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time (has brought your heart to me)

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The carnival was loud, almost too much so, and Steve had lost Bucky somewhere in the crowd. He had a bag of stale popcorn in hand that he was really beginning to regret and a headache biting at the edges of his temples. It wasn't too often he and Bucky got to go out like this though. Buck was usually working, trying to help keep them afloat, and money was always a little short. The last big splurge was Coney Island last month, and he wouldn't be forgetting it any time soon, but he'd had his fill of the carnival and really just wanted to head home and get some sleep. Life had other plans, though.

“Kiss me, quick!”

Steve blinked at the hurried voice and turned to face it. "I’m sorr—?” Before he could finish, his mouth was soon occupied by a pretty brunette’s, his arms held out in surprise. 

“Try not to look so confused, huh?” she mumbled against his lips, drawing his hands down to her hips before she wrapped her arms around his neck, fingers gently playing with his hair.

“Little hard... when I’m actually... very... confused... miss...” he said in between kisses, his fingers tightening around the fabric of her dress. She had a soft mouth and the flick of her tongue against his teeth made his gut tighten up pleasantly. 

“Consider it a favor.” She sucked on his bottom lip, opening her eyes to see him. Bright blue and framed with long, dark lashes. “Had a tail I needed to lose.” She peppered kisses across his cheek. “Unsavory types.” She nipped at his neck and he jumped a little. With a light laugh, she murmured, “You never had a girl get fresh with you before?” 

“Not without a little more warning,” he said, stretching his fingers out against her waist, absently worried that he might've wrinkled the fabric. “Who was following you? Can you point ‘em out?” His eyes darted around the carnival, looking for anybody who might stand out, expecting menacing faces or the big, burly types he’d seen pummeling people in alleyways. But there were a lot of people and nobody was jumping out at him. 

“Don’t go looking for them, we’re trying not to get caught here. That’s the whole point of this, remember?” 

“Can’t say I got much of an explanation before you were plantin’ one on me,” he reminded, brow raised. 

“Now is that anyway to talk to your temporary girl?” She grinned and swooped in for another quick kiss. One he returned, because he was a gentleman, or that was the excuse he would give later. “You’re a real life saver, I mention that?” 

“I didn’t even get your name.” His gaze dropped to her lips, her lipstick smeared a little, and he reached up to right it with his thumb. “I’m Steve. Steve Rogers.” 

“Darcy Lewis,” she said, kissing the edge of his thumb. She looked past his shoulder then and eyed the area. “I really should get going. Thanks for your help though, handsome.” She untangled her arms from his neck and then chucked his chin with her fingers. “And for the kiss.” 

As she walked off, he turned to watch her go, brows hiked high, a strange sense of contentment mixed with confusion rolling around inside him. 

“Who was that?” 

He turned his head to find Bucky walking over, smirking like he caught the whole show. 

“Uh, Darcy Lewis,” he said, scratching a finger behind his ear. “She was running away from something, needed a cover, found me.” 

“Yeah? She sure did all right.” He eyed Steve’s mouth. “You got a little something there.” He motioned to his own lips. “Feisty one, ain’t she?” 

“Yeah, she was that.” He wiped at his mouth, staring at the lipstick on his palm a moment.

“Pretty too.”

Steve rolled his eyes. “I noticed.” 

“You gonna find her?” 

“What for? She wasn’t serious about it.” He tucked his hands into his pockets. 

“Trust me. There are other ways to hide; she didn’t have to kiss you that much or that thoroughly.”

Steve shuffled his feet a little. “You think?” 

Clapping his shoulder, Bucky nodded. “I do.” 

Steve half-smiled then, running a hand through his hair. He wondered if he’d see her again. He hoped so.