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Not the way it's Supposed to Work!

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Grimacing, the sorcerer ducks as the Current-Evil-Creature-of-the-Week™ makes another swipe with its massive tail. The fight is not going their way, and with half of the knights already dead (and Sir Leon presumed dead but probably just unconscious), it is becoming pretty obvious that swords are not going to work on this thing. Which leaves magic. Lovely, just lovely. Not the place or time he wants to reveal this, but clearly fate has other plans.

With a withering sigh, the sorcerer looks around to judge the situation. Evil beastie, check. Remaining knights too preoccupied with said beastie to be in the position to kill him right away, check. And where is…oh, right, there he is. That damn thing is killing people left and right, and he thinks it's a good idea to try and get closer to it? Here we go…again (sigh).

The sorcerer wheels around so that the monster is the only thing in his sight (and hopefully so that the others cannot really see what he is doing). Stretching out his hand, he firmly intones his spell: his eyes flare gold and a ball of fire condenses just beyond his fingertips. He hurls it towards the beast.

He is grimly satisfied with the process, because while this is neither the time nor place to be revealed, things are (for once) at least following his predictions. The knights are very preoccupied with the beast and everything appears to be going according to the plan…until it's not. Until it is not so much so that he feels like he is getting whiplash. Because just as his fire ball is about to strike the monster, a lightning bolt comes out of nowhere and collides with the beast at the exact same time (and in the exact same spot) as his own spell. And it certainly did not come from him. And retracing the striking angle brings him too…

Eyes wide and arm still outstretched, Arthur turns to stare at Merlin, who is gaping back at him in equal shock. In perfect unison they demand incredulously:

"You have magic?!"