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The Price Of Fame

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The Price Of Fame

by Taijutsudemonslayer

 Chapter One


Jem of Jem and The Holograms and Pizzazz of The Misfits enter a lesbian club called The Pink Falcon, no one other than the Holograms and Misfits, and Pizzazz's Father Harvey know that Jem and Pizzazz are an item.

The two women enter a private booth and begin a hot and heavy make out session, Pizzazz pulls Jem over onto her lap and deepens their kiss.

"Ohhh Pizzazz." Jem gasped as she threw her head back, exposing her neck to her lover.

Pizzazz leaned in and began kissing Jem's creamy skin, reveling in the ecstasy she was giving Jem. Jem slowly caressed Pizzazz's right thigh before slipping it up Pizzazz's mini skirt and past her panties.

"Mmmmmm, Jem baby right there." Pizzazz moaned softly.

Jem slowly fingers Pizzazz, making the blonde rocker beyond wet.

Jem pushed her two fingers further into Pizzazz, coating her fingers with more of Pizzazz's juices.

The two rock stars are celebrating the Triple Platinum release of their band's new joint venture: Hot Dreams, a two disc album with songs written by Kimber, Stormer, Shana, and Jetta.

Jem finally broke her liplock with Pizzazz when air was required.

"You're a real dynamite kisser, Jem baby."

"Thank you, Pizzazz honey." Jem replied.

"I talked to Daddy, he's got us lined up to do a tour in Paris."

"What? Really!!? Oh wow Pizzazz, that's great!!" Jem exclaimed before wrapping her arms tightly around Pizzazz.

"Let's go home so that you can thank me properly." Pizzazz whispers to Jem, who nods quickly.