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The Wolf and His Boy

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Something wet and slimy smacked Jensen in the jaw and he blinked, shaking the wistful daydreams from his mind and forcing his gaze over to his brother. His entire family was laughing and Jensen tried not to scowl as he lifted his napkin and wiped at the smear of jelly his brother had just launched at him with a spoon. If he had been the one to throw food like that, his parents probably would have grounded him for a month.

But nothing could really bring down Jensen’s good mood. After running for his life earlier, he’d spent a good part of the afternoon with Jared - his wolf - in the safe seclusion of the woods. He could still feel the lingering heat of Jared’s body as he leaned against him in the clearing, stroking his fingers through surprisingly soft fur, wherever it wasn’t matted in place. Jensen had occasionally spoken about himself, told Jared about the things he liked and the life he lived, but mostly he’d simply soaked in the comfort of having the wolf there with him and feeling for once like he truly belonged somewhere.

Certainly that place wasn’t here, where his family was laughing at him and his parents hadn’t even noticed his extended absence after school.

“What are you thinking about anyway, Jenny?” Josh asked with a smirk, stuffing a large bite of mashed potatoes into his mouth.

Jensen felt the rise of a flush up his cheeks and he ducked his gaze, shrugging his shoulders as casually as he could. “Just school stuff.”

“Ah, typical Jensen, the only kid I know who actually thinks about school once the day’s done,” Dad teased and everyone laughed again.

Tears burned along Jensen’s eyes, surprising him, and he tried to sink lower in his chair to hide from the mocking laughter. Sometimes he didn’t think his family was purposefully being mean, he was pretty sure they loved him... pretty sure. But he could never understand why they poked fun at him so often. He didn’t really feel like he deserved it.

“We were studying shapeshifters,” Jensen blurted out as the laughter trailed off, glancing once up at his parents before looking away. “I was um, I was wondering... is it true they can, they could change others by biting them? They could make other shapeshifters?”

“Disgusting things,” Mom huffed and shifted around in her chair, reaching out for the serving platter of green beans. She never did like talking about shapeshifters so Jensen turned his gaze to his dad curiously instead.

“It was true.” Dad nodded slowly and poked his fork into his chicken, scoffing a moment later. “Why do you think they became such a threat? Their species had to be eliminated before they could turn innocent humans to their ways. It was like a disease, the only way to control absolute outbreak was to wipe out the original carriers.”

Jensen had to bite his tongue and grip the sides of his chair painfully hard to keep from shuddering. The way his father said it was so dismissive. It was horrible. Jensen didn’t understand how anyone could think so negatively about another person, whether they were a different species or not.

“But,” Jensen began quietly even though his parents had shifted the conversation on to something else. “Why did the government have to wipe them all out? I mean... it just doesn’t seem right. Not all that long ago people had a really negative view of black people and they were treated horribly but with time, and a lot of hard work, we managed to learn to accept them as equal right? Why couldn’t we do that with shapeshifters? We could have at least given them some of the things they wanted, like not make them wear the collars. It’s like the way Hitler made Jews wear the stars on their coats, we all think that’s horrible now, right?”

When Jensen finally finished his ramble, a little too aware of how his voice had risen as he spoke, heightening with passion, he was almost afraid to look up. A quick glance up told him his entire family was staring at him, all wearing similar expressions of shock and disbelief. Like Jensen saying those things was some type of violent act.

“Freak,” Josh finally muttered, shaking his head and returning to eating his food.

“Jensen...” Mom didn’t correct Jeff, Jensen wasn’t really expecting it, and when she shook her own head disapprovingly Jensen was pretty sure it was directed toward him. “You’re just too young. You can’t possibly understand how filthy and horrible those creatures were. The things they did. You just don’t get it.”

“I do get it. I could-”

“Enough, Jensen,” Dad interrupted with a half yell, his hand slapping hard down on the table. “I will not have this discussion here at our dinner table. Now you can just clear off your plate and head up to your room for the night.”

Jensen wasn’t done eating, not even close, but he wasn’t really hungry anymore either. The way his family reacted to shapeshifters, even twenty years after they were all supposedly wiped out, made him sick to his stomach. He wasn’t sure he wanted to be part of a race that would so openly scorn and hate another; it just wasn’t right.

He rose without a word and gathered his plate, carrying it over to the kitchen and dumping the leftover food in the trash. From the dining room he could hear the swell of his family’s voices as they started up talking once more, Jensen forgotten the moment he left the room. He’d always known, but now more than ever he felt he really didn’t belong in this household, in this world. If he weren’t there, they could clearly carry on without him.

Once his dish was in the sink Jensen headed silently up the stairs, leaving the light off in his room and kicking out of his jeans. He just wanted to curl on his blankets and dream about Jared, imagine that warm silky tongue sliding over his skin.

Just thinking about Jared had him moving over to the window, staring out at the woods sadly. His hand pressed against the cool glass pane and, as he watched, the bushes along the forest edge shifted and parted. All the sadness and loneliness eased from Jensen as Jared stepped into his line of sight, looking up at him, eyes nearly sparkling in the moonlight.

“Jared,” Jensen whispered though there was no way the wolf could hear him. Somehow, Jensen thought Jared already knew.


It wasn’t like Jared hadn’t known just how bad Jensen’s family was. He had heard the boy mention it on several occasions and even witnessed a few things. But he wasn’t really prepared to have the ideas proven so clearly to him. Maybe it was exactly what Jared needed, to allow himself the boy as his own for good, but it still hurt to see and hear so clearly.

Jared wasn’t entirely sure when Jensen was released from his school for the day and, two days after their last encounter in the woods, Jared was practically itching to see the boy. So he’d taken up his usual hiding place in the bushes behind their family home, nose turned up to the air to catch any hint of the boy coming his way.

When the back door opened he perked up, hoping to see the familiar lithe lines of the boy, but it was Jensen’s parents instead. Jared slid half a step back to ensure he wouldn’t be seen and even considered turning to leave when Jensen’s name caught his attention.

“I just don’t understand Jensen,” the mother said with a heavy sigh, dropping to her knees in front of a flower bed. “How is he even part of our family?”

“Well you’re the one who gave birth to him,” the father added with a laugh that sounded far too cold to Jared’s ears, despite how long it had been since he’d interacted with adults of any sort. “Are you sure you weren’t sleeping with the milkman or something back then?”

“If only it were so easily dismissed.” When the mother laughed it sounded just as cold as her spouse’s and Jared clenched his teeth, barely swallowing a low growl. “He just... he’s so disappointing. No passion or hobbies, no skills in anything outside obsessing over something ridiculous like those damn mutts. What will he even amount to?”

“Well, like I’ve always said, he’ll be the one still living at home when he’s thirty.” The father joined her on the ground and if Jared was a little more reckless he might have jumped over the back fence and attacked the two. It was horrible what they were saying about their child and Jensen was so special, so wonderful, so sweet and kind and loving. How could they possibly not see all that?

“Oh no, we can’t possibly have that. I can barely imagine spending the next five years with him until he turns eighteen. We’ll just have to charge him rent or something, get him to move out the minute he graduates.”

“Maybe we could look into private boarding schools? Just think how nice it would be to send him off somewhere else to finish his schooling. Then we wouldn’t have to deal with calls from the school. It’s not our fault if he can’t stand up for himself.”

“I just don’t see why he can’t be more like Josh or Mackenzie. I’m fairly sure even Mackenzie could take down those kids that are picking on him.”

“Well he’s just so small and scrawny. It’s no wonder he can’t hold his own. Maybe I really will research the boarding school thing.”

“I’d be willing to pay the extra amount if it meant having him out of our hair.”

Jared couldn’t stand to hear anymore. He turned sharply and bounded off through the woods, just to keep himself from doing something drastic. Some little part of him had thought maybe the boy was exaggerating about how awful his family was, but this was proof enough. No part of him was hesitant about taking Jensen from his home now. It was just about finding the right moment, then he would give Jensen everything he deserved.


The burst of sunshine breaking through the trees made Jensen smile even as he closed his eyes and shifted his head on Jared’s side. The wolf smelled pleasant, like the crisp water from the nearby steam, and Jensen’s grin grew. “Did you take a bath?”

Beneath his head the wolf’s chest shook as he huffed a breath. Jensen spent a lot of time guessing what each little noise Jared made meant. Their time together was often limited; even now Jensen was risking it, he’d run to his Grandma’s house and rushed out just as quickly. If he wanted to actually have food for dinner before his parents cleaned it all up, he was going to need to head home soon.

But not yet.

Laughing, Jensen rolled over and flopped over Jared’s back, working his fingers through surprisingly smooth fur. “You did! How in the world did you brush your hair out?”

Jared rolled with him, pushing and nudging at Jensen’s middle then yapping softly. Jensen’s cheeks hurt with the force of his smile as Jared’s wagging tail smacked into his side. He really wanted to know the answers to some of his questions but just having Jared there was worth it.

“I could brush your hair sometime,” Jensen murmured softly and stood, stroking his fingers just behind Jared’s ears. When Jared sat their eye line was nearly even and something about that made heat burn through Jensen. Just like the look he caught in Jared’s eyes sometimes, like the wolf was trying to claim him through that one gaze alone.

Like now, as his fingers carded slowly through soft fur and Jared shifted closer, dragging his tongue in gentle sweeps over Jensen’s skin. It was easy to turn into the warm touch, second nature to feel the flutter of pleasure at the heat.

“Jared,” he whispered and bit down on his lip, shifting from foot to foot as the pleasure continued to burn and his jeans started to get a little uncomfortable. It kind of always came to this point but Jensen had always tried to hide it, never wanting the wolf to see just how out of control of his body he was.

Apparently he didn’t need to try and hide, Jared seemed to already know. At least Jensen thought he knew as the wolf’s head dipped down, nosing along his chest, down his stomach, then across his crotch. Jensen gasped and swayed back a step, his eyes fluttering closed at the following crashing wave of heat.

“Oh god,” Jensen gasped and reached down, fumbling quickly with the button and zipper on his jeans, almost desperate for some release. “I... Jared? Can, can you um... help? I know it’s not- could you?”

He wasn’t entirely sure what he was asking for, didn’t know how to put it into words, but the moment he slipped his aching hard cock from the soft cotton of his briefs Jared was moving forward. That familiar heat of the wolf’s tongue slid across his cock, sending with it shocks that tingled up through Jensen at a pace that was enough to cause his entire body to shudder.

“Oh my god,” Jensen moaned and stroked slow along the base of his cock, leaving enough room for Jared’s tongue to ghost across his skin. It was too much and not enough, better than anything Jensen had ever felt. Jared’s tongue was silky against the head of his cock, gathering up the rising swell of pre-come.

His orgasm was rising through him far too quickly, Jensen’s moans growing louder as his hips thrust up into the lose curl of his fingers and the heat of Jared’s tongue. The steady lap of his wolf’s tongue picked up speed and Jensen’s free hand curled at the top of Jared’s head, threading through fur and tugging as his release reached its peak.

Jensen had definitely never come so hard before, not even when he was imagining Jared being knotted in him. It was absolutely perfect and sucked all the strength from his knees, causing him to sink down into a heap the moment his body stopped twitching. “That was...” he panted softly and leaned against Jared’s side, closing his eyes, not minding the dreamy smile on his lips. “Jared, please be mine forever, okay? I promise to be yours.”

The wolf twisted around to curl against him, almost like he was holding Jensen and that was just kind of perfect.


The taste of Jensen’s flesh and release was lingering on Jared’s tongue and he hoped it stayed that way. Even as he trailed the boy to the edge of the woods he didn’t want to ever forget the sharp salty wisps of come. It was everything he’d already come to love about the boy and he wanted so much more. How could he not?

“I wish I could do something for you,” Jensen said softly, stopping a few feet from his backyard where he was still hidden from view. He turned to Jared and leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to his muzzle. “I want to give you pleasure.”

You do, Jared thought, but he of course it was nothing he could say. Sometimes he imagined changing back to his human form, just so he could speak with the boy but every time he even got, close fear curled painfully hard through him. What would Jensen say if he saw the real him? Would Jensen be more scared than he ever had been with his wolf form?

“Maybe sometime I can.” Jensen shrugged and slid his arms around Jared’s neck, tugging him close for a hard hug. “I hope I see you again soon.”

Jared licked along Jensen’s jaw because it was his own special way of saying goodbye. His tongue ghosted familiarly over the smooth skin and his tail moved in a slow wag as Jensen’s lips formed in a near dreamy smile.

“I’m so glad you came into my life,” Jensen whispered softly and kissed between his ears once more before stepping back, grinning brightly at Jared. “Bye, Jared.”

Dipping his head in a nod, Jared watched as Jensen turned and weaved through the woods, pulling open the gate to his backyard a moment later. As was becoming his usual routine, Jared took up a place in the bushes where he could see the boy’s house and his window clearly. More often than not he continued to watch until the light in Jensen’s room was turned off, sometimes even hours later just to know his boy was asleep and resting peacefully.

As he watched he thought of his den, the home he was creating for his mate. One day, soon, Jared would take Jensen there and never let him leave. Until then he’d simply continue to watch.


Jensen could hardly believe he’d known Jared, his wolf, for almost a month. Sure a lot of those days passed without a visit with the wolf; it wasn’t always possible to sneak away and know Jared would remain safe even if his family didn’t usually care where he was. The last thing he wanted was someone getting curious about his trips into the woods; just the thought of Jared being discovered made his heart lurch unpleasantly.

But the time he had spent with Jared was amazing. Even if the wolf couldn’t speak to him, even if they sat in the grass in silence, it was perfect in his mind. Because just being in Jared’s presence made him feel like a happier person. At least it didn’t feel like Jared was ever mocking or teasing him. Each time his tongue slid over Jensen’s skin it felt loving and gentle and Jensen was sure the wolf cared for him.

In a few weeks time he felt like his entire world had brightened and Jensen was pretty sure that was exactly what he needed. Well, that and a way to spend even more time with Jared. An hour or two once or twice a week just wasn’t enough. Sometimes Jensen considered packing up his bag, sneaking out and running off to find Jared, but he just wasn’t strong enough. He never had been.

Until everything changed.

Everything was mainly his parents’ announcement over dinner one night. Jensen had been lost in thought, picturing Jared’s large frame curled around him and keeping him warm, when Dad had cleared his throat and held a brochure out.

Jensen hesitated with a fork halfway to his mouth, blinking at Dad then down at the flier. “What?”

“Your mother and I have been discussing it and we thought well, that you might be more comfortable at this sort of establishment.”

“No way,” Josh snorted a laugh and snagged the brochure, speaking around a mouthful of food. “You’re shipping him off to boarding school? That’s hilarious.”

It felt a little like the ground had opened and Jensen was tumbling through, his heart lurching up in his chest, his eyes instantly prickling with tears. “No. You can’t do that to me. I don’t want to go.”

“No reason to get upset, Jensen, it’s not like you really have any friends here or anything. And you’ll come home over the summer, maybe even winter bre-”

“Probably not over the winter break, it’s so short after all,” Mom interrupted swiftly and reached out for the brochure, flipping it open and nearly shaking it at Jensen. “See, look, there’s plenty for you to do. Maybe you’ll even meet more people like you.”

Fighting the issue wasn’t going to get him anywhere, Jensen could already tell. So he simply reached out blindly and grasped the brochure. The place didn’t look very welcoming. It kind of looked like a jail for teenagers. Jensen was pretty sure he hadn’t done anything that justified being shipped off to a jail-like boarding school.

“You don’t want me around anymore?” Jensen asked in a whisper, sinking lower in his seat as the hollow echo of pain at the very question burned through him.

“Of course not,” Josh laughed, shrugging when both their parents looked his way.

“Now, come on, Jensen, we just want to give you the chance to excel somewhere. Clearly that’s not happening here so maybe you’ll find it... elsewhere.”

Jensen was pretty sure his mom was trying to smile reassuringly, or at least convincingly, but it didn’t ease any of the ache growing in him. He felt sick, his dinner like a hard rock tumbling around with the knotting of his stomach, and he grasped the brochure tightly between sweaty fingers. “When... when do I go?”

“We’ve got you an airline ticket for this Sunday. The school will be sending a driver to pick you up.” Dad had resumed eating, clearly ready to be done with the discussion.

Jensen didn’t understand. He knew he was nothing special, he didn’t have any wonderful skills or anything but he was a good kid. He always obeyed and did the chores and he got decent grades in school. What more could he possibly do to make his family care more? To at least get them to come along on the flight to ship him to a kid’s jail.

“May I be excused?” Jensen whispered, staring down at his lap to keep his tears hidden.

“Jensen, the least you can do is be grateful; your father and I spent a lot of money to get you into that school.” Mom sounded annoyed, scoffing a moment later. “Go on, you can start packing.”

It took real effort for Jensen not to run up the stairs to his room. But then, everything still felt like it was spinning out of control so Jensen thought it was hard to do anything. Except follow his mother’s order, the last one he would, about packing.

Because above everything, his horrible family that simply didn’t care, the bullies at his school who wanted him dead, years of feeling like everything was just too much, and then there was Jared. And Jared wasn’t something he could lose.


Tears were flowing down Jensen’s cheeks as he brushed his teeth, combed his hair, the usual things he’d always do before bed. He’d spent the rest of his night in his room, going through his things, packing a bag that would hopefully be enough for survival in the woods. It had started raining and Jensen thought that was oddly fitting for the mood he felt weighing on his shoulders.

Jensen stared at himself in the mirror for a long minute once he was sure there was nothing else he could do to stall. Not that he really thought his parents would notice if he was crying or not. By this point he was pretty sure he didn’t even have to say goodnight to them and they’d never notice if he was missing or not. Jensen wasn’t even sure if they would actually look for him tomorrow when they finally figured out he was gone.

Dropping his head, Jensen turned from the mirror and walked slowly down the hall, wiping along his cheeks and stopping at his parents door. “Night.”

“Jesus, Jensen, knock won’t you?” Mom half gasped and moved quickly to hold the shirt she’d just pulled off over her body.

Jensen didn’t bother pointing out that the door was already open. He simply turned away and shrugged. “Sorry. See you tomorrow.”

“Jensen, please try not to look so miserable. For once in your life maybe you could at least pretend to be grateful that your father and I are trying to provide you with an opportunity.”

It was years ago that Jensen had first realized he was different from his family. He had already accepted that he didn’t belong with them, that he never would. But this was different from not fitting in. This was like realizing that he truly wasn’t loved, these people didn’t care about him, for whatever the reason he was the misfit in a home of otherwise perfect people.

He was the boy whose only attachment in the world was a shapeshifter that wasn’t even supposed to be alive. It seemed fitting somehow.

“Jensen! I believe your mother was speaking to you, please show her the respect she deserves.” Dad’s tone was harsh and sharp, keeping Jensen from walking away as he’d been so tempted to.

Inhaling shakily, Jensen slowly turned and looked up, letting both his parents see how red and puffy his eyes were from the tears sliding down his skin. “Right. Sorry. How dare I be upset about the fact that you’d rather ship me off across the country then live with me? I’m sorry my inability to be perfect for you has offended your obvious perfection. Don’t worry, in no time at all you can just erase me from the family photos and pretend I don’t exist.”

Before either of his parents could answer Jensen turned and fled down the hall, shutting his bedroom door hard behind himself. He turned the lock and flicked the light out, hoping his parents would do what they were so good at and ignore him as usual. The sooner they went to bed assuming all three of their children were safe and sound inside, the better.

It took a great deal of patience for Jensen to lay in bed for the full hour that he managed. The rain was coming down with force now but he couldn’t get himself to wait any longer. Once the idea of being free of his horrible world grew and strengthened in him, Jensen was more than eager to go through with it. All he could think of was being with Jared finally and never having to leave.

At least there he was sure he would be loved and looked after. Jensen wasn’t even entertaining the idea of Jared not allowing him to stay. He was fairly certain his wolf wanted him but Jensen was just a boy and Jared was... well, Jensen wasn’t entirely sure. It was probably a true sign of how little he cared for his family in return that the idea of leaving them to live with a virtual stranger wasn’t enough to give him pause.

When he was certain the house around him was quiet Jensen slid from his bed and changed silently, pulling on his sturdiest pair of dark pants and a dark shirt, sweatshirt following it. He’d never snuck out of his house before but Josh did it all the time he knew so it wasn’t impossible. Once his backpack was secured over his shoulders and he’d pulled a dark beanie over his head he was tiptoeing down the hall.

It was surprisingly easy to slip out the back door and head out into the rain. Jensen didn’t even stop to look over his shoulder as he pushed the back gate open and let it fall silently behind him.

No matter how many times he’d roamed these woods, especially over the last month, nothing had quite prepared him for just how creepy they could be at night time. The rain was pattering steadily around him, soaking through his sweatshirt, and Jensen shivered as he avoided the main path and shouldered his way through the undergrowth. Part of him had been hoping Jared might still be out there, waiting and watching, like he did occasionally. But he never had known how long the wolf stayed and well, no one wanted to get soaking wet, wolf or not.

By the time he began to worry that he may get lost, be unable to find Jared, it was too late to turn back. He couldn’t see his house through the woods even if he’d wanted to head back - which, he really didn’t. His only choice was to keep pressing forward, struggling to ignore his soaked clothing, the chattering of his teeth, the steady chill creeping along every part of him.

If he just kept walking, Jared would find him. He forced the wolf’s name from his lips, calling out as loud as he could, arms tightening across his chest. Just a few more steps, he was sure.


The rain was never something Jared minded. In fact, it was good timing now really, because Jensen had been so pleased when Jared’s fur was so clean the last time they were together. So he roamed the woods and let the happiness of moments with his boy quicken his steps, an excited yap of pleasure bursting forth from him.

It had been so very long since Jared was so happy and he felt it would only grow, especially once Jensen was truly his.


The call of his name was faint, distant, but Jared’s hearing was above average. His gaze snapped up and his body froze, lungs expanding as he pulled in thick breaths, seeking out Jensen’s smell through the rain. Why his boy was out in weather such as this he wasn’t sure, but it didn’t seem like a good thing.

The moment he caught Jensen’s scent trail Jared took off, bolting through the woods as fast as he could push his well-trained muscles. If Jensen were in danger Jared was fairly sure he’d know but just the thought of the boy stumbling out in the rain, looking for him, had Jared pushing himself to an impossible level.

As Jared rounded a large clump of evergreens the boy came into sight, his dark damp clothing nearly making him invisible. Jared yapped softly, loud enough to capture the boy’s attention, and bound forward.

“Jared,” Jensen half gasped and turned to him, falling in a near slump over Jared’s back. “I’ve been looking for you. God, I- please. I need you to take me away, Jared. My parents want to send me to boarding school. They want me gone. I can’t... I can’t leave you, okay?”

If Jared hadn’t heard Jensen’s parents speaking before he likely would have been thrown by the boy’s stumbling over hiccupped words, but instead his heart simply lurched. It was hard not to be a little excited, despite how bad he felt for his boy who was clearly hurting. After all, Jared had been waiting for what felt like weeks to have his boy with him constantly.

So as soon as Jensen had slid across his back, curling arms tight around Jared’s neck, he led them through the woods once more. The slow pace he had to take to ensure Jensen didn’t slip free was nearly excruciating. Jared simply wanted Jensen in his home, safe and sound and his.


Even if his fur was damp, Jared’s heat was radiating from him and Jensen sank gratefully down against his wolf’s back, holding on tightly. He trusted the wolf to take him safely to wherever they were meant to go. His legs felt weak and his was still freezing but just knowing Jared had him now made everything worthwhile. Jensen would never have to return to the home that he didn’t belong in ever again.

Jensen closed his eyes and buried his face as much as he could in Jared’s fur. Mostly the wolf smelled like rain but the lingering wisp of that wolf-like scent was still there and Jensen breathed it in, trying to familiarize himself with it. He was sure he had a crazy amount of things to learn about living in the woods, but Jared would teach him, somehow.

Maybe Jared would turn into his human form when he realized how serious Jensen was about never leaving. Or maybe, Jared would change him as shapeshifters could. Then they truly would belong to each other.

Jensen hoped that Jared really wanted him in that way.

They traveled for so long Jensen nearly fell asleep, the gentle sway of Jared’s body as he moved soothing him like nothing had in a long time. Or well, nothing since the last time he’d been with Jared. But as their steps slowed completely so did the rain and Jensen sat up, blinking at the darkness surrounding them.

“Your den?” Jensen asked quietly and slipped off Jared’s back, hand drifting through his fur as Jared stepped away. A moment later something was being nudged against his hands and Jensen reached out blindly, fumbling with the lantern Jared had hanging from his teeth. “Oh, light...”

Jensen twisted the knob on the lantern and gasped as the inside of the cave was suddenly flooded with light. It was more than he possibly could have imagined. There was a pile of blankets and pillows in the far corner, clearly a bed, and a fire ring not far from it. But it was the things scattering the rest of the cave walls that really caught Jensen’s attention.

From a distance he couldn’t really decipher what they all were so he let his backpack fall from his shoulders and walked forward, stooping down to admire the different trinkets. They were various pieces of discarded artwork, a shard from a shattered mirror, part of a wind chime. They were decorations, things meant to make the cave more pleasing, and Jensen’s heart fluttered as he stood and turned to Jared.

“You gathered this all for me, didn’t you?” Jensen asked quietly and crossed back to Jared, reaching out to touch him the moment he could. Jared’s head dipped against his hand in a nod and Jensen smiled. “I love it, thank you. We can have a wonderful life here, I’m sure of it.”

Jared stretched up and brushed his muzzle along Jensen’s jaw as if he were asking a question. Which he probably was, Jensen was sure he had a million questions. But Jensen really only felt heat from the touch and it was distracting. It felt a little like his heart had been aching for so long, Jensen simply wanted to feel something for a while that would pull him away from all the darkness.

“My parents were ready to get rid of me,” Jensen said softly and stepped back from Jared, tugging off his sweatshirt and tossing it across the cave. He was ready to be out of his soaked clothing. “Did you happen to find matches when you were preparing this wonderful little home for me?” Jensen gave Jared a smile over his shoulder as he headed for the fire pit, surprised by the amount of wood and kindling Jared had already gathered there.

It wasn’t really all that surprising when Jared appeared at his side a moment later with a box of matches clutched between his teeth. Jensen had never lit a fire before but with the matches and the kindling already piled up there he was pretty sure it couldn’t be that hard.

In the end it took four matches and he was pretty sure Jared was laughing at him - however wolves could laugh. But he had the fire started and already the steady heat building from it seemed to help the chill that had soaked down into his bones. As the flames continued to strengthen over the pile of wood Jensen stood and slowly pulled at the hem of his shirt, tossing it over to join his already discarded sweatshirt.

As his fingers slid along the front of his jeans, thumbing the button free, Jensen’s eyes fluttered closed. Mostly because Jared had moved behind him, nose sliding along his skin in a cool, wet drag. A shudder of pleasure slid down Jensen’s spine and he arched into the touch, biting down on his lip as he slowly pulled the zipper down on his jeans, hooking his thumbs under his jeans.

The moment he stepped free from his clothes he felt that shudder intensify, strengthening and growing to a point he hadn’t anticipated. Because just having Jared there, slowly circling around him, was kind of more intense than anything he’d ever felt. Not even the heat of the fire could compare to the simple brushes of his fur.

“Jared,” Jensen whispered, reaching out to let his hand slide down along Jared’s flank as he moved around him. “You don’t know... how much I’ve thought about this. Thought about you. I want... more than anything I want to be yours. Do you want that? Will you make me yours, Jared?”

He wasn’t sure if the wolf understood all of what he was saying but he hoped he did, or he thought he did. Especially when Jared turned and slid his tongue up along Jensen’s abs, ghosting across his skin in a steady sweep. The warm glide of Jared’s tongue was quite possibly the best thing Jensen had ever felt and he moaned softly, stepping away a moment later.

“I brought...” Jensen smiled shakily at his wolf then hurried to his bag, kneeling and digging quickly into his backpack, tugging out the bottle of lube he’d been hiding for weeks now in his room. When he turned back Jared was watching him and Jensen held up the bottle, letting his teeth glide over his lower lip. “I know I’ll have to stretch myself open, so that you can take me all the way. I want you to um, to mount me. Will you do that?”

As he stepped closer Jared turned fully to face him and Jensen watched with widening eyes as the wolf circled his body once more, letting his nose glide with purpose along the soft skin of Jensen’s ass. That cold wet slick combined with the heat of Jared’s breath was enough to make Jensen gasp, his legs spreading automatically wider to simply feel more.

With gentle nudges Jared pushed him across the cave until Jensen was dropping down to his knees on the pile of blankets and pillows crawling forward as Jared slid up behind him. His tongue was grazing along Jensen’s flesh in slow, forceful laps, as if he were trying to pull every bit of Jensen’s taste from his skin. The way Jared’s tongue worked over Jensen’s hole was enough to pull a deep moan from him, head dropping to rest on his forearm as he offered up his ass, silently begging for more.

Jensen had never felt anything like it, Jared’s tongue working up into him, stretching him apart with the forceful slide of thick muscle. It had him instantly picturing Jared buried in him, knotting him, and Jensen could barely stand the idea of waiting any longer. Like every part of him might feel complete and whole once he was made Jared’s mate for life.

“Jared,” Jensen groaned and fumbled with the bottle of lube, quickly pressing at the cap and slicking up his fingers. “I need you. I need, oh god, I can’t wait.”

Jared whimpered softly and licked along Jensen’s side, moving out of the way so Jensen could stretch back and work his fingers into himself. This was the first time Jensen had ever done this, touched himself quite like this, but he’d certainly thought about it countless nights. When he twisted to get a better angle to slide his finger deep inside - ignoring the slight stinging stretch - he could see beneath Jared’s body.

It was the first time he’d seen the pink of his wolf’s arousal, the hard length of his cock seemingly growing before his eyes. Jensen moaned and shoved a second finger in beside his first, too eager to go much slower. But Jared was whining softly again a moment later and licking at his wrist and Jensen was fairly certain the wolf was encouraging him to go slow to not hurt himself.

Jensen exhaled heavily and pushed up on one hand, working both fingers deep up in his body. “I can’t help it. Just... want you so much. Since I met you, I’ve been thinking about your knot in me. I can’t wait any longer than I have to.”

In the next beat Jared’s tongue was sliding along his neck, up over his neck, and Jensen smiled softly and turned into the gentle touch. He liked to think this was Jared’s way of agreeing with him. Just knowing that Jared wanted him in any way was enough to have his third finger working forward, stretching at his tight muscles in hopes that he’d be ready for Jared.

It wasn’t like Jensen didn’t know it was going to hurt, at least some, he was prepared and okay with that. But mostly he wanted to feel the good of it and each brush of Jared’s fur along his skin made him all the more eager. Especially as Jared’s tongue continued to work along his skin, lapping over every inch he could reach, causing Jensen to shudder once more as he soaked in the claiming touches.

“Okay, okay,” Jensen gasped and pulled his fingers free, twisting around to reach out beneath Jared’s body. Before the wolf could move away he was smearing the rest of the lube along the exposed length of Jared’s cock, heart slamming hard in his chest. Something like a soft howl fell from Jared’s parted lips and Jensen squirmed on the blankets. “Take me, Jared, make me yours.”

Jensen had barely flipped back over to his hands and knees when Jared was there. The wolf was big enough that he barely had to put any weight on Jensen’s back, his paws digging into the blankets on either side of Jensen as his body slid into pace. Jensen closed his eyes and gasped as the heat of Jared’s cock slid along his skin, gliding silky smooth for a couple thrusts then finally into place.

The first thrust surprised Jensen. It wasn’t as painful as he expected, but the knot was still to come. Instead it was deep and filling, causing Jensen’s stomach to roll and flip with the burst of pleasure exploding through him. The combination of Jared’s hips steadily working against him, the brush of his fur over Jensen’s skin with each thrust, and the occasional slide of his tongue along Jensen’s shoulder, it was simply too much.

This was better than Jensen could ever have imagined and his fingers curled into fists in the blanket beneath him, body arching up into each thrust. It was perfect.


From the moment Jared had seen Jensen, just a young boy walking along the path and singing to himself, he had pictured the moment when the boy would become his mate. This, though, was beyond any of his wildest fantasies. So many years he’d been longing for a mate to call his own, longing for the connection and love and heat and now that it was finally his, Jared wasn’t even completely sure how to react.

Having never experienced this physical pleasure before he was unable to stop the way his hips jerked quickly forward, burying himself deeper and harder into the tight heat of Jensen’s body that seemed to cling around him. Jensen was absolute perfection, the moans that fell from his lips, the heady scent of sex rising from his body, the way he was already begging and pleading for more.

“Jared, oh. Y-your knot, I can, I think I can feel it starting,” Jensen gasped and his hand slid to the side, covering Jared’s paw in an oddly tender grasp.

Jared could feel it as well, the tingling pleasure building as his thrusts slowed and his knot began to swell. The very idea of being tied off with his boy had his body jolting forward once more, his come already pumping to fill the boy beneath him. Jensen was still moaning softly but whatever words he was trying to say were too blurred for Jared to understand, his tone deep and shaky with each stuttered breath.

Mine. Jared thought possessively as his knot filled to completion, tongue dragging over the sweat forming on the back of Jensen’s neck. Now that Jared was breeding his mate, whether he could actually carry children or not, there was no question that the boy belonged to him. Jared would never let him go again.

Moments later Jensen was coming, shuddering and whimpering beneath Jared, his entire body shaking as the scent of his release filled the air. Jared knew they would be tied like this for quite some time, but Jensen was swaying dangerously and he didn’t want the boy hurting himself.

Working carefully he managed to get them both to rest on their sides, Jensen pressed flush up against him so Jared’s knot remained buried deep in him. Jensen’s fingers stroked soothingly along Jared’s fur and Jared felt the pleasant hum that rose from him a moment later.

“So very perfect,” Jensen whispered, pulling Jared’s foreleg over his chest so Jared was basically hugging the boy. “Better than everything I’ve been dreaming of. God, I love you, Jared. I really love you so much. I hope... sometime soon. I hope that you will show me who you are. I’d like to see your human form as well.”

Jared closed his eyes and pressed his pull against Jensen’s chest, holding the boy closer. The idea of changing to his human form was terrifying really, even if he knew this boy would likely never judge him. Jensen loved his wolf form, that was enough for the boy for some crazy reason. But Jared as a human? He couldn’t say if he would be enough, if he would please his boy, and Jared wasn’t certain he could take the risk.


Jensen hadn’t meant to fall asleep with Jared’s knot still in him but it was a long night and he felt so peaceful and relaxed, he couldn’t help it. But he woke not too long after Jared had pulled away, mainly because the wolf’s tongue was working over his stretched and abused hole, sweeping in to gather the come still buried deep up in Jensen.

With a gasp Jensen arched up into Jared’s seeking tongue, teeth clenching until he remembered he didn’t need to swallow his moan. No one would hear him out here except Jared and Jensen was fairly certain his wolf wanted to hear him. So his lips parted on a deep moan and Jared’s tongue swept nearly all the way inside him, gathering up every inch of come that lingered there.

“Oh Jesus, Jared,” Jensen moaned and rubbed his hips against the blankets beneath him, the arousal too much to ignore. But as his fingers inched down to curl around his cock Jared was pulling away and Jensen groaned, rolling onto his back to face the wolf. “Let me see the other side of you. I... please? You could touch me, kiss me. And I could touch and kiss you. I’m yours no matter how you look, Jared, that won’t ever change.”

The wolf twisted around to look at him for a moment, his multi-colored eyes darkening, before he turned back and nosed through the extra blankets, dragging one over Jensen’s legs. It was a sweet gesture but Jensen didn’t like the way his heart sank at Jared’s obvious refusal to show who he really was.

“Please, Jared?” Jensen whispered, forgetting his rising arousal in favor of stroking his fingers through Jared’s fur. “I love you, I mean it. And I know... I know I’m not all that great. I talk too much and I might be a little stupid. No one really wants me around, maybe you don’t really either, but if I could just talk to you for a little while. I could even leave you alone tomorrow if you’d like. If you’ll just... just this one night.”

A low whine fell from Jared and Jensen continued to decipher it. Whatever the wolf meant by the noise, it didn’t seem like a good thing. The longer the silence reigned afterward, the longer he simply sat in place and stared down at the blankets, the more Jensen’s heart dropped. What would he do if Jared really didn’t want him? He had never thought of Jared as a cruel creature but what if the wolf had only wanted the pleasure of a young boy for one night alone? It wasn’t like he often had people bending over and offering it up for him.

Jensen ducked his head down and pulled his knees to his chest, closing his eyes as he rode out the swell of sadness. Had he really been so foolish? Had he given something so special away, himself, only to have Jared turn him away so swiftly? Maybe his parents had been right in their decision to send him away, clearly he wasn’t worth anyone’s time.

“Jensen.” Soft fingers brushed along Jensen’s jaw, shocking him almost as much as the deep voice that was almost a whisper beside him.

Heading shooting up, Jensen’s eyes snapped open, fixing on the man who was no longer a wolf sitting beside him. Jared was... so different than Jensen expected. Mostly because he was absolutely gorgeous. Jensen had never seen a grown man that looked so wild, long hair the same golden undertones of his wolf man, same ever-changing eyes, the scruff of a beard along his sharply defined jaw. But there was something about his small, uncertain smile, his curious eyes, the gentle touch that swept along Jensen’s skin as if he were the one who’d just gone through a transformation.

“Jared,” Jensen whispered and clambered forward, sliding onto Jared’s lap and wrapping arms around his shoulders. Jared was quite big, he actually looked kind of old, but Jensen had been expecting that. After all, his race had been wiped out twenty years ago so Jensen had known he would be quite a few years older than that. “I’ve- oh god. I’m so glad you changed. Thank you. I thought... maybe you didn’t want me.”

“Mine,” Jared nearly gasped and his arms tightened around Jensen’s middle, holding him closer if it were possible. “Always, mine. My mate.”

Hearing Jared say that was enough to make everything inside Jensen light up. So long he’d been waiting to truly belong with someone and finally this man, this wonderfully glorious man wanted him. Jensen squeezed Jared tighter and pressed a kiss to his smooth shoulder. “I’ve always wanted to belong to someone.”

“Waited, to belong to me,” Jared whispered, his voice sounding hoarse and rough from lack of use. “You... will live with me? Mine now always?”

Jensen smiled and stroked his fingers up through Jared’s hair, loving how smooth and silky it felt beneath his fingertips. “Yes, I will live with you now and always be yours. My family, well you know, they wanted to send me away. I couldn’t leave you.”

“Wouldn’t have let you go.” Jared shifted around to lay back on the blankets, curling around Jensen and covering them once more. “We sleep.”

Chuckling softly Jensen pressed as close to Jared as could. He couldn’t wait to fall asleep in the arms of Jared.


Jensen woke to the feel of fingers sliding down along his skin, tracing the curve of his jaw and down across his neck. Before his eyes even opened he was smiling, tilting toward the touch and breathing in Jared’s unique smell. Those hazel eyes were fixed upon him as his own opened, hint of a smile playing across his lips.

“Have you been awake long?” Jensen asked softly, tilting up to brush his lips along Jared’s. It was wonderful to know this hadn’t been a dream, that his wolf, his man, was really here with him.

Jared smiled softly and pressed into the soft kiss, deepening it immediately to sweep his tongue forward and taste every inch of Jensen’s mouth. When Jared moaned Jensen nearly shook, his body curving up into the heat of Jared sliding steadily over him and rolling between his legs.

“Oh, Jared,” Jensen gasped as his mate’s lips moved along his neck as if he couldn’t resist tasting every inch of him. “I... I was wondering. How- how old are you?”

Jared pushed up and smiled down at him, head tilting to the side. “I wish... to please you. And you ask questions?”

Jensen grinned and squirmed beneath Jared, spreading his legs a little wider so the man would have more room. “I was just curious. I’m thirteen. Did you know that?”

As Jared’s lips pursed together he nodded, fingers massaging along Jensen’s neck gently. “I was... ten, when my family was killed, when I ran. That was... some time ago?”

All the air rushed out of Jensen’s lungs and he reached up with both hands, cupping Jared’s jaw on both sides. “Twenty years... you’ve been all by yourself for twenty years?”

Jared frowned and shook his head, his hair falling in brushing sweeps along Jensen’s skin. “So long. But not, not alone now. Now, you. You’re mine.”

Once more that air hitched in Jensen but this time it was with the leap of his heart, the stutter of his pulse in his ears. “Yes, forever. I want to be yours. And you can... maybe one day you’ll make me yours.”

When Jared pulled back and their gazes met Jensen was fairly sure the man understood what he meant. Even more so as he nodded and gave Jensen a small smile, Jensen echoing the action a moment later before Jared was dipping down and their lips were meeting once more. This time Jared wasted no time in sweeping his tongue forward and Jensen’s mouth opened wider, moaning as their tongues tangled slowly together.

“Want you,” Jared whispered into the slow part of their lips and Jensen’s hips twitched up toward his mate, making his own wants just as clear.

“Please,” Jensen groaned and rubbed his cock against Jared, hoping to urge his mate along faster. He still was nearly desperate for Jared and it was different this time. He loved the feel of being knotted, of Jared mounting him, but he was eager for the feel of skin against skin.

The hoarse soft rise of Jared’s laughter made butterflies flutter in Jensen’s stomach though he wasn’t entirely sure why. Something about this man, he consumed Jensen, and every moment he was there with his new mate the more he felt he had made the right decision. He wasn’t even worried about his family realizing he was missing that morning; he didn’t care in the slightest.

“Still open,” Jared moaned as his fingers dipped down and gentle rubbed along Jensen’s entrance. “From my knot.”

Jensen bit down on his lip and whimpered as Jared’s finger slowly circled inside him, his skin cool from the lube he had slicked on without Jensen even realizing. He was just a little sore but then it didn’t matter because Jared’s lips were like burning heat against his skin, trailing open and slick down along Jensen’s abs as his finger delved even deeper into him. Jared’s touches felt almost like an exploration, as if he wanted to know every inch of Jensen’s body, and it was enough to have Jensen’s heels digging into the blankets beneath him and pushing up.

“You want me,” Jared murmured, his nose brushing along Jensen’s hard cock as he breathed in, gathering his scent. “Needy.”

Jensen choked on a laugh, half moaning as Jared added a second finger up into him. Whatever words Jared was lacking in his vocabulary, he made up for with each of his curious touches, the gentle lap of his tongue along Jensen’s cock, the moment he always waited to ensure Jensen enjoyed the action. Jensen’s fingers dropped down to tangle in Jared’s hair, holding on tight because each time Jared’s tongue slid up the full length of his cock he felt as if he might jerk right off the blankets completely.

When Jared added a third finger up into Jared, Jensen hardly noticed. He was far too caught up by the heat of all the other sensations, Jared’s body a constant pressure down over his legs, holding him place. “Jared,” Jensen gasped and arched up into him, rolling his hips down against the seeking fingers, trying to swallow away the plea rising up in him.

Apparently he didn’t need to plead for more or beg, Jared seemed to understand. He withdrew his fingers from Jensen a moment later and Jensen pushed up enough to watch his mate smear the lube along his cock, his hips thrusting into the loose curl of his fingers. Jared’s cock was so long and thick, the race of Jensen’s heart picked up speed just imagining that heat being buried in him.

“I can’t... god, just thinking of you in me,” Jensen nearly gasped the words and shook his head, unable to say more. How could he really describe what it felt like to know this amazing man wanted him?

Jensen moved to roll over, ready to prop himself up on his hands and knees, but Jared’s hand came to settle on his hip and push him back down on the blankets. “Want to see you.” Jared gave him a brief smile and crawled forward between Jensen’s legs once more. “See your eyes.”

“Okay,” Jensen whispered and lifted his legs, wrapping them around Jared’s waist as his mate lowered himself, lining up at Jensen’s entrance. “I love you.”

Jared’s cock slowly slid into him and their gazes met, that small smile playing almost shyly across Jared’s lips as he stared down at Jensen. Something about the look in his gaze made Jensen moan, or maybe it was just the heat sliding slow and steady down into him. “I love you,” Jared echoed and slid his hand around Jensen’s waist, lifting his body from the blankets and holding him up so Jared’s cock bottomed out in one swift thrust.

Their lips came together once more as Jared dipped down and swept his tongue forward, hips pressing flush against Jensen’s ass and holding there. They kissed until Jensen no longer felt the slight ache and burn from the stretch of his sore muscles. Jared’s fingers were combing through his hair in soothing touches that had a smile flickering on and off Jensen’s lips.

Then Jared was drawing back, pulling from the kiss and rocking his hips free. Jensen could feel every inch slide free from him and slowly thrust back in and he arched up into his mate. Jared’s hand was still curved along his lower back and he lifted Jensen up to meet each sharpening jolt of his hips. His cock was sliding constantly against Jensen’s prostate and Jensen reached out to clutch Jared’s shoulders, holding as tight as he could.

Jared’s pace was picking up speed, their skin slapping loudly together with each hard thrust. It was absolutely perfect and Jensen couldn’t catch his breath, his body curved up and rocking back to meet each steady movement. Finally he had to close his eyes because it was simply too much and Jared was spinning him out of control.

“Come,” Jared growled against Jensen’s lips as he dipped in for another slow kiss, his hips connecting hard against Jensen’s ass as his cock slid over and over up into him. “Want to see.”

That was about enough for Jensen, he was toppling over the edge without touch, his legs around Jared’s waist curling vise-tight with the steady rush of pleasure. “Oh fuck,” Jensen gasped and slapped his hands down on the blankets on either side of him.

Jared’s come was spilling inside him a heartbeat later, filling Jensen just as he had before, and Jensen threw his head back to moan long and deep. The weight of Jared’s body over him was amazing and Jensen slowly sank down into the blankets, allowing that weight and pressure to nearly smother him. He loved it.

“Mine,” Jared whispered some time later as he pulled free from Jensen, instantly scooping the boy up against his body. “My mate.”

Jensen turned into Jared’s chest and hid his grin there, leg slipping to rest between Jared’s. “Yes, your mate.”


“Here, stop here.”

The soft tug on his fur had Jared stopping, waiting patiently as Jensen slid free from his back and clambered forward. He lifted the top on the basket he carried and stooped down, gathering up a handful of berries and holding them up toward Jared.

“Can we eat these?”

Jared was doing the best he could to teach Jensen about the woods and well, the boy was amazing in the knowledge he’d retained. He was really trying to learn, trying to be helpful, and Jared loved seeing that part of him. So he dipped his head in a nod and shifted around to the bush, concentrating for a moment before shifting to his human form.

“I help.” Jared smiled over at Jensen the knelt to begin scooping berries from the bush. He was trying to switch to his human form more to keep Jensen from doubting their connection. After Jensen had spent so many years living with a family that didn’t seem to care, Jared didn’t mind reassuring his boy.

“I will help,” Jensen corrected softly, grinning at Jared and tucking hair behind his ear. “Maybe one day we can leave these woods. After you’ve made me like you, maybe we can travel the world.”

It was maybe an idea Jared had always had, traveling the world, exploring. But he never would have been strong enough to do it alone. With Jensen though, Jared felt like he could do anything. The boy was teaching him just as much as Jared was teaching the boy and that was really amazing. “Yes, one day.”

The smile that he received in return? Perfection.