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Little Black Book

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Angeal groaned.

Cloud was absolutely incredible. He was well-practised in the art of blowing… well, all of them by now. He knew exactly what Angeal liked; how to curl his tongue around Angeal's throbbing erection, how much suction he preferred, his favourite rhythm (slow, slow, then swallow it all down in one quick motion and suck around him until Angeal cursed under his breath, then start again).

He looked incredible as well. His hair was in a sex-mussed disarray, pretty face flushed bright pink with arousal and the effort of making it good for his boyfriend. His lips were reddened from the fierce kisses they had shared earlier and slick with saliva, stretched wide around Angeal's length.

"Cloud–" Angeal said in warning, cutting off into another curse as Cloud deep-throated him again.

Cloud glanced up, sky blue eyes dark and hazy with lust. He wasn't exactly in any position to speak, but the pure want in his eyes (and plenty of previous discussions about their sexual tastes) said that Cloud was more than happy for Angeal to come in his mouth.

So that was exactly what Angeal did.

Cloud came back up again, until he only had what could comfortably fit in his mouth. Cloud moaned softly as Angeal blew his load, the taste of it overwhelming his senses until he felt absolutely filthy. But that was why Cloud loved it.

Angeal moaned as well, a lot more vocally than Cloud. Cloud let Angeal's cock slip from his mouth when he was done, with a few last little kitten licks and kisses for good measure, and then Angeal sank back into the bed with a heavy sigh. His eyes were half-closed in blissful satisfaction.

Genesis laughed. "Did he wear you out already?"

Angeal only grunted.

Cloud, meanwhile, was inclined to interrupt the simmering little make-out session Sephiroth and Zack were engaged in. He nudged his head against Zack's shoulder. It took a while for them to wind down from the heady kiss they had been engaged in, but neither were displeased to include Cloud.

Zack slid a hand around Cloud's waist, in addition to one he already had cupping the back of Sephiroth's neck. Sephiroth ducked his head to press kisses and nibbles along Cloud's throat and just behind his jaw, searching out the places he knew Cloud was sensitive.

Cloud brushed his lips down Zack's nose, along the line of his jaw. Zack leaned in to kiss him, but Cloud pulled away first. He gave Zack a look of sultry suggestion. It was a look they were all familiar with; it wasn't a regular occurrence, but when Cloud got that look, it meant he was up to something. Something obviously sexual, and often a little kinky, but inevitably something that his boyfriends would very, very much enjoy.

Zack raised an eyebrow in anticipation.

Cloud gave him a small smirk (one he'd picked up off Seph, by the looks of it) and leaned in to engage Zack in that kiss he'd been after.

Zack's brain immediately stuttered to a halt. Cloud was already incredibly turned on, and maybe even a little desperate, from the time he'd spent blowing Angeal. It showed. The kiss was searing, passionate and almost brutal in its intensity.

Then Cloud parted his lips, and Zack groaned. Cloud still had Angeal's come in his mouth, and now he was sharing it with Zack, and fuck.

Zack's emphatic noises got their attention; that was more than a simple kiss warranted. Sephiroth pulled away from Cloud to watch, and the sight made his heart miss a beat.

The kiss was messy, purposefully so for the benefit of their audience. It was hot and open-mouthed, flashes of tongue visible as they explored each other. Thick trails of Angeal's seed hung between them when they breathlessly parted, gasping for a moment before diving back in again. It was smeared over their lips, inside their mouths, drooling out down their chins.

It was absolutely filthy, and Genesis thanked the gods that they had been blessed with such a sight.