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Okay, so we’re going to embark on a journey. A darker journey, one that will be around a different kind of Edward, a snarky, bossy Bella and a new Esme. It will be a drabble-ish type fic. The chapters will be between 1000 to 2000 words. Updates will come on Mondays and Fridays with teasers on Tuesdays and Saturdays on my blog. The link for the blog will be on my profile. The story is planned, but not pre-written.

Chapter Forty-Eight


I watched as Edward eventually drifted off to sleep. He was exhausted, but I could tell that his sleep wasn’t restful. His face was drawn and his muscles were tense, almost ready to strike. I frowned, incredibly pissed off at what Esme did this to this sweet boy. No one should have been through this.

“Sleep well,” I whispered, brushing a hair away from his forehead. He flinched, but eventually snuggled into the bed. I got up from the bed and went into living room. Bella was curled up in on the couch and crying, a steady stream of tears falling down her pale cheeks. “Little One.”

“I’m fine, Carlisle,” she said, wiping her face. “I’m just …”

“Concerned? Worried?” I asked, sitting next to her and holding her tightly.

“Feeling guilty. I should have done more, Carlisle,” she hissed. “MORE. I let my stupid fucking pride get in the way and he was tortured almost two months in the clutches of Bitchme and her evil, disgusting minions. He’s broken and it’s my fault.”

“No, Bella. It’s not. It’s Esme’s fault. It’s her fault that Edward’s like this. Not yours,” I soothed, rubbing Bella’s back.

“What can I do for him? I’m terrified that he won’t trust me ever again,” Bella muttered, leaning her cheek against my shoulder. “Carlisle, will he come back from this?”

“Despite all he’s been through, Edward still sees the good in people,” I whispered. “He said that I would be great father.”

“You would, Carlisle. You’ve been more of a father than my own dad has been recently. I know that he’s busy being a multi-billion dollar mogul, but I’d like for him to take an interest in me. Not once has he talked me since all of this started, Carlisle. We barely shared two words since Jacob and Seth’s wedding.” She sighed.

“He’s not even in the country, Bella,” I grimaced. “He’s been on an expedition, looking for a location for an exotic getaway. He’s been in the Maldives, Fiji, Phuket and Turtle Island for the past two months.”

“Nice of him to tell me,” Bella grumbled, wrinkling her nose. “When is he coming back?”

“After he goes to New Zealand, the Philippines and a few other tropical stops,” I smirked. “Perhaps by Christmas?”

Bella rolled her eyes, threading her arm through mine. “Thank you for being here for both of us, Carlisle. Edward is right. You would make a wonderful father. You shouldn’t discount having kids at some point.”

“Meh,” I shrugged. “I already love you like a daughter and Edward like a son. Why should I go through the stressors of having to deal with diapers and nursing when I have two well-adjusted adult children?”

“Edward isn’t exactly well-adjusted,” Bella deadpanned. Just then, a blood curdling scream filled Bella’s suite. She jumped up, running to her bedroom. I limped behind her, putting my hand on her shoulder. “Should I go?” she asked, her hand gripping the doorknob.

“Together,” I said, opening the door and walking into the bedroom. Edward was tossing and turning, tearing at the blankets. Bella ran to him, sitting down on the bed and gently wiping his brow. She whispered in his ear, soothing him the best she could. I took Edward’s hand. He eventually woke up, shooting up and his green eyes were crazed. He looked at Bella and he blinked a few times. He took her into his arms, clinging her to her while he had a vice grip on my hand. Damn, the boy could smash all of my bones in my hand. I kissed his knuckles and got up from the bed. “I’ll be in the living room. You two need to talk and I need to ice my hand,” I quipped.

“Sorry, Carlisle,” Edward chuckled, his face red and splotchy.

“I’m just happy that you have some fight in you, son,” I said, kissing his temple. Limping out of the room, I turned just as Bella pulled Edward to her body, running her fingers through his hair and whispering words of comfort. All I knew for certain was that I loved both of them like they were my own children and I’d do anything to protect them.

Even die for them.

A/N: Short chapter, but I wanted to get into Carlisle’s mind. I think he is my favorite character in this fic. Up next will be the continuation of this chapter. Bella and Edward are going to talk. She’s feeling guilty and he’s obviously a little lost. Okay, a lot lost. Leave me some!