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Rose Cigarette

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Shizuru's cigarette burns in the dark, and Yukina is folded neatly into her jacket, back against her chest, looking outwards. Yukina has been using fire for some time now, in stops and starts and stutters.

Yukina doesn't smoke for herself, though Botan does, sharing and stealing from Shizuru and promising to pay her back. The pink cigarette in Shizuru's mouth smells of particular perfume, an otherworldly gift that can't be passed up in this economy. Yukina focuses instead on the heartbeat of Shizuru, steady counting minutes.

The embers of Shizuru's smoke burn out, and they move along after she's done the habitual step and scratch to make sure any latent fire doesn't cause trouble.
They follow along to a 7-11, and the bored kid behind the counter exchanges change for a new lighter and a six pack of beer. Yukina puts an ice pole from the freezer on the counter, shuffling her own change into Shizuru's pile.

"This, please," she says, and Shizuru fights the urge to lay a hand around her shoulder.
"Sure," she fills in instead.

All done, they leave, ice pole in hand and lighter snapping a spark.
"Cheap shit," Shizuru murmurs, "Give me a hand?"
Yukina reaches up with a fingertip, putting it to the end of Shizuru's cigarette. It doesn't burst into flame; it certainly doesn't explode, which was a surprise for both of them. Nothing happens until it does happen, a tiny cinder that curls outward to the edge smoothly.
"Thanks," Shizuru says, and Yukina's hand drops.
"I practised," Yukina says, "Control is important."
Shizuru still has her fingers to her mouth but she mumbles a yes through a dot of smoke, exhaling more as she considers Yukina's figure in the dim street light.
"You know, I think you're getting taller."

Yukina shakes her head, a twitch that could be a smile tugging up one side of her mouth. She reaches up as Shizuru drops their hand, the cigarette propped between their lips.
"I've aways been this height," Yukina says, and the tips of her fingers tap on Shizuru's chin, shifting around the curve. Her thumb sweeps over Shizuru's cheek.

Shizuru is used to the chill, and she doesn't mind staying still for it. But Yukina's hand is warmer now, hotter in the pads of her fingers and cooler in the hollow of her palm. Shizuru bends, just a little.
"Hey," she says, "Don't get too comfortable."
"I won't," Yukina replies, using her other hand to encourage Shizuru's chin down another inch. Up on her toes, Yukina delivers a kiss center-right of Shizuru's mouth.
Shizuru's face burns, but nothing is on fire, not yet.