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A Dalish Guide to the Tevinter Imperium

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“Dorian, I received another letter today.” The elf began as he swept into the room with his usual grace. Years of trying not to spook halla as they grazed had given him almost roguelike stealth. Well, at least when he wasn’t in combat. It’s hard to be sneaky when you’re a wielder of the storm.

“Just burn it, Amatus.” Dorian sighed, already summoning a small flame in his outstretched hand to burn the page with. He was sitting in a chair with his back to Adelin, reading a book.

“It’s not from your father.” The elf replied, the envelope held out towards the human with two fingers.

“Who else would be writing to me?” The olive-skinned man asked, crushing the flame in his hand and marking his page for later as he stood and turned to look at his soon-to-be husband.

“It’s a letter from someone named... Maevaris?” He read from the front

“Let me see that.” Dorian practically snatched the letter away, ripping the envelope away and scanning the paper quickly before letting giving a few confused blinks.

“Are you alright?”

“Mae. Apparently my mother was assassinated. She took a knife for my father.”

“I’m so sorry, Dorian.” Adelin softened quickly, pulling the shorter man tightly to his chest and running a comforting hand along his spine.

“I always thought she hated him. I guess I was wrong.” He half-chuckled. He didn’t seem nearly as shaken up as one who had just lost their family should be.

“...What did the rest of the letter say, Dorian?”

“My father is currently out of Tevinter. He told everyone he was hunting down the man who killed my mother himself. Apparently that leaves me to make funeral arrangements and get all of her business in order. I have to go back to Tevinter. As soon as possible.” He hid his face in the elf’s neck, relaxing into his arms as he often did when he was tired. Or when he had expended too much mana.

“Were you and your mother close?” Adelin asked, trying to keep the other mage talking. A silent Dorian was never a good thing. Unless they were kissing, but that was another story.

“No. To be honest she was never really around for anything other than to chastise me on my poor manners at parties. I do wish I could have let you meet her, though. The faces she made whenever I brought home a man she thought I might be sleeping with were truly hilarious.” Dorian smiled at the memory, squeezing his arms where they held the taller mage’s waist.

“So I don’t need to worry about bringing boxes of tissues with us for the road, I take it?” Adelin smiled playfully down at him, pulling back to look him in the eye.

“Who said you were coming with me?” Dorian retorted. He always got a twinkle in his eye whenever they had one of these banter-arguments. It was nice being able to find someone who might possibly be even more clever than he was.

“I did. Just now. Do try to keep up, love.” Soft pink lips curled up on one side in a knowing smirk. This battle of wills was already won and they both knew it.

“Adelin you are staying here.”



“Adelin, stop. You are staying here.”

“I am not letting you go there on your own either. So either I come with you, or I send one of Josephine’s people in your place to get everything done.”

“You can’t do that.”

“Well, considering I saved the whole bloody world, I think I’m entitled to breaking a few rules every now and again.”

“You’re an arse.”

“That’s not how I remember you saying it last night.”

“Fasta vas! Someone might hear you!” Dorian whispered harshly, claping one hand over Adelin’s mouth.

“Really, Vhenan? We’re getting married in a few months. Do you honestly think people don’t know we’re sleeping together?” The elf chuckled as he pulled the human’s fingers away from his lips, then lightly pressed a kiss to the inside of his wrist.

“Oh, do shut up, I’m trying to win an argument.”

“Dorian, I am coming with you, if for no other reason than to ensure that you don’t keep finding reasons to push back our wedding plans.”

“You know I would never do that.”

“I do, but all those lovely followers of mine that still think you the serpent beneath the flower might not. Besides, I don’t trust anyone else to keep you safer than I can.”

“You are good at killing things…” Dorian nodded, staring up at the ceiling as if contemplating the ways in which he had watched this man lead him into battle.

“So then it’s settled. We can leave at the end of the week, if I tell Josie now?” The elf smiled.

“Yes, that works. Thank you, Amatus.”

The elf just smiled, pressed a quick kiss to the top of his lover’s dark head, then spun around and headed for Josephine’s office.