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Media Circus

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Dallas had never considered the media much before that episode of After Hours. Their jobs always got coverage, but it neither hurt nor helped their work. Aside from civilians being able to report that they hadn't been harmed, it was of no consequence.

But no one had ever reported on his clothes before.

"Oi, Dallas!" Hoxton said, waving him over to the television and grinning that grin that hinted he was about the get the piss taken out of him. "He's talking about you."

"Look at this guy," the show's host, Timothy Townsend, said over a replay of helicopter footage of the taxman kidnapping. His high contrast plaid suit was impossible to miss against the gray concrete of the roof. "He looks like that one uncle we all have who always has a get-rich-quick scheme," the host said to the laughter of his studio audience. "But this guy skipped multi-level marketing and shell games and went straight to extortion."

"Well, at least we know what the motive was," Townsend said, pausing a moment before his punchline. "Funding a trip to the Men's Wearhouse."

Dallas wasn't amused.

His thrifted suits were a matter of practicality. It was a thing he learned early in his mob career. If you knew you were going to the mattresses, then you should plan accordingly. Don't wear your nice shit when you might get shot up and bleed all over it. It was common sense, really.

He saved a lot of money and worry buying the ugliest (and therefore, cheapest) secondhand suits he could find. They were disposable and, being preowned and paid for with cash, untraceable to him. Only now he realized that if he wasn't careful in his choices, they made him too conspicuous, enough that television show hosts were writing monologues around his crime scene footage. The last thing he wanted was for his crew to become the kind of joke these late night guys ran into the ground. There was a risk that civilians wouldn't take them seriously if they were known to be comedy fodder.

He really liked plaid though. It made him more visible to his crewmates.

He'd just have to find a better balance.