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Soft hair kisses searching hands. Calloused fingers worship a perfect figure. Lips whispers prayers and hymns. His body is a temple, his soul is divine, blessing the unworthy eyes of a lonely idolizer.


He makes something out of nothing, filling silences with compassionate touches. More. More. Touch me more. I’m starved, I’m hungry, don’t leave me with so little. Why do you lure me in so slowly? Take me in. I want you to. I need you to. Let me savor your existence, please don’t leave me alone.




More than anything, I love you.


“Hey, Jojo.”


Let me stay by you.


Slam! “Kujo Jotaro! You dare have the nerve to be napping in class?”


In his sleepy daze, he failed to register the face addressing him. “Shut up, bastard, you’re being noisy.”


He heard a few snickers around him. Damn pricks at school.






“KUJO JOTARO SEE ME AFTER SCHOOL." The teacher's face was bright red with rage. Take a breath old man, you're gonna pass out if you keep that up. Jotaro mostly remained silent, but he did manage to squeeze in a small "good grief" behind the teacher's back. He heard a small chuckle behind him.


Leaning back into his seat, he whispered to his friend behind him. "What's so funny?"


"You. It's incredible to see the stoic Kujo Jotaro get annoyed with some small fry teacher."


He turned slightly to glance at his friend. Kakyoin Noriaki's bangs dangled over his face, but it wasn't enough to hide the coy smile spreading across his wide mouth. He was perfect, and beautiful, and just absolutely amazing. He only moved to the district the past winter, but he was already a popular idol in school, mostly because he quickly became friends with the notorious (and drop dead gorgeous) Kujo Jotaro. The girls were practically swarming around the two of them whenever they were seen together.


"He's like a fly that won't leave the room. Literally, he's hovering over everyone's head and just buzzing incessantly."


His remarks earned another chuckle from Kakyoin. "True, but he seems more like a mosquito. Leeching off of his student's success and stuff. Trust me, he can't actually teach for shit. Takashi over in the front already knows the material, but he's the only reason this guy is able to keep his job."


He turned his entire torso so he could respond to their banter, but the teacher caught him before he could reply. "Eyes up front Kujo!"


Jotaro returned to his regular position. "Give me a break," He mumbled while pulling the brim of his hat over his face.


"And take off that damn hat! This is the 186th time I've asked you!"


Jotaro felt warm air lightly brush his ear. "Isn't that sweet? He's been keeping count."


"Gross Kakyoin, I don't want to hear that coming from someone who proposed to my mom."


He received a jab from Kakyoin's mechanical pencil. "Ugh I only said that Holly was a nice wife and I would want to marry someone like her. I'm not into those gross MILF kinks Jojo, that's just disgusting. I'd rather be punched through the gut."


Jotaro smiled at that. Well, not a full out smile, it was more of a twitch of his mouth and a nice warm feeling spreading across his chest. However, in Kujo terms, it was a smile.


Yes, this was nice. Playful banter back and forth about everything and nothing, inside jokes that leave them in spirited mirth. Truly this was bliss. How could Jotaro ever want more from Kakyoin, the one true friend that he could connect with? They fitted perfectly with each other. Almost destined. They could even be- dare he say- soul mates.


Ah, but physical contact though. His subconscious offered. Yes, now that was a thought. The casual touches and those accidental bumps weren't enough, were they? No, Jotaro craved for more, he wanted to feel every contour of his body, mouth obscenities into that alabaster skin, watch him writhe underneath as he-


Woah there, he mentally said before any more graphic images popped up. He scolded his id before it could rampage any further. But the thoughts kept creeping up from the recesses of his mind. Kakyoin sleeping though. Kakyoin smiling. What about Kakyoin laughing? Hmmm but Kakyoin moaning with pl-


Oh dear lord, this was going to be one of those days, wasn't it?


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To be completely honest, Jotaro wasn't really sure what he would call his feelings for Kakyoin. It was a cocktail of respect, admiration, companionship, comfort, ease, longing, and complete adoration. His facade was starting to get difficult to uphold, especially with this dangerous mix. He’s faced worse though, right? For example, some drunk guy who was a knife crazy nutcase (Dude called himself a 100 year old vampire. Talk about bizarre, right?) stabbed him a couple of times, but Jotaro kicked his pale ass to hell. How could Kakyoin be that bad?


Well, whenever he turns to look at Jotaro, the world seems to halt and Kakyoin became the center of it. His hair looked soft to touch, and his ridiculous bangs were one of his most endearing traits. And his eyes were crystal clear and full of his own special brand of intensity, the kind that makes you want to stare into them for forever. And the way they just click when they talk? Jotaro couldn’t believe how easy it was to fall into step beside Kakyoin. He also loved the way his brain worked, switching from intellectual and enlightening conversations to the lighthearted small talk of anything and everything with such precise ease. Even his artwork moved Jotaro, and he wasn’t much of an art person. Yeah, Kakyoin Noriaki was pretty damn bad.


That’s why Jotaro's heart almost gave out when he saw Kakyoin waiting for him at the school gate.


"Hey." Kakyoin said while his hands were busy tapping away to some rhythm game on his phone.


"'Sup. Thought art club was cancelled for the day."


Kakyoin shrugged. "Eh, gotta work on my portfolio. Trying to get into a good fine arts program in America isn't easy you know."


Jotaro hmmed to that. He himself was applying to schools across the world that had promising marine biology programs. He's not partial though, colleges with exchange programs were viable candidates as well. Yet the thought of parting with Kakyoin pained him. He wasn't selfish enough to ask Kakyoin to throw away his dreams. Artful, why would he agree to run off somewhere with Jotaro anyways? There was nothing tying the two together. Well, Jotaro hoped that Kakyoin would go to some art school in New York: it'd make it easier to visit him. His grandfather had been pestering him to visit his grandparents in the Big Apple (Why was it called an apple anyways? Jotaro couldn't even begin to fathom the reason why).


"Still, you could have left without me. Who knows how long I would've been stuck there."


Kakyoin pretended to be hurt. "Jotaro, I would never leave a friend in need. How dare you accuse me of being so heartless."


Gimme a break, even the way he pouts is perfect. Jotaro tugged at his brim and mumbled a quick "thanks" before heading down the street. Kakyoin quickly followed after.


"So what did the mosquito talk to you about?"


"Hmm, nothing important. Everything was just white noise to be honest."


Kakyoin stare incredulously at him. "For two hours straight?"


Jotaro nodded. "Also, only female mosquitoes drink blood."


"What was that?"


"Only female mosquitoes drink blood. They need it to help make eggs."


Kakyoin shuddered at that.


"The more you know." Jotaro quickly added, looking directly ahead of them. The need to memorize Kakyoin’s every move was very compelling, but he had appearances to keep up.


"What's a more fitting nickname for him then?"


"I dunno, a lamprey?"


"What’s that?"


"Parasitic jawless eels that suck blood off of their fish host."


"Ugh gross. You know, normal people would suggest 'leech', but you just love jumping the gun, don’t you? Why do you even know this?"


Jotaro cast a disbelieving look at Kakyoin. "Right, sorry, marine biologist, my bad."


They walked in silence for a little. Cars passed, creating a breeze as they sped past the two students. As they waited for the light to turn, Kakyoin started playing with his bangs.


“Hey Jojo,”




“How’s your college search coming up? As much as it pains me to think about our inevitable fate to grow up, I’d like to know how a fellow crusader is faring in this epic journey.”


He sighed at that. “I hate the fact that I can understand your colloquialisms.”


His friend laughed. “It’s a sign of how close we are. Sooner or later, you’ll start understanding all the different armor specs and weapon advantages for each game I’m talking about. Hell, maybe I can get you into Duwang.”


“That tacky murder-mystery slice-of-life? No thank you.”


“It’s honestly not that bad!” “Yeah, and I’m a monkey’s uncle.” And so on and so forth. As they launched deeper into their conversation, they steered themselves in any other direction than the one Jotaro wanted to face. Was he doing this subconsciously? Who can say? The only thing Jotaro cared about was the results. The ever present gloom of the future seemed so distant when he was with Kakyoin. He begged the heavens to let the bliss of the present last a little longer.


Their conversation held out all the way to the large staircase which signaled their parting. “See you”s were thrown and the friends left. The golden glow of the setting sun bathed everything in a warm embrace, and Jotaro wanted to stay in the afterglow as long as possible. Passing the torii, he tucked his head down so his neighbors wouldn’t see the treasure known as Jotaro’s smile.


He was no stranger to contentment. He found contentment whenever his mom kissed him goodbye, or on the rare occasion that he woke up early and listened to the dawn rise. Hell, Jotaro could even find it when his loud and extensive family came over for the holidays. But this made him feel happier than ever before. It was his lucky day: someone up above was listening to his selfish request since he felt like he was on a high for the rest of the night.


Sometime during the night, Jotaro heard his phone buzz. In the middle of his homework, he decided that he deserved a break from it. Afterall, he had all of Sunday to finish it. As it flickered to life, he saw that he had a new message from Kakyoin.


Hey, you never told me about your college plans


Jotaro didn’t text back.


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And now, some family background:


The Joestars were a large family that had aristocratic roots in England. The current head is the CEO of the Speedwagon Foundation, Joseph Joestar. Approaching his 70’s, Joseph had a clear and guiding wisdom about him that helped expand the Foundation to greater heights. In comparison, his younger self exercised his wisdom in the streets of New York and made a name in the art of trickery and cheating. His cocky attitude started fights like crazy, but he calmed down once his family moved to Rome, where he met his wife Suzi Q and his best friend Caesar Zeppeli, but that’s another story for another time.


Joseph and Suzie got married after a few years (and a few heart breaks), they moved to New York so Joseph could work at the Foundation’s main building after being named heir in the founder Robert Speedwagon’s will. Some time had passed and the couple were blessed with twin daughters, Holly Joestar and Toni Joestar.


The twins eventually fell in love with Japan after several business trips took them to the foreign country. They even found love in the land of the rising sun, marrying and moving there permanently. Changing their names (at the urging of their neighbors), Holly became Kujo Seiko and Toni became Higashikata Tomoko.


Holly gave birth to our protagonist, Kujo Jotaro, affectionately called Jojo only by his mother (and by Kakyoin, but he was a special case. Wasn’t he always?). Toni gave birth to Jotaro’s younger cousin by 7 years, Higashikata Josuke. Recently, the Higashikatas gained a new addition: a baby girl named Shizuka who Josuke adoringly waits on hand and foot.


However, the family tree doesn’t end there. The Speedwagon Foundation were a little overzealous over the whole “reconstructing the family tree” thing. Now Joestar lineage has distant relatives that live in Italy. The biggest problem all came down to inheritance. Death is the final milestone for everyone, right? After staring it in the face several times, Joseph was fast approaching the end of his life. Regrets? Sure he's had a few, maybe more then he can count, but he believes that he's lived his life to the best of his ability.


In all likelihood, EVP Mohammed Avdol was going to be the next CEO. Both Speedwagon and Joseph never intended the Foundation to be passed down in the family, and Avdol was probably the best choice out of all the board members. After all, he was basically Joseph’s right hand man (or left hand, if you catch my drift).


Now the Speedwagon Foundation were a very generous non profit organization that improved and advanced technology and science. And the best part about it? The scholarships and the student loans. Joestars were especially lucky since they’re usually top priority at the request of Speedwagon. The man was strangely attached to the Joestars, but they’re forever grateful for the services his Foundation provides them.


So Jotaro was aiming for the Speedwagon’s most coveted scholarships, a full ride to a college of your choice and a job opening at the Foundation. No student debt and a job right out of college? Yes, the gods were smiling at prospective scientists and technologists.


And the work wasn’t bad either. In the company picnics he did attend, rather, forced to attend, he was enthralled with the projects the biology branch was participating in (he was particularly interested in a study on siphonophores). Jotaro honestly wouldn't mind working with the company. Their credentials were amazing, they practically have all the funding in the world, and the Foundation has already lent so much to the Joestars, it was about time someone gave back.


At least, the Speedwagon Scholarship was his number one plan. Yes, he was highly confident in his abilities and his academics. He had to be if he had such an ambitious goal. But on the off chance that he didn’t make it, Jotaro had several backups he was asking Avdol to look into.


And yet, despite his game plan (that he'd planned for all of break), he hated talking about it. Never really enjoyed talking about his future to be honest. He’d drown himself in his beloved ocean before he told anyone he wanted to be a marine biologist. Not to mention all of the online classes, the extracurriculars, the simulations, video conferences, blogs, and magazines he’s been studying religiously. The delinquent had a reputation to uphold after all.


Jotaro had high hopes for his future, but he couldn’t help but live in the present. Lazy days spent in the splendor of his youth were the highlight of his life at the moment. He wasn’t going to lie. It felt freaking amazing to not having to worry about college anymore. Hell, it was great to watch his classmates scramble to study for entrance exams. He would just recline back and daydream about endless eyes that comprehends his very existence, and how wonderful it would be to live under his gaze for an eternity.


Yes, Jotaro was antsy for a companion in his leisure senior year. Senioritis, as his mother fondly called. No other word could really describe this sensation better than “senioritis”. Truly, it was a disease that infects the best of students and lured them into a sense of “fuck it I’m done”.


There was another reason why Jotaro didn’t want to talk about his college plans, or other people’s college plans, even if he didn’t want to admit it. He hated the thought of separating with his little haven in Tokyo. Living in a place for 17 years does things to a person. Everyday he finds another reason (or reinforcing the same reason) to stay a 17 year old in this perpetual state of completion.


As a result, he avoided the topic. Which drove Kakyoin insane. Every time Kakyoin manages to slide college into the conversation, Jotaro slides it back out. He hoped his avoidance on the topic would be conveyed to Kakyoin properly. Afterall, they were soul mates, something this simple would surely be accomplished by the two of them, right?


Haha, nope.


“Jotaro, tell me your plans for college.” Kakyoin said while they were eating up on the roof.




“Because you’ve never told me before and I’m really starting to freak out here.”


Jotaro sat up properly when Kakyoin said that. Freaking out? That’s not good.


“Then don’t worry about it then. I told you, I’m pretty much done with college stuff.”


“Yeah, but, what have you actually done?”


Jotaro shrugged, as if brushing the entire topic out of the way. “I’ve taken care of everything. What’s the status on F-Mega by the way? I heard that the redux had really nice graphics and-”


“Don’t you dare try to avoid the conversation. What the actual hell are you doing in your last year of high school?!”


Oh shit, I made him angry. He pulled his brim over his eyes.


“I did a lot of applying, all I’m waiting for is the reply.”


“Bull shit.”


Jotaro scoffed. “Excuse me?”


“You heard me. I’m calling you out on your bull shit Kujo. No way in hell are you done with college applications. Everyone and their mother knows how lazy you’ve been ever since school started.”


Lazy? Oh no, Jotaro was anything but lazy when it came to his career. The hours he spent writing those damn essays and the stupid time zone differences for the live streams cannot be counted by the fingers on his hands. “God, can you hear yourself when you speak Kakyoin? Because you might want to tune into your guesswork.”


Kakyoin rolled his eyes and leaned back against the wall. “Oh shut up Kujo. As cool and composed as you might be, there’s no way you wouldn’t be freaking out about all of this. Especially, you know, when you haven’t done a thing.”


Now Jotaro was really angry. “You want a receipt of my work? Ask. Then you’ll know how much I’ve done while you’re only halfway done with your portfolio. Apparently, you don’t know me that well. So just back. off.”


Kakyoin stood up in anger and stared down at the scowling teen. His eyes were cold and empty and held nothing but loathing for Jotaro. “Fine.” He spat out icily. Jotaro flinched. “I’ll back off. I won’t be coming to bother you about this again.” He turned and walked calmly to the stairs where he descended without ever looking back at Jotaro.