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I'm Angelina Carter.
I'm 16.
Both my parents were spies until someone framed them.
Now they're in hiding and I'm on the run.
Trying to find the person who ruined their reputation.
I just got a message from my mom about this guy that's supposed to help me find whoever did this.
I pulled up to the party where he was at.

I pushed through the crowd of drunk, sweaty, partying teenagers.
"Which one of you sweaty, smelly, ugly, gross losers is Nathan Harper?" I said.
It was dead quiet when I spoke everyone froze and stared.
"That would be me." he spoke stepping out of the crowd.
He was hot.
"C'mon." I said turning and walking out.
"Excuse me?" he asked.
I took off my sunglasses. "I know what happened to you last year."
"Oh." was all he said as he grabbed his jacket and followed me to my bike.
"Hop on.....pretty boy." I laughed revving my engine.
"I'll take mine thanks." He laughed walking over to his bike.
"Keep up." I laughed revving my engine and taking off down the road.