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Action figure theatre: Big anniversary picnic with Star Trek and Stargate figures

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So today is Star Trek anniversary you say? Let’s have a party then! This story was done back in Summer together with friends. Seemed like a good day to post it. We giggled a lot while setting this up. All pictures behind the cut!

The preparations:

Sulu and Uhura try to heat the meat with a candelabra but it does not quite work.

 photo 01.jpg

 photo 02 600 x 595.jpg

Cue Scotty and his phaser! We’re ready!

 photo 02.jpg

The picnic:

A picnic is only good if you can have fun with friends. The Star Trek crew invited the Stargate team over.

 photo 10.jpg

 photo 11.jpg

 photo 12.jpg

Edit: I apologize for the picture of Spock with meat. He is vegetarian of course. Apparently none of us realized what a huge mistake we were commiting. Nothing I can do about it now though. Sorry.

 photo 13.jpg

The two leaders - Kirk and O'Neill - exchange stories about burden of command, and there’s plenty of food.

 photo 14.jpg

 photo 15.jpg

 photo 16.jpg


The aftermath:

Daniel and Uhura talk about how to contact new worlds over a cocktail.

 photo 21.jpg

Teal'c and Spock, the two aliens, are on first name basis now. In Germany you have to entangle your arms and take a drink to do that.

 photo 24.jpg

 photo 25.jpg

McCoy, Scotty and Sulu play cards.

 photo 26.jpg

 photo 28.jpg

 photo 29.jpg

 photo 30.jpg

 photo 31.jpg

Kirk flirts with Sam.

 photo 22.jpg

Jack is not happy about this and takes to the Saurian Brandy.

 photo 23.jpg

Then he gets out the guitar to win Sam back - and it seems to work.

 photo 32.jpg

 photo 33.jpg

And so we leave them to their privacy - wait, what are Uhura and Scotty doing there?!?

 photo 34.jpg