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Diary of a Wombatt

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Morning: Slept.

Afternoon: Slept.

Evening: Attended soiree
Met Biffle1, Lord G- R-2, Miss A-3 (who fed me a carrot) and Madame C-4.
Ate some of Seraphine’s5 heavenly curried puffs. Heard Madame C- enquire as to why Seraphine had not made curried puffs tonight. Seraphine made more curried puffs. Had some more.

Night: Ate rug.

1 The 7th Duke of M-

2 The well-known reformer. 

3 Renowned actress of the London stage, in her later years the fashion changed from referring to an actress as a second Siddons, to a second A-.

4 Madame C-'s memoirs has been one of the most exciting discoveries of recent years, giving an intriguing glimpse into the society of her time. It has also comprehensively shattered the arguments of the MacDonaldites, who insisted that Utilitarian philosopher and activist Alexander MacDonald was also the author of several notorious and popular Gothic novels of the period. Take that, Mr Mybug! 

5 Mrs Roberts, author of Home and Away; a survey of English and foreign food, which is still in print. Although some insist that the author could not possibly have intended to make curried pikelets and that this was a printer's error, her curried puffs recipe did not make it into the book. They are believed to be the foundation of the success of biscuit manufacturers Roberts and Cathcart, who closely guard the recipe.