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Stuck and Overflowing

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The car had once been a victory of sorts, a trophy to how Phoenix Wright's dedication to justice was finally, finally recognised for something more than the gratitude of their clients. The car meant that there was money around, and not to speak of the convenience, of going places without relying on timetables and tickets. Trucy had fallen in love with the car from the moment she first opened the door and slid into the passenger seat while her Daddy fiddled with the ignition and Athena tried to be helpful from the backseat.

But everything new and novel always ends up becoming ordinary in due time, and it's three years later and they're leaving the city along with most of the rest of the population as Thanksgiving is coming up and auntie Maya insisted they spend it with her. They had moved exactly half a mile the last twenty minutes, and Trucy might've known everything about who the girl in the next car over was texting so furiously if she'd only rolled down the window to ask. Right now, Trucy despises the car and the traffic and the fact that she's imprisoned in this box of metal and glass and a sea of similar contraptions of people delayed in meeting the people they love.

"It's like a sea of love," she mutters, and Daddy startles from where he had been frowning at the car in front of them.


"Everyone's leaving town for Thanksgiving, right? The road's clogged up because of love."

Daddy smiles softly at her, and reaches out a hand to stroke her cheek. Trucy tips her head over to better feel the caress, and the swelling of her heart burst out through the smile she answers his with.

"That's a very romantic way of looking at the situation."

They smile at each other for a while longer while the freeway is thrumming with annoyed engines around them, until Trucy finally leans over and Daddy meets her halfway so that the love gets to spill out into their car as well. Five months, now, and Trucy's entire body still tingles as her mouth is pressed into Daddy's, as this little bit of the inside of his body gets to meet the inside of hers as their tongues meet.

It's not not legal, strictly speaking. Trucy is and adult, and there are papers that clearly state there is no blood shared between Phoenix and Trucy Wright. 'It sounds a bit wrong for you to be calling me Daddy when we're doing this', Daddy had said at some point when they were both naked in his bed, but Trucy had only shrugged. 'Well, it was only supposed to be until my real daddy came back. But now I'm so used to it that I can't just start calling you 'Phoenix' or something - it'd just be too weird'. Weird as in how they haven't told anyone, because a lot of Daddy's friends had known them back when Trucy was still small enough to be carried around on Daddy's shoulders. Only Athena knows, because you can't hide love from Athena, and Athena is maybe the only person who can know for certain that it is love, and not something truly unspeakable.

But the river of cars is full of strangers, and what they see is just a young woman kissing a man maybe fifteen years her senior. A hand on her waist holds her in place and pulls her closer, and Trucy rubs a palm against Daddy's side, up to find a nipple covered by the thin cotton. She lets her thumb dwell there until Daddy's breath is running so fast that he breaks away from her.

"Truce, that's not a great idea right now," he says with an uncomfortable smile, and she glances down to find the crotch of his pants starting to bulge.

"Okay," she murmurs and leans in to kiss him again, keeping her hand safely at his waist while their tongues play and Trucy's entire mind is overrun with how much she loves this man. She has always loved him, and she thinks that it was never as a father, never quite that. She loved him one way as a child, and as she grew, that love shifted into something different, something that tingles and sparks and makes her grown body yearn for his. She wonders if they could marry; probably not, but why would they need to? They are a family already, if by a rather unusual sort. Trucy never thinks of herself as Trucy Enigmar, and she hasn't for years.

A horn suddenly blares, and they jerk apart to discover that the traffic has started moving again.

"Drat," Daddy curses and releases the hand brake to let the car move forward at a snail's pace. In the car at his side, a middle-age woman shrugs and winks at Trucy, who has the decency to blush at the rather eager display they must've offered everyone around them. The gap to the car in front is quickly closed, and then there are countless stops and jerks foreward and new stops, and Trucy gazes into the skylight.

"Do you think auntie Maya is going to put us in the same room?"

"I don't know."

"I hope so."

"You'll just have to be patient if not," he says, and she feels a hand pat her thigh. She releases a loud and exaggarated sigh, and lifts the handle to let the back of her seat fall backwards.

"I want to now," she mutters as she closes her eyes and remembers last night. They had been alone after closing off the office, and then they had made love on Apollo's desk. Daddy had thought it'd be hilarious, and Trucy kind of agrees. Even if Apollo never will know, it'll be a while before she won't have to bit back laughter when she sees him sit there and work so very seriously and properly and grouse in annoyance over how some client is too weird or how someone isn't doing their job properly. Foreplay had lasted all afternoon, consisting entirely of inside jokes and references to previous times that would sound completely innocent to anyone who weren't there. Daddy had ran a hand up over her bum once, squeezed ever so gently, and Trucy had been wet and ready for thirty minutes before Apollo finally started packing up and Athena joined him.

She had kissed and licked Daddy into hardness while he was still in his chair. Only after had they moved over to Apollo's mostly empty desk, where Daddy had laid Trucy down on her back. It had been slow and gentle in the beginning, the kind of sex that made you sigh in contentment, as he held her thighs spread and caressed them while he fucked her and Trucy had only lie there and feel loved.

It had ended up the kind of sex that moved the desk five inches out over the floor, knocked over the jar with pens, and had Trucy screaming herself hoarse with her ankles over Daddy's shoulders.


"Mmm?" she opens her eyes to smile at Daddy, who looks troubled.

"You're... have your hands in your underwear."

She bolts into a sitting position and jerks her right hand up, finding her fingers shiny with her own juices.


A hand tousles her hair.

"It's assuring to know that I haven't lost my sex appeal with my old age."

The traffic is once again standing around them. There is a small smile on Daddy's mouth; he looks happy and relaxed as she stares out the windshield, even if he is clearly sporting an erection now.

Trucy feels the wet slide of her desire when she shifts in her seat, and reaches out a hand to squeeze the bulge in Daddy's pants.


"I'm going to go insane. Please," she begs, and Daddy looks troubled.

"Truce, we shouldn't be doing it here, at least wait until we find some rest area- "

"We'll do it quickly. It's not our fault if someone can't mind their own business," she reaches up under her skirt and shimmies out of her panties, kicks them to the floor and climbs over to straddle Daddy and then sit down in his lap. "I can feel you," she whispers, and reaches down to open his pants as she kisses him.

"Truce-" he gasps as she gets him in her hand and pulls him out of layers of cotton and elastic, and then his hands lift beside her and one of his legs shift beneath her, "the traffic-"

"You keep an eye on that," she says, and minds that her skirt still covers everything as she shifts a bit upwards, lines him up, and lets herself sit down while he slides inside. When she rests her weight on him again, he is so deep in her that it's just the tiniest bit uncomfortable, and she sighs in bliss. Daddy's lungs are working quickly against her; his heart is racing.

"You're crazy," he says, even as an arm comes up around her waist and she feels him jerk inside her, "God, Truce, you're wonderful."

"Yeah," she agrees, and clutches the back of his seat for leverage as she pulls herself upwards, sighing at the thick slide inside her and then again when she sits down and he goes back to the hilt.

She'd never thought of herself as the kind of girl who is crazy for sex and attention, but sure enough, she can't get enough of feeling their bodies joined like this. She breaks her promise of being quick; nothing moves around them, and the small space of their car fills with the sound of quiet love, sighs and small groans and the rustle of her shirt, her occasional snaps for air in exertion.

"Oh God," says Daddy into her ear, and shifts an arm uncomfortably to run it up on thigh, and then for his thumb to find the center of her heat.

Trucy squeals and feels herself tighten around him, but Daddy knows well how her body works by now. He lets his hand rise and fall with her movements, and only caresses the shaft of her clit, building her pleasure but not enough to make her come. She realizes that she has started going quicker, feels that particularly lovely impatience as she is building towards her climax, and she stops holding back.

She forgets about traffic, forgets about safety and being careful, and moves so much that she's probably blocking Daddy's view as his cock inside her and his thumb deep between her legs bring her to orgasm.

She's pretty sure she screams.

When the wave has crested and fallen, she's limp and heavy in Daddy's lap, and he's still hard and ready deep inside her. His hands are stroking her hips beneath her skirt, and become impatient, pulling.

"Truce, just sit up a little bit..."


She grabs the back of his seat again and pulls up just a fraction, just enough for him to move out and in as he starts moving his hips and and she follows along as he pistons in and out.

"Oh... oh... oh..."

"Mmm, Daddy," she whispers with her eyes closed to better enjoy the aftershocks, and his groans climb in volume as his speed increases, until he pulls her firmly down and she feels him jerk inside her, feels the hot pulse of his semen released.

Slowly, the world comes back around them. The sky is blue and darkening through the skylight, and the traffic is still in a jam as half the State seems to be on their way to family and friends, and Trucy has just made love in full public. It somehow feels as if it doesn't matter, not with Daddy's warm body against hers, not with her need sated and her body glowing with everything she feels for this man, who is smiling at her with every feeling returned.

Someone honks, in two short burst and then one longer howl. It's not a complaint this time, but a teasing celebration, and Daddy tips his head back and laughs.