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Messengers and Forfeits

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The statement caused Phryne to shift her weight to her right foot, now located behind her and pointed towards the front door. She recognized the stance as one she adopted as a resident of Collingwood. Jack dropped his eyes to her feet, crossed his arms at his chest and met her glance with his eyebrow raised.

A sheepish grin and a shrug were given as a sort of admission of an early defeat. Fine, I shall play your game. "Whatever for?"

"To ask you a series of questions. Each time, I successfully procure of the word "yes" from you, I win a kiss. For each "no", I will take a liberty."

Phryne shifted her weight again to bring both feet firmly under her body and facing Jack. She mirrored his cross-armed stance and quirked lip. She knew this mood of his. He wore it with witnesses and suspects alike but only when all facts of a case had been secured and any remaining needs were tied to the formality of a signature.

"Do you reject this idea?" Phryne had not been on the receiving end of such scrutiny. Jack's countenance implied that he had a secret armory of techniques forged for the delightful extraction of her answers.


Jack raised his arm to brush Phryne's hair with his fingers. He straightened her fringe and used his middle finger to tuck her hair behind her ear in a way he has seen her do in the past. "You have already admitted that this set of games, instigated by you, was a ruse to motivate a greater intimacy between us. Do I understand this correctly?"


Jack bent at the waist, his glance askance. He grazed her lips so quickly that ten of them would have fit into a single second. It had come and gone faster than she could either register or respond. "Based on our post recent history your current demeanor, should I interpret that your desire for this series events remain purely physical?"


Jack's fingers descended to Phryne's collarbone. He traced the structure below her neck and over to her shoulders, and started to slowly circle around her. His fingers stopped at the place in her neck where he may choose to measure her pulse, where they lingered. His soft laughter floated into her ear, "Does this mean that you have feelings for me, Miss Fisher?"

"I might..."

He completed his circle, wrapped his hand around her waist and dipped her. “When you say ‘I might’, I am quite certain you really mean ‘yes’”. He deposited a second chaste kiss. He lifted her back to standing and clasped his hands behind his back while starting a second circle around her in the opposite direction. "So, since you have feelings for me and since you accepted my invitation for a meal for just the two of us at my house, it would be reasonable for a man like me to assume that you might wish to act on those romantic feelings. Was this the case when you came over last night?"


He placed his lips more firmly on hers, staying close after releasing her. " When you arrived last night, did you intend on staying the evening?"


“No? Are you certain of this, Miss Fisher?” Jack slid his hand through the open zip of Phryne's blue dress to fondle her breast with his fingertips. "Do you like these liberties I am taking with you?"

"Yes, very much.”

“Good. I like taking them. I will remember this in future.” His tongue was met with eager acceptance. She wrapped her arms around his neck, keeping him close and inviting a longer exploration that alternated between urgent and tender. After some minutes, he stopped and held his lips motionless against hers. Rather than pull away, he continued to nibble at her while speaking. "Last night, you said you loved me. Did you mean it?”


Jack stroked Phryne’s cheek and kissed her gently. “Even so. I missed you this morning.” He closed one eye and looked at her sideways as if he were appraising a diamond. “Who would have thought that a woman who isn’t scared of guns, or gangsters, or drug dealers frightened herself by uttering just a few little words.” A furrow in his brow appeared at the same time that his lips turned down. “I suppose my only consolation is that the second best detective in the room couldn’t figure it out first.”

“Who said I…?” Phryne was indignant for a split-second. She snapped her mouth shut and pressed them tightly to keep from smiling.

Jack’s grin taunted her. “One more thing you’d rather not say out loud?”

"Yes…NO!” She laughed, knowing full well she’d been caught.

"Good. I love you, too. I hope we can consider that settled. The question remains about what we will do about it. I like the thought of mere dalliance. What do you say?"


Jack lifted her flimsy skirt to her thighs and fitted his hands to her bare buttocks. “No dalliance for us? What a shame. I think it could have been fun. How about a torrid affair? Would that be more to your liking?”


“This pleases me as well.” He rubbed his nose against hers.

“Jack, that last forfeit. It doesn’t really have to end so soon, does it?” She wriggled closer into him and fingered the knit of his sweater.

“Well, despite the fact that it is,” Jack looked at his watch, “eight in the morning here, it remains ‘last night’ somewhere in the world.”

She applied a neat column of kisses down his neck. “What time is it in New York?”

"It is 5pm last night in New York. Dinner isn’t even ready yet.” Jack pressed into Phryne, walking her backwards until she touched the table.

“Poor Jack. You have had such a long day at work. You must be starving. You wouldn’t dare ruin your dinner by eating earlier. Would you?” She perched herself delicately on the surface.

“I couldn’t possibly.”

“No, definitely not.”

He sat down at the table and considered how he might indulge in her offering. A sliver of pink was visible beneath the black thatch in front of him. This was accessed with a clandestine lick. His fingers explored. Each time she released a gasp or a groan, he lingered to apply more pressure or, maybe less.

“Will you make sure to remind me to speak to you later about concealing dangerous weapons under your skirt, Miss Fisher?” He captured his eyes with hers and applied light, little circles to a little, pink bud at the top of her sex.

“No, I will absolutely not.”

“Have it your way.”

Jack captured her flesh between his tongue and his teeth. He pulled at her gently. He nipped at her. He lapped and encased her in his mouth. The entire time, he watched her respond. Right now, her head was thrown back with abandon. Her skirt splayed across the table.

He wiped his face and stood up, unwilling to wait longer. “Phryne, would you…”

“Yes.” He kissed her as she undid his trousers. She used both hands to stroke him. He was fully erect.

“Your smell. I love it. Does it bother you…”?


She guided him into her. His kisses became more demanding. He moved inside of her, experimentally. He was looking for something. There. He felt himself slide against the inside of her pubic bone. She let loose the guttural sound he had heard the night before.

"Do you like that?”

"Yes!" His kisses continued. He would be sore later but this was worth it. He continued pushing into her. She was slick and juicy. He had one hand on her back and another pressing into the table.

"I swear, Phryne. I will never be able to sit down at this table again without thinking of this moment.” She started giggling and her leg slipped. For all of the pleasure it brought her, this position was damn awkward for both of them. “Hold on tighter.” Then, he chuckled and couldn't stop. The more they tried to hold this position, the more difficult it was and the harder they laughed. It only titillated them faster.

He felt the heat rise into his face. "Phryne, I'm going to..."

She did first. The convulsion in his balls triggered a race through his shaft and into her. She pulsed around him. Phryne combed her fingers through his hair, looking at him sweetly. "Jack, will you come back upstairs with me?"

The word "yes" had been on the tip of his tongue. The phone rang. He reluctantly unwrapped himself from her and walked to pick up the telephone receiver. ”Jack Robinson, here.” He had spoken in a most professional voice even as he eyed her appreciatively. Then, he grimaced and wrote down an address. Twice. ”I will be there in 30 minutes.” He replaced the receiver.

”The night has passed us after all. A murder, I’m afraid." He held up a slip of paper in the air. She nabbed it. "How will you manage to entertain yourself without me?”

”I’ll be there within 10 minutes of your arrival.”

”I hate to ask but, will you see yourself out?”


She got one last kiss before he ran upstairs to shower. In the meantime, she was tasked with figuring out how to slip past an older woman that was lingering, quite unnecessarily, by the Hispano.