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Party Favour Drabbles

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"I used to dream about you," Lisa says on the second night. They're sitting in her tiny kitchen, Nick sipping pig's blood, Lisa leaning over a carton of reheated noodles. She waves her chopsticks as she tells him about waking from vague dream-memories of glowing eyes.

"I'm sorry."

She shakes her head. "I wasn't afraid. You wouldn't be here if I'd been afraid."

Her trust is equal parts warming and terrifying.

"Janette should be here soon," Nick says, cursing again the era of passports and paperwork.

"It's fine," Lisa says, and then pauses. "I'm glad I finally know the truth."

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Vachon slowly pulled himself up the wall, cradling his left arm. Beside him, Urs was staring down in wide-eyed horror. He stretched out his good arm toward her. "We need--" he began, and then stopped as footsteps echoed down the alley. He tensed, waiting, and then relaxed as Nick came into view.

Nick took the scene in with a glance. "What happened?"

"It was my fault," Urs began. "There was this resister and I--"

"The Enforcer came after Urs," Vachon interrupted, "and I...we..."

"Okay," Nick said, reaching for Vachon's shoulder. "It's okay."

Vachon nodded, and let himself fall forward.

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"You've got to be kidding," Natalie said, pulling at her skirt. "How did women actually wear this?"

"It's hardly the worst period for women's clothing," Janette said.

"Easy for you to say," Natalie grumbled. "You don't need to breathe."

"It's only temporary, darling," Janette soothed. She glided over and gave Natalie a quick kiss. "We'll be home again before you know it."

"If this works."

"Have a little faith, cherie. Nicolas isn't the only one with a knowledge of the occult."

"I know. I just--"

"You'd prefer a more scientific approach," Janette agreed. "But I'm afraid science fails us here."