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Master Schue's Horny Glee Boys

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Everyone knew that Glee club was gay, even a dirty cupid like Leshz knew that. Not that there was a single problem with that, when it came to dirty cupids such as himself, his father Ez, or all his brothers, being gay was great. It was their job to travel the infinite multi-verse and spread homosexuality and kinks while warping reality in any way they saw fit. But Leshz was the oddball in his family of mythical gods, for he specialized in something which the rest of his family only occasionally messed with: Boypussies. He didn't know what it was about seeing men who had pussies where their dongs belonged that turned him on so, but they did.

Leshz had stumbled across this delectable glee club a few months back when his father had assigned him to have some fun with this Ohio town of Lima. The club had been filled with such hot heterosexuals (and two gays also) that Leshz hadn't been able to resist. And now here he was back, checking in on his work.  


Finn thrusted his pelvis back downwards, forcing the plastic, phallus toy back into his moist, oversexed organ in the front. His back hole was already filled, a large, pink butt plug was shoved deep in that warm expanse which needed to be constantly filled and ached when it wasn't. Both of Finn's holes required never ending attention, but today his pussy was the one that needed it more.  

Finn felt the build up begin once again in his vaginal walls. He thrusted his groin up and down even harder on the silicone toy, orgasm was only inches away. How many times had he already came today from this toy between his thigh's, ten...twelve...he hadn't been keeping count, he was a slave to those pleasurable blasts that originated in his pussy and spread throughout his body via his nervous system. He had thought he knew how bad horniness could get back when he was a teenage guy, but man was he wrong, the horniness that came from a cock was nothing compared to the all out assault, constant heat that a pussy presented to him. With a cock he just ejaculated and was done for a short while, but with a pussy it was a never ending marathon, you just rode one orgasm out and then built yourself up to the next one and then repeat the process again and again until your body wore out, which could take a while. One time Finn went a straight Forty-Eight hours of nothing but fucking himself with no stops. The only reason he had stopped then was because his muscles gave out from over use and he had fallen into a deep sleep.

There wasn't much that was better than reaching orgasm with a pussy, all the guys here in what use to be the room they met for Glee club in could attest to that fact. One of the very few things that was actually better, as far as Finn knew, was submitting to real, living cocks. There was nothing like having a dick fill your insides with male cum, whether it be the anal or vaginal passage, or simply just down the gullet, nothing could fill a pussyboy with so much pride, joy and accomplishment than serving a dominate man and his cock faithfully. And it didn't matter how dirty or degrading the acts were, Finn was always happy to do it, knowing he would be rewarded with cocks and cum.

Finn pounded himself back down into the toy, he was so close it wasn't funny. Master Schue, their perfect master who had helped them all find their real purpose in life, had been so brilliant in his conversion of this here class room into what was basically a sex dungeon now. Gluing dildos so they stuck up out of the seats of the wooden stools had been one master's most brilliant ideals, it made it so much easier for Finn to fuck himself when Master Schue was away or playing with one of the other pussyboys.  

Finn heard a loud moanish cry from Sam that Finn instantly recognized as the other dude's orgasm cry. Finn opened his eyes and saw Sam on his hands and knees in the corner with Puck's black dog a humping away at Sam's rear (although from Finn's angle it was hard to tell which hole of Sam's the dog was pumping into). A follow-up scream of blissful pain told Finn that the dog's knot had now tied them together. Finn knew that wonderfully, torturous pain of having a knot inflate in his ass, the same dog had just used Finn last night.

The sight of seeing that large hound pound away at Sam like the bitch Sam now was was just the thing needed to tip Finn over the edge himself. He let out his own loud orgasm squeal as the pleasure took over. Every nerve and cell in his body was suddenly on fire, but in the best way possible, the burning inside was complete, tingling, pleasurable heat that radiated from the sex organ he would have not that long ago never believed he would have, let alone want. Hell, none of the pussyboys in this classroom four months ago when school had begun thought that they would end up cock-slut pussyboys. But here they were.

Finn stopped thrusting and let the sexual high just take over and numb his thoughts. With how much he enjoyed his life here now, it was hard to believe that when it had all began he had fought with every ounce of his strength against all this. He had been stupid back then though, they had all been stupid with fear and misunderstanding. They had all woken up here on the very second day of the school year, they had awoken in this very room where they use to meet for Glee club. They had awoken to their penises replaced by the vagina's they all lust after before (well all except Blaine). And if that wasn't bad enough their bodies were under Master Schue's complete control. So yes, the first few weeks had been hard on all of them, they all had tried fighting the disgusting new, overwhelming needs they had, and one by one they had all broken and succumb to their new lifestyles. Blaine was the first to break, he had succumb and stopped fighting after only a few days, but Finn managed to remain himself and fight for a full two weeks of having to obey Master Schue's every degrading order, of being humiliated and used sexually by Master Schue and his apprentice Kurt before Finn finally broke and accepted everything. And once that finally happened a calmness had come over him and he had realized this was the only place he belonged.

When the orgasms had died out Finn began thrusting hips again, the need to cum just as strong as ever. His walls were more sensitive than ever, but that didn't matter, nor did it matter that his legs were beginning to tire from all the strain this non-stop self-fucking section had been doing to him. He had to press on.

As Finn's mind slipped back again he thought about how grateful to Master Shue he was now, and how ungrateful he had been he had succumbed. He knew why he had fought mental submission, but it had been pointless and utter stupidity, how did he not see back then how much better off he was like this. Master Schue had seen it, had seen the real him. This was his real place in life, his destiny was to service any cock presented to him, not have his own penis. He would never be able to thank Master Schue enough for helping his to reach his true potential as cock-slut pussyboy.

Finn turned his gaze back upon Sam. Sam was still in that corner, still in that same spot, panting as the dog just laid on top of him un-moving. Sam had been the second to surcame to this new life, he had lasted a few days longer than Blaine when it suddenly became clear all resistance of Master Schue's orders and everything else just vanished from Sam's body.

Next Finn turned his gaze to Artie who was out of his chair and sitting back against the far wall. Artie had a purple, abstract shaped, ribbed dildo which he was using on his pussy while his lips were smeared with a brown substance. That substance was leftover shit from the load of turds Artie had consumed an hour ago from Mike's ass. With Artie as the classroom toilet there was never any reason to need to leave. Finn himself couldn't imagine succumbing that low though, eating other dude's shit was just nasty. Then again it wasn't like Artie had chosen that kink for himself, Master Schue had come in during that first week in a nasty mood and gave Master that kink without a second thought. It was just Artie's bad luck that Master Schue had chosen him to be the pussyboy shit-eater, Master Schue could have just as easily chosen anyone else, even Finn.

Puck was only a few feet away from Finn on his left, fucking himself on one of the dildo-stools like Finn was. Except Puck's vagina had the plug in it and he was fucking himself in the ass, while he rolled his oversensitive, swollen nipples in his hand. Puck had been the last to hold out against succumbing. Puck had managed to make it a full three weeks, but it was clear that in his second week his resolve was fading, especially when Master Schue instilled a piss-craving kink into him and forced him to become the room's urinal. It wasn't until Master Shue though threatened to give him the same shit-loving curse that Artie had that Puck had finally let himself surcame, everyone had their limits.

Both Blaine and Mike were in the center of the room, on their hands and knees with a double-ended dildo inside their asses. Mike had nipple clamps attached to his chest with metal weights hanging down (Master Schue had given him a pain kink) while Blaine had a face of constipation, his nipples dripping milk onto a small puddle beneath him. Unlike the rest of them, Blaine's transformation had been taken a step farther, and while he didn't have women's boobs, he produced milk like one, and needed to be milked by master like a cow.

Finn looked up at the clock and knew that the school day was over and Master Schue would be there any time. Like magic, the door sprung open and Master Schue came in. Excitement filled Finn like it did the rest of them, they had a real cock to play with now. And Finn knew that Master Schue would fuck him first, Master Schue always came to him first, he was Master Schue's favorite after all.   

Kurt was standing beside Mr. Schue ready for action also. Finn's step brother was dressed up in black leather that revealed a lot of skin including his bare ass. It was strange that Kurt had been the only one here not to find himself a cock hungry pussyboy, but instead Kurt had become the opposite of himself, domineering, mean and controlling, a perfect student for the master. It seemed that Kurt was growing more sadistic every day, and he turned most of that attention to Finn and Blaine.

"We have a surprise for you boys" Master Schue said as he waved his hand in the air giving a signal to whoever was behind him. One by one, on cue each member of the football team stepped into the class room, until all 48 of them were squeezed in there. Each of the guys only wore a jockstrap, so it was clear why they were here, and there was definitely going to be enough guys to go around. It wasn't long before Dave Kraofsky had his cock buried up Finn's pussy while Azimio rode him from the back, both guy's dirty, sweaty jock straps shoved in Finn's mouth where he sucked on them happily. His hunger for cock was being filled, though he knew his hunger for cocks would never be totally satisfied, like greed he would always want more and more and more.