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Diary of a Wombatt

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Morning: Slept.

Afternoon: Received visitor. Human female1. Pretty, smelt nice. She seemed more interested in other human, though.  
Ate reticule.

Evening: Ate carrots.
Moved to new lodgings. It is the Season in Town and I am to make my debut. Old human says he is off to visit my cousins. Woman is to go with him2.

Night: Slept. 

1 The circumstances under which Mr T- courted Miss G-, a well-known, if not notorious, gamester, are unclear. But it appears at least once she went to pay her respects to the Wombatt. 

2 This refers to the marriage of Mr T- and Miss G-, and their near-immediate departure for Australia. Mrs T-'s subsequent observations and research were much lauded at the time and she has recently been the subject of a well-regarded biography Epistolatory Mathematickal Flirtations: The Notorious Miss G- and the Learned Mrs T-.