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Death Race

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When society is faced with an economical crisis beyond anything ever imagined the economy suffers through a total collapse causing unemployment and crime rates to skyrocket. For society to combat this it turns to unusual measures of profiting, one of them leading to the privatization of prisons for profits.

And so Death Race was born.

A race that is broadcasted for money, where the more you pay the more cameras you’ll have access to. It bases the show around not only the race itself but also the drama surrounding all of the racers, who’re all inmates at the Terminal Island Federal Prison.

It’s only natural that they’re rivals. Both of them having 4 wins each behind them means they’re only 1 win away from gaining their freedom. As are the rules of the Death Race, 5 wins and you’re free, no more prison life. But there can only be one winner so their competitive nature and hostile attitudes make sense. They’re both in it to win and they’re not about to just give up, not when they’re this close.

They’ve raced against each other countless times but the last many races it has always been either Jimin or Yoongi who’s won and this last race is like an ultimate showdown between them. It’s going to determine who’s the real winner between them.

They’ve passed the first out of the three rounds, six out of the sixteen racers have already died or gotten too injured to race, so they’re left with ten for the second round and both of them would prefer if all except them would be eliminated before the last round. It isn’t an uncommon thing, it’s happened many times before. A straightforward race between just the two of them would definitely be ideal; it would mean fewer distractions, more room to focus and to keep track of each other.

It’s the night before the second round and if Jimin’s currently on his way towards Yoongi’s “garage” inside the large factory hall where all of their repair shops are located no one really has to know. And if he’s planning on snatching a few things for his own ride no one really has to know that either. As he makes his way from his own garage down the hall to Yoongi’s he makes sure to keep looking out for himself, you never really know when any of the other fuckers will jump at you, being in prison isn’t exactly the safest place and it’s a lot less safe when you’re surrounded by various car reparation tools.

Luckily for Jimin tonight’s an unusually quiet night. It’s not like he’s alone but people are mainly within their garages and not out on the makeshift hallway. He reaches Yoongi’s shop rather quickly and as he expected it’s empty. He’d gotten a new kid on his repair team, Jungkook, to keep an eye on Yoongi and his crew to tell him when the coast would be clear and the kid had apparently done a good job so Jimin makes a mental note to thank him later.

Jimin slips inside the garage quickly and looks around to get an overview of the place. He’s pretty sure Yoongi stores his shit similarly to himself so he doesn’t hesitate when he heads towards a huge shelf containing a hell of a lot of boxes. He starts from the bottom and works his way up, looking through each and every box in search of what he came here for. He’s just managed to get from a crouching position to a somewhat upright one when he’s pulled by his shirt and practically slammed into the shelf.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing here?” Min Yoongi asks venomously.

Jimin doesn’t get nervous easily but he knows he’s fucked; Yoongi isn’t someone who messes around. He can already feel his instincts kick in, it’s either fight or flight and Jimin’s body has already decided. It’s fight.

It’s pretty difficult to fight when you’re being forcefully pressed against a shelf with you cheek almost merging into the contraption. So instead he waits, he knows it’s better to wait for the perfect opportunity and so he does.

“I fucking asked you a question Park Jimin” the blonde states through gritted teeth and if Jimin had said he wasn’t kind of scared shitless he would definitely be lying. But instead of admitting to anything he plays it off and he provokes the older male.

“Oh you know, I was just in the neighborhood and I thought I would come say hi to my favorite hyung” he says sweetly but the sarcasm is so thick you could probably cut it with a knife and Jimin had paid special attention to the honorific nickname because he knows just how much it ticks the elder off.

It earns him another rough shove into the shelf and he groans at the dull pain spreading through his body. It had definitely been worth it, riling up the elder may or may not be one of his favorite hobbies.

“Cut the crap and tell me what the fuck you’re doing in my garage” Yoongi nothing but growls at him and Jimin can’t help but to smirk a little to himself. He’d apparently annoyed the blonde more than he’d originally thought, not that he minded.

“Ah well hyung, I just came to borrow a thing or two and since we’re such good pals I figured you wouldn’t mind” Jimin answers, feigning innocence. His cockiness makes the older male turn him around, grabbing him by the throat as he pushes his back into the shelf instead.

“Don’t fucking play games with me” his tone is threatening and Jimin can practically see the fire burning in his gaze. It does scare him but there’s something so satisfying about riling up the blonde driver. And Jimin’s been generous with his smartass comments lately, which is probably why the older male is reacting so strongly.

“Me? Playing games? Never…” Jimin manages to say through the tightening grip on his throat with a smirk and a sly lick of his lower lip. If Jimin were to say he didn’t find the older pretty fucking attractive he’d be lying and if he’s currently trying to see how far he can push him who’s going to blame him?

It seems like Yoongi’s hit his limit. He no less but manhandles the younger by the strong grip on his throat, swinging him around, dragging him across the room and lastly smashing him facedown against the hood of his racecar. Jimin’s face is tightly pressed against the cool metal of the car as Yoongi keeps him firmly in place with one hand. His other hand moves to pin the younger’s wrists against his back so that he’s completely pacified.

“You know it’s funny ‘cause I’ve heard a few things about your… games” Yoongi murmurs out. Jimin can feel the anticipation thrumming through his veins out into every corner of his body and the older male’s tone of voice does nothing to counter that.

“And it’s interesting because here I was wondering why I was the only one missing out on the fun” he continues. His body is pressing closer to Jimin’s, he can feel the heat radiating off the younger and somehow he can’t help but to bask in the warmth.

“Hmm, I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you. I didn’t think you were this desperate hyung” Jimin says it with such mischief it makes something snap inside of Yoongi, he can’t stand this fucking brat, always acting so high and mighty when he’s so inferior to him, especially on the track. He presses Jimin’s face further into the cool metal of the car to accentuate the danger of the situation he’s currently in because it doesn’t seem like the younger realizes what he’s gotten himself into.

“Desperate? I think the only one who’s fucking desperate here is you”, he growls out. He’s going to show this kid what desperate means.

Although Jimin wasn’t initially here on that type of errand he can’t deny such a beautiful opportunity. He’s had his fair share of late night thoughts concerning the blonde and if his fantasies are about to come true who’s he to stop them?

Yoongi lets completely go of Jimin, taking a step back to admire him still pressed against the front of his precious baby. He can’t help but to admire the younger’s outstanding ass but he figures enough is enough. Stepping closer to the brunette again he lets his hands slide over that wonderful ass and lets them snake around his waist. He lifts Jimin back a little so that he can gain access to the front of his pants. He wastes no time as he unbuttons them and pulls them down far enough for him to have plenty of access.

He settles his left hand tightly on the younger’s hip and slowly strokes him through his underwear with the other. It earns him the wonderfully sweet sound of a quiet moan and he can’t help but to anticipate more of them. He’s stroking his thumb oh so slowly over the sensitive head of Jimin’s cock through his boxers and he knows by the small mewls and whines that he’s slowly driving the kid insane.

“You’re so desperate already. You were saying a lot of shit and now look at you, such a little slut for me”, he groans into Jimin’s ear as he presses his body closer to the younger.

Jimin’s done his fair share of weird and borderline kinky shit but the way Yoongi talks to him sends a shiver down his spine and he can’t hold back the desperate moan that leaves his mouth as he moves his hips into the blondes touch. It makes him go crazy and he can’t even find it in himself to be embarrassed about it because suddenly everything feels so much more intense and he needs more, he needs Yoongi so bad.

The older male smirks to himself priding himself in finding such an illicit weak spot.

“Did you like that, hmm? Does my Jiminnie like it when I call him dirty names? I didn’t think you were that type of guy but I guess you’ll be a good slut for me, right?” he mocks him as he lets his hand wander inside Jimin’s underwear, he’s stroking him fully now. Jimin tries to fuck into his hand but he warns him by tightening the grip on his hip, making sure to leave bruises in his wake.

Jimin’s whimpers are filling up the room and it’s sweet music in Yoongi’s ears. He feels powerful like this, like he finally gets to show this brat who’s in charge after weeks of listening to his smartass remarks. He’s going to positively ruin him.

“What’s that? Don’t have anything to say anymore? Come on baby boy I thought you were going to show me how desperate I am for you” he keeps taunting the brunette, he wants him fall apart under the touch of his hands and the words on his tongue. He can feel Jimin trying to fight against his hold, wanting so badly to up the pace, to be free of the excruciatingly slow jerk of Yoongi’s hand.

“P-please” he manages to stutter out, a blush spreading on his cheeks from embarrassment. He hadn’t expected Yoongi to be this twisted, to want to show off his power so badly and worst of all was that he didn’t mind it… Not even one bit.

It had the complete opposite effect of what Jimin had wanted because Yoongi’s hand stops moving all together and the brunette lets out a disappointed whine.

“What was that?” Yoongi asks, his voice dangerously low. Jimin just whines in response too frustrated by the loss of friction to answer. He’s thrown out of the loop when Yoongi’s hand moves from his cock to his ass earning him a sharp slap across the ass cheek. He yelps at the stinging pain pressing further into the hood of the car.

“I said what was that?” Yoongi’s tone is threatening and Jimin’s can feel it surging through his veins spreading liquid fire in its wake, he’s burning up with want and all he needs is for the older male to touch him.

“P-please, please, please Yoongi. Please touch me, j-just touch me properly” the brunette manages to scramble out through soft whimpers, his voice shaking from his almost frantic desire.

Yoongi can’t help but to smirk to himself, it’s admirable how quickly the younger’s demeanor had crumbled beneath his actions and he would be lying if he said he wasn’t feeling a tiny bit proud of himself. He gives Jimin’s cheek another, yet softer, slap before taking a step back. Jimin’s whining again and looks at him with pleading eyes but his whimpering stops as soon as he sees the older pulling out a small bottle of lube from his back pocket. Instead he raises a questioning eyebrow at him to which Yoongi just smirks.

“You’re not the only one who fucks around in this place. I should thank you really, your new kid’s been quite the experience, so please do give Jungkook my regards when you return to your filth of a garage” Yoongi says nonchalantly as he coats his fingers thoroughly. Jimin doesn’t even get a chance to react before there’s a slender finger teasing at his rim and all other thoughts are forgotten immediately. Although Yoongi’s all for rough and dirty he takes his time prepping him properly. He’s easing in one finger at the time slowly dragging them across the walls inside the younger as he gently scissors him. It’s not very comfortable at first and Jimin’s biting his lip to keep his noises at bay but it could’ve been a lot worse and soon enough pain mixes with pleasure and he finds himself unable to hold back his pants.

As Yoongi adds a third finger he starts curling them inside the brunette, searching for that one spot that’ll definitely edge him closer. He registers Jimin’s moans and heavy panting and he knows that he’s enjoying himself but he wants to overwhelm him, he wants him to beg and plead for Yoongi to let him come, so he keeps searching. When Jimin suddenly surges forward, fingers trying to get a grip on the metal underneath him Yoongi knows he’s found it. He hears Jimin curse under his breath and he can’t help but to smile at his success.

“Do you like that baby boy?” the blonde asks, his tone nothing less than taunting. He lets his fingers drag across Jimin’s prostate again and again and Jimin’s moans are getting louder and louder but Yoongi’s not satisfied yet, he’s not about to let the brunette come. He slows down again, lazily pumping the three fingers shallowly in and out of Jimin who’s whining beneath him.

“Tell me what you want Jiminnie, use your words” he whispers into his ear with the same taunting tone from before. Jimin lets out what sounds like a broken sob as he tries to speak when Yoongi gets treacherously close to his prostate but purposely misses it.

“What are you saying? I can’t hear you. Are you going to be a good slut for me and tell me what you want or are you going to disobey me?” he asks this time tone more serious than smug.

“P-please I… I need” Jimin tries to utter out but he can’t focus with Yoongi’s fingers so close to where he so badly needs them to be.

“Tell daddy what you need” Yoongi knows he’s going out on a limb but there’s something about the way Jimin looks and the way he acts that brings out the absolute worst in him and he can’t even find it in himself to feel bad about it. Especially not when Jimin’s response is a string of curses and a push of his hips trying to fuck himself on the elder’s fingers.

As the nickname flows from Yoongi’s mouth Jimin feels the burning desire settle deep in his bones, suddenly everything is too overwhelming and he can’t focus on anything but the wonderfully torturous pleasure coursing through his veins never quite fulfilling him as much as he needs it too. He’s not even trying to hold back his moans anymore, he wants the blonde driver to know exactly how much he needs him but apparently moaning isn’t good enough for Yoongi.

“F-fuck” he starts, “I need it… I need you, please. I need you to fuck me” he pleads desperately and finally Yoongi loosens his grip on the younger’s hip and he lets him fuck himself against his slender fingers.

Yoongi figures he’s teased the brunette long enough and to be honest the erection straining against his uncomfortably tight jeans isn’t exactly pleasant so he’s more than happy to comply. Jimin lets out a whine as the older male pulls out his fingers. He quickly wipes them on his jeans not caring about them getting dirty and pulls out a condom from his back pocket. Jimin’s eyeing him from where he’s leaned over and as he catches sight of the condom he shakes his head.

“No, don’t wear that. I want to feel you inside, I want to feel it when you come” he blurts out quickly. The blush that paints his cheeks afterwards is violently red and Yoongi is taken aback for a second by the bluntness of the younger. He’s not about to complain though, so he discards the condom on the ground and makes quick work of his jeans and underwear.

He settles one hand back on Jimin’s hip and uses the other to guide himself inside the younger’s tight hole. He lets out a soft hiss as the tight suffocating heat envelops him, he bottoms out slowly making sure Jimin has time to get used to being filled up completely. He grabs him by the neck and adds pressure so the brunette is trapped between him and the car, he snakes his other arm around the hip so he can pull him closer and buries his cock deeper inside of him. Jimin lets out a broken moan thoroughly enjoying the close contact between them, relishing in the feeling of Yoongi’s chest pressed tightly against his back and his cock buried deeply inside of him.

“Move” he moans out after a while, although he’s enjoying himself he wants the blonde to drive him crazy, to wreck him completely. Although Jimin can’t see it Yoongi lifts an eyebrow at the command. He’s not about to let this brat order him around.

He moves his hand to grab a hold of Jimin’s throat instead, grip tight and secure so that he’s sure he’s cutting off at least a tiny bit of Jimin’s oxygen supply. The brunette’s taken by surprise and tries to gasp through the grip but it comes out raspy and troubled instead as he fights against the tightness around his throat.

“Who the fuck said you could command me around like that? Did I allow you to do that? I don’t think I did, so be a good boy for me and keep that smart mouth of yours shut unless I tell you otherwise, understood” he sneers out. He starts pounding roughly into the younger at a punishingly slow pace, he’s edging his hips trying his best to hit his prostate, not always succeeded but when he does he’s rewarded with a few broken moans from the younger.

“I asked you a fucking question” he tightens his grip slightly to threaten him a little, showing him that disobeying his orders have consequences. He keeps rocking into the heat of the younger and he knows it’s an excruciatingly frustrating pace he’s set but he doesn’t give a fuck, he needs to discipline this kid.

“Y-yes, fuck, yes” Jimin scrambles out, voice raspy from Yoongi’s hold.

“Yes what?” Yoongi asks with a particularly hard thrust.

“Yes daddy, yes, yes daddy please” Jimin is frantic by now, he’s so close but so far at the same time and it’s so frustrating, he just wants to come. He needs release.

“That’s my baby boy” Yoongi praises. He loosens his grasp around the younger’s throat but still keeps his hand gently around it as a reminder that if the kid does something wrong consequences will follow.

Yoongi starts fucking him properly, gradually upping the pace and Jimin can feel that unmistakable heat building in his stomach, he’s pushing his ass back against the older trying to get him as deep inside of him as he can. Yoongi’s groaning into his ear and the deep voice of the driver is driving him crazy. He can’t hold it back anymore he wants to come so badly.

“Please, d-daddy, I need to come, I want to come” he begs through moans and pants. He moves to jerk himself of but it only earns him a warning growl from the older and a tightening of the grip on his throat and he quickly places his arm back against the car with a disappointed whine.

“I don’t think you deserve to come, do you?” Yoongi grits out. He’s fucking the younger relentlessly now and he knows he’s expecting to much from him by asking him not to come but he can’t bring himself to care.

“P-please, I swear I’ll be good, I’ll be so good for you only for you” Jimin’s pleading desperately, tears gathering in the corners of his eyes.

“I don’t think you deserve it, I know you’ve let just about everyone in this prison fuck your tight ass. You’re such a little slut but no one fucks you as well as I do, do they?” Yoongi is pushing it but what would the purpose of this be if he didn’t make a point out of lecturing the brat?

“No, no, fuck no they don’t, daddy please” tears are flowing down his full cheeks now and Yoongi can’t help the satisfaction that flows through his veins at the sight of the broken boy.

“I bet you like this, being fucked raw in a filthy garage by our biggest competition. I bet you fucking love it like the dirty boy you are” Yoongi whispers into his ear, he’s brushing against Jimin’s prostate so often now and the younger can’t hold back anymore as he comes all over Yoongi’s car broken sobs and strings of curses falling from his sinful lips. He’s clenching so tightly around Yoongi and the blonde only manages to thrust in a few more times before his coming deep inside his baby boy with a loud groan.

Jimin is completely lax underneath him even as Yoongi pulls out and puts a little bit of distance between the two of them.

“Hmm, I’m disappointed Jiminnie. I don’t recall allowing you to come” he says, tone dangerous but unrecognizable to Jimin. The younger looks at him with wide eyes and supports himself on his elbows resting against the car.

Yoongi just flashes him a smile as he pushes him flat down against the hood again. He kneels behind the younger, grabs his ass cheeks and spreads them apart admiring his slightly abused hole. He blows on it and Jimin lets out a soft whimper, he can’t help but to smile for himself before he licks a teasing strip across the rim.

Jimin whimpers again fists clenching and the feeling of the blonde’s tongue against his stretched hole. Yoongi licks him tentatively a few more times each time earning a louder moan from the brunette. When he places his mouth over the rim and sucks Jimin lets out a unmistakable sob.

Yoongi slowly pushes his tongue inside Jimin’s heat slowly lapping up the remains of his own cum that hadn’t leaked out and down Jimin’s thigh. It’s not the most pleasant taste but there’s something so arousing about such a filthy act and he finds himself enjoying it thoroughly. So is Jimin it seems, he moaning and begging by the feeling of Yoongi’s tongue inside him.

Yoongi earns another sob as he pushes in a slender finger along with his tongue. He’s searching around until he finds that one spot that almost makes Jimin scream. He’s sobbing again, begging Yoongi to stop, telling him it’s too much and his tears are flowing freely down his face but Yoongi has no intention of stopping.

Jimin is so aroused and his erection is almost painfully hard but he’s so torn, he wants to come so bad but it’s too much, everything is so overwhelming and he’s begging and pleading Yoongi to stop. Yoongi’s finger is gracing over his prostate continuously until Jimin’s orgasm is wrenched out of him and he comes on the car again, sobbing out a mixture of Yoongi and daddy.

Yoongi pulls away again and as he stands up he admires the younger who is completely wrecked against his precious car and if he lets a small smile adorn his face no one has two know.

“Come on baby, let’s go get cleaned up” he says softly after putting on his own clothes to Jimin who’s still resting against his car. Jimin just hums in response and Yoongi shakes his head a little.

He scoops him up bridal style and carries him to the nearest bathroom, making sure he gets all cleaned up. He even carries him to his cell, placing him gently on the bed after he fell asleep in his arms.

Yoongi knows this is a dangerous game, he knows that they’ll compete solely against each other after round 2. He knows that only one of them will be able to win, be able to live. And he knows that it’s not going to be him.