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We All Fall Down

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Yoongi keeps track of the days by writing them in chalk on the floor of the abandoned mall parking deck they hid out in. Jungkook was always accidentally stepping on them, scuffing up the chalk and making it unreadable, but Yoongi thinks he's got the right date, give or take a few days. Seokjin tells him it's useless, there's no point in time or dates because they're not real and were social constructs to keep society in line before it fell apart, but Yoongi disagrees. He thinks the point of them was to keep people from going insane (he's pretty sure scribbling the date every morning when he wakes up is the only thing keeping him from snapping and shooting Namjoon in the face). So he does it anyway.


 It's May 16th, a Tuesday, when he and Taehyung are sent out to find food. Their supply is running dangerously low, and if they return empty handed this time, they'll have to start searching for a new city to stay in, and Yoongi really didn't want to deal with Jungkook crying for the first two weeks they move again.

The sun is high in the sky, warm and beating down on their heads as they walk through the empty streets of Seoul. Grass grows from the cracks in the cement, thick and long and reaching their hips. Taehyung is dragging his machete behind him, carving a white line in the broken concrete behind them. He's singing a song, something Yoongi thinks he remembers from years ago, but he's too lazy to remember it. It sounds nice in Taehyung's sweet, melodic voice, and Yoongi lets his thoughts wander as they go along their way.


Yoongi had always thought, when he was younger and he would read stories about an apocalypse happening, that empty cities would be creepy. Scary, daunting, abandoned buildings looming over him. Crows cawing in the distance. But once it had actually happened, it wasn't as creepy as he thought it would be. It's almost nice, complete silence except crickets and birds chirping and Taehyung's singing.


The silence is broken and Taehyung's voice cut off when they both hear the tell tale sign of someone running, soles pounding against the ground loudly. Taehyung freezes and turns to look at Yoongi, obvious panic in his eyes. Yoongi grabs his hand and runs into the nearest building- a convenience store. The display racks are thrown all over the floor, wrappers and empty food packages sprinkling the ground. Yoongi pushes one of the display racks up and shoves Taehyung behind it.


"Stay there," Yoongi snaps, and Taehyung nods, shrinking down.

Yoongi pulls his rifle from its sling, cocking it and crouching down in front of the door. He peers through the glass, looking both ways down the street.


Sure enough, there's someone sprinting down the street towards them. Yoongi squints trying to make them out. It's only when they come closer into view does he realize it's a girl.


She's tall, skinny, with short hair. She's wearing all black, her clothes torn in multiple places, and she's got several guns strapped to her biceps and thighs. She's gripping a knife in her right hand, and Yoongi can see what looks like blood soaking through the front of her shirt. 


Yoongi lowers his gun, eyes fixed on her. He hadn't seen a girl in years- an actual, real, human girl, not one of the ones in Namjoon's old Sports Illustrated magazines. Behind him, he hears Taehyung stand up, kicking the display out of the way and coming to stand beside him.


"Is that...?" Taehyung asks softly. It hits Yoongi that Taehyung hasn't seen a girl since he was 10 years old, when Mark found him on the side of the road in a car wreck and took him in.


"Yeah," Yoongi replies. They both stare as the girl comes to a halt a few feet from the convenience store, panting heavily. She bends over, one hand on her knee and one on the wound on her chest, and even from inside they can hear her wheezing for air.


"Should we help her?" Taehyung whispers.


Yoongi is torn. On one hand, he's seen what women are capable of. He saw his own mother slaughter his brother. He saw his old grade school teacher kill three men in one go. He saw Namjoon's sister try to kill him.


On the other hand, she was obviously seriously injured, and if they didn't help her now it was possible she'd die.


At that moment, the girl suddenly turns and locks eyes with Yoongi. Yoongi's blood runs cold, and he immediately throws a protective arm over Taehyung, pushing the younger behind him. He holds his breath, waiting.


The girl starts stumbling towards them, slowly. She looks like she's mouthing something, but when she opens her mouth she just spits up a bit of blood. Taehyung lets out a distressed, "Hyung!"


When the girl finally reaches the door, she lurches forward, bloody hand coming out to balance herself. She drags her fingers down the glass, eyes still on Yoongi, unfocused and blurry.


"Please..." She garbles through another mouthful of blood, and her eyes are wet with tears. "Help..."


Yoongi doesn't move, frozen in his spot. The girl starts sliding down the glass, crumpling to the ground, fingers smearing blood as she goes.


“Hyung, we have to help her!" Taehyung shouts, and before Yoongi knows what’s happening the younger is shoving past him, opening the door to kneel beside the girl. Yoongi only snaps out of it when the younger suddenly yells at him to fucking move , and Yoongi finally comes to, hurrying to Taehyung's side and kneeling down to lift the girl into his arms.


She's light, much smaller then him, and it feels weird for him. He's used to carrying Jungkook or Taehyung or even Namjoon if he's drank too much and refuses to get out of Yoongi's bed. He's not used to carrying something so soft, fragile, light.


"C'mon, we'll take her back," Yoongi orders, already heading in the direction they originally came from. "Maybe Seokjin can fix her up."


They're halfway there when the girl suddenly curls her fingers into Yoongi's shirt, looking up at him with half lidded, glazed over eyes. He looks back down, entranced by her soft features and big eyes. They're glazed over, covered in a white film, and Yoongi briefly wonders if she's blind.


"Th....Thank you..." She manages to breath out, before closing her eyes and going limp again.

"Are you fucking mentally deficient?!" Namjoon shouts when Yoongi comes back. "Did you bang your fucking head?! Why the fuck would you think it was a good idea to bring a woman back to our hide out?!"


"Hey, dickhead, calm down," Yoongi snaps. "She's seriously hurt, and Taehyung was worried."


"Who the fuck cares?! Who cares?! Why would you listen to him, he's a kid! God, you're seriously fucking messed up in the head!"


The girl was currently lying on Yoongi's bed (and by bed, he means one of the dirty old mattress they had managed to salvage from an abandoned apartment building when they’d first moved into the city). Yoongi had removed her shirt and tried his best to clean her wound (a deep looking slash below her right breast), and wrap her in gauze. She was left in her bra, ribs wrapped in a tight cloth that was slowly seeping through with blood. They were waiting for Seokjin to return from wherever the fuck he was, hoping that with his one and a half years experience in medical school, he might be able to help her.


Taehyung and Jungkook were crouching beside the bed, staring down at her like she was an alien. Jungkook kept reaching out and very, very gently pressing the tips of his fingers to her shoulder, then pulling them back like he had been burned. Taehyung was openly looking at her breasts, face contorted in a mix of confusion and glee.


Yoongi and Namjoon were on the opposite end of the deck. Yoongi sighs deeply, rubbing his forehead with the heel of his palm.


"Look, Namjoon," He begins. "She's dying. She asked me for help. I couldn't just leave her there. Plus, I think she was running from something."


"Great, so you've led whoever did this straight to us is what you're telling me?"


Yoongi hasn't seen the younger look this angry in a long time, and it makes him get knots in his stomach as he starts realizing just how stupid it was of him to bring this girl back.


"I'm sorry," Yoongi mutters. "I didn't know what else to do."


Namjoon groans, crouching down and putting his head in his hands. "You never think, hyung. What are we supposed to do if someone comes for her? Or if we heal her and she decides to kill us once she's healthy again?"


Yoongi doesn't respond. He steals a glance down the deck, at the two youngest boys staring at the girl's body. Something inside him twists as he sees dark red staining most of the gauze wrapped around her middle, and he just lets out a frustrated sigh, heading towards them and leaving Namjoon cursing behind him.


When he reaches them, Jungkook is explaining the anatomy of a woman to Taehyung, and Taehyung's eyes look like they're gonna pop out of his skull.


"Every single month?" He asks, looking stunned. "They bleed from their... things... every month?"


Jungkook nods solemnly. "And it's really painful, apparently. I think it has to do with having babies that makes them do that."


Yoongi smacks Jungkook on the back of the head, but there's no bite behind it. The younger whines, rubbing the spot, as Yoongi kneels down in front of the girl, examining her up close.


Age wise, she could be anywhere from 18 to 25. Her skin was pale and smooth and unblemished, long eyelashes brushing her high cheekbones and lips a soft pink color. Yoongi swallows hard, trying to look anywhere but her chest.


"What's her name?" Namjoon's voice suddenly rings from behind him, and all three of them jump. Namjoon's looking at the girl with weary apprehension, arms crossed and brow furrowed.


"I don't know," Yoongi mutters, turning back to her.


"Ask her," Namjoon says, coming a bit closer.


"How am I supposed to ask her? She's unconscious."


Before Yoongi knows what's happening, Namjoon is shoving past him, grabbing the girl by the shoulders and shaking her hard.


"Hey! Who are you!? What's your name!?" He yells as close to her face as he can, and Yoongi grabs him by the collar, throwing him off her with a snarled, "You stupid fuck!"


Namjoon shoots a glare at Yoongi, rubbing his shoulder.


"You're such an asshole!" Yoongi yells, at the same time Jungkook tugs on his shirt and whispers, "Hyung..."


The elder turns around, and the girl's eyes are open, staring up at them. Yoongi notices once again her eyes are glazed over in a white film. They're frozen in a stunned silence as she swallows and mumbles something unintelligible.


"What?" Taehyung gets down on his knees beside her. "What did you say?"


She lets out a small groan, her face twisting in pain, and then mumbles again, "Who... are you..."


"I'm V," Taehyung whispers, and Yoongi scrunches his nose at the old nickname he had given Taehyung years ago. "You're safe now."


"Where's Hoseok?" The girl asks, her voice slightly stronger this time. Taehyung glances at Jungkook, mouthing Hoseok? and Jungkook just shrugs, equally as confused.


"Um... we don't know where Hoseok is. You're hurt pretty bad, so we took you back to..." Taehyung trails off as the girls eyes flutter closed and she goes limp, falling unconscious once again.


"She's blind," Yoongi whispers. They all turn to look at him, surprised.


"How do you know?" Namjoon asks, his voice softer than before.


"Didn't you see her eyes? They were all cloudy. She's definitely blind."


Namjoon shifts awkwardly, glancing at the girl with suspicious eyes. Jungkook sits on the edge of the bed, beside her feet, and says, "We shouldn't do anything until Seokjin comes back."

By the time Seokjin returns (with fresh supplies, much to their delight), it's night time. The few flickering lights in the parking garage have turned on, and a few miles out the destroyed skyline of Seoul stands ominously against the night sky, pitch black, each building like a headstone, the city like a graveyard.


Seokjin doesn't even blink when Yoongi explains what happened, but when he leads him to the girl, there's a flash of surprise on his face. Yoongi assumes it's because Seokjin hadn't seen a woman in so long, but the elder didn't seem to have a problem as he immediately got his first aid kit and started unwrapping the gauze around her, exposing her bare chest as though it were nothing.


Yoongi hovers behind him, wincing at how deep and bloody the wound looks. He hears the two youngest boys shouting at Namjoon on the level below them, and Namjoon telling them they're too young to see real boobs yet.


Seokjin is using a tweezer and antibacterial wipe to clean out the wound when the girl wakes up with a gasp, eyes flying open. The elder flattens his free hand against her collarbones without missing a beat, gently pressing her against the bed so she can’t move. She struggles anyway, hissing in pain when she tries to twist away and Seokjin just continues tweezing at her wound like it’s nothing.


“Where am I?” She snaps out. “Who are you?”


Seokjin says nothing, just gives Yoongi a pointed look. Yoongi swallows hard, squatting down beside him and gingerly patting her knee.


“I-I’m Yoongi,” He stutters, and he briefly wonders if he should’ve used a fake name like Taehyung, but then he thinks, I don’t really care . “We found you in the city and you were pretty fucked up, so we took you back to ours. Jin’s gonna fix you up.”


He glances at Seokjin, whose threading a needle, as though to prove his words.


The girl takes a deep breath, seemingly trying to calm down. “How many of you are there?”


“Hm?” Yoongi frowns. “Does it matter?”

“Yes, it mat- fuck!” She curses loudly as Seokjin starts sewing up her wound, piercing the needle through her skin. “What if there’s a ton of you? What if you’re actually gonna kill me?”


“There’s only five of us,” Yoongi says exasperatedly. “And only me and Jin are actually competent. The other three are more like… comic relief.”


Seokjin snorts, and the girl freezes for a second, as though startled by the noise.


“What’s your name, though?” Yoongi rests his head in his hands, feeling more comfortable with the girl then before.


She hesitates, gritting her teeth as Seokjin sews up the last bit of her wound. Once he’s tied it into a knot and bit the excess thread off, she mutters, “Jimin”.

Over the course of the next week, Yoongi learns quite a bit about Jimin. After a heated argument with Namjoon and Seokjin (which mostly involved Namjoon threatening to strangle Yoongi multiple times and Seokjin swearing that he isn’t even going to risk talking in front of her because if she hears their voices then once she’s healed she’ll pick them off one by one, telling them apart from just hearing them talk), they decide Yoongi will be the one to look after her until she’s healed. And by look after, they really mean make sure she doesn’t try any funny shit. Especially with the youngest two, who suddenly turn into giggling schoolgirls whenever they’re around her, staring openly at her breasts and tripping over their own two feet.


Yoongi learns the other girls Jimin lives with have a hideout on the opposite end of the city. She won’t say where, snapping at him that he better not try to go after them, but he’s pretty sure Seokjin already knows the location because he plots everything they find in the city on a huge map he keeps beside his bed on the top level of the parking deck. He learns that she’s just a little younger then him, about Taehyung’s age, and he also learns the first time she killed a man was when she was 9. He gets chills down his spine as she proudly recalls it to him, and he’s embarrassed that he gets a tingling feeling in his lower body from her story. He blushes, and he’s glad she’s blind and can’t see it.


When the others return after the sun goes down about four days later (Saturday, because Yoongi’s still keeping track), he and Jimin are playing a hand game that involves slapping the other’s hands and pulling your own away before they could. Jimin was surprisingly very good at it, not needing to see and just going by the feeling of Yoongi’s palms on her own, slapping him so hard his skin turned red. She was laughing at him as he pouted and nursed his wounds, and he was trying not to think about how much he liked the sound of her laugh, when someone cleared their throat behind him.


He turned around and Seokjin was standing there, along with Jungkook, holding an armful of what looked like Twinkies. Seokjin had an eyebrow raised, and Yoongi tries not to feel like a child being scolded.


“Eat up,” Jungkook grins, dumping the Twinkies onto Jimin’s lap. “Hope you like sugar.”


Seokjin waves at Yoongi to follow him. Jimin is feeling through the Twinkies packages, and Jungkook is saying, “Yeah, there’s a bunch of different stuff, Snoballs, Cosmic Brownies, HoHos, Cupcakes”. Yoongi resists the urge to smack him over the head and joins Seokjin on the other end of the deck.


Seokjin is giving him a piercing look, and Yoongi squirms uncomfortably. After what feels like forever, he snaps out, “What is it?!”


The elder sighs, rubbing his forehead. “You’re not. Just. Don’t get attached to this girl, okay?”


Yoongi looks at him in surprise, but he feels something in his stomach drop at the words and he doesn’t like it. “What?”


“I mean, just now, you looked like you really liked her,” Seokjin says quietly. “And I don’t want you to do anything stupid like fall in love with her just because she’s the first girl in like ten years who hasn’t tried to stab you in the neck. She’s trouble.”


“I’m not gonna fall in love with her,” Yoongi mumbles, staring at his shoes. “That’s stupid.”


They’re both silent for a moment, Seokjin running his hands through his hair. When he pulls them out, Yoongi notices a few strands come out with them. He feels a twist of guilt at the sight. Seokjin had always looked out for him and the other boys and it definitely had to take a toll on him.


“I’m not gonna get attached to her, hyung,” Yoongi says, trying to sound as confident as he could muster. “I promise. I wouldn’t be dumb enough to let my guard down around a woman.”


Seokjin stares at him with that same piercing look, until finally he puts a hand on Yoongi’s shoulder. “I know. I just worry, is all.”


They both glance back at Jimin, who’s stuffing a Twinkie in her mouth, ignoring Jungkook as he prattles on about where they went in the city during the day. Yoongi doesn’t like Jungkook sitting that close to her, and he feels a little bubble of panic as he realizes that Seokjin might not be worrying over nothing.

Six days later and Jimin’s wound is healing well. Seokjin tells Yoongi to tell Jimin he can take her stitches out in the next few days, and she can probably leave next week. He sounds unsure as he says that last part, probably worrying that Jimin will go back to the other women she was staying with and just have them charge back here to kill them all. Yoongi wants to assure Seokjin that won’t happen, but he can’t exactly tell him the reason he thinks it won’t is because Jimin has is secretly an angel and her smile makes the sun’s rays dwarf in comparison. Yoongi is spiraling into a complicated pit of mixed up feelings for Jimin and guilt over said feelings because he told Seokjin he wouldn’t have them. He feels like banging his head against the concrete and what’s worse, he’s lost track of the days and he can’t remember if it’s Friday or Saturday again because Jungkook had, once again, stepped on his chalk calendar and reduced it to smears of dust on the floor.


It gets humid in the deck at night sometimes, so Yoongi helps Jimin up to the open top deck when she complains about how badly she smells and how much she was sweating. Seokjin’s bed and things are shoved into the corner. Yoongi notices Jimin’s knife and other various guns in a pile at the foot of it. He says nothing and let’s Jimin lay down on the mattress, sitting on the floor beside her.


“Lay with me,” She suddenly says, reaching out for him. Her hand gropes the air, and he shifts his arm to the left so she can grab it, tug on it until he squeezes himself onto the small mattress and lays beside her. She’s much smaller than him, his legs hanging off the edge while hers barely reach it.


They lay in silence for awhile, Jimin breathing evenly, and Yoongi’s sure she’s asleep until she suddenly says, “Tell me how the stars look.”


Yoongi frowns, wondering how to word it. “Um… they’re like tiny little dots of light. A star is actually a-”


“I know what a star looks like, dumbass,” Jimin snorts. “I meant tell me if you see any constellations. Tell me if the sky is clear. Count the stars for me.”


Yoongi wants to, but instead he blurts out, “Have you always been blind?”


Jimin stays quiet for so long, Yoongi thinks she isn’t going to answer. But then she whispers, “No” so softly he almost doesn’t hear it.


“You don’t have to tell me,” Yoongi feels like he’s asked her something very personal, but she continues.


“No, it’s fine. I was only blinded like, a year ago,” She takes a shaky breath, rubbing her temples. “Um. Some man blinded me while I was asleep. He ambushed our hideout in the middle of our night.”


Yoongi feels that same twist in his stomach he got when he had talked to Seokjin a few days ago. Something boils beneath his skin at the thought of a man breaking into Jimin’s hideout and attacking her in her sleep, and he feels slightly shocked to realize it’s anger.


“Coward didn’t even have the balls to attack me when I was awake,” Jimin mutters. “I don’t even know what he looked like. But that voice,” She shudders, movement racking her whole body, and Yoongi reaches out without hesitation to rub her arms soothingly. “I’ll never forget that voice.”


“Did any of the others see what he looked like?”


“My sister Hoseok only caught a glimpse. But she said he had a distinct scar on his elbow shaped like a heart.”


Yoongi stares up into the sky. It was perfectly clear, thousands of stars dotting the darkness and lighting up the skyline of the city in the horizon. Jimin lets out a shaky sigh, rubbing her eyes with the heels of her palms, and all Yoongi can think is he wishes he knew who the man with the scar was so he could give him a few more.

It all comes to an end on a Wednesday.


It’s about mid noon when Namjoon and the youngest two head out to scavenge for more food (something that isn’t fucking Twinkies, because if Yoongi has to eat one more he’s going to puke). Seokjin is asleep on the top level, and Jimin is just stirring when Yoongi comes back from escorting the other boys out, chewing on half a bagel he stole from Taehyung’s not-so-secret food stash.


“It’s so cold in here,” She complains, the first thing out of her mouth as soon as she’s oriented. “I need sunlight.”


Yoongi figures they’ve got another hour or so until Seokjin wakes up, and he’s a pretty heavy sleeper. He shrugs and helps her stand up, leading her up the stairs to the top level.


The sun is shining bright, warm and comforting. Seokjin sure enough, is still asleep in the corner, laying on his side and snoring lightly. He’s cuddling a gun to his chest, and Yoongi rolls his eyes at that, although it’s probably a good idea and he tells himself to remember that for later and start sleeping with a gun as well.


Jimin sits down in the middle of the deck, laying on her back and grinning as the sun shines down on her.


“It’s so nice,” She sighs. “I could just fall asleep here.”


Yoongi watches her with a strange feeling in his chest. His heart feels heavy, like a rock, but light at the same time, blowing up like a balloon when he looks at Jimin. He knows that Seokjin was right, he’s probably just developing feelings for her because she’s the first woman who hasn’t tried to kill him in ten years, but part of him thinks it’s different. Part of him thinks he really likes her because she’s… her. He swallows hard, turns away from the sight of her tan skin and shiny hair glowing in the sunlight.


He spots her guns by Seokjin’s bed. It reminds him that she’ll have to leave soon, that she’s not going to stay here and Seokjin could be right about her turning on them. But something inside him is telling him that she has to go eventually, he has to let her go, and so he walks over and picks one of her guns up, intent on returning them to her.


As he does, Seokjin rolls over in his sleep, snuffling. His back is facing Yoongi now. He’s topless, and when Yoongi glances to see if he’s awake, he notices a scar on his elbow.


A scar shaped like a heart.


Yoongi drops the gun, and it clatters to the ground loudly. Seokjin lets out another noise and suddenly sits up and immediately aims his gun at the sound. His hair is disheveled and he’s got marks on his face from where he slept, but his eyes are wide, gun pointed at Yoongi.


“Shit, Yoongi, you scared me,” He groans, lowering his gun and running a hand through his hair. Yoongi freezes, glancing over at where Jimin’s laying, her body gone still. “What’re you doing here?”


It happens so quickly. One second Jimin is a few meters away from them, the next she’s right there, shoving Yoongi out of the way and snatching her gun from him, cocking it and aiming it at Seokjin.


Seokjin’s eyes widen for a split second, and then he aims his own gun at her as well, and Yoongi is left on the ground beside the mattress, body feeling numb.


“You,” Jimin snarls. “I fucking knew it was you. The very first day I got here I knew it was you from the sound of your laugh.”


Seokjin has his eyes focused on her, but he says, “I told you she was trouble, Yoongi.”


Jimin lets out a hysterical laugh. “Me? Trouble? You fucking blinded me, you coward. And you’re the one who came back and stabbed me this time trying to finish the job. It’s ironic you’re also the one who fixed me up.”


Yoongi almost bites off his own tongue. “What?”


Seokjin doesn’t respond, face blank, and Yoongi feels like he’s gonna throw up. That day Taehyung and he had found her, she was running from something. His stomach flips as he realizes that something was Seokjin.


Yoongi’s broken out of his thoughts by the telltale click of a gun cocking. It feels like it’s happening in slow motion. He watches Seokjin’s index finger move, watches it pull the trigger, and just as the bullet fires out of the barrell, Yoongi throws himself in front of Jimin, shoving the girl to the floor. The bullet hits him with a force that knocks him down as well, and pain immediately blossoms from a spot in his lower stomach. He groans, head spinning from it. His limbs feel numb and heavy.


Jimin is there suddenly, cupping his face, filmy white eyes wet with tears. Her bottom lip trembles, and he wants to say so many things to her but he can’t find his voice and it hurts just to breathe.


“You stupid fuck,” Jimin whispers, and Yoongi doesn’t really have the energy to be offended. She leans down to brush her lips against his, fleeting and chaste. His heart is pumping madly just trying to keep him alive as his stomach bleeds out, and it seems to increase tenfold at the kiss.


A scrape of shoes against concrete alert them that Seokjin is close and moving, and Jimin pulls away, wiping her eyes getting to her feet. Yoongi can’t see anything other than the perfect, clear blue sky above him, his peripheral vision blurring and his ears ringing so he can’t even make out what they’re saying. His lips still feel like they’re tingling, and the pain is starting to fade away into a euphoric high.


Another gunshot goes off and Yoongi feels more than hears a body fall to the ground beside him, and his last thought before everything goes black is he wishes he knew whose body it was.