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Kiss Me Like You Wanna Be Loved

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Kiss Me Like You Wanna Be Loved

The first time they kiss, it’s fake. He stands on the porch and lays his feelings bare for scrutiny, and it’s not even her.

The second time they kiss, it’s an attack; an emotional rollercoaster that he doesn’t know how to stop. He pushes, she pulls. He takes, and she won’t give. He wants to be chosen and is instead denied again, by the same torturously beautiful face.

The third time they kiss, he’s dying and she wants to live.

The fourth time they kiss, they kiss. Both of them. He initiates it; but this time, when he pulls, she pushes. When he gives, she takes and then gives right back. It is finally their kiss.

The fifth time they kiss, it’s her. A wild ball of energy on that same rollercoaster he once rode and she just…needs. Him, her, all of them together desperately in thatmoment because she doesn’t understand this feeling or the emotions behind it and she just needs.

The sixth time they kiss, she is no longer human. And he loves her just the same.