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What Happened in Hawaii Stays in Hawaii

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He decides to fly to Hawaii on the earliest flight possible to surprise the lovely young woman with turquoise blue eyes and wild brown curls. He plans to drop down to one knee at her hotel room door and propose. Her mother was all smile and joyful tears when she told him the room number. He smiles at the beautiful white gold ring with a diamond he just bought in a local jewelry store. He can't wait to put this ring on her slender finger and start their happy family together.

He arrives at her hotel room before dawn and knocks gently on the door, and almost faints on the spot when a half naked perfect muscular Mocha Latte man answers the door (with a pair of black boxers riding sexily and dangerously low on his hips, of course). Oh yes now he can finally see what has been going on between the woman he flew all the way across the country and open sea to marry and this crazy mercenary. Without thinking he roars and charges toward his archenemy, and then wakes up hours and hours later in a nearby hospital with his hands cuffed to the bed rails.

The Hawaiian police officers in charge of the questioning and interrogation can't help but snort. What was this dumb bastard thinking attacking a former special forces officer who's the elite of the elite, the best of the best, eats drug lords and their thugs as snacks, and slams villains and criminals into walls for pleasure? You think you can do him any damage by engaging him in a silly fist fight? Man, are you fucking serious? You're damn lucky he just knocked you out colder than a dead frozen fish within 1 second with one single punch and called the police.

- END of Punch 1: Glass Jaw Joe-