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Define Home

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The west coast is a beautiful place.

Maggie decided this from the minute she got to see the ocean and hear it wish against the shore. She isn't sure if that is the correct way to say it, but it sounds right to her. However, the place is quiet, especially in comparison to the sirens and the people far below, their voices and sounds rising up to echo through her ears until they were like white noise that she could tune out, but always searched for those that were close.

Listened for their heartbeats, sorting through the noise, and always searching through the sounds.

However, it wasn't till her wild run through the streets that she had gotten good at it, but now her head was always aching, taking in everything around her. She had broken down more times than she should have.

She was waiting for a punishment of some sort for collapsing in Tony's lab, or sobbing from pain in the darkness of the building they had lived in once they had discovered what had caused all of the problems they had had for a while. She had noticed a sound, but had not attributed it to anything and she had giggled when one of the four legged spiders crawls up her, one leg darker than the rest.

But that was then and here she is now, listening.

Listening to the soft hum in the walls of Jarvis (she isn't sure why everyone capitalizes the name, but she accepts and moves on, much like everything else she does in this new world that is scheduleless and confusing and where what they call food looks nothing like the food she has known for the entirety of her awakened state before now, or why the knives are not sharp on both edges and only one and doesn’t that make them ineffective weapons?) as he keeps a constant watch on all of those within the mansion.

However, it just reminds her that she’s not supposed to be hearing that.

Just like she’s not supposed to hear Tony’s mumblings about how either his Malibu mansion is either going to become the Avengers’ Mansion or maybe he’ll just buy a new one and call that one the Avengers’ Mansion.

Like how she shouldn’t hear the soft gasps against something, maybe skin, or muffled cries. Just like she’s not supposed to hear the soft wishing of the ocean against the shore, relentless and soothing that makes the ache in her head ease off a bit.

Like how she shouldn’t be hearing the screaming match between Tony and Pepper in his lab, which she thinks has stemmed from said lab, and how Tony is getting defensive, has been defensive since the beginning, and the confusion in his tone, and the soft continuous humming sound of the spot in his chest that is beautifully crafted and constantly singing a type of lullaby, if only he would stop and listen.

She winces as Pepper lets out a frustrated growl and she unfolds from the bed, deciding that staying any longer is going to irritate her.

Tony is frustrated and sad and the screaming hurts her head more.

So she opens the door and leaves her room, wondering what she should do.

The cold floor makes her feet sting and her hands are still bandaged, though she doesn’t understand why since they don’t hurt anymore.

Maybe she can get Steve to take them off, because she doesn’t want to.

And chewing on them makes the gauze stick in her teeth, so she won’t try that again.

That was icky.

Maggie continues to make her way and now the screaming is louder. She hesitates, for a moment, and then touches the device on the wall.

“You are not authorized at this time to enter this area,” Jarvis stated.

“Is it because Tony and Pepper are screaming at each other? Well, Pepper screaming and Tony shouting. Her voice is very shrill right now. Should we stop them?” Maggie asked.

The silence is heavy for a moment before Jarvis answers, “They will sort it out in their own time, Miss Yarnell.”

“They haven’t sorted it out since we got here. They scream all the time. I don’t think their ‘sorting’ is working,” Maggie muttered, but let it go, heading for the living room, still in her nightgown. She sat on the sofa and curled up, their shouts echoing in her ears.

Today was going to be a long day.