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Let Fate Decide

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Let Fate Decide


Chapter 1: Heart wolf

"Derek, have you considered looking for an emissary who compliments your pack better?"

            The man in question grunted a non-answer, his jaw set and his eyes narrowed at the druid in front of him. The druid continued,  "I was your mother's emissary for a long time, but I'm growing old, Derek. In the times to come you and your pack will need an emissary more in tune with your needs. I am just a vet."

            A boy with shaggy brown hair poked his head into the room, his face scrunched a little as he asked, "You don't want to be our emissary anymore, Deaton?"

            The man gave the boy a small smile as he explained, "It's been a long time since I've been able to do much help, Scott. I am more of an archivist and a herbalist; my role has changed with age, and your pack is young, often finding yourselves in difficult situations. A druid who plays more diverse roles will be a better fit to your pack."

"You know someone?"  Derek said, voice gruff as he scowled at the druid before him. He didn't know what was more aggravating, how unfazed this druid was, or the idea of dealing with a new one.

"I'll see what I can do, but you should know--" A wave of nausea made Derek sway on his feet; he was vaguely aware that the emissary was still talking, but he found himself unable to make out the words. His vision went dark for a moment, and all he could hear was a rapid pulse thudding in his ears and a whisper chanted,

"You will seek no further. You will wander no farther.

You will seek no further. You will wander no farther.

You will seek no further. You will wander no farther."

            He felt his body sway before a hand clenched around his bicep, surprising him out of the darkness. He snapped his eyes to the hand on his arm, and then looked up to Scott with his brows raised. The beta released him slowly, but he still looked concerned. Both the druid and the beta were watching him carefully, and finally Deaton asked, "Is everything alright, Derek?"

            He let himself glower at the man again, but nodded. The vet hardly looked convinced, but he nodded back anyways, and reiterated, "So, I'll see who I can contact for you?"

The alpha nodded again before crossing his arms and walking out of the clinic without another glance back.


            *                                                          *                                                          *


            Two months passed, and somehow Derek found himself at Deaton's again. The druid had a thick book open in his hands, flipping through it until he presumably found what he was searching for. Setting it down on the medical table in front of Derek, he explained, "This is the sixth generation of Daehler druids. They are known to be highly improvisional. The one who will be coming to meet you this evening will be around the same age as most of your own betas. I've never had the honour of meeting any of the Daehlers, but I have heard that their bloodlines have been pure for at least the last three generations."

            Derek nodded, feigning interest. It didn't matter, druids didn't participate with packs very often, only when alpha sought them out. In fact many preferred that the majority of the pack didn't know their identity. Probably to avoid situations like Jennifer Blake was put in, Derek thought. However, the Alpha pack they had defeated three to four years ago was hardly the subject that he wanted to think about. Instead, Derek focused on Deaton's speech again. "This is a chance to meet him and decide if you are willing to put your pack and yourself in his hands. The relationship between an emissary and an alpha is sacred; trust is a key component of the relationship."

            The alpha nodded, he already knew that, but maybe that was why the supernatural complications in Beacon Hills were so difficult to take down- he didn't exactly trust the vet very much. Trust had to be earned, and Derek was just starting to get comfortable putting some trust in the man and now he was retiring. What kind of druid retired? Weren't druids supposed to be old and decrepit?

            Derek almost told Deaton that he would rather just continue seeing him, when a loud buzz interrupted his train of thought. Frowning, he reached into his pocket, flipping it open before holding it up to his ear, "What?"

"Derek?" Scott's voice wavered, he sounded confused, but his voice also had a hint of panic in it.

"What is it?"

"I think you need to get here, and bring Deaton."

Derek paused for a moment before clarifying, "Deaton?"

"Uh-" the boy was quiet for a moment, and the alpha could hear his wolves growling in the background. They didn't sound upset, but they definitely sounded defensive, "We have a... guest?"

            Derek could feel his eyebrows drawing towards each other as he growled, "What do you mean, guest?" He briefly wondered if it could be the Daehler kid, but he dismissed the thought- the kid wouldn't know where his house was, he would have come to the clinic.

            When Scott hesitated again, Derek could hear Lydia demand for the phone, and in a moment he heard her curt voice describe the intruder, "He's about 5'9 or 5'10, pale, but covered in dirt. Obviously been in the forest for a long time, he hasn't so much as flinched at the wolves, and his only words were to demand you, by name." She stopped when he growled, but he cut it short and prompted, "What else?"

            She gave a small huff, and he could practically hear her toss her hair over her shoulder, and then she continued, "Isaac says that he smells kind of like pot, but that's not quite right, I think it's Artemisia vulgaris,  but somebody wouldn't let me get any closer." Derek could hear Jackson let out a small huff in the background, "he's wearing a carved wooden mask with a thick wolf pelt like some kind of blanket on his back, he has a rucksack by his feet. He has a few strange looking knives strapped to his legs, but he hasn't drawn any of them."

            "What's he doing?" Derek watched as Deaton flipped through a different book, obviously listening to hear what Lydia was saying and then he flipped a few more pages before pausing to read. Lydia huffed and explained, "Standing in a circle of what looks like nettles. It's working kind of like mountain ash, Jackson and Isaac are circling him, everyone else is between him and the house."

"Be there in ten." Derek didn't wait for a response as he snapped his phone shut before looking at Deaton. "You coming?"

            The man nodded slowly, his eyes still on the book in his hands as he explained, "Yes, I believe so. I will meet you there," Deaton followed the alpha out of the building, locking up behind him as he murmured, "Hm, using Nettle is an interesting choice."

            Derek sped all the way there, but Deaton fell behind at some point, and when the alpha pulled up to the rebuilt Hale house, he hurried to the back, but Derek rounded the corner while Deaton just started to pull up the driveway.


                                    *                                  *                                  *

            Lydia Martin's description of the boy did not prepare the alpha for what he found. He could feel his teeth sharpen and his face distort into his beta form and he growled low in his throat, drawing the attention of everybody in the clearing. Including the thin, pale, male who was in the process of shedding his wolf pelt which left him very, very naked. Behind the mask, was the face of a guy who couldn't be older than Scott, moles splattered his face like constellations, his eyes were wide and a soft amber colour, and he flailed with his whole body while he stepped out of the safety of his little nettle barrier. Derek crouched to throw himself at the intruder, but was shocked still when the man beamed and greeted him with an excited glint in his eyes, "Care-Der!"

            Every wolf in the clearing froze, faces alternating between slack shock and active confusion, but Derek didn't pay attention to them, he couldn't. Care-Der. Peter was the only person alive who knew that nickname, and he had vanished some time ago.

            The stranger was still walking forward, heedless of his own nudity, Derek's pack seemed to be stunned into immobility, and Derek snarled again when the naked outsider got within three meters of him. The intruder came to an abrupt stop, his pulse stuttering for a moment, but he swallowed hard and threw his arms out and grinned with a confidence that he didn't smell of as he announced, "I have finally arrived!"

Derek ignored him and growled, "Where did you hear that?"

            The boy squinted at him for a moment before his forehead smoothed out and his eyes lit up again and he announced," Oh! Care-Der? Emily told me. She said that Care Bears was her favourite show, and that you would always watch it with her when she asked. "

            He sounded cheerful, but the words punched the breath out of Derek. After a few moments he finally managed to croak out, "Emily's dead."

            The boy scoffed, "Obviously, how else do you think I would-oh! Oh, I'm sorry, I am so, so sorry, I just- I have this thing where I forget sometimes. I'm just so used to it, and sometimes I forget that-" The boy cut off abruptly, shifting his eyes to glare beside Derek where Deaton rounded the corner.  His voice dropped from the frantic and apologetic tone that he'd been using to a much darker, angrier one as the naked guy shifted into what resembled an aggressive crouch. The stranger interrupted himself with a formality that didn't sound like the same boy from a moment ago, "Alpha, who comes to join our introduction?"

            The alpha's mind was still reeling. Emily? He knew that Emily was dead, but this boy had spoken to her? And why did he sound so angry about Deaton? Thankfully the druid answered for himself as he looked up from his ancient book to give the naked stranger a smile, "My name is Alan Deaton, druid."

The boy turned his glare to Derek, muscles tight and eyes burning as he hissed, "Alpha, what business do you have with the mortal magi you have brought before me?"

            Derek hesitated, glancing between Deaton and the newcomer. He didn't know why the stranger sounded so insulted, and for some reason Derek was somehow getting the impression that if he didn't answer this correctly, he'd be sleeping on the proverbial couch. That being said, if the boy asked Derek's questions without the formal wordplays, he would be a lot easier to answer comfortably. Jackson interrupted before he got a chance to answer, "Is this just some clingy witch you fucked?"

            The boy bared his teeth, much like a wolf would, at Jackson briefly before snapping his gaze back to Deaton, and then he glared at Derek again, "I sent you a foretoken. I spoke to you sixty one days past with trust in my heart and truth on my lips. You received my message, did you not Alpha?"

Derek hesitated, and then he winced as he asked, "What was your message, exactly?"

            The stranger seethed, and his formality broke, "Youknew I was coming. I told you. I told you not to look any further and not to wander any farther. Three Times! I specifically told you that I was coming! After my vision I travelled straight here by foot from the Peruvian Amazon, where I had been studying under an elder Ayahuasqueros. I told you not to look for anyone else!"

            Nobody in the clearing moved. Derek had no idea what the stranger was talking about, Deaton hummed and flipped through a couple more pages, and finally Lydia spoke up, "But you aren't an Ayahuasqueros?"

            He turned, his glare steady as he answered, "No, my father was from Poland, but I was born to a Turkic tribe in central Asia where the Göktürks once reigned. After I became a shaman, I began to travel around the world to learn all that I could from everybody that I could."

            Apparently Lydia's question gave the rest of the wolves confidence. Derek could see the pack starting to loosen up. Erica was the next to ask, "Why did you travel by foot?"

"The spirits instructed me to prove my worth to my alpha."

"And Derek's your alpha?"

            The boy heaved a sigh before glancing towards Derek and he nodded slowly, clearly telling Derek instead of Erica, but Derek was still too stunned to react. Beside him, Deaton glanced back up at the man, "May I ask your name?"

"My father's surname was Stilinski, while my mother's name was Sadik. I go by Stiles in this part of the world." He was glaring at Deaton again.

            The druid flipped a few more pages, and while he did that, Derek flashed his red eyes at the man. He hadn't even realized that he had dropped his guard enough to lose his beta form; Derek glared, "What makes you think I'll let you join my pack?"

            The boy's glare collapsed. His mouth fell open slightly, his eyes grew wider, and his eyebrows furrowed together slightly. Scott shifted uneasily from the corner of Derek's vision, but he ignored him, waiting for the stranger-- Stiles-- to answer.

"I abandoned my training for you!"

Derek rose an eyebrow.

"I walked from Peru."

Derek frowned, "You didn't walk all the way from Peru in sixty one days."

"Well I didn't fly! I walked as much as I physically was able in order to get here on time,  I canoed and train hopped when I had to. The point is- I underwent trauma!"

Derek deadpanned him.

"I had visions of your pack the whole way here."

Derek narrowed his eyes.

"Siktir," the way Stiles hissed the word gave Derek the distinct impression that it was less than courteous, "Your deceased family contacted me from the grave and lead me to you. I don't even have a map!"

            Derek was determined not to dwell on the comment about his family. He was lying. He had to be lying despite his steady pulse. The alpha wasn't ready to face the thought of his family. Instead, he tried to keep the strain out of his voice as he asked, "Why are you naked?"

            The boy didn't even blush, he simply shrugged and gestured back to his circle of nettles, as if that was an explanation. Thankfully Deaton explained, "Judging from the smell of mugwort and its history with Shamanism, he probably performed a purification ritual. Not much was known about the Stilinski family name, only that it dates back well before the formation of Poland and that they were mysteriously close with the Dola- nobody knew if they were Dola, or if they were simply close with them." Deaton took a moment to explain, "The Dola are spirits that protect fate- their job was to ensure that humans followed their fates."

            Deaton continued his earlier rant, "The Sadik ancestry rivals that of the Hales, both dating back well over a millennium. Apparently most of his family has specialized in either Shape shifting or divination. Yours being...?"

            Stiles bared his teeth at the man, before he relaxed slightly as his gaze turned to Derek instead. The alpha sighed and waved his hand towards Stiles, waiting for him to answer. Stiles clenched his jaw again briefly, but reluctantly hissed, "I'm proficient in a variety of spiritual endowments."

Erica snickered and announced, "He's right, you can't say that he's not well-endowed." 

            Stiles ducked his head, a blush creeping over his cheeks as he shifted, suddenly looking uncomfortable in his nudity as he muttered, "Ah, Westerners are so sensitive."

Instead of humouring any of them, Derek shifted his weight and frowned again, "What exactly are you proficient in?"

Stiles glanced at Deaton before returning his gaze back to Derek, "Alpha, if you would consider my consultation, I would prefer not to indulge this interloper with intelligence of such a covert nature."

"You realize that you're the interloper right now, right?" Isaac chirped.

Stiles' hands clenched at his sides, but he kept his eyes meeting Derek's as he clarified, "What I mean to say is that sharing such information with outsiders could be detrimental to my ability to protect our pack."

Derek couldn't help but steal a glance to the sky, wishing for patience. He was in over his head; Derek looked to Deaton and asked, "What's happening?"

            The druid smiled slightly, his gaze still on Stiles as he answered, "Shamans are unique. They rely on a tribe, clan, or, in this case, pack. Druids are the most common type of emissary, but on occasion soothsayers have been known to help guide packs. Shamans, however, are practically unheard of above the equator now. While druids and soothsayers are reserved and help to guide packs from a distance, shamans are well known for always having much closer relations to the people they work with. Shamans are important to the inner workings of  their tribes and clans, and are indisputably the least common and most involved of emissaries. If you choose to work with this shaman, you should understand that if, or when, he joins your pack, he will stay until death herself drags him from this world."

            There was a moment of stunned silence as the pack took in Deaton's words, and then he asked, "Derek, did you receive the message that Stiles spoke of?"

            Derek hesitated, "Maybe? When we were first discussing your retirement I recall," he paused for a moment, "a moment? I didn't realize that it was..." He trailed off, giving a half-hearted gesture towards the naked boy in front of him.

Scott was the next beta to speak up, "So, he's going to be our next emissary?"

Erica flashed her teeth with a grin as she gave him another once over, "I like him."

Boyd gave a small grunt, it sounded like he was acknowledging the boy's presence, at the least.

Jackson, being Jackson, said, "I bet he's just here to roll over and be Derek's bitch."

            Stiles glanced back to Jackson this time. His glare finally easing up again as he let a wicked grin tilt his lips up, "Calm your life stream, redeemed one. All alphas are entitled to any who he holds ownership over, if he so desires." as he finished, Stiles' eyes panned down Derek's body slowly before meeting his eyes again, "Much like the rest of his pack, my mind, body, and soul, are not mine to give, but his to take."

            There was about one beat of silence before the entirety of the pack all began to protest at the same time. Derek gritted his teeth, all he wanted was for Beacon Hills to be calm and hold no surprises. That's all, and yet, somehow the surprises kept ending up at his doorstep.