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Collegestuck Drabbles

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"What kind of a name is Feferi, anyway?"

Feferi gave him an odd look. "What?"

"Feferi. It's a bit weird, isn't it? Like an exotic breed of tulip."

She looked uncertainly from his carefully blank shades to Jade's smiling face beside him. "Uhh..."

"Don't mind him, he just notices one thing and refuses to talk about anything else. This is Dave. Say hi, Dave."

"Hi, Dave. Anyway--origins of Feferi. Come on, what's the sitch?"

"The si--? I remember that show, I loved Kim Possible!" Feferi exclaimed.

"Nineties kids forever, yo. Ron Stoppable was my role model, for sure."

"I liked the naked mole rat!" chimed in Jade.

"His name is Rufus," chorused Dave and Feferi. They stopped and looked each other eye to eye.

Dave stuck out a hand. "Bros."

Feferi grabbed and pumped it. "Deal."