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All-Star Anime Wrestling Federation

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters

The crowd was extremely hyped as the pyros went off signifying the start of the show. The camera panned across the arena showing cheering fans many holding signs. The camera then focused behind the announcer desk where Mr. Alonsa and Koto where seated.

"Hello an welcome everyone to our debut show coming off the heels of an amazing battle royal! I am Mr. Alonsa the World Tournament Announcer from the Dragon Ball franchise and beside me is Koto from Yu Yu Hakusho." began Mr. Alonsa.

"We're excited to bring you the best wrestling action with characters from many anime series. Without further ado, let's go to my partner Juri in the ring." said Koto.

The camera panned to the ring. Kensuke Aida from Evangelion was the hired run the cameras. In the ring, four pedestals sat covered with white cloths. In the middle of the ring, Juri stood holding a microphone.

"Ladies and Gentleman, it is my honor to introduce you all to our General Manger. I give to you Naoto Date!" cried Juri.

The crowd roared as Naoto Date passed the curtain and made her way down the ramp while greeting cheering fans.

"This is an amazing surprise! Naoto Date is from Tiger Mask series which originally ran from 1969 to 1971." said Mr. Alonsa.

"I couldn't think of anyone better to be our general manager." added Koto.

Naoto Date entered the ring and shared a bow with Juri. Juri handed the microphone to Naoto then exited the ring.

"It is my pleasure to to serve as your General Manager." began Naoto.

A chant of "Naoto" went up from the crowd showing their respect.

"Thank you. I want to bring your attention to the four pedestals in the ring." said Naoto.

Naoto walked up to the pedestal. He pulled the cloth off revealing two gold title belts with a picture of a globe on them.

"These are the ASAWF World Tag Team Championship title belts." said Naoto.

Naoto then walked over to the next pedestal and pulled the cloth off. This time there was a smaller gold title belt with a picture of a red phoenix on it.

"This is the ASAWF Light Heavyweight Championship title belt." said Naoto.

Naoto walked over to the third title belt and pulled off the cloth. This time there was a silver title belt with a picture of a television on it. A picture of a global was visible on the television screen.

"This is the ASAWF World Television Championship title belt. It will serve as our secondary championship." said Naoto.

Naoto walked to the finally pedestal, but did not remove the cloth covering it.

"Starting tonight, we will have tournaments to fill these vacant titles." declared Naoto to cheers.

Naoto turned around and pulled the cloth off the last pedestal. It revealed a gold title belt with a picture of Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders.

"This is the ASAWF World Heavyweight Championship title belt and it is our main championship." explained Naoto, "I would like to invite Mikoto Misaka down to the ring."

The song "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC began to play. Misaka came out to cheers and made her way to the ring.

"And here comes the winner of our battle royal Mikoto Misaka." noted Mr. Alonsa.

"One could only wonder what our General Manager wants with her." added Koto.

Misaka got into the ring and walked up to Naoto.

"Mikoto Misaka, as a prize for winning the battle royal I hear by name you the inaugural ASAWF World Heavyweight Champion!" declared Naoto.

The crowd cheered as Naoto handed the belt to Misaka. Misaka threw the belt over her shoulder and was handed a microphone.

"Damn. I want to thank you for this. It feels so amazing to be the world heavyweight champion." said Misaka.

Misaka went on to say more, but was cut off when "God of Thunder" by KISS began to play. Sailor Jupiter came out and headed down the ramp entering the ring. Sailor Jupiter took in the cheers of the crowd as she was handed a microphone.

"What the hell do you want?" asked Misaka.

"I wanted to congratulate you on being crowned champion. You won the battle royal fairly. However, I would love for a shot at the title." answered Jupiter.

The crowd cheered excited at this prospect.

"Name the place and the time." said Misaka.

"Right here. Right now." replied Sailor Jupiter.

The crowd erupted in cheers only for "Rise" by Jeremy Sweet to begin playing which ended the cheering. Naruto Uzumaki came out and headed down the ramp. The blond ninja slipped into the ring and took a microphone.

"Now hold on one second! I was the last one in the battle royal to be eliminated and I almost won! If anyone deserves a title shot then it should be me!" declared Naruto.

"You were still eliminated." noted Sailor Jupiter.

"I outlasted you!" snapped Naurto.

"Misaka and I are both electromasters. People want to see us battle." stated Sailor Jupiter.

This got a pop from the crowd.

"They want to see me as champion! Believe it!" cried Naruto.

This got a mixed reaction from the crowd.

"Enough!" snapped Naoto.

Misaka, Sailor Jupiter and Naurto stopped and stared at the general manager.

"There is only one way to end this: tonight our main event will be Sailor Jupiter versus Naruto Uzumaki to decided who will be number one contender!" declared Naoto.

This got a massive pop from the crowd.

"Wow! What a huge main event! Sailor Jupiter versus Naruto Uzumaki to decide the number one contender! What a great main event!" declared Mr. Alonsa.

"Indeed. Now lets send it back to Kanae Fujishita in the back." said Koto.


The camera panned back to Kanae Fujishita holding a microphone. Next to her stood Gertrude Barkhorn.

"Barkhorn, you had a strong showing last night, but came up short." said Kanae "Who do you feel?"

"As a soldier of Karlsland there is no excuse for my lose. However, I will not mope over minor set backs." answered Barkhorn.

"I understand you are taking part in the tag team tournament." noted Kanae.

"Correct. I have partner all ready." confirmed Barkhorn.

"Who is she?" asked Kanae.

"My longtime friend and ace pilot Erica Hartmann." answered Barkhorn.

Suddenly, the camera panned back as Hartmann walked onto the set. She was a sixteen year old blond with blue eyes. She wore a brown jacket and like Barkhorn did not wear pants.

"It's nice to meet you." said Kanae.

"Likewise." replied Hartmann.

"Erica is the wonder ace of Karlsland. I can think of no better partner." stated Barkhorn.

"This is going to be fun." said Harmtann.

"Let's go Bubi." said Barkhorn.

Barkhorn and Hartmann turned and walked away. The camera then panned back to the ring where Juri stood with a microphone. Nearby, Mr. Referee from Metabots stood waiting to referee the upcoming match.

"The following match is scheduled for one fall and is the first in the tag team tournament." said Juri.


The camera panned to the stage when "Battlecry" by Nujabes began to play. Moments later, Mugen came out and made his way down the ramp, while hitting on beautiful women on the way.

"Introducing first, from the Ryukyu Kingdom - Mugen." said Juri.

"Here comes Mugen one half of our first tag team." noted Mr. Alonsa.

"Still has hot as every." drooled Koto.

Mugen slipped into the ring and waited for his partner. The camera panned backed to the stage and "Viva Namida" by Yasuyuki Okamura began to play. Dandy came out and made his way to the ring.

"Introducing his tag team partner - Dandy." said Juri.

"These two men were the first in the battle royal and it seems their shared cockiness and shared interest in woman lead them to form a friendship. After the match, they headed to a local bar and hit on every woman there with no success." explained Mr. Alonsa.

"I wouldn't mind some time with them." drooled Koto.

Dandy got into the ring and hit on Juri.

"Hey baby, how about we spend some time together later tonight." proposed Dandy.

The camera panned to the stage when "Die Wacht am Rhein" began to play. Barkhorn and Hartmann came out then headed there way to the ring.

"There opponents, from the Imperial Government of Karlsland - Gertrude Barkhorn and Erica Hartmann." said Juri, who exited the ring.

Barkhorn and Hartmann entered the ring while noticing Mugen and Dandy checking them out. After sharing a look, Hartmann went through the ropes and stood on the apron. After a brief conversation, Mugen did the same leaving Dandy in the ring.

"Ring the bell!" ordered Mr. Referee.

Sana Kurata did that signaling the start of the match.

"Here we go with Barkhorn versus Dandy." noted Mr. Alonsa.

Dandy went for Barkhorn, the Karlsland witch dove down grabbing Dandy's leg. Barkhorn brought Dandy to the mat.

"Good mat wrestling by Barkhorn to start the match." said Koto.

Dandy jumped to his feet. He attempted a clothesline which Barkhorn ducked. Barkhorn kicked Dandy in the stomach and hit a punch that knocked Dandy to the mat.

"Dandy needs to change his strategy if he plans on winning." stated Mr. Alonsa.

Back in the ring, Dandy rubbed his cheek.

"Hey, are you gonna get off your ass?" asked Mugen.

"I'm thinking." answered Dandy.

Dandy got back up and ran off the ropes and acted like he was preparing to preform a clothesline. Barkhorn bent down to preform a backdrop, but Dandy stopped short and grabbed Barkhorn by her hair. He then tossed her on her back and began punching her.

"That will do it." said Koto.

Jimmy got Dandy off Barkhorn and she began to get to her feet. Dandy attempted to grab her, but Barkhorn caught him and hit a jawbreaker that lead to both hitting the mat.

"Come on Trude!" called out Hartmann.

Both competitors got back to their feet. Barkhorn attempted a punch, but Dandy drove his knee into the stomach of Barkhorn. He then whipped her into his corner and followed up with a clothesline that caused Barkhorn to collapse into the corner.

"Barkhorn is in the bad part of town." noted Mr. Alonsa.

"We've got a two-on-one situation at the moment." added Koto.

Dandy stomped Barkhorn several times. He then tagged in Mugen who jumped into the ring while Dandy go onto the apron.

"Sorry girl, but I've got kick your ass." said Mugen.

Mugen picked Barkhorn up and slammed her against the corner. He then dragged her to the ropes and whipped her off. As Barkhorn came off the opposite rope, Hartmann slapped her back making a blind tag.

"I don't think Mugen knows Hartmann tagged in." stated Mr. Alonsa.

Mugen hit Barkhorn with a clothesline as Hartmann jumped onto the top rope. Mugen looked up only for Hartmann to hit him with a drop kick that knocked Mugen onto his back.

"He knows now." said Koto.

Hartmann began stomping away at Mugen as Barkhorn rolled out of the ring. Barkhorn got up on the apron as Hartmann allowed Mugen to get up.

"Come on." said Hartmann determined.

As soon as Mugen was the right position, Hartmann grabbed him and hit a swinging neck breaker onto Mugen. She then rolled on top of Mugen.

"Here's our first cover!" declared Mr. Alonsa.

Mr. Referee slide down and countered, but only got a one count before Mugen easily kicked out.

"Only a one count." said Koto.

Hartmann continued kicking Mugen for thirty seconds before walking to her corner and tagging Barkhorn in.

"Well here comes Barkhorn back in." said Mr. Alonsa.

"Now she is in the one in control." said Koto.

Barkhorn kicked Mugen and allowed him to get up. Only for Barkhorn to hit him with a clothesline.

"Is that the best you've got?" asked Barkhorn.

Mugen angrily fell for this taunt. He charged Barkhorn head on only for the Karlsland witch to sidestep and trip him.

"It seems like Mugen needs to think before he acts." stated Koto.

"That has always been a problem for him." confessed Mr. Alonsa.

Barkhorn got down and put Mugen in an arm bar. Mr. Referee got down to see if Mugen wanted to submit.

"Do you want to submit?" asked Mr. Referee.

"No." answered Mugen.

"You would be wise to give up." said Barkhorn.

"Screw you!" snapped Mugen.

Mugen managed to roll over and pin Barkhorn's shoulders to the mat.

"Barkhorn's pinned!" exclaimed Mr. Alonsa.

Mr. Referee got a two count before Barkhorn kicked out and released the arm bar.

"That was a close call." said Koto.

Mugen and Barkhorn both jumped to there feet. Mugen attempted a punch, but Barkhorn grabbed him and preformed an arm drag onto Mugen.

"Damn." spat Mugen.

Barkhorn walked over and grabbed Mugen, only for the man to jam in right thumb into Barkhorn's left eye. The Karlsland witch turned around and covered her eye.

"You jerk!" cried Hartmann.

Mugen quickly grabbed Barkhorn and hit a Russian Legsweep. Mugen quickly floated over and covered Barkhorn. Mr. Referee managed a two count before Hartmann kicked him in the head.

"Hartmann makes the save here." said Mr. Alonsa.

"That was lucky for Barkhorn." said Koto.

Hartmann got out as Mugen tagged Dandy in. Dandy grabbed Barkhorn only to recieve a right hook.

"What a punch!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

"Barkhorn has her opening." said Koto.

Barkhorn quickly managed to tag Hartmann in. Hartmann climbed to the top rope and preformed a cross body. Hartmann connected and pinned Dandy in the middle of the ring. Mr. Referee slide down and got a three count.

"Here are your winners - Barkhorn and Hartmann!" declared Juri.

Barkhorn and Hartmann slide out of the ring and made there way up the ramp.

"Just like that the match ends with a quick victory." said Mr. Alonsa.

"Next week we will find out who they'll face." said Koto.


Barkhorn and Hartmann left followed shortly after by Dandy and Mugen. Juri then re-entered the ring.

"The following match is scheduled for one fall and is the first in the Light Heavyweight Championship tournament!" declared Juri.

The camera panned to the ramp and "Days" by Flow began to play.

"Introducing first from Bellforest - Renton Thurston." said Juri.

Renton gulped as he made his way down to the ring.

"Here comes Renton though he doesn't seem to be too excited." noted Koto.

"I talked to him earlier and he is anxious, but is willing to compete." said Mr. Alonsa.

The camera panned back to the ring when "She Blinded Me with Science" by Thomas Dolby began to play and Edward Elric came out of the back.

"And his opponent from Resembool, Amestris - Edward Elric." said Juri.

Edward made his way down the ramp to the cheers of adoring fangirls. He entered the ring and removed his signature red jacket handing it to Sana.

"Begin!" declared Mr. Referee.

Sana rang the bell signaling the start of the match. Renton and Edward walked toward each other. As soon as he was in reach, Edward kicked Renton in his stomach. Edward quickly followed up with a clothesline that knocked that leveled Renton.

"Oh man, that a loud thud." said Mr. Alonsa.

"Renton has to be seeing stars after that." said Koto.

Renton shook his head and slowly got up. He then turned to Mr. Referee.

"He's got metal body parts. That's not fair." said Renton.

"Don't be a crybaby." scoffed Edward.

Renton wanted to prove he wasn't a crybaby so he quickly attacked. Renton charged only to fall victim to a huricanrana by Edward. Renton got back to his feet and had spaghetti legs. Edward then hit a flying forearm and pinned Renton.

"Edward with the cover!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

Mr. Referee slide down and got a two count before Renton managed to weakly kick out.

"Only a two count there." said Koto.

Edward got up and waited. Renton got up and bumped into Edward causing the former to quickly turn around. Renton threw a wild punch only for Edward to easily duck. Edward spun Renton around and delivered a drop kick that knocked Renton onto the second rope.

"Here it comes!" cried Koto.

Edward ran off the opposite ropes and preformed a 619 (a la Rey Mysterio) onto Renton.

"It's the Equivalent Exchange!" exclaimed Mr. Alonsa.

Renton tumbled backwards in the ring. Edward jumped onto the top rope and preformed a splash onto Renton. Edward covered Renton while Mr. Referee got down and countered the three.

"Here is your winner - Edward Elric!" declared Sana.

"An impressive victory for Edward who is a real contender for the title." added Mr. Alonsa.


Edward left greeting his fans as he did. Mr. Referee then left helping Renton to the back. Jimmy from Hoenn then came out for the upcoming match for which he was scheduled to referee. He got into the ring and was followed by Juri.

"The following match is scheduled for one fall." said Juri.

The camera panned to the ramp and "Makafushigi Adventure!" by Hiroki Takahashi began to play. Yamcha came out and made his way down the ramp.

"Introducing first - Yamcha!" said Juri.

"Here comes the luckless Yamcha. Despite his woes, Yamcha did have an elimination in the battle royal." said Mr. Alonsa.

"I have trouble believing he will have the same success here." said Koto.

Yamcha slide into the ring and faced the ramp.

"Come on. Bring on my opponent." said Yamcha eager.

The camera panned back to the ramp when "Rise" by Origia began to play.

"And his opponent - Major Kusanagi." said Juri.

Major Kusanagi came down and got in the ring as Juri got out. Major Kusanagi removed her leather jacket and faced Yamcha.

"Begin!" Jimmy.

Yamcha charged Major Kusanagi, but she easily went around to his back and grabbed Yamcha around the waist. She then preformed a take down dropping Yamcha onto his stomach on the mat.

"Good amateur wrestling there from Major Kusanagi." said Mr. Alonsa.

"She's gotta be the favorite to win this match." said Koto.

Major Kusanagi got up and backed off allowing Yamcha to rise to his feet. Yamcha swung wildly, but Major Kusanagi easily dodged and delivered a stiff knee to his stomach.

"Yamcha needs to change his strategy if he wants to win." stated Mr. Alonsa.

Major Kusanagi picked Yamcha up and delivered a DDT. Major Kusanagi then pinned Yamcha and Jimmy got down to count. Jimmy got a two count before Yamcha managed to kick out.

"Major Kusanagi only gets a two there as Yamcha barely kicks out." noted Koto.

Yamcha got up only to grabbed by Major Kusanagi. Yamcha delivered a forearm to Major Kusanagi that managed to break himself free. Yamacha attempted a clothesline only to be caught in a bear hug by Major Kusanagi.

"Major Kusanagi is squeezing the life out of Yamcha like a boa!" declared Mr. Alonsa.

"Interesting fact: the bearhug was made famous by the legendary Bruno Sammartino." added Koto.

Yamcha desperatly raked the eyes of Major Kusanagi allowing him to escape. Yamcha quickly took a breath then attempted a running knee only to get a powerbomb for his effort.

"That's it!" declared Major Kusanagi.

Major Kusanagi picked Yamcha up and threw him on her shoulders. She then spun around and released Yamcha who crashed to the mat.

"There's the F-5! It's all over now!" declared Mr. Alonsa.

Major Kusanagi pinned Yamcha and got an easy victory.

"Here is you winner - Major Kusanagi!" declared Juri.

Major Kusanagi had her hand raised when suddenly "The Terminator Theme" by Brad Fiedel from the movie of the same name began to play. Braiking Boss came on and made his way down to the ramp.

"What the hell is he doing here?" asked Mr. Alonsa.

"I have no clue, but we'll so find out." answered Koto.

Major Kusanagi prepared herself as Braiking Boss got into the ring. Once he did, Braiking Boss extended began to applaud. Major Kusanagi wanted nothing to do with Braiking Boss and began to leave only to be sucker punched by the robot tyrant.

"What the hell is Braiking Boss doing!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

Braiking Boss then picked Major Kusanagi up and delivered a thunderous chokeslam to Major Kusanagi before leaving to a chorus of boos.

"This is amazing, Braiking Boss has destroyed Major Kusanagi and left the her limp in the ring. The reason for this is unknown but Bariking Boss will have hell to pay when Major Kusanagi recovers." said Koto.

Major Kusanagi was helped to the back by Jimmy and healed by the two hired medics: Ruka from Yu Yu Hakuso and Yoshika Miyafuji from Strike Witches. Once making sure she was okay, Naoto Date left and hunted Braiking Boss eventually finding him.

"What the hell was that?!" asked Naoto angrily.

Braiking Boss chuckled and faced Naoto.

"I exterminated the human race in my world. But, if there's one thing I hate more than humans it's filthy half-breeds like her." answered Braiking Boss.


The camera panned back to the crowd recovering from the attack on Major Kusanagi. Mr. Referee went to the ring to call the next match as Juri got into the ring.

"The following match is scheduled for one fall and is the first in the Television Championship tournament!" declared Juri.

The camera panned back to the ramp when "Bad Boys" by Inner Circle began to play.

"Introducing first from Sapporo, Japan - Noa Izumi!" declared Juri.

"Here comes Noa Izumi. I talked to Noa today and she told she doesn't think her job as a police officer won't get in the way of her career here." said Mr. Alonsa.

"That's good to hear." said Koto.

Noa headed down and got into the ring. She turned and faced the ramp when the camera panned back to it. "Ride on Shooting Star" began to play. A familiar yellow Vespa rolled out and zoomed down to the ring side.

"Her opponent - Haruko Haruhara." said Juri.

"This promises to be an entertaining bout coming up." said Mr. Alonsa, trying to speak over the cheers.

"It's always interesting when Haruko is around." said Koto.

Haruko parked her Vespa at ringside and got off. She jumped over the ropes and pulled her guitar off her back. Haruko played "Hound Dog" by Elvis Presley before giving her guitar to Juri. Juri left the ring as Haruko faced off with Noa.

"Begin!" declared Mr. Referee.

Sana rang the bell and the two faced off. Noa attempted a lock up only for Haruko to catch her with a knee to kidney. Haruko then hit a hurricanrana pin. Mr. Referee only got a one count before Noa kicked out.

"Haruko wants to end this quickly." said Mr. Alonsa.

"It does seems like a fast paced match would aid Haurko." said Koto.

Noa attempted to punch Haruko, but the pink haired girl grabbed Noa and preformed an arm drag on Noa. Haruko attempted a dropkick, but Noa managed to dodge it.

"Well that backfired on Haurko." said Mr. Alonsa.

Noa bent over and drove her knee into the back of Haruko repeatedly.

"Good strategy by Noa, grounding Haurko and working on her back." said Koto.

Noa placed Haruko in a Half Boston Crab, but Haurko was close enough to the rope to grab them.

"Rope break. You have to let go." said Mr. Referee.

Noa maintained the hold as Mr. referee began counting.

"1...2...3...4..." counted Mr. Referee.

Noa broke the hold before disqualification and backed off. Mr. Referee checked on Haruko.

"Are you okay?" asked Mr. Referee.

"I'm fine." answered Haurko.

"That was a good strategy by Noa. Targeting the back and maintaining the hold for the full count." said Mr. Alonsa.

Haruko got up and Noa attempted to ground her again. However, Haruko hit Noa in the thigh with several kicks. Haruko then stepped back and posed herself.

"It looks like she's going for something here." noted Mr. Alonsa.

Haruko ran forward and hit Noa in the chest with a bicycle kick. Haruko pinned Noa and Mr. Referee slide down and counted two before Noa got her shoulder up.

"Only a two there after that bicycle kick." noted Koto.

Haurko got up and waited. Once Noa got to her feet, Haruko drove her right knee into Noa's stomach causing the latter to double over. Haruko then grabbed Noa and delivered a gut wrench powerbomb onto Noa.

"That could be it right there!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

"That's it!" declared Haruko.

Haruko then covered Noa and hooked both of her legs. Mr. Referee slide down and got a two count before Noa again got her shoulder up.

"Only a two count there after that impressive feat of strength." said Koto.

Haruko jumped and got in the face of Mr. Referee.

"That was not a two count! That was absolutely three! You better not be slow counting me!" cried Haruko.

"It seems like Haruko is not pleased with the officiating." said Mr. Alonsa.

"She must be wondering what has to do to beat Noa." added Koto.

A frustrated Haruko continued bickering with Mr. Referee and didn't notice Noa recovering. Noa grabbed Haruko and preformed a schoolboy pin.

"Noa can steal it right here!" cried Koto.

Mr. Referee jumped down and got two before Haruko managed to kick out.

"Only a two on that surprise schoolboy." said Mr. Alonsa.

"Since they're girls, wouldn't be a schoolgirl?" asked Koto.

Mr. Alonsa thought for a moment.

"I believe you're correct." answered Mr. Alonsa.

Haruko got to her feet first and kicked Noa in the head. Haruko then stomping here.

"Garvin Stomp from Haruko. Shades of the legendary Ron Garvin." said Mr. Alonsa.

Haruko continued stomping away at Noa. Haruko then let Noa get to her knees before Haurko put Noa in a Sleeper Hold.

"Haruko is trying to put Noa to sleep and it might work here." stated Koto.

Mr Referee began checking on Noa who was trying not to pass out. Suddenly, "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett began to play. Kallen Kouzaki came down the ramp wielding a baseball bat. The crowd popped loudly for Kallen.

"What in the world is Kallen doing here?!" asked Mr. Alonsa.

"More importantly, what does she have a baseball bat." asked Koto.

Kallen walked down to the ringside where Haruko noticed her.

"What wrong red? Are you looking for round two?" asked Haruko.

Kallen did not answer, instead she pointed the bat at Hauko.

"I'm so scared." said Hauko sarcastically.

Kallen smiled and grabbed the bat. She turned and with one mighty swing she smashed the headlight on Haruko's Vespa. An enraged Haruko let the hold go and jumped to her feet.

"What the hell are you doing?!" exclaimed Haruko.

Kallen swung again and knocked the Vespa down. Kallen continued using her baseball bat to smash the scooter.

"Kallen is doing a real number on the Vespa and Haruko has forgotten about the match." noted Mr. Alonsa.

"I believe that bat is the only thing holding Haruko back." stated Koto.

Having recovered, Noa looked over and saw what was occurring. She grabbed Haruko and rolled up.

"A Schoolboy - um Schoolgirl - by Noa!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

Noa rolled Haruko up and Mr. Referee counted to three.

"Here is your winner - Noa Izumi!" declared Juri.

"An amazing victory for Noa with an assistant from Kallen." said Koto.

Haruko jumped up and yelled at Mr. Referee before jumping out of the ring and running over to see her broken scooter. Kallen had walked back up to the ramp.

"I'd hate to cross Haruko now." said Mr. Alonsa.

"I have to guess this is far from over." said Koto.


An irritated Haruko picked up and walked away with her Vespa vowing revenge. Noa and Mr. Referee left only now feeling safe. The camera then cut to the back where Naoto Date was watching the event unfold on a TV. Suddenly, the door burst open and an angry Yusuke stormed in.

"You have to fix this!" declared Yusuke.

"What is it? What are you talking about?" asked Naoto.

"I was eliminated by Yamcha in the battle royal." answered Yusuke.

"That is how the situation unfolded." answered Naoto.

"I am stronger than he is! He was destroyed earlier by Major Kusanagi!" declared Yusuke.

"Your cockiness got the best of you." stated Naoto.

"I want a match next week." said Yusuke.

Mr. Date mused for a moment.

"Alright then. Next week you and Yamcha will have a one on one match." said Naoto.

Yusuke smiled at this.

"That's all I wanted." said Yusuke.


Yusuke left while Mr. Date returned his focus to the TV. Ayame headed down as it was time for the main event of the show. Juri got into the ring at the same time. The camera cut back to Mr. Alonsa and Koto at the announcer position.

"Well it looks like we've got another match set for next week." noted Koto.

"In exchange to the second round of the tag team, Light Heavyweight and World Television championship tournaments it will be Yusuke Urameshi and Yamcha one on one." explained Mr. Alonsa.

The camera panned back to the ramp when "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC began to play. Misaka came out with the World Heavyweight Championship over her shoulder. She headed down the ramp shaking the hands of fans.

"It seems like Mikoto Misaka is coming to join us." noted Koto.

Misaka came over to the announce position and placed the title belt on the table then put on a headset and sat down.

"Hello Misaka, it is a pleasure to have you out here." said Mr. Alonsa.

"There's no way I'm gonna miss out on scouting the competition." replied Misaka.

Ayame came down and got into the ring. The camera panned back to the ring where Juri stood.

"The following match is scheduled for one fall and is to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!" declared Juri

The camera panned to the ramp when "God of Thunder" by KISS began to play. Sailor Jupiter came out and faced down Misaka.

"Introducing first, Sailor Jupiter." said Juri.

Sailor Jupiter got into the ring an posed. She then looked over and stared down Misaka.

"It seems Sailor Jupiter has noticed you're here." said Mr. Alonsa.

"That's fine by me." sad Misaka.

The camera panned back to the ramp when "Rise" by Jeremy Sweet began to play. Naruto came down and raced to the ring.

"It seems like Naurto isn't wasting time." said Koto.

Naruto ran down and slide into the ring. He tackled Sailor Jupiter and they began to brawl as Juri got out of the ring and the bell rang.

"So we begin as Naruto and Sailor Jupiter begin to brawl." noted Mr. Alonsa.

"Misaka, who would you rather face?" asked Koto.

"Sailor Jupiter. One electormaster versus and another." answered Misaka.

Back in the ring, Sailor Jupiter and Naurto faced off. The locked up in the center of the ring.

"A Greco-Roman knuckle lock to start the match." noted Mr. Alonsa.

"I wouldn't have expected that." added Koto.

"What do you think?" asked Mr. Alonsa.

"This favors Jupiter due to her strength." answered Mr. Alonsa.

"A good observation." mused Koto.

In the ring, Sailor Jupiter squeezed the hands of Naruto tightly and thrust into him. This caused Naruto to fall down to one knee.

"Just like I thought." said Misaka.

Naruto thought quickly and headbutted Sailor Jupiter. The Sailor Senshi let go of the hold and staggered back. Naruto quickly followed up with a punch that send Sailor Jupiter down.

"Jupiter hits the mat!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

"Is he always this enthusiastic?" asked Misaka.

"Yes." answered Koto.

Naurto put Sailor Jupiter in a Half Boston crab, but Sailor Jupiter easily reached up and grabbed the ropes.

"She has the rope. You've gotta let go." said Ayame.

Naruto kept the hold on.

"1...2...3...4..." counted Ayame.

Naruto let got of the hold before being disqualified and backed off.

"Naruto breaks the hold before being disqualified." noted Mr. Alonsa.

"He was wise to hold on until the four count. He did the most damage he could before breaking the hold." said Misaka.

"Very good point." said Koto.

Naruto went over, but was kicked in the stomach by Sailor Jupiter. Sailor Jupiter hit Naruto with a clothesline then fell down. She jumped on Naruto and covered.

"There's a pinfall by Jupiter!" exclaimed Mr. Alonsa.

Ayame got only a one count before Naruto kicked out.

"Not enough to end the match." said Koto.

Sailor Jupiter picked Naruto up and lifted him up for a suplex. However, she held Naruto in midair.

"What strength!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

"That is what something she is known for." said Misaka.

Sailor Jupiter and delivered the suplex. However, Sailor Jupiter grabbed her back.

"Sailor Jupiter is hurting." noted Misaka.

Naruto went for a kick and hit Sailor Jupiter in the head. However, Sailor Jupiter threw up her arm and blocked most of the damage. Naruto went for a pin and got a one count.

"It's going to take more than that to be Sailor Jupiter." said Koto.

"It seems Sailor Jupiter blocked most of the damage." added Mr. Alonsa.

Naruto began stomping Sailor Jupiter.

"Come on. I want more than this!" declared Naruto.

Sailor Jupiter grabbed Naruto's leg and got back up.

"It looks like Naruto got more than he got for." said Mr. Alonsa.

"Well he should be careful what he asks for." added Koto.

Sailor Jupiter got up still holding Naruto's leg. Sailor Jupiter kicked Naruto in the quad.

"Sailor Jupiter is trying to knot up his quad." noted Misaka.

Sailor Jupiter let go of Naruto's leg and hit him in the face with her elbow. She pinned Naruto.

"First pin by Sailor Jupiter. " stated Mr. Alonsa.

Ayame counted but, only got a two count.

"A close call." said Koto.

Sailor Jupiter picked Naruto up, but Naruto got her with a thumb to the eye. Naruto then hit a DDT and went for his own pinfall.

"Another pin by Naruto." said Mr. Alonsa.

Ayame got another two count before Sailor Jupiter kicked out.

"Another close call." noted Koto.

Sailor Jupiter punched Naruto who staggered back. Sailor Jupiter kicked him in the stomach and set him up.

"Ganymede Bomb!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

Sailor Jupiter picked Naruto up, but her back gave out so she dropped him.

"It look like Sailor Jupiter's back is haunting her." said Koto.

"A lucky break for Naruto." said Misaka.

Naruto dropped Sailor Jupiter with a standing missile dropkick.

"Nice athleticism from Naruto." mused Misaka.

Seeing his opening, Naruto put Sailor Jupiter in a Boston crab.

"A brilliant move by Naruto! Sailor Jupiter might have to tap here!" declared Mr. Alonsa.

Sailor Jupiter placed her head on the mat and clenched her teeth to endure the pain.

"What do you say? Do you want to quit!" asked Ayame.

"No." answered Sailor Jupiter.

The fans began clapping in unison. Sailor Jupiter smiled and began making her way to the rope.

"The fans have gotten by hide Sailor Jupiter and it seems to be motivating her." said Koto.

Sailor Jupiter grabbed the rope and Naruto was forced to break the hold.

"Nice work by Sailor Jupiter." said Misaka.

Sailor Jupiter quickly made her way to the near by corner.

"You aren't getting away that easy." said Naruto.

Naruto hit Sailor Jupiter with a forearm and climbed up and began punching.

"Naruto is hammering away at Sailor Jupiter." noted Mr. Alonsa.

Naruto stopped and pointed at Misaka.

"Get ready! This is going to be you!" declared Naruto. However, Sailor Jupiter grabbed Naruto.

"Naruto got distracted." said Koto.

Sailor Jupiter walked out and hit a Ganymede Bomb.

"Super Ganymede Bomb!" cried Mr. Alonsa.

Sailor Jupiter pinned Naruto and Ayame got the three count.

"Here is your winner: Sailor Jupiter!" declared Juri.

"It's over. Sailor Jupiter will be facing Misaka for the ASAWF World Heavyweight Championship." said Koto.

Sailor Jupiter turned and locked eyes with Misaka.

'Looks like I'm getting my wish." said Misaka.