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Could You Be Anymore Adorable?

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I could hear the sound of waves making their way through the water and the sound of seagulls flying around us. But I somewhat tuned out those sounds and they soon became only background noises. I was too focused on the shivers I felt all over my body as Chloe held me. She was peppering me with kisses along my neck, making her way to my jawline, and then my lips. I let out small moans of pleasure,resulting in Chloe giving me a smug ass look. I knew not to give her any death stares because I already knew what she was gonna do. She actually decided to let me off the hook and not tease me about it for , she does something I totally wasn't expecting at first, but I knew what was coming now.

"You're so fucking adorable," she whispered. And you know what? She actually sounded pretty sincere when she said it. I then rested my head on her shoulder, and gently clutched the back of Chloe's white tank top, taking in her scent. Chloe placed a kiss on my ear and began to stroke my back. After a few minutes, I lifted my hand so that I could rewind. Wowser, this is like, the fifth time I'm doing this… Although I probably shouldn't tell Chloe about it. Even if there's a good chance that it would turn her on. Time then began to reverse, "erasing" the events of what just happened. Well, for Chloe at least. Me on the other hand, not so much.