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Genius After All

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“Hey, Steve,” Tony spoke as soon as Steve answered the call. His voice was a little muffled, like he was talking to his phone on speaker from across the room.

“Hi, Tony,” Steve answered, holding the little flat phone awkwardly. He couldn’t get used to just smashing the little touch screen against his face. It felt weird, and he worried that he’d accidentally hang up with his ear or send someone pictures of his jaw again.

“So… are you busy?” Tony asked after an awkward pause. That was a little odd for Stark. Normally, he wouldn’t have let Steve get a word in until half-way through a conversation he was nearly having with himself.

“No, just doodling,” Steve tossed the sketchpad off his lap as he heard the distinct ring metal striking metal, and Tony grunted in pain. He was on his feet, moving toward the door. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing. I just need a hand down in the workshop.” Tony answered in a strained tone. “I’m not hurt.”

Of course that meant that he probably was hurt. Steve ran for the elevator. “If you’re hurt and not telling me, I’m grounding you.”

Tony didn’t laugh or crack a joke about preferring a recreational spanking, which worried Steve, but getting a report made it worse as he jogged through the hall. “Cut on my chest. Not deep, a scratch. A huge bruise where that wrench smacked my hip, but nothing bad. Just hang up and get down here – one floor under the workshop. Testing Room 1.”

“Damn it! You agreed to have someone else down there for any weapons testing!” Steve snarled, stepping into the elevator.

“Captain, Sir has hung up.” JARVIS informed him quietly as the doors closed.

“Yeah,” Steve sighed. He looked up at the floor indicator. The AI already had it moving. “Thanks, JARVIS.”

“I apologize for not informing you sooner, Captain. Sir has restricted me from accessing anything in testing room one and has completely isolated it from the power and other systems in the building.”

“What’s he doing in there?”

“I have no idea.” JARVIS paused for a moment. “I am worried, Captain.”

“You and me both, fella.”


Steve expected destruction, chaos, blood, and possibly flames when he opened the heavy blast door labeled ‘Testing Room 1’ in two inch tall letters.

Instead, it was just a room full of old-fashioned-for-Tony terminals with blank screens. Tony was in about the center of the room with his arms over his head, wrists trapped against a metal donut wrapped in copper wire. The whole thing was about the size of his torso suspended from the ceiling on a steel pole. His feet only just touched the ground.

“What the heck?” Steve froze in the doorway, suddenly and inappropriately turned on. Tony’s whole body was taut, stretched up like an offering. He’d be eternally grateful that Tony was facing the other way because the smart mouthed inventor would never, ever let him hear the end of it otherwise.

“Electromagnet,” Tony tried to twist around to see him, only managing a partial turn before he twisted back. Steve swallowed dryly at the pull of muscles under the black shirt. “Can you reach the switch? It’s on the top – which I am moving as soon as I get down. Forgot I had the bracelets on.”

“Uh, sure.” Steve walked over cautiously, trying to simultaneously ignore and memorize the way Tony looked dangling there. He got as close as he dared, not touching the taut, solid frame and took a deep breath. Bad Idea. Tony always smelled like grease and metal shaving and sweat – even under his fancy colognes. That smell filled his head and had him licking his lips – wondering how it would taste. He looked up at the magnet and caught sight of the dampness of sweat on his neck and all he wanted to do was lick it off.

Aching with the same want he’d been ignoring for months, he reached up, feeling along the top edge of the metal donut. “Am I close?” He bit the inside of his jaw, flinching at the hunger in his own voice.

“Just above it,” Tony answered, but his voice was a little breathless. Steve tiptoed, fumbling along the top of the donut, but he could only feel more wire. He lost his balance and tipped forward, smashing into and catching himself on Tony. They both gasped. For just a second, he was flush against Tony’s back with a hand on his hip. He felt the lean lines of muscle across Tony’s shoulders and down his back, and the firm swell of his butt crushed against Steve’s lap. He jerked away from the contact hoping Tony didn’t notice.

“Whoa big fella!” Tony laughed as soon as Steve moved, but it was strained. “You’re packing some heat there, Rogers.”

“Uh. Sorry.” Steve muttered, moving in to trying again but more from the side.

“Don’t apologize. Cause you know: DAMN,” Tony chuckled. He dropped his head back to grin at Steve. “You should have said you were busy. I could have called Thor.”

Embarrassed and all too aware of his hunger for his teammate, Steve shrugged. He could be nonchalant when he really put effort into it. “I wasn’t busy.”

“Hey, for non-emergencies, making a withdrawal from the spank bank counts as ‘being busy’.” Tony informed him with relish, giving him that bright, devil-may-care smile. God, Steve wanted to bite his mouth.

Trying to focus on finding the damn switch, Steve tried to ignore Tony. If he ignored him long enough, maybe they could just pretend this hadn’t happened.

Tony mistook his lack of response for confusion and tried to be helpful. Damn him. “Spank bank is slang for – “

“No, I get it. I wasn’t – doing that.” Steve said, getting desperate to find the damn switch and get out of here.

“What? This is all for me?” Tony leered at him and licked his lips. “That it? Here I am all helpless and that hit your button, huh?”

Tony was teasing him. Steve stared telling himself that in a mantra, staring at, but no longer seeing the top of the metal donut. It took the genius about twenty seconds to get it.

“Oh.” Tony swallowed audibly, tipping his head forward again. He peeked at Steve around his own bicep. “So, seriously?

Biting the inside of his cheek harder, Steve kept fumbling overhead, pretending that he couldn’t hear Tony. His ignore-it-and-it-will-go-away tactic started failing when Tony let out a little huff of breath and a sighed, “Wow.”

He didn’t sound teasing or flirty or even seductive like he normally did when talking about sex around Steve. Tony loved trying to rile him up or make him blush. The smooth ladies man sounded shocked. Steve studied Tony’s profile for a second, taking in the flush on his face and wide eyes.

Part payback for months of teasing and part hunger, Steve put his hands on Tony’s hips and squeezed gently. He kept his eyes up on the magnet, waiting for Tony to crack a joke so they could get past this.

Tony’s brain stuttered at the feel of those solid, wide, and warm hands cupping his hipbones. He didn’t dare try to look at Steve, scarcely breathed because he didn’t want to risk anything bringing Steve back to his senses.

Steve stepped closer, still not quite touching, but so close that Tony could feel his breath on his neck, the heat of him radiating out. Two thumbs started rubbing little circles. “Good. Great. Wow.”

Oh God, why couldn’t he just keep his mouth shut? Biting his lip, Tony tensed, waiting for Steve to just storm out. Why couldn’t he be quiet just until Steve bolted?

Steve’s mouth was suddenly just beside his neck. Tony could almost feel his lips, right at the edge of his hairline. “Can I touch you?”
“Yeah, okay,” Tony panted, feeling his IQ drop into the double digits as Steve’s hot forehead pressed to his shoulder, and those big hands slid up under his shirt.

Taking his time, Steve’s big hands moved up his stomach. Fingertips traced the bottom of the reactor and made a slow sweep to his nipples. A pinch, a flick, and then Steve palms just pressed in, massaging lightly. Tony kept from saying how good that felt by gnawing on his tongue, but a moan escaped anyway.

Steve moved his head, shifting so that his mouth was open and wet, biting and licking and sucking the skin along Tony’s shirt collar. “Oh, God!” Tony groaned tilting his head back and to the side because he really wanted Steve doing that all over.

Fingers moved down, out from under his shirt. They slid with delicious pressure over the front of his jeans. His hips bucked, and Steve shifted against him, pinning Tony between his hands and his dick — grinding.

Steve grunted and licked the shell of his ear. “If you want me to stop, say it now.”

Inarticulate, Tony shook his head and whimpered, rocking back and forth needing the pressure from Steve’s hands, but enjoying making Steve shudder when he gave back a little pressure of his own.

A dark chuckle pushed him from good-hot to achy-hot. Could Captain America even laugh like that? There had to be a law or ordinance or something against it in super soldier handbook because that noise? Pure sin. Steve started nibbling his ear lobe as he opened Tony’s pants, and Tony made a wholly embarrassing whimper.

His pants and boxers bunched mid-thigh, but Tony couldn’t manage to care because at that moment, Steve ran his blunt nails up to scratch along his hip bones.

Hot palms massaged the top of his thighs, just rubbing the skin. Tony panted desperate and on edge because any second Steve was going to panic and run.

Steve’s mouth started sucking on the pulse point below his ear as his thumbs brushed against the side of Tony’s dick. It twitched, and Tony bucked, groaning when Steve’s hands wrapped around him in a teasing stroke. He was still wearing pants, but Tony could feel the not-so-little captain grinding through the cotton against his butt.

Strong fingers and agile wrists moved and pushed, sliding between his thighs to squeeze his balls. The pressure and motion made Tony squirm. He rocked pathetically, unable to get traction with his feet barely touching the ground. “Oh, please. Damn please. Please?”

Steve smiled against his neck and bit his ear lobe. “Need something thicker than spit.”

Just like that Steve was gone. Tony rocked aching for friction — half certain that this was either a very lucid dream or the best hallucination ever — too desperate to worry about being left dangling there naked and vulnerable. Steve coming back he took on faith because Steve wouldn't leave him to die like this.

He heard footsteps and gasped sharply when Steve pressed abruptly against him again. Steve was naked because Tony could feel the hard length of him bare and hot grinding into him. The wide wet tip slid sloppily on his lower back, and he could tell that nothing but his own t-shirt was between his back and Steve’s chest.

A slick hand wrapped tight around Tony, and he nearly came just from that, but Steve’s fist slid down to sharply squeeze his base. The jolt of pressure and pain made Tony shout. “Not yet, " Steve growled against his neck.

Steve’s hips backed off a little. Tony arched his back, trying to thrust against the fist around him and press against Steve at the same time. He should be talking, telling Steve how amazing this was so they wouldn’t stop, but all he could get out were pants and grunts because his brain was completely starved for blood right now.

He jolted forward when a thick, slick finger rubbed down the line of his ass and probed gently. Steve’s voice came out a husky rasp beneath his ear. “Say so if you want me to stop.”

Tony managed to shake his head, pushing against the finger. He’d never actually been on the receiving end before, but if the rest felt any better than this, he was going to die right here – hanging from a magnet with his pants around his knees. Resolutely, Tony did not care.

The finger pushed into him slowly, rubbing in and out in quick thrusts. He heard Steve mutter, “So tight.”

Then Steve started biting at his neck and ear, sucking and gnawing on the line of his throat.

“Steve,” he managed to pant, trying to turn his head. Steve was smiling when he licked the edge of Tony’s mouth. They both groaned as that finger pushed in past the second knuckle. Tony tried to spread his legs because the intrusion was uncomfortably tight, but his pants were bunched three inches over his knee and wouldn’t let him. He pulled his weight up onto his arms and tried to kick the damn things lower.

“Stop!” Steve growled. The harsh order sent a bolt of pleasure like an electric current straight to his dick. “It’ll be easier with your legs together.”

How did Steve even know that? Tony wondered shivering and relaxing his arms again as Steve went back to sucking and probing. Who cared?

Tony flinched when the finger slid out, and the hand on his dick let go. “Wait! I want you!"

Steve laughed, low and husky. Tony heard a plastic click. Then two wet fingers were pushing into him. He shivered, feeling a little out of his depth as those slick, clever fingers started working inside him, spreading him open. The sounds he made changed when Steve started nuzzling him, whispering dirty things – describing how hot this was, how hot it was going to be when he was inside Tony.

“Oh, God. Oh God!” Tony panted. “Steve can’t talk like that! You’re an alien. A shape shifter. This is some kind of plot. You’re going to implant an alien egg or something. Chest popper! God, it’s worth it. Don’t stop!”

Steve shook his head snickering, his fingers stilled. “Tony, geeze. I can talk like that. I can tell you how you look, hung up like this – like a gift. You can't swagger out with a clever line. I want to tear your shirt off, lick every inch of skin I can find. Bite you. Fuck you.”

Tony wanted to protest, because he'd never heard Steve say 'fuck' before, but he lost his train of thought when Steve started working him with his fingers again. Steve’s other hand slid over his stomach, rubbing the trembling muscles there. It occasionally dipped down to tease his dick, but never enough pressure to do anything but make Tony harder.

“Shh. Easy,” Steve murmured when Tony sobbed, but the bastard rubbed that spot again, making his brain short circuit and his whole body scream for release. The feeling was so intense that Tony didn’t really notice the fingers sliding out while he tried to breathe and get his brain working again. He did notice when three fingers started pushing. For a while, Steve just teased, pushing the three in, pulling them out slowly.

Steve’s other hand left his stomach and moved between his thighs, firmly massaging his balls again.

Tony felt every inch as three fingers pushed in past the second knuckle, stretching and twisting, pushing the slick lubricant deeper.

Half-blessing, half-curse, Steve found that spot again, rubbing and grinding it until Tony was a mess of pleas and whimpers.

“Steve. Steve. S-steve!” Tony managed to whisper, trying to tell him to get on with it because Tony’s dying and this will stop being fun when he’s a corpse. He could think the jokes, but nothing came out but that name.

“Hey,” Steve mumbled, nuzzling and kissing his ear. “I got you, Tony. Just a little more.”

The hand on his balls moved again. Tony heard the snap of rubber, smelled the mix of latex and sweat. He tensed, squeezing around the fingers inside him. Finally, Steve made a desperate, pained noise of his own.

“Easy. We’ll slow down,” the taller man panted as his fingers started massaging that spot inside Tony relentlessly.

“No, it’s good. I’m good. God, don’t stop!” Tony got out, trying to force himself to relax again. Steve just kept rubbing inside him, ignoring his pleas. Shaking and sweating, Tony hovered right on the edge of bliss just from Steve working his fingers inside him. He rocked against Steve’s hand, letting his head fall back because Steve’s mouth was still on a mission to devour him neck first.

When the slick fingers pulled back and the hand between his legs moved to squeeze his hip, Tony panted in relief. He just needed a minute to calm down a little, and then he’d treat dirty-mouth Rogers to some serious sex talk. Tony was normally the king of this. He just needed a minute to back down from the edge.

Steve nuzzled and nibbled to his mouth, twisting both their necks awkwardly to have a short shallow kiss. Tony sucked and licked, trying to hold on to Steve’s lips with his own. Then he felt the slick, blunt tip of Steve’s cock pressing slowly into him - felt the internal axis of his entire being shift.

“Okay. Okay. Okay,” Tony rambled as the head eased deeper. Where the fingers had writhed and stroked, this just filled him. Steve’s slick hand wrapped around his dick wet with more lubricant. “Take a deep breath.”

Tony obeyed against his mouth, but Steve drew his head back and bit the back of his neck hard. The sting made Tony jerk a little, thrusting into the tight fist. In the blaze of pleasure from the hand around him, Tony barely felt the burn inside him as Steve pushed and stretched him wider than his fingers had managed.

He really, really noticed it for about a second, but then Steve shifted behind him, gnawing on his neck and gave a sharp thrust.

“God! Fuck! Steve!”Tony shouted as the rigid length of Steve’s cock ground into that spot inside him that made the pleasure centers of his brain scream.

“That’s it,” Steve purred. Was that a thing? Could Steve purr? Tony stopped caring again when Steve started moving in and out, little thrusts that rubbed that spot every time. He pushed a little deeper every time until Tony felt hipbones fush against his ass. His chest felt tight, and he was very aware of confessing his eternal love because knowing Steve was all the way inside him flipped a switch he never knew he had.

Tony knew he started babbling – promising crazy things, begging, but Steve just kept going. He would be impressed later; right now he just wanted more. “Steve, you’re inside me. Like actually in me. I never thought - I mean Ifantasized about us, but I never thought– oh God.”

Their pace changed suddenly, viciously. Steve’s hammered into him now, stroking Tony’s dick fast and tight with the other hand gripping his hip for balance. His grunts in Tony’s ear did delicious, terrible things — making Tony confess.

“God, I wanted you. I want you every day. You just wear those shirts, and bite your lip at me. And God! Oh, sweet Christ! You’re fucking me. Oh, hell. Every Day. Every damn day I wanted –.”

“Tony,” Steve moaned, just pressing the side of his face against Tony’s neck, still working their hips in a steady, harsh rhythm. Tony lost it.

Sharp, stinging spasms of muscles that only ever felt awesome made him shout and sob and scream. Steve put both hands on his hips after he wrung him out and lifted Tony up on his toes with each thrust, going deeper and harder.

It was jarring, but his orgasm left Tony too fried to do more than moan and arch his hips as his teeth rattled. Steve’s dick hit that spot inside him again, and Tony sobbed his name because he was too sensitive to get back in the game, but damn it felt good.

Steve shuddered against him, giving a rapid succession of quick, shallow thrusts. Tony felt the condom swell inside him. Sagging and panting, Steve leaned against him. A hand slick with lube and proof that Tony had a great time rubbed his stomach, and Steve kissed his neck in slow open mouth nibbled. After a lazy minute of indulgence, Steve pulled back.

It hurt. Tony grunted and tensed at the very uncomfortable sensation of – well - shitting out Steve’s dick. Oh, he did not ever want that thought. That thought intruded on the fuzzy bliss. He heard the wet noise of the condom coming off followed by a shuffling sound and then the grind of a zipper.

Steve came back, pants up as he pressed against Tony again. One arm wrapped around his chest and the other reached up. Steve fumbled with the magnet for a minute, but gave up with a sigh. He wrapped a hand around the edge of it and yanked.

Metal screamed, and the sickening snap of breaking steel echoed like cannon fire. Tony’s arms burned as his full weight transferred to his feet. Steve slowly lowered the magnet and kissed Tony’s neck when he found the ridiculously small button. The magnet released the scraped bracelets and Steve tossed it aside with one hand like it didn’t weigh forty pounds.

Tony leaned back against the solid body. His left hand was kind of asleep. Steve gently reached down to pull Tony’s pants up, and oh — Ow. Tony started to double over, but froze because that motion did not help.

Steve moved slowly, standing in front of Tony with his arms wrapped tightly around his torso. The arc reactor had to be digging into his chest, but Steve didn’t seem to mind as he pressed his mouth over Tony’s.

Lips and tongues fought lazily in the afterglow, and Steve kept a possessive arm around him as they shuffled to the workshop because the couch was a lot closer than any bed.

Wrapped up in a very affectionate, very warm Steve, Tony started to fall asleep. They didn’t talk – which was okay. Tony’s brain was still completely offline, and Steve was always quiet. He – Tony – had no idea how people talked after something like that, but it didn’t matter right now.

Steve murmured hungry, naked things that only made sense between lovers in the dark. Uncertain in the face of such intense tenderness, Tony just latched on and held tight. His brain came online just long enough to make a note that he should get tangled up in some cable in the lab with one of the heavy gym mats down there. He’d think of reason to have a mat in the workshop later – he was a genius after all.