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Coffee into Theorems

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Despite saving the world and defeating Loki, the Avengers aren’t instantly friends. It’s not exactly surprising. The circumstances weren’t really ripe for getting to be buds. Seriously, Tony doesn’t even get to properly meet Barton until they go for shawarma. In spite of this though, when they separate, he thinks they all feel the strings that tie them together, knows that it was Phil Coulson who tied them there, and wonders if they feel the same inevitability of coming together in the future that he does.


At first there’s only Tony and Bruce. The two of them hit it off on the helicarrier and it goes from there. While the tower is being rebuilt- and Tony knows he’s been infected by the team bug when he commissions five new suites along with his own- they stay at the house in Malibu. It’s great, as always, to have Pepper around, though now it’s even better because he has Bruce to be science buddies with too.  About a month into their new living situation Bruce has an incident, a minor incident mind, and puts Tony through his workshop window.  It’s too much for Pepper. It’s not really the incident that does it of course. It's simply the catalyst that triggers all the feelings she had had from when he’d fought with the Avengers, where she had to watch the whole Tony flying a missile into a portal and then fall from the sky like he was dead thing. Well that’s what she tells Tony anyway. She breaks it off with him, tears in her eyes. She tells him she’s sorry, and that she thought she, “Could deal with you being in danger all the time, but I can’t Tony, I just can’t.” She leaves him with a kiss on his forehead and her perfume lingering on his skin, though with the promise that she will stay on as his CEO and will always be his best friend. She still loves him. She just can’t be the one who sits at home wondering if this will be the time he doesn’t come back.


Bruce, of course, feels guilty and tries to make for South America. But Tony stops him, tells him it was probably for the best. It would only have hurt them further down the line and he hated hurting Pepper. Bruce keeps an eye on him while he tries to drink himself into oblivion, and although it’s terrible for his liver, it's good for him and Bruce. They get closer over time, and Tony realises Bruce is the first friend he’s had that he hasn’t had to pay in some way or another. It’s still probably for the best when he finally gets a call telling him the tower is ready and he can leave Malibu and its memories behind.


It takes one month after the tower is completed for the other Avengers to move in. First is Clint.  Tony goes to the new SHIELD headquarters to give Fury a communications prototype he had requested (he’s not big on sharing tech with SHIELD really, but he thinks of Coulson, and supposes even Fury can’t do much damage with improved headsets) and manages to bump into him on his way out. And by ‘bump into him’, he means Barton drops out of the ceiling in front of him, causing Tony give an exclamation of surprise (“Christ Stark, I didn’t know you could scream like that,” Barton snickers as Tony rights himself from where he’d fallen against the wall). Barton looks different than he had during the battle. His face seems pale and pinched, and when he laughs at Tony, it doesn’t reach his eyes. Not in the sense that his amusement is forced but as if, Tony thinks, there was something weighing on him, not letting him really relax. Tony doesn’t want to pry; he’s learned that asking secret agents about their lives is a waste of time (Natasha: case in point). So instead he just asks how Barton has been, a nice, normal, innocuous statement. Barton looks at him for a moment as if unsure what he should say, but then mutters, “They haven’t found me a new handler.”

That’s what he says, but Tony can see the strain in his eyes and the tenseness of his body, and-

Oh. Oh.

He’s surprised and he wonders if this was why Coulson was so vague about his cellist. If it was because he was talking about someone with a completely different sort of bow. Tony doesn’t ask though, doesn’t push, because for all his usual tactless brashness, he can still feel the rawness of the wound Pepper has left behind and he wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Instead he asks what Clint is doing now.

“Hanging around base. I don’t think they’re going to send me on missions till the shrinks decide I’m not still Loki’s puppet,” Barton says, his tone bitter.

And Tony doesn’t even really think about it, just comes out with, “You know Stark tower is all finished, and it’s pretty incredible if I do say so myself, which, hi , I’m me, so I totally do.”

Barton raises his eyebrow at him. “And?”

“Well, you know if you’re bored it has a media room and a range, so you could always come hang out there or you know, whatever. Bruce is there if you wanted someone to bother.”

Clint looks at him blankly for a moment, so much so that Tony feels like an idiot (not a common feeling), because why would Barton want to live in the Tower with him, why would any one want to, Pepper didn’t and it was a stupid idea, and he’d pretty much forced Bruce into it and—



“I said ok. It’s not like I’m doing anything around here.”

“Oh. Well. Yes, good. Do you want to go now? I’m going now. Not that you have to if you don’t want to, the offer is always open, but you know if you aren’t busy now then you can--”

“Fuck, yes, Stark, I’ll come now,” Clint says, slapping a hand over Tony’s mouth. “Let me just go sign off base.”

So Clint comes and hangs in the tower, and stays the night. And the next day trains in the gym. By the end of the week he has moved into his suite, which he’d found with no prompting from Tony, and set up what he is resolutely not calling a nest in the ceiling of the main common area. Which Tony dutifully ignores.


Natasha just turns up. Tony has no idea how it happens, only that he resurfaces one morning for coffee and finds her already in the kitchen making waffles. He makes a tactical decision to not ask.


Thor moves in when he comes to visit Jane and hears from Fury that ‘his new friends are ensconced in the mighty tower of Stark, and that he must journey to see them’. Since Odin is up and about again, and Jane lives on Midgard, Thor decides to stay for a while.


When it comes to Rogers, Tony is a little unsure how to play it. They get on better now than they did when they first met on the helicarrier, once Steve stopped seeing Tony as a selfish bastard and Tony stopped seeing Steve as a self-righteous jerk in red, white and blue. In the end, he calls Steve on the phone SHIELD gave him and leaves a message, simply saying, “Hey, Rogers, it’s Tony Stark. I wanted to let you know that the rest of the team has moved into the Stark Tower, and that when you’re finished gallivanting around on that bike of yours, you’re welcome to join us, if you want.” A week later, Steve Rogers shows up on the doorstep in his leather jacket and with a duffel bag on his shoulder.

He’s all politeness and, “Are you sure you want me here? Because I can stay at SHIELD if it is too much of a bother”, until Tony rolls his eyes and tells him to zip it before showing him to his suite and leaving him to his own devices.

 He is silently grateful that the team never asks why he had suites for them built into the new designs of the tower. He isn't really sure what answer he could give that wouldn’t make him sound like a lonely idiot.




Fury finally decides to make the Avengers official, sending them on missions and giving them intel. They save the city a few times, nothing too big, merely an occasional chance to stretch their wings. They click together in battle well enough, learning each other’s fighting styles, getting to know when to zig and when to zag. But at the tower, they don’t exactly fit together naturally. For all of Tony’s talk of not being separate person when he’s Ironman, there is still a difference between being comrades-in-arms during a battle, and being friends outside of it. Already, though, Tony has to admit, it feels…nice, to have the place filled with people. It’s not something he has had, not even when his parents were still around.

They spend time in pairs or alone at first, only really meeting up incidentally. Tony mostly spends time with Bruce, who comes to his workshop from time to time to chat or discuss experiments. Slowly over time the others start to spend more time together as a group. At first, it’s just eating dinner together when they manage to be in the kitchen at the same time, or occasionally watching TV on a night when they have nothing to do. Eventually this becomes a little more permanent, a little more planned. They start to eat dinner three to four times a week. Steve likes to cook, says he likes to be able to use a simple skill that’s still relevant now, though it takes him awhile to get the hang of the kitchen that looks like it should be one on board a spaceship (his words).


They tentatively start movie nights, or nights where they listen to music, to get Steve and Thor caught up on pop culture and Earth history. Tony knows all this goes on, thanks to JARVIS, but he never joins them. Tony doesn’t really feel comfortable enough to join, though both Clint and Bruce track him down every so often and tell him to come eat. He brushes them off good-naturedly and they leave him be. He’s got a reputation and, let’s be honest, a habit, of being the biggest man in the room, the snarky guy with the textbook narcissistic tendencies (thank you, Romanoff), but this situation is different. It’s always different when it matters.


It’s one thing to make a scene at a party filled with people who he’ll never see again, and have them decide he’s a jerk that they only want to be around because of his money. It’s a different thing entirely to have people in his house that he has to live with and fight alongside decide the same thing.  He’s content to be the man behind the expensive curtain letting them live in his tower. Sort of.


When he does see them, he rattles off his usual barrage of semi-insults and odd observations, and then he heads off, either to work, or out to the events Pepper makes him attend. He still skips most, but he can tell when one is really important. He wants to get back to normal with her so bad that he’s willing to make an effort to help out in a way he never managed when they were together. He’s better at apologising than changing after all, always has been.


He manages to wait in the wings until Steve decides that Tony playing the recluse in the workshop gets old, and starts coming downstairs of an evening to give Tony food and sit with him in the workshop. The first couple of times he just sits quietly, though Tony is hyper-aware of his presence, noticing every tick and movement. After the first time, Steve brings his sketchbook, and eventually Steve feels less like an intruder and more like a permanent fixture.  They start talking, and it gets easier. They still argue from time to time, and Tony thinks they always will, but it’s more amiable and it gets Tony riled up it the best way.

Steve only makes the mistake of trying to talk about Howard once.

They’re sitting in the lab one night after Tony has eaten the sandwich Steve brought for him. “Hey, Tony?”


“What was he like?”


“Your Dad. You know, after.”

That makes him still. “He was Howard, I don’t know, look him up.”

“But I want to know from a personal perspective, not just what the papers saw.”

Tony laughs, the sound sour on his tongue. “Trust me, Rogers, it’s all I saw too.”

Steve frowns. “Surely you don’t mean that.”

“I promise, I absolutely do.”

“But he was your dad, you must have-”

“Look, I’m only going to say this once ok? He was a work-o-holic who hardly ever had time for his family outside of the ‘expected’ public events. The only time we spent together was when he talked about Captain America, his buddy from the war.” He looks at Steve, who looks a little shocked, maybe at the idea Howard talked about him even after he was gone. Tony means to stop now, but he finds the words bubbling up anyway, because he hasn’t had the chance to say this to anyone since he saw that damn video. “I grew up thinking he didn’t love me, or even like me because he was so cold and distant. Then when I was dying, before the whole Loki thing, I found a video he left for me telling me I was his greatest creation. Like that makes it ok, all the years he ignored me. Would it have killed him to tell me when I was a kid, just once?“ He pauses to take a breath, and the next words come out a little softer, a bit gentler, because he doesn’t like how his outburst is making Steve look. “Whoever the man my father was when you knew him, he wasn’t that once you were gone.”

He stops then, feeling both bitter and embarrassed, though he manages to look at Steve, who now looks a little heartbroken. It makes Tony wish he had known his Dad before Steve went into the ice. Howard must have really been something if Captain America held him in such esteem. He expects denials from Steve, or platitudes, but instead Steve merely nods at him, and then changes the subject to a story about him growing up in Brooklyn. Neither of them bring up Howard again.


Steve eventually coaxes him out of the lab for movie night (by which he means Steve had looked all sad and told Tony he wasn’t going without him and wouldn’t it be horrible if Steve missed out on learning something important about this new world just because Tony wouldn’t- “Yes all right Rogers, I’m going ok? I’m going. For Christ’s sake just stop making that face!”). He expects comment from the others, but no one does anything other than greet him except for Bruce who budges up on the couch to make room for them. Watching a movie with Thor and Steve is hilarious. Thor manages to misunderstand half the things that go on and Steve blushes to the tips of his ears whenever anything remotely resembling a sexual reference happens on screen. Tony is just considering whether getting them all to watch Game of Thrones would be worth it (he’s sure Thor would love it, and that Steve would pass out from the amount of blood rushing to his face) when he realises that he is planning on doing this again. It doesn’t matter that he spends the whole movie getting hit in the back of the head with pieces of popcorn courtesy of Clint, or that when an incredibly stacked girl comes onto the screen, he swallows the unbelievably vulgar comment he was going to make in favour of not being killed and having his body shoved into the couch cushions by Natasha. For once he manages to relax with people who aren’t Pepper or Rhodey. It’s not like he is perfect, he’s still Tony Stark after all, so he still manages to make Steve roll his eyes and sigh at him, and Natasha utter a terrifying “Stark!” at him. Regardless, it’s as good as he’s had it in a long time.


It gets better, or worse depending on how you look at it, about two months down the track. Tony is down in his workshop, tinkering with the repulsors and trying to see if he can bump up the maximum power by another five percent, when Steve comes into the room. He doesn’t look up. Steve is here often enough that it’s no big deal, in fact the only reason he knows it’s Steve is because Dummy and Butterfingers roll up to him, chirping in delight. He rolls his eyes. No loyalty whatsoever. He continues his work until he notices that Steve is suddenly standing quite close to him. He looks at him from under his eyelashes, watching as Steve actually shuffles his feet. He looks up and finds Steve watching him nervously.

“You alright there, Cap?” he asks, wondering whether Steve is here to tell him that someone has managed to break yet another piece of his house. Seriously, he should just hire live-in contractors.

“No- I mean yes, I mean, I-” Steve snaps his mouth shut, looking frustrated.

Tony raises one eyebrow in a manner he hopes displays his curiosity appropriately. “You want to tell me what’s on your mind?”

Steve seems to steel himself, and then to Tony’s surprise says, “I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner with me.”

“Dinner?” Was that all? They ate together all the time. “Yeah, sure. What do you feel like?”

Steve seemed stunned by his answer. “I don’t mind, I’m open to anything really.”

“Well, what do the others want?”


“The rest of the team.”


Tony huffs in frustration. “Yes, Steve, team. Those people we live with and occasionally save the world with? I assume they all want to come too?”

Steve looks at him blankly, but then he seems to recover. “Oh, no, I didn’t mean- I was asking whether I could take you out.”

Tony opens his mouth to remind Steve that he already said yes, when he finally parses Steve’s meaning.

“Oh, you meant-”

“Uh huh,” Steve says as he tries to make himself as small as possible.

“With you?”


Tony looks at him, dumbfounded. He’d thought about it, of course he had. Steve was gorgeous, all toned muscle and broad shoulders, and a sweet smile that made Tony’s heart melt every time he managed to coax one out of him. But he’d never imagined that Steve would be interested…

“Yes!” he blurts, and he feels the blood rush to his cheeks. Way to play it cool, Stark. Steve beams and Tony feels light-headed.

“So tonight?”

“Tonight,” Tony agrees and Steve manages to somehow smile even wider.

“Well, I’ll swing by around seven. See you then.” Then Steve is gone and Tony is left in the workshop to wonder whether what just happened really happened.


“Yes, sir?”

“Did Steve Rogers just ask me out on a date?”

“It would appear so, sir.”

Well, that was that.


Steve turns up outside the elevator at 7pm sharp, as Tony knew he would.  He’d made sure to get JARVIS to remind him to get ready. He hadn’t known what to go for dress wise, but then, he’d figured that as long as he was tidy and he looked good (that went without saying) it wouldn’t be a problem.

All right. He’d been dithering in his room when Clint had walked past. He’d laughed at Tony’s predicament, but had scavenged an outfit from his closet, telling him it didn’t matter. “I’m sure Prince Charming will like you anyway.”

He had gone with Clint’s suggestion, casual, a pair of dark jeans and white button down shirt with a jacket. He hadn’t had the heart to say no to a guy who had been watching Tony’s date preparation with a mixture of amusement and longing. Tony wonders how many times Clint and Coulson managed to go on an actual date rather than just catching time between missions.

 He’s actually glad of Clint’s help really, because he had been too distracted by his bickering with Clint to wonder if this was a mistake, was he just going to have his heart broken down the line, God, why had he said yes?! –

When he gets downstairs to meet Steve at the elevator, the man himself comes out of his suite wearing his 1940’s vintage equivalent. Steve is trying valiantly to adapt to the future, but he’d told Tony once, late one night in the workshop that one of the things he missed most was his old clothes. Once he’d left for bed, Tony had put in a call for 1940’s vintage replicas, and some newer pieces to balance it out and gotten him a new wardrobe. He’d had it delivered a few days later, putting it in Steve’s room while he was in the gym. Then he’d crept away back to his work, not wanting to see Steve’s face in case he’d managed to get it wrong. Steve had found him a couple of hours later, his footsteps thumping on the stairs. Before Tony had even had a chance to turn completely around, Steve had engulfed him in a hug. Tony had stiffened, and then relaxed into it, tentatively wrapping his arms around Steve in return. 

“Thank you,” Steve had said, and Tony had tried not to shiver at the feel of his breath against his ear. “Ever since I got back everyone’s only really given me what they think I need for this time. No one really thought about what I wanted.”

Tony had wanted to say that it was only a few clothes, hardly even a slight jump in what he usually spent on a daily basis. But then Steve had pulled away, looking at him so gratefully that all he had been able to say was, “You’re welcome.”

Steve wears newer clothes to the press events and functions Fury forces them to go to once in a while, but around the tower, and when he’s out with his team, he wears what Tony got him. At the time he’d done it for Steve, but now, seeing him all dressed up for their date, he feels like it was a good investment for him too.

Steve smiles at him. Tony, being himself, very obviously looks him up and down, grinning when Steve blushes at the attention. “Well, aren’t you looking very rakish this evening?”

“You look really nice too, Tony,” Steve says, and it should sound like a thing someone just says, but Steve is so endearingly earnest. And Tony likes it. Tony grew up in a world of fakes who pretended to like him because he was a billionaire playboy and only wanted to be around him when they were having fun. It’s so weird for someone to say something so simple and have it actually mean something.



They get Happy to drive them, and Tony asks Steve where they’re going.

“Well. I wasn’t really sure where’s good to go, so I asked Pepper and she said you really liked the Gala, so I thought maybe you’d like to go there?”

Tony does like the Gala. It’s incredibly expensive, the kind of place where they would give you a suit jacket at the door, but to be honest if you aren’t wearing one, you aren’t getting near the door, let alone the maître d’. It’s extremely formal, and though Tony doesn’t care for that, he just enjoys going there to shake it up, since they won’t kick him out while his name and his money are still good. But he knows Steve would feel stifled and wouldn’t relax the whole night, not wanting to embarrass himself or Tony (though Tony’s sure he would upstage him in the manners department with hardly any effort at all). That’s not what Tony wants. So even though he is pretty flattered Steve went to the effort of finding somewhere he likes and no doubt getting Pepper to book it for them (which he thinks maybe means they’re ok now, if she’s helping someone else plan a date for him), he says, “Actually, if you’re open to suggestions, I was thinking we could try this little place I know?”

Steve looks a little relieved, and Tony has the feeling he had already scoped the Gala out before he’d even asked Tony. “Sure, wherever you want.”

Tony is pretty sure Steve is still expecting something along the same lines as the Gala, so Tony basks in his astonished expression when they get out of the car in front of a small out-of-the-way Thai restaurant.

He sends Happy home and they head for the entrance, Steve managing to dart in front to open the door for him. Tony feels like he should remind Steve that he’s not a girl, but Steve never really got to do this is his time. It makes Tony feel that this, them, is important enough that Steve’s really trying to impress him. Besides, it’s kind of sweet.

“Mr. Stark!” he hears as they enter and the man behind the counter comes up to him, shaking his hand enthusiastically. “We haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“Cha,” Tony greets, smiling. “You know how it is, busy saving New York all the time.”

Cha laughs. “So I saw. Oh, so then this must be-”

Steve puts his hand out for him to shake. “Steve Rogers. Nice to meet you, sir.”

Cha laughs again (this is why Tony likes him so much, he is always laughing) and taps his nose. “Undercover are we? Then I suppose you’ll be wanting your usual table, Mr. Stark?”

Tony grins. “If it isn't too much trouble.”

Cha waves his hand. “Not at all. Give me a moment to set it up.”

He walks away briskly leaving Tony and Steve by the door.

“He seems to like you a lot,” Steve says with a questioning smile.

“I come here when I want to be able to sit and eat without being bothered,” Tony tells him. “Cha and his family are really nice people. Help me keep out of the way of curious eyes and even more curious cameras.”

Cha comes back, leads them up a flight of stairs to the roof. It’s not much, just a rundown unused rooftop, but there’s a few garden lights, a table with a candle and an outdoor heater positioned beside it. The building isn’t very high, but it’s enough that they get a nice view of the city lights. Steve pulls out Tony’s chair for him, which Tony accepts with a smile.

Cha takes their drink orders, bringing back orange juice for Steve and a beer for Tony. He would normally pick something with a little more kick than a beer, but for once, he thinks, being not drunk might be for the best. Cha waits while they peruse the menus, Tony ordering his usual, and suggesting options for Steve who hasn’t had any experience with Thai food at all. Cha leaves with their orders and then it’s only him and Steve. On a date.

He feels like it’s going to be awkward. He can wine and dine with the best of them, but this is Steve. It’s a completely different playing field. He thinks that any minute the silence is going to get to him and he’s going to start rambling about something wildly inappropriate and-

“So. How are the suit upgrades going?” Steve asks, and it’s as easy as that.

They eat and talk, about Avengers business, and that new TV show that Clint introduced Steve too, about Tony’s work and Steve tells him a few of the funnier stories from the war. Tony enjoys himself immensely. He hasn’t had this much fun on a date in a long time. When it comes to dates, he’s usually only thinking about the end game, or nodding at the right times while really his mind is whirring over the dozen things he has to get done at any given time. He listens to Steve intently and he thinks that for the first time he has something to thank his Dad for. He knows that the serum didn’t make Steve as he is, sometimes sweet and charming, and other times stubborn as hell and devious when he puts his mind to it. But if his Dad hadn’t worked with Erskine, Tony wouldn’t have met Steve, and that, Tony decides, would be an absolute tragedy.


At the end of the night, they say goodbye to Cha, and head back to the tower. Steve, ever the gentleman, walks Tony to his door, then stands rubbing his hand over the back of his neck. It’s possibly the most adorable thing Tony has ever seen, so in the end he takes pity on him. He wraps an arm around Steve’s waist pulling him close and pressing their lips together. He keeps it light, leaving the option of taking it further to Steve. Steve squeaks, and then melts into it, one arm around his shoulders the other brushing the hair at the back of his neck. Tony gasps and Steve takes the initiative, sliding his tongue gently against Tony’s with an appreciative groan. Inexperienced or not, Steve is really good at this. They kiss for a while, and then Tony reluctantly pulls away. Steve is pink in the face, lips a little swollen, and the image is so endearing that Tony ducks in for another quick peck. Steve wants to do this properly, and Tony thinks he might be right.


“Night, Steve.”

Steve smiles at him, slow and soft. “Night, Tony.”


 As time passes, he and Steve get closer and closer. It’s, well, it’s pretty amazing really.  Steve understands when he has to work, and he doesn’t worry as much about Tony in the field as Pepper did, because he’s right there watching Tony’s back and fighting alongside him. They start to sleep together, and Tony actually means just sleep together, because most nights Steve drags him out of the lab after a long jag and they end up crashing in the same bed, doing what Tony will not call cuddling (but it so totally is). Tony learns to live with Steve needing the electric blanket on sometimes even when it’s warm out (Steve will lie there shivering on the nights they sleep in the same bed, not wanting to make it uncomfortable for Tony. Tony just sighs and asks JARVIS to take care of it, ignoring Steve’s protests). Tony builds Steve better gym equipment because he knows it frustrates Steve when he can’t train long enough to break a sweat. They argue sometimes because they’re both too stubborn not to clash on occasion, but they also go out for walks and watch movies, Tony’s head in Steve’s lap, Steve’s fingers brushing through his hair. It works, the two of them, and Tony’s pretty happy.


He doesn’t push the sex thing at all.  He’s surprised to find he likes it, the taking it slow thing. It’s a new experience for him as well as Steve, because Tony had been thrown into parties almost as soon as he could walk, had broadened all his sexual boundaries with older girls and guys who were just as drunk as he was. It’s amazing to kiss Steve until he’s flushed and panting, without having to touch any other part of his body. It’s different. Good different. 

But he’s not going to lie, when they finally get around to having sex, Tony is pretty fucking ecstatic.


They’re in bed one night after a day of fighting evil and avenging justice, and whatever else the PR team came up with to describe the Avengers beating up a villain calling himself ‘The Brainwasher’ and who, shockingly, wanted to brainwash the population of New York and make them into his slave army. It wasn’t too hard to defeat him, though he’d had a few interesting weapons that Tony was looking forward to dissecting in the morning. They’d come back to the tower and pretty much gone straight to bed. Tony had lain down, only to have a nice warm Steve roll on top of him and starting kissing him hot and slow. Tony kissed him back, hands roaming over Steve’s cotton covered back, pulling him closer. They move against one another for a few minutes before Tony feels Steve shift a little, and suddenly there’s a hand creeping under the waistband of his boxers. He squeaks in surprise, and Steve breaks the kiss, pulling away to look at him.

“Is this ok?” he asks, sounding nervous and Tony nods quickly.

“It is absolutely ok.” He moves back to kiss Steve, only to groan as Steve’s hand wraps around his cock, warm and strong and Tony’s hips buck up of their own accord. Always one for equal opportunity, Tony rolls them over and lets his hands wander down to the front of Steve’s boxers to check the lay of the land. When his fingers brush the tented fabric, Steve’s hips jerk forward to follow the pressure. Tony breaks the kiss to laugh gently.  “Eager are we?”

“You have no idea,” Steve admits, blush rising in his face, and that’s too much for Tony.

“Clothes off, now.”

Steve, bless his little soldier heart, starts to strip at the command, Tony following behind him. Once they’re both suitably naked, Tony pushes himself up to look Steve over. “God, just look at you,” Tony says, his voice rough. Because Steve is all firm muscle and smooth skin and possibly the hottest thing Tony’s ever seen.

Steve smiles and Tony feels that familiar tug in his chest that appears whenever Steve looks at him like that.

Being the more experienced of the two of them, Tony thinks maybe he should take charge. He does what he wanted to do since Steve took off his shirt, kisses Steve on the mouth before moving down his jaw, to his neck, to his chest. He gives a fair bit of attention to Steve’s left nipple, which has the man writhing beneath him, and gasping a little above his head. He moves to the right nipple, tongue showing the same amount of care before continuing down Steve’s abdomen to his destination.

As he reaches Steve’s left hipbone, he risks a look at Steve’s face. Steve’s eyes are wide open, filled with a combination of shock and arousal, and his mouth is slack. Tony smiles at him wickedly, before moving suddenly to run his tongue up the length of the shaft. Steve cries out, his whole body jerking hard.

Tony sits up, smirking. “Good?”

Steve’s pupils are blown, and he nods frantically. His hands are clenching and unclenching rapidly, and Tony thinks that if Steve weren’t such a gentleman he’d have tried to pull Tony back down by now. He takes in the flush spreading across Steve’s skin and decides to take pity, moving to take Steve’s cock into his mouth, lips sliding as close to the base as he can manage. He hollows his cheeks, sucking firmly, before drawing away. Steve is whimpering, body tense as he tries to hold himself still. Tony reaches out, taking one of Steve’s hands and placing it on his head. Steve’s a quick study, other hand coming to tangle gently in Tony’s hair, and the next few minutes are lost in the sounds Steve makes as Tony’s head bobs back and forth, tongue tracing intricate patterns over the hot firm skin. It doesn’t last long, not that Tony expected it to, and Steve tries to stutter out a warning.

“Tony! I-Oh god-” Tony ignores it, tightening his lips as the bitter taste floods his mouth. He keeps moving until it finishes, swallowing hard until Steve gently tugs on his hair to make him stop. He looks at Steve now, limp and face like a kid that just got told that every day is Christmas.

“Alright there, babe?” he asks, laughing when Steve surges up, pulling him against his chest and kissing him furiously. They go at it for a few minutes, before Tony becomes aware of the fact that he’s rocking against Steve’s thigh. It feels good, but it’s not enough. As he shifts for better position, his leg brushes against something. Tony pulls away in surprise, looking down at Steve’s lap.

And Steve’s all ready to go again.

“It must be my birthday,” Tony tells Steve seriously, and Steve looks up at him, face a bit dazed.


“It has to be my birthday, because there is no other way the universe would gift me with a gorgeous super soldier who has the fastest refractory period ever. Seriously, I am not that lucky.”

Steve, who had blushed at the word ‘gorgeous’- and oh god the flush went right down to his chest – looks at him a little shyly. “Is this- um, I mean, is it not what you were expecting?”

Tony shakes his head. “No it is not,” and Steve hunches a little.

Tony kisses him again. “It is so much better than what I was expecting.” And that tugs a pleased smile out of Steve. They kiss a bit longer, Steve’s hands roving over Tony’s back and shoulders until Steve breaks it, speaking low into Tony’s ear.

“Can we- I want to do something for you.”

“Anything, anything you want.”

“Well I thought, maybe you could- well, like you do with dames only, instead with me?”

Tony fights hard against a smile as Steve valiantly stumbles over the words. He leans down, lips brushing the lobe of Steve’s ear as he whispers huskily, “Why Steve, are you asking if I’ll fuck you?”

Steve shudders, then nods. Tony looks at him closely. The idea clearly turns him on, but Tony can also see the apprehension lurking behind it.

“You know, I don’t think I will just yet,” he tells Steve, as he sit up to straddle his hips.

Steve face falls a bit, and Tony can already see the Is it me? flashing through his head.

Tony leans over to the bedside table, grabbing the necessary supplies and placing them on the bed beside them. “I think,” he says as he leans back, his hand sliding behind him to curl around Steve’s cock, making the man moan, “that I might take a turn with this instead, hmm?”

At Steve’s breathy, “Uh huh,” (not that he thinks Steve really understands what he’s saying at this point. Steve may be super human, but that second word still applied, and he was pretty sure Steve was having trouble thinking, what with all the blood in his body rapidly fleeing downwards), Tony lets go, and reaches down to pluck the lube from the sheets. Popping the cap, he drizzles it onto his fingers before rising up on his knees and reaching behind. Steve makes an incomprehensible sound as his brain apparently comes back online and he realises exactly what’s happening. From his position, Tony knows he can’t see much except for the movement of Tony’s hand between his legs, but that doesn’t seem to matter as he watches intently. As one finger becomes two, Tony starts to crook his fingers, searching for just the right-

His next breath comes out as a breathy moan and his eyes fall shut. Tony rides his fingers for a moment or two before he’s pulling out, adding more lube and pushing in a third. He opens his eyes as he feels a touch on his leg, seeing Steve’s hands running up and down the insides of his thighs, adding to the heat low in his gut. Reluctantly he removes his fingers, wiping them on the bed sheets before leaning forward to kiss Steve, palms flat on his chest.

“You ready?” he asks, as he pulls away.

“Always,” Steve answers with a small smile, and Tony feels the warm glow in his chest that is rapidly becoming a common occurrence around this man. He reaches for the foil packet, opening it and rolling the condom onto Steve, who squirms at the contact. When that’s done, he rises up on his knees, and then shifts back, sliding down slowly until Steve is inside him fully. Tony hisses at the stretch, then a moment later sighs as the pain ebbs away, moving into the pleasurable slide of skin. He clenches his muscles experimentally.

Steve’s eyes slam shut and he moans. “Oh, Tony!”

Tony begins to lift himself up slowly and then back down, keeping a slow pace. This is Steve’s first time after all; he isn’t going to last long, so Tony wants to draw it out as much as possible.

He shifts his hips, gyrating slowly, groaning low in his throat as the change in angle causes delicious pressure against his prostate. It’s good, so good, and he starts to move a little faster, thrusting himself down on Steve, whose hands are gripping his thighs tightly.

“Tony, Tony, Tony-” Steve’s gasping his name, raising his own hips instinctively to meet Tony’s. The rhythm is awkward, but it doesn’t matter, he’s getting close, Tony can tell. He wraps his hand around his length, stroking in time with Steve’s thrusts. It doesn’t take long. The view he has of Steve is unbearably hot, helping to push him faster towards the edge. He cries out as he comes, the post-orgasmic tightening of his body finishing Steve off a few seconds later. They’re both panting, and Tony rolls off Steve to lie alongside him. He slides the used condom off the man next to him, knotting it and throwing it in the direction of the bin. Then he rummages around in the open bedside drawer until he finds a few tissues to give them both cursory wipe. As he collapses back down he smiles as Steve’s hand curls around his wrist, and pulls him to lie with his head on his chest.

After a few minutes of getting their breath back, Tony tilts his head at Steve. “So, what did you think?”

“Sex is the best thing ever,” Steve blurts out quickly, way too honest, and then he blushes making Tony laugh.

“That’s definitely the reaction I was going for,” he tells him, leaning up to kiss him. He’s starting to feel tired, so he kisses Steve once more, and then leans forward to pull the sheets over them.

He reclines back to lie on Steve and is just starting to drift off when Steve speaks low in his ear.



“That was amazing. Thank you.” His voice is a grateful whisper, and Tony wonders what it had been like for Steve before that he feels like he has to thank Tony for having awesome sex with him.

“No need to thank me,” he says seriously. “Trust me when I say the pleasure was definitely mine.”