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Growing Up

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Jason woke to the sight of his boyfriend sleeping soundly beside him. Lances of light pierced the window signaling the coming of dawn. Jason smiled tiredly, his hand coming to rest on Dick’s face, thumb stroking idly over his cheek. Dick gave s soft, contented hum as he woke, staring at Jason, his eyes half open, a smile tugging at his lips.

“G’morning,” Dick murmured. Jason smiled at him and leaned forward, pressing a tender kiss to his lips.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” Dick stretched a bit, followed by a yawn as he scooted closer to Jason, snuggling up against him.

“Nah. But this is a nice way to wake up,” Dick said softly, stealing a kiss. Jason’s smile brightened a bit, and he opened his mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by the sounds of crying; the baby was awake. He sighed deeply and sat up, pushing Dick back down onto the bed.

“It’s okay, I’ve got him,” Jason said. Jason pulled himself out of bed and pulled on a pair of black pajama bottoms, shuffling out of the bedroom and down toward Kaden’s room. He slipped inside to find the infant crying and squirming in his crib.

“Morning champ,” he said with a smile reaching down and picking the crying child up. He made soft cooing sounds before moving back out into the kitchen, rocking the baby in one arm and fixing the coffee pot with the other. It had been two months since he’d brought baby Kaden home. He had been so hesitant at first; he definitely wanted Kaden, to be the father his own wasn’t, but if he was honest, he had also been scared. What if he fucked up? What if he was a bad dad? He was still processing the idea of even being a dad. But he knew two things for certain; he liked being a dad, and he loved this little boy.

He knew raising a kid wouldn’t be easy, but he wanted to raise his son. Lord knew he was not the most fit parent; he wasn’t exactly the picture of good mental health. He had his insecurities and his issues, the put it mildly. He was the Red Hood, a murderous vigilante, though he had curbed his killing significantly. And then there was Bruce. Jason found that he was not as angry with Bruce as he once was, but instead...scared of him.

Once again, Jason was not exactly fit to raise a kid, and Bruce had power, influence, money...if he wanted to take Kaden away, he could. And considering their shared history, it would seem like the wisest course. So yeah, Jason was, on the inside, terrified that Bruce might try to take Kaden away. But so far, he’d shown no inclination to do so, but instead, interjected himself at every opportunity to help him. To help him and Dick. His boyfriend. That was another thing that’d take time to get used to, but he was happy with Dick, happy that the man had stayed with him, despite everything.

Jason was pulled from his thoughts when Kaden started to fuss. Jason hummed to him, a tune his mother used to hum to him, and prepared a bottle for the child. He moved into the living room and sat on the couch, cradling the baby in his arms as his chubby little hands took the bottle. Jason smiled a genuine smile as he stared down at that tiny little face. Kaden burped and dropped the bottle on the couch, then giggled at his father. Jason chuckled, smile widening as he kissed the baby’s forehead.

“I’ll protect you Kaden. No matter what,” Jason said softly, as he started to hum to the child again.

“Dada,” Kaden babbled, making the smile on Jason’s face brighten even more if that were possible. Jason continued to hum to him while the baby’s little arms and legs kicked, squirming in Jason’s arms, but content, looking up at his father with his blue eyes that Dick insisted were his father’s.

Dick stood in the doorway, smile plastered across his face as he just watched the sight before him. Jason rarely smiled like that; a genuinely happy smile, no hint of lust, cockiness, or smugness behind it. Just pure happiness. He didn’t get to see Jason smile like that often, but when he did, he preserved those moments in his mind, the most precious of his memories. Jason was beautiful like this, smiling happily, cradling his son in his arms, he almost didn’t want to disturb him.

“Hey,” Dick finally called. Jason looked up, smile still intact as Dick moved across the room and sat down beside Jason, kissing Kaden;s forehead.

“You’re beautiful, y’know. All fatherly like this, and happy,” Dick said softly, stealing a kiss. Jason hummed contentedly as their lips met. He followed after Dick, deepening the kiss a little, Dick’s hand cupping the back of his neck, thumb stroking over the soft skin. Kaden giggled happily and the two of them parted to look down at the little boy.

“You like it when daddy kisses papa?” Jason asked with a small smile. Jason kissed him again and Kaden giggled again. Dick chuckled in amusement and gently patted Kaden's hair.

“I want this, Dick,” Jason suddenly said, looking down at Kaden. Dick gave Jason an inquisitive look. Their eyes met and Jason continued “a family. You, me, Kaden. I’ve never been my life.”

“Wow. Getting soft on me Jaybird?” Dick teased, a grin tugging at his lips, Jason snorted.

“Way to ruin a moment you ass.”

“Language,” Dick warned.

“Bite me.”

“Maybe later.”

Jason looked back down at Kaden, who looked like he was going t pass out again, then back to Dick.

“I’m serious though. I know I’m not exactly stable-”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Dick joked, earning a jab in his side from Jason

“But I’ to give this a shot. Do you...think you’d want that?” Jason asked, a gentle blush blossoming on his face. Dick smiled, his heart doing backflips. He wanted to tease Jason just a little more, because it was so fun, but instead, he opte to kiss him.

“I’d like that.” Jason smiled warmly as his eyes returned the his sleeping son’s face.

“I want to be a good dad, Dick. I want...I don’t want my life for him. I want to protect him from all the shit I went through, y’know? This is chance to do things right. To...I just...dammit,” Jason said softly, a frustrated growl escaping him when he couldn’t find the right words. Dick smiled at him again, hand cupping the man’s face, turning him so he could look him in the eyes. Then he leaned forward and place a chaste kiss on his lips.

“I know what you mean, Jaybird. And you’ll be a great dad. You’re doing great right now,” Dick said softly. Jason smiled again, stealing yet another kiss.

“You tell anyone about this and I’ll kick your ass,” Jason said warningly, his tone holding some playfulness as he rocked the sleeping baby in his arms. Dick chuckled in amusement and cuddled a little closer to Jason.

“Your secret is safe with me.”

“Love you.”

“Love you too.” Jason looked down at Kaden and hummed softly to him.

“And I love you too, kid.”