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Pull My Strings

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How he found himself in this situation not only once, but twice, was still a mystery to Jimin.

He had agreed to this after the first time with Yoongi went wonderfully. They had talked about limits and what not, but as much as Jimin talked, actually getting down to it terrified him.

Kneeling on the bedroom floor, his ass up in the air and his face down on the floor, was something that terrified him and gave him a rush at the same time.

The first time had been easier, since he was so drunk the only thing on his mind was ‘I hope this guy ties me up and fucks my mouth all night long’. Needless to say, Jimin had basically jumped at Yoongi’s dick the first time they got drunk together.

But that was then, and this was now.

His arms were tied on his back with a dragonfly sleeve knot, which he remembers becoming acquaintanced with when he started getting into the BDSM community. Doing it alone in his bedroom seemed fun, and he never knew how much pain the knot could cause. The rough rope scratched at his skin, turning it a bright red.

It felt incredible.

It was even better when Yoongi placed his lips on his skin and licked the red skin. He felt his lips suck on his skin, and suddenly a pair of teeth sinking into the skin. Jimin yelped.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me.” He heard Yoongi whisper behind him. Suddenly Jimin felt a tug from the collar he was wearing. Yoongi pulled him back by the collar, choking him in the process.

“What the fuck did I say about making noise?”Yoongi whispered into Jimin’s ear as he struggled to breath. He let go of the collar, letting Jimin fall back onto the ground catching his breath.

“I-I’m sorry.” Jimin whispered.

“Is that right, princess?” Yoongi smirked. He hummed and continued his work. He leaned over Jimin again and bit at the rough skin on his arms again. He kept his eyes open, watching Jimin as he bit his lips, drawing blood from them as he tried to stay as quiet as possible.

Yoongi stopped and made his way from behind Jimin to in front of him. He pulled on his collar again and brought Jimin up to his lips. Yoongi bit and suck on his lips hungrily, tasting his blood as it poured out of his lips and onto his tongue.

He stopped for a second to watch his work.

Jimin was completely naked on his knees, which were now bright red from being on the floor for so long. His cock was hard, pre cum dripping from the tip, but Yoongi had placed a pretty cock ring on him, so nothing more would happen. Jimin had already had a dry orgasm once, and he was close to the second. Yoongi could only imagine how painful that could be.  

Jimin’s things were spread, clear white scars marked his inner thighs, some from Yoongi’s own hand and other’s from Jimin himself. His torso was sweating, his muscles strained, and his arms completely tied behind him. Jimin looked at Yoongi with the most desperate look, begging to be released with his eyes, but Yoongi knew better. He knew Jimin liked this. A small trail of blood fell from his lips to his chin.

Yoongi inhaled sharply.

“Fuck, you look so good, princess. Do you feel good?” Yoongi reached out, moving his hand to Jimin’s inner thigh, trailing the scars there.

Jimin nodded, catching himself before making a sound.

“I bet you do…” Yoongi groped himself through his pants, readjusting himself to last for a little longer before fucking Jimin senseless.

From his pants pocket he took out a razor blade and showed it to Jimin.

Jimin nodded.

Yoongi signalled him to lay back on the ground, still holding the leash to the collar in his left hand.

Jimin did as he was told, nearly hitting his head on the floor in the process. When he finally laid down on top of his arms, he spread his legs, awaiting the feeling of Yoongi’s razor on his skin.

Yoongi placed himself in between Jimin’s legs, running his fingers along the skin, letting go of the collar and finally placing the razor on the inside of Jimin’s legs, right next to the rest of the scars. Without warning he swiftly moved his hand, slicing the skin apart and Jimin’s muscles tensed. Yoongi let a couple of seconds of recover, knowing the first cut was always the hardest, and then continued his art.

Blood dripped from the cuts, Jimin moaned, his dick twitching as he felt the endorphins running through his body and Yoongi stopped cutting. He finally let his tongue lap over the cuts and let the blood flow into his mouth.

He sucked, earning a hiss from Jimin, but he knew better than to stop.

Jimin’s toes curled and he shifted his hips up.

“You’re impatient today aren’t you?” He sucked on Jimin’s skin for a little more time, letting the blood flow down his chin. Jimin moaned loudly as his whole body tensed.

Yoongi chuckled, “Don’t be so loud princess, I’ll let you come for reals next time.” He traced the cuts once again and finally settled between his legs. Yoongi took out a condom from his pant pocket, and began unzipping his pants.

Jimin raised his head and looked at Yoongi as he pulled out his hard dick from his pants, impatiently waiting for it to push its way into him.

From the other pocket Yoongi took out a small bottle of lube, pouring some of it on his fingers and coating his dick. He moaned at the contact of his own hand.

“On your knees.” Yoongi demanded as he grabbed the leash to Jimin’s collar. Jimin did as he was told, turning around and sticking his ass as far as he could.

Yoongi immediately started fingering Jimin’s ass. He was so used to his fingers it was easy for him to relax into the touch and stretch out. As Yoongi curled his fingers he listened as Jimin struggled to stay quiet, only letting tiny little whispers break through his throat.

“Fuck, princess. I’m gonna fuck you so well today. I’m gonna fuck you so well you can’t walk straight for a week.” With only a two finger stretch Yoongi lined himself up and thrusted into Jimin’s tight hole roughly.

The younger groaned at the pain but gasped as he felt the pain rush through his body.

“Does it hurt princess? Does my cock hurt in your tight ass?” Yoongi thrusted into Jimin, pulling on his collar occasionally.

The deeper and faster his thrusts got the more Jimin’s thighs trembled and bled from the cuts. At the moment Yoongi decided it was enough. He know how to stretch Jimin to his limits, but surpassing those could cause problem. He wrapped his hand around his hips and took out the cock ring.

Immediately Jimin moaned in pleasure and came all over the floor. The orgasm had hit him so hard he stayed quiet, only the sound of skin slapping against skin and Yoongi labored breath remained in the room.

“Oh fuck.” Yoongi thrusted one last time into Jimin, feeling the heat and tightness around him, and finally came inside of the boy.

After he recovered from the orgasm, he untied Jimin’s arms and leash. He pulled him up, his chest against Jimin’s heated back and kissed the back of his neck.

“You okay, princess? Let’s get you cleaned up.”

Jimin thinks that this is a weird situation, but it was the best he could be in.