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“I’ve seen this movie before, you know.” Nico murmurs quietly, tilting his head up and pressing a kiss to Percy’s jaw to get his attention. Percy stifles a yawn; he hadn’t been watching as much as enjoying the way Nico’s warmth seeped into his side and petting Nico’s hair absentmindedly.

“You have?” Percy turns his head to Nico, not objecting when the other boy leans up a little more to steal a kiss… and then another. Nico hums against Percy’s lips and something tells him it’s all the answer he’s going to get. The movie plays on in the background when Percy lets himself be distracted by Nico’s kisses, growing more demanding and insistent with every second passing until eventually, Percy has to push Nico back a little to get a chance to breathe again.

“Turn it off.” Nico whispers quietly, opening his eyes slowly and licking his lips before he meets Percy’s gaze again. When Percy does as he is told, Nico winds his arms around Percy’s neck a little tighter and without any further warning, climbs into Percy’s lap. “Is that okay?”

Finding himself at a lack for words, Percy only nods. His hands are resting on either side of Nico’s waist, so he makes use of their position now to tug Nico closer.

“What about this?” Nico whispers next before stroking a hand down from Percy’s neck over his chest and leaning in to press a few soft kisses along Percy’s throat, raising goosebumps in his wake.

“Nico…” The name comes out as a moan, much to Nico’s pleasure if the self-assured smile on his lips is anything to go by. Percy can’t help but smile too, even though his look is fond rather than smug. “Are you trying to seduce me?”

Nico laughs quietly, his cheeks turning red when he averts his eyes a little.

“Depends.” He purrs, playing with the necklace Percy is always wearing, turning the beads over between his fingers. “Is it working?”

Percy remembers their kiss outside the dorms, and the many smaller ones that followed it, the way lust had flared up inside him even stronger than in the night he had denied Nico what he wanted. Percy can feel it now too, the way desire is burning right under his skin. Of course, Nico’s teasing is working.

“Maybe.” Percy murmurs in reply, unable to help his grin. “Come to bed with me and find out.”

In the end, it’s Nico who’s leading Percy to the bed and not the other way around, both of Percy’s hands in Nico’s until Nico hits the edge of the bed with his legs. They stand close, Nico lets go of Percy’s hands in favour of dancing his fingers up Percy’s arms.

"I've waited for this a long time." Nico chuckles and blushes like he’s admitting to an old crush. When he cards his palms up Percy’s chest, the touch is a little more hesitant than before. "Can I take your shirt off?"

Percy can't help his smile. This is new, in a way. The last time he went this slow with anyone, he was in high school and exchanged his first clumsy kisses in the basement to the muffled sounds of a party.

"Yeah.”  Percy grins and Nico huffs a laugh, tugging idly at the fabric of Percy’s shirt. “If I can take yours off too?"

"We're not sixteen, Percy. Can't we just do it?" Nico licks his lips, unsure whether or not he should have said what he said, but Percy doesn’t mind. Nico has let Percy take things as slow as he pleased so far, they’ve done their waiting. Instead of saying anything in response, he grabs the collar of his own shirt and pulls it over his head, watching when Nico does the same.


Percy doesn't get a response, Nico traces the lines of Percy’s shoulder, his collarbones and then down his chest. The touch is light, exploring and teasing until eventually Nico nods and moves closer. Kisses follow the paths Nico’s fingers took seconds before until Percy stops Nico with one hand cupping his cheek.

This time, Percy has to lean down to connect their lips. His thumb strokes over Nico’s cheekbone before his hand shifts to settle at the back of Nico’s neck to pull Nico closer. Percy’s free hand spans Nico’s waist, keeping Nico from losing his balance even when Percy presses their chests together. It’s Nico who deepens their kiss, as careful and slow as every touch has been leading up to it.

When they part, Percy nudges Nico lightly and Nico lets himself fall easily, scooting back on the bed as soon as Percy follows. With his hair fanning out on the pillows, his lips parted and pink from kissing and his eyelids heavy, Nico looks absolutely irresistible. He spreads his legs when Percy crawls over him, allowing them to fit closer together.

“You’re beautiful.” Percy speaks without thinking, the words out before he realises he has opened his mouth at all. Nico makes a small sound Percy isn’t sure how to take, so he follows his words up with a kiss right underneath the lobe of Nico’s ear to distract him. Percy moves his lips down Nico’s neck, teeth only ever grazing the skin between lingering kisses, but Nico seems to like it nevertheless. His head falls back, he bares his neck to Percy’s teasing and presses up against Percy’s body above him like he can’t get enough.

Experimentally, Percy rolls his hips, gauging Nico’s reaction. Percy gets a small moan in response along with Nico’s fingers tightening their hold on his arms for a moment.

“Pants. Take them off.” Nico rasps out, and this time it really doesn’t sound much like a question. Percy lips twitch with a smile and he presses another kiss to the curve of Nico’s shoulder before pulling back.

He caresses Nico’s sides with his hands on his way up, holding Nico’s eyes until his gaze flickers lower, over Nico’s chest and finally the waistband of his jeans. Percy makes fast work of the button and the zipper, the need to feel Nico’s skin under his fingers greater than the temptation to tease him. Nico raises his hips off the mattress to make pulling the jeans down his thighs easier for Percy and soon enough, they land discarded on the floor next to the bed.

“Yours too.” Nico has sat up, bare legs bent on either side of Percy and need clear in his gaze. Percy licks his lips, nods, and watches as Nico opens his trousers with quick fingers. When they jam just above Percy’s knees, Nico huffs a laugh and looks up to meet Percy’s eyes. “A little help?”

Percy can’t resist; he kisses Nico again. They tumble back, Percy catching himself on one arm so he doesn’t crush Nico under his weight. Nico wraps both arms around Percy’s neck this time and as soon as Percy has managed kicking off his pants, Nico hooks his legs around Percy’s waist. The feeling of skin on skin makes Percy shiver, almost as much as that of Nico’s erection pressing against his abdomen through Nico’s boxer briefs.

Nico makes a lot of small sounds that make Percy dizzy with wanting, whines and moans and mewls muffled against his lips on Nico’s or lost between their kissing. Nico’s touches are fleeting but insistent, like he’s trying to tug Percy impossibly closer and can never get enough. His nails scratch lightly over Percy’s skin, his hips bucking ever so slightly under Percy’s weight and his legs around Percy’s waist keep them flush together. With every movement, their clothed cocks rub against one another, sending sparks of pleasure up Percy’s spine from the light friction alone.

When Percy breaks away for air – forehead pressed against Nico and chest heaving with every breath he takes – Nico whines and grinds against him harder than before.

“Percy?” Nico tugs on Percy’s hair just enough to get him to meet his gaze. His pupils are blown wide, there is no denying the effect Percy is having on him. “I want you. I need to feel… that I’m yours.” Nico pauses just long enough to lick his lips. “I want to ride you.”

Percy shivers at the words and lets Nico push him up until he’s sitting back on his legs. There had been no doubt in his mind where this was going, but hearing Nico ask for it aloud made anticipation thrum under his skin again.

"Condoms and lube are under the bed, behind you." Percy rasps the words out, but Nico doesn't seem very interested in listening right now. His eyes travel shamelessly over Percy’s body and when he's coming closer, he strokes his hands up Percy’s thighs. With a smirk playing on his lips, Nico crawls up between Percy’s legs. He kisses a path from right above Percy’s navel up to his neck, along the curve of Percy’s shoulder where he bites down. It's not hard enough to hurt, at least not badly so, but Percy realises that he hopes it will leave a mark.

"I want to taste you." Nico purrs and Percy finds himself taken aback by how easily Nico takes control in this. It's careful and gentle, like Nico is guiding Percy to fill both their needs rather than using Percy to get just his own satisfied.

As if he's trying to prove he's being serious, Nico licks over the hollow of Percy’s throat before following the defined lines of Percy’s chest lower. Nico caresses Percy’s pecs, covers them with his hands and squeezes playfully, then he finds Percy’s nipples with his thumbs and teases them underneath the soft pads of his fingers. When they start to harden under Nico’s touch, he traces their shape with his lips, then his tongue and teeth until the skin is red and sensitive.

Nico undresses Percy first, pulling the last piece of clothing down Percy’s thighs after he kissed all the way down to the waistband. For a long moment, Nico just stares at Percy who can't deny feeling vulnerable under Nico’s gaze. The feeling is gone as soon as it came though because Nico’s moving forward again - this time starting his teasing on the inside of Percy’s knee.  

Percy has always been sensitive there. When Nico promptly sucks a hickey to the inside of his thigh, Percy hardly holds back a moan. All Percy can do is draw his lip between his teeth and whimper under his breath whenever Nico's lips brush somewhere over his erection, never quite touching.

He lets himself go, lets Nico push him flat down on the bed and allows his fingers to find Nico’s hair to card through and hold gently. The first thing Percy feels is Nico’s warm breath fanning over his skin, then Nico’s lips pressing the lightest kiss to the base of his cock. Then there’s Nico’s tongue, tracing the line of Percy’s shaft almost experimentally. When Nico’s lips close over the head, Percy stops holding back his moans.

Nico is humming, like he enjoys giving it more than Percy does getting it. Even now he moves slow, tasting, sampling maybe, a promise of more at a later point. Nevertheless, Percy’s eyes flutter closed and his lips part with small, needy moans much like the sounds Nico has made earlier.

Nico chuckles when he pulls off, lips shining wet and his smile mischievous. Percy pushes himself up on his elbows to meet Nico halfway, but even so Nico’s kiss is hesitant like he isn’t sure if Percy will still kiss him after he’s had his mouth on Percy’s cock.

A small frown on his face, Percy shifts to cup Nico’s cheek with one hand and hold him close.

“I can never get enough of this.” he whispers quietly, smiling fondly even when a light blush warms his cheeks at the confession. Nico returns Percy’s smile, his expression much gentler and softer now, and Percy steals another kiss before resting their foreheads together. They stay unmoving for a little while, enjoying the intimacy that comes with the slow pace they have set. Percy’s fingers stroke along Nico’s spine in a feather light touch and when Nico leans into it, Percy takes it as his cue to go on.

“My turn.” He purrs, lips pressed to Nico’s jaw, then moving on to the lobe of Nico’s ear to bite it lightly. There’s no protest when Percy lays Nico down again, only small gasps and moans when Percy takes up his teasing again. Unlike before, Percy takes time now to find Nico’s sensitive spots, discovering that Nico has a weakness for being bitten just on the verge of being painful and that he enjoys it when Percy traces the outlines of his bones with gentle fingers.

“Can I take this off?” Percy hasn’t noticed how rough his voice has gotten until he speaks again, his fingers already hooked into the waistband of Nico’s boxer briefs when he looks up to meet Nico’s eyes. Percy gets a nod and Nico biting his lips in anticipation, lifting his hips off the mattress like he has before to aid Percy again.

Percy has never prided himself on being patient, but looking at Nico spread out naked and flushed in front of him makes going slow so much easier and worth the restraint.

“Do you still…” Percy starts, licking his lips and forcing himself to look at Nico’s eyes. “Do you still want to go all the way?”

Nico huffs a laugh, obviously thinking it’s ridiculous Percy asks again, but then his face softens and he nods, spreading his legs a little like he’s trying to show that he means it. Percy breathes slowly, leaning over Nico and the edge of the bed to grab the lube and a condom from underneath.

Percy lies down between Nico’s legs, kissing the outline of his hipbones and caressing the inside of Nico’s thighs when Nico hooks his legs over Percy’s shoulders with a cheeky little laugh. They stuff a pillow under Nico’s hips, propping him up for better access and when Nico’s still giggling lightly, Percy gives his cheeks a playful slap that makes him squeak instead.

Having Nico at his mercy like this is tempting, but Percy decides he can keep his teasing for another time. Nevertheless, he starts slow with small kisses pressed to Nico’s heated skin and the lube still untouched to their side. Nico makes the softest sounds of pleasure, Percy finds out when he licks along the length of Nico’s erection. Nico’s legs pull him closer, but Percy doubts Nico’s doing it on purpose, so instead of obliging he goes on licking and kissing at the same slow pace.

Percy only uncaps the lube when he’s teasing the whole of Nico’s cock with his tongue, tasting precum and trying to find out what Nico likes best about this. As it turns out, Nico’s head is rather sensitive. When Percy drags the tip of his tongue along the frenulum just to press it against the slit, Nico gasps and bucks his hips. Percy doesn’t try to hold him back, instead he takes Nico into his mouth and down his throat to distract Nico from the first slick finger circling around his rim.

Nico’s moans are melodic, they only get more drawn out and intense the longer Percy goes on teasing him. He goes from sucking back to licking and kissing, only to take Nico in deep again every time he stretches him open a little more. The balance of pleasure and pain is almost too easy, until Nico starts rolling his hips to push back onto Percy’s fingers as well, chasing more.

“Ready?” Percy asks in a low voice, kissing Nico’s thigh again to keep himself from making Nico come just like this instead. By now, Percy doubts it would take much more.

“Sit back.” Nico rasps, his voice high where Percy’s is low. As soon as Percy does as he is told, Nico follows, climbing into Percy’s lap even though his legs are a little shaky. He takes the condom from Percy’s hands without asking, tearing it open and rolling it over Percy’s cock like he’s too eager to wait for Percy to do it himself.

Nico holds on to Percy’s shoulder with one hand, lets him take care of slicking the condom with lube as well and waits until Percy can steady him with both hands before he moves on. Nico’s nose scrunches up a little when he guides the tip of Percy’s cock to his entrance and he gasps quietly when he pushes himself down.

“I…” Nico’s second hand comes to rest on Percy’s shoulder as well, trusting Percy to hold him up enough. “It’s been a while.” His cheeks heat up, but he doesn’t turn his gaze away from Percy. He seems to be asking, silently, for Percy to let him go slow now too, but he doesn’t seem to doubt Percy will give him the time he needs.

When Nico is all the way down, he lets his forehead rest against Percy’s neck, breathing deeply while he tries to adjust himself to the stretch and the burn that undoubtedly comes along with it. Percy has to close his eyes at the feeling of Nico around him, hot and tight no matter how carefully Percy stretched him before.

Nico finds Percy’s lips with his own before Percy has had a chance to open his eyes again, but Percy doesn’t mind. He smiles against Nico’s lips and parts them when Nico’s tongue coaxes them apart, asking for more. The distraction is more than welcome, Percy suspects it’s why Nico started the kiss in the first place, and he allows Nico to take control over it without second thought.

It’s a while before Nico begins to move, shallow rolls of his hips, eliciting moans from Percy with just the barest hint of friction. Nico breaks the kiss when he really starts to ride Percy, raising himself up on shaky legs and sinking back down just as slowly for the first few times until he really gets into it. Nico moans, hands tight on Percy’s shoulders and his head tilted back just enough that Percy can kiss his neck. He has an arm around Nico’s waist, hand spanning over Nico’s lower back to give him stability in his movements while the other travels to Nico’s front. Percy’s hand is still slightly sticky from before, the remnants from the lube mix with Nico’s precum and make stroking easy. Nico’s eyes fall closed and Percy starts meeting every rise and fall with little thrusts of his own.

They move together, exchanging messy kisses in between, and Percy feels the familiar pooling of pleasure in his guts way too fast. He bites Nico’s shoulder, leaving a little red mark where it will still be hidden by a shirt and tries to blend out the way sparks shoot through him with every time Nico takes him deeper.

Nico mewls, pressing closer to Percy and digging his nails into Percy’s skin like he’s intending to leave marks of his own. When Nico opens his mouth to speak, he moans instead – Percy feels the sound vibrating through him where Nico presses his lips against his neck now.

“Almost there.” Nico finally manages to get out, followed by a desperate whine. Percy hold him tighter, shifting to take most of Nico’s weight and still be able to move. It’s not much; Nico’s legs still tremble lightly, but the new angle makes Nico curse under his breath; Percy must be hitting his prostate now.

Nico cries out when he comes, the sound only slightly muffled against Percy’s skin. He’s tensing and shivering, shooting his release over both himself and Percy.

Percy strokes Nico through his high, so close himself that it doesn’t take him much longer to follow. His eyes pressed shut and both arms holding Nico flush against his chest Percy reaches his climax as well, moaning Nico’s quietly like it’s something precious to be kept away from others’ ears.

When Percy’s breathing slows and he opens his eyes again, Nico hasn’t moved one bit. His arms are still around Percy and his head still pillowed on his shoulder, smiling goofily when Percy meets his eyes.

“Don’t tell me I have to wait this long to get you into my bed as well.”