his head back into the crook of Finn’s neck, letting out a low whine. Finn wraps his fingers around Puck’s cock and slowly moves his hand down, holding Puck back against his chest with his other arm.

Puck moves his head slightly, enough that he can kiss Finn’s neck, nipping at it gently. “S’good,” he says quietly, moving his hips slightly.

“You’re good,” Finn says, shifting Puck across his lap so Finn has him almost cradled in his arms, hand still moving on Puck’s cock.

Puck wraps his arms around Finn, one hand resting on the back of Finn’s head and pulling Finn down to kiss him. Finn opens his mouth against Puck’s, letting their tongues touch. Finn deliberately slows the movements of his hand on Puck’s cock, tightening his fingers slightly. Puck whines again, into Finn’s mouth, and he tugs on Finn’s hair.

Finn pulls his mouth away from Puck’s, their lips still just touching. “What do you want, baby?”

“You inside me,” Puck says quickly, not even pausing to think about his answer. Finn presses another quick kiss to Puck’s lips, then rolls them both to the side, setting Puck down on the futon and urging him onto his hands and knees. Finn reaches along the side of the futon for one of the bottles of lube that he knows has to be down there; it only takes him a half a second to find one.

Finn pours some lube into his hand and sets the bottle down, then uses his other hand to pull his sweatpants down off his hips. He slicks his cock and then pushes smoothly inside of Puck. “Like that? Is that what you want?”

Puck exhales and nods. “Harder, Finn.”

“Yeah,” Finn agrees. He grips one of Puck’s hips in one hand and starts thrusting harder. “Fuck, baby, you feel so good, you feel so fucking good.”

“Fuck, yeah,” Puck breathes, his hips rocking back to meet Finn’s thrusts. “Just… fuck, darling.”

Finn leans forward, resting his chest against Puck’s back as they move. He kisses the back of Puck’s neck and his shoulders, letting his hand find Puck’s cock again. “Love you, baby. So much, so much,” Finn murmurs against Puck’s shoulder. “Puck, baby, love you.”

“Love you, too,” Puck says, his body shaking a little. “Fuck, Finn, you’re— more, please.”

Finn doesn’t answer, but he thrusts harder into Puck, pounding into him, his hand moving faster on Puck’s cock. He presses his lips against the back of Puck’s neck, kissing him, biting at him, making sounds that don’t start out as words, but gradually turn into, “Yes, fuck, mine, Puck, mine, baby, love you, love you, come on, come now, mine, mine, mine.”

Puck cries out and comes hard, tightening around Finn and covering Finn’s hand. Finn’s barely a second behind him, snapping his hips forward and filling Puck, kissing the back of Puck’s neck as he slumps against him. Puck eases them down onto the futon, curling up under Finn. Finn reaches for the blanket and pulls it over the both of them, trying to remember to make a mental note that maybe that blanket should go into the laundry after.

“Hey,” Finn says softly into Puck’s ear.

“Hi,” Puck mumbles.

“Now I want bagels.”

Puck snorts. “I see how it is. I’m just the appetizer.”

“Nah,” Finn says, burrowing his face into Puck’s neck. “You’re the main breakfast. That’s, like, second breakfast.”

“Uh-huh.” Puck runs his fingers through Finn’s hair, almost petting him. “Asshole.”

“It’s true. Asshole.” Finn closes his eyes. “If my phone makes a noise, it means I have to make Kurt’s coffee, ok?”

“Yeah. Okay.” Puck’s hand stops moving, just resting on Finn’s head. “Coffee’s a good plan. Fortify ourselves for the parade.”

“Or we could just stay right here until my phone dings.”

“One doesn’t rule out the other.”

“One doesn’t… not… rule…" Finn trails off. “Something out. Whatever. Asshole.” He holds Puck tighter. “Less talking.”

Puck chuckles. “Mmkay.”


“Kurt,” Tina says, her voice low. “Does Finn ever let anyone else hold Audrey?”

Kurt stifles a giggle. “Not really, no. I got to hold her for a few minutes when he got the bags yesterday, but then she pooped.” He wrinkles his nose and looks over at Finn and Audrey, though Audrey is mostly hidden inside the puffy pink snowsuit Carole insisted Audrey had to wear when outside. Finn looks more like he’s clutching a fat pink starfish than holding a baby, actually, and that’s after Finn ditched the extra blankets Carole was attempting to insist upon.

“Changing poopy diapers is my job,” Finn announces. “Well, one of my jobs. Working out, lifting heavy stuff, and changing poopy diapers. Those are my jobs. Mostly the first one these days.” He shifts Audrey in his arms so her face is turned towards the parade route.

“Is Audrey doing okay, Finn?” Burt calls over. “Does she seem hungry or anything?”

“She’s fine, Dad,” Finn answers. “Look. Happy sea creature baby!” He turns slightly so Burt can see Audrey’s little round face, the only part of her not entirely engulfed in the snowsuit.

“Well, let me or your mom know if she needs something, alright?”

“Yes, Dad. She’s fine. She likes me best, anyway,” Finn adds, muttering the last under his breath.

Kurt pokes Finn in the side and rolls his eyes. “Not everything’s a competition. If it were, though, Dad would win for ‘worrying over absolutely nothing’.”

“No, who Audie-Aud likes best is definitely a competition,” Finn insists. “And I’m winning.”

Kurt rolls his eyes again and turns back to Tina. “The answer is no. Sometimes there’s just enough people to overwhelm him temporarily.”

“It’s sweet,” Tina insists. “He’ll probably want your parents to have another one.”

Kurt shakes his head, but Noah answers. “Shh. You’ll put ideas in their heads.”

“I’m not sure Dad can stand another pregnancy, actually,” Kurt says. “Though at least the changing table is no longer in pieces.”

“When does Santa come by?” Mike asks out of the blue.

“At the end. He and the Armadillo,” Noah deadpans.


“Oh. My. God..” Finn’s eyes widen in horror as he takes in the crowd inside the American Girl store.

Noah smirks and wishes he had his phone out, to get a picture of Finn’s face, and Kurt laughs.

“It’s Black Friday, darling,” Kurt says. “What did you expect?”

“I’ve never Black Fridayed. I thought, I dunno. Kids’ store?”

“Kids’ store in New York City with very popular items,” Noah says. “I guess we might as well look for Hannah’s Hanukkah stuff while we’re here, though.”

“Girl… of… the… year,” Finn reads, squinting to read the poster on the far end of the store. “Oh, Puck, it says that one’s only here until December! Does Hannah have that one? You should get her that one, dude. It’s, like, limited!”

“No. Noooo.” Noah shakes his head. “Then what will happen in January? She’ll want the girl of the year for 2013, too.”

“Do they do that every year?” Finn looks either impressed or horrified. “That’s a good marketing stunt!”

“Every year.” Noah shrugs. “They retire some of the other ones, too.” He looks around and points off to the side. “That says the baby-dolls are upstairs on the third floor.”

“Ok, you guys can help form a perimeter, and we’ll see if we can get over there,” Finn announces. He double-checks the baby carrier on his chest, and once he’s confirmed that Audrey isn’t in danger of falling out, he takes Kurt and Noah both by the hand. “We’ll move forward on three.”

“Are we shopping or on a secret mission?” Kurt asks. “Because I’m not sure right now.”

“Secret shopping mission?” Noah says.

“Hmm. Yes. Good thing we didn’t disclose our destination.” Kurt grins.

“This is enemy territory, guys,” Finn says. “Did you see those ladies’ faces? That’s terrifying. Ok, one… two… three.” He starts walking in the direction of the escalators, pulling Noah and Kurt along with him.

“They do seem slightly puzzled when they look at us,” Kurt says, laughing as they reach the escalators. “I suppose we aren’t the typical shoppers.”

“Yeah, but I bet that woman we saw back in March would remember us,” Noah says wryly. “She was way too happy to ‘help’.”

“It’s kind of creepy, all those dolls in those boxes, just staring at us,” Finn says. “Don’t look, Aud. It’s scary. Oh, wait, she’s asleep, guys.”

“Now whatever we buy will be a surprise.” Noah laughs as they step off the escalator and dodge by the line of people waiting to have their picture taken for something.

“The dolls are just waiting for us to leave. It’s the story Pixar couldn’t tell. Curse of the American Girls,” Kurt says flippantly.

“Oh, now I’m really creeped out,” Finn says, visibly shuddering. “Dude.”

“Are the baby ones less creepy?” Noah asks, gesturing around them. One of the women shopping turns around and gives the three of them a strange look that, interestingly, only gets stranger once she spies Audrey in her carrier.

“I find the twin dolls a bit disturbing, but that’s not their eyes,” Kurt admits.

“The baby–baby ones are ok,” Finn says. “The twin–babies are too… I don’t know. They look too much alike. It bothers me. I like the little babies, though.”

“Dad’s going to kill us,” Kurt says almost gleefully. “Look at all the different outfits.”

“Oh, yeah. Definitely going to kill you,” Noah agrees. “Mom was already a little bit on the side of ‘why?’ and Hannah’s older.”

“Oh my god, you guys!” Finn practically squeals. “They have a snowsuit thing that looks just like Aud’s!”

“That means there are actually other people that force things like that on their children.” Kurt looks horrified.

“We can’t forget to stuff her back into it before we meet up with them,” Noah says.

“She wouldn’t fit in the carrier in that thing. Baby carriers are for babies, not little miniature Patrick the starfishes,” Finn says. “Poor Audie-Aud. People can’t even see that there’s the world’s cutest baby under there when she’s wearing that thing. All they can see is her perfect little Kurt–nose,” he adds, cutting his eyes over at Kurt and grinning.

Kurt huffs but doesn’t otherwise acknowledge Finn’s comment. “Here, Finn, there’s a diaper bag set for the doll.”

“Should we pick out the doll first, do you think?” Finn leans over to look at the diaper bag set, putting his hand behind Audrey’s head so it doesn’t flop forward. “I think I’ll pick one out and then get the right kind of stuff for it. Help me decide which one.” Finn wanders over in front of the doll display.

“Are we trying to find the one that looks the most like her?” Noah asks.

“Is that what we’re supposed to do? We could get her the little Tina–looking one,” Finn says. “She likes Tina. I mean, it seems like she does. She doesn’t scream or anything when Tina holds her.”

“I think we’d make Tina melt into a puddle of Tina–goo if we did,” Kurt says.

“Mike might not like that.” Noah laughs. “As long as Tina un-melts, we’d be fine, though.”

“So, this baby or the one with the blue eyes? I think Aud’s gonna have blue eyes.” Finn stares at the doll like choosing the right one is a matter of life and death. “Maybe the blue eyed one. Aww, this one has red hair!”

“Get the one that looks like her,” Noah says. “She’ll get a kick out of it when she’s older.”

“It also might soften the blow a little with Dad.” Kurt grins and shakes his head. “We’ll pick out outfits, too.”

Finn moves boxes around until he finds the doll he’s looking for, tucking the box under his arm. “Ok, doll, check. And I have to get the snowsuit. Maybe that diaper bag thing.”

“Here.” Noah grabs one of the shopping bags and hands it to Finn. “You’ll want this.”

“And they want you to have one.” Kurt steps towards the outfits, looking through them carefully.

“Maybe I’ll just buy until the bag is full,” Finn says.

“Yes, they definitely want you to have one.” Kurt picks up one of the outfits and tilts his head. “When she’s bigger, she can dress like the doll.”

“I’m sure there’s a younger kid with a doll out there,” Noah says, “but probably not many.”

“Well, they don’t make smaller ones, or I’d get her that one,” Finn says. “Do you think her doll needs, like, feeding sets or whatever? They have lots of sets.” He sounds almost mystified by the variety of doll accessories.

“Well, we’ve got various gift–giving occasions to get them, right?” Kurt says.

“Hey, and you know where they’re headquartered?” Noah asks.

“Here? This is the biggest doll store in the world, I think, so probably here.”

“Nope. Middleton, Wisconsin.”

“Oh, that’s right near me!” Finn says. “Oh, wait. That’s… bad, dude!”

Noah laughs. “Not for them.”

“We probably skew their demographics wonderfully,” Kurt says proudly.

“Well, I don’t know about demographics or whatever, but this could be really bad if I start buying Audrey all the doll stuff!” Finn says.

“Bad for whom?” Kurt asks, raising an eyebrow.

“My wallet, dude. My wallet. Maybe you should set a doll budget for me and tell me I have to stick to it, and then I have to, ’cause, bossofme!”

“Finn’s doll budget,” Noah says, managing not to laugh, as Audrey starts to fuss.

“Perhaps we should start by checking out?” Kurt says.

“Yeah, I think she probably needs a diaper,” Finn says. “I bet she’s hungry, too. We’ll buy all her doll stuff and then I’ll change her.” He smiles at Kurt and adds, “You can feed her if you want to.”

“Ooh, write that down, too,” Kurt says to Noah, laughing. “But yes, she probably does need both of those things.”

The line moves faster than Noah expects, and then Finn disappears into the bathroom to change Audrey before they walk the half a block to the Starbucks at Rockefeller Center. Audrey enthusiastically eats while Kurt holds her and Noah and Finn get drinks for the three of them. It’s crowded, but they manage to find enough seats, probably because of Audrey.

“She is so sweet,” an older woman says as she’s clearing her trash off the table for them to sit down. Finn and Noah approach with the coffee, and the woman’s eyes seem to dart between Audrey in Kurt’s arms, the baby carrier on Finn’s chest, and the diaper bag over Noah’s shoulder. She doesn’t look at any of the three of them directly when she asks, “Is she yours?”

“Yep, she’s ours!” Finn declares, setting his cup on the table and then Kurt’s cup in front of Kurt.

“Oh, well, that’s.” The woman’s smile falters and then reappears, a little too bright. “Well, that’s very nice for you boys.”

Noah exchanges a look with Kurt, who’s pressing his lips together and clearly trying not to laugh or smile. Noah waits until the woman is out of hearing distance before he says, “Nope, actually, we stole her. It’s our dastardly plan, stealing babies so we can take them to American Girl.”

Now Kurt does burst out laughing. “Noah!”

“We didn’t steal her, we borrowed her,” Finn protests. “Is she done eating? Can I have her back now?”

“You are more than welcome to burp her and have her spit up down your back, yes,” Kurt says, setting the now–empty bottle on the table before passing Audrey to Finn.

Finn reaches into the diaper bag, now dangling off the back of Noah’s chair, and retrieves a burp cloth, which he drapes over his shoulder before putting Audrey on it. “That’s why you use the burp thing. No pukies, huh Audie-Aud? No way, no pukies for us!” He places his hand on Audrey’s back and rubs it in a circle, then pats her a few times. Noah’s not sure how he manages to make a circle, because Finn’s hand is basically the size of Audrey’s back.

“I’m a horrible person,” Kurt says sadly. “Because now I really, really want Audrey to puke all down his back.”

Noah laughs. “Yeah, but his hand is the size of her back.”

“True.” Kurt sighs. “I have a feeling that if he positioned his hands just right, we wouldn’t be able to see Audrey at all.”

“Hidden baby,” Noah agrees.

“Crouching tiger,” Finn retorts. “There, now she’s a happy girl.” Audrey does, in fact, seem much happier, after the combination of a fresh diaper, a bottle, and a burp. She stares over at Kurt and makes her thoughtful face. Kurt suppresses a laugh and pulls out his phone, quickly taking a couple of pictures.

“Look,” he says, holding his phone out towards Noah. “Now we have their matching expressions preserved.”

Noah laughs. “Yeah, we do.”

“What expression? I want to see!” Finn leans over to look at the phone. “I don’t see it. I still think she looks like Kurt.”

“It’s around the eyes,” Kurt insists. “It’s like you’re both thinking very hard.”

“Well, I don’t think I ever see myself making that face,” Finn says.

“You don’t tend to do your thinking in front of a mirror,” Noah says, smirking.

“That’s true. You don’t.” Kurt nods. “If you did, you might see it.”

“Yeah, I don’t think I do enough thinking to have a chance to see it in a mirror. It mostly happens accidentally.”


The subway to Penn Station is crowded, but they find two seats next to each other. Finn and Puck sit down, Kurt across their laps, and before the doors even close, Puck’s kissing the side of Finn’s neck, and Finn has one hand sliding up underneath Kurt’s shirt. They ride like that, fingers brushing against each other’s backs and stomachs, lips on necks and the sides of faces, the three of them tangled up in their seats, until they reach their stop.

Finn drapes his arms across their shoulders as they exit the subway, pulling them close for their walk towards his train to Newark, where he’ll pick up his rental car and drive to Penn State for the game on Saturday. Kurt already programmed the directions to both the hotel where the Badgers are staying and the stadium into Finn’s phone, and Puck gave him check in points that Finn has to call from to let them know he’s making good time and not driving himself into a ditch. Everything’s ready for the trip, except for the whole part where Finn doesn’t want to leave, ever.

They find a bench to sit and wait on, since the train isn’t even due for another fifteen minutes. Finn pulls Kurt against his chest, tightening his other arm around Puck, and he buries his face in Kurt’s hair, breathing slowly for a minute before saying, “I could drop out. I could be a busboy or something. They’re probably allowed to be bigger in New York.”

“I always wanted a kept boy,” Kurt says. “You’d probably get bored, though, darling.”

“I’d never get bored being your kept boy. That sounds like a good job. I can stay, I can do that job. That can be my job instead,” Finn says. He knows he sounds a little frantic, maybe even a little desperate, but it’s how he feels and he can’t not sound that way.

Puck leans into Finn’s shoulder and nods against it. “I think it’d make us cutting edge or something.”

“Avant-garde, even,” Kurt says brightly.

“I don’t want to get on the train,” Finn says quietly. “I don’t want to wait a month.”

“No,” Kurt agrees. “We’ll— it’s not as long. It’s just a month.”

“We have to study, all of us,” Puck says. “It’ll keep us busy.”

“We’ve still got a couple games. That’ll help, right?” Finn asks, hoping that if one of them tells him the answer is yes, he can act like it’s true.

Puck nods. “Yeah. It’ll help.” He laughs a little. “You could pretend to be Jewish and find the Jewish people at Madison and have latkes in a couple of weeks.”

“Maybe one of my lesbians is Jewish. She can take me to eat latkes,” Finn says. He sighs loudly, and moves his face to the top of Puck’s head. “As long as it’s not Noel.”

“It seems unlikely that someone named Noel would be Jewish,” Kurt says. “You should make some snow–Finns, too.”

“And throw a few snowballs at Syd,” Puck says.

“Yeah, and she’ll hold my face down in the snow, probably,” Finn says, laughing. “I’ll get her to take some pictures.” He kisses Puck’s temple, nudging his face up so he can kiss Puck’s lips.

“And send them to us,” Kurt says as Finn and Puck kiss.

“Remember, we have Syd’s number now,” Puck says, pulling back just enough to speak.

“Don’t break my Syd.”

“Don’t withhold photographic evidence,” Puck retorts.

“That’s your train,” Kurt says softly after the loudspeaker crackles and the board changes.

“I don’t want it to be my train,” Finn says. “Make it be somebody else’s train, ok?” He turns his head towards Kurt, pressing their lips together. As he pulls away, he whispers, “I love you. Ok? I love you.”

“Love you, too, darling,” Kurt says, taking Finn’s hand and squeezing it.

Finn turns back to Puck, taking a deep breath and forcing himself to not do anything stupid like start tearing up. “I love you, too, Puck,” he says, voice shaky. “I love both of you, and it’s just a month. It’s not goodbye this time.”

“Love you,” Puck says quietly, his head still on Finn’s shoulder. “A month from today. The twenty-third.”

“It’s in my calendar,” Finn says. “Ok, guys. Ok, I’ve gotta do this.” He slowly starts to rise to his feet, arms still around them. “Watch me play tomorrow?”

“We wouldn’t miss it,” Kurt answers as the two of them straighten. “We’ll call you after you win.”

If I win,” Finn says, smiling at them. “But call me anyway.”

“When,” Puck says, smirking. “When you win.”

Before Finn steps towards the train, he pulls Puck to him, kissing him hard. After he releases Puck, Finn turns to Kurt and does the same, running his fingers through Kurt’s hair before he breaks away. Finn puts his bag over his shoulder and takes a deep breath, then he turns and walks onto the train. It’s only a month from today. Just a month, and this time he kissed them goodbye.

This time, he did it right.