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Ano Hi no Aozora

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Hitonari’s POV
I sigh contently as I stare into the clear blue sky above me. They are so beautiful and calming. Just by looking at them make me relax and happy. They almost had the same calming effect as him. Well, he sometimes drives me crazy and irritates me with his brash behavior and seemingly thoughtless words, but that’s him. I won’t change him for anything or anyone in this world.

I am enjoying myself when hear the door lead to the roof opens and someone step out. I frown in annoyance. I came up here for some solitude and peace and I can’t even get that? Grudgingly I sit up and scoot to the edge of the rooftop. I have every intention to tell them to go away. This is my place and I really don’t appreciate any form of intrusion.

But hey, students normally don’t go up here because teachers forbid it. And there’s only one other people than me that’ll come up here. I’m proven to be right when I see a mop of messy black hair under there.

It’s Akane. I’m sure he’s looking for me. Of all people in this school, he’s the only one who can find me no matter where I hide. I go back to my previous position under the shadow of the water reservoir and lay there. I’m sure it won’t be quite long before he finds me up here. I close my eyes and enjoy the slow wind. And sure enough, soon I hear him climb the side ladder and crawl to my side. For reason I don’t understand, I keep my eyes close.

Tachibana Akane. He’s one strange boy, I admit that. That one trait has been clear ever since the first time I saw him in the field at our last game before graduation. Of all players I ever met, he’s the only one who ever talked back to his coach while being reprimanded. It really amazed me that he dares to do that. Not to mention he succeeded in ruining our last game to boot by starting the fight.

. . . . .

Okay, he’s not the one who started the fight. I did. I elbowed him on the face because of my bad mood. He only retaliated. But he kicked the wrong person. Don’t tell him, but I’m glad it’s not me whom he kicked that day. I heard the one whom he kicked couldn’t get up for at least three days.

Well, getting back to topic on hand. My meeting with Akane has changed me. Being with him, I find back my love for basket. Being in the same team with him allows me to play freely. He understands what I want from him even with the slightest signal. We’re completely in synch with each other; no one in the team ever able to keep up with Akane’s unpredictable style. Only me.

That little fact makes me feel special, even more so when Akane one day admitted it to me in private. I remember had to fight down the embarrassed blush that threatened to take over my face. I managed to keep my cool, but inwardly I was so very happy by his statement. I have my suspicion that Akane knew how exactly I felt, because he gave me this small knowing smirk.

Now when I thought again about that day, maybe it was then when I started to like him. It started with a simple crush, but it soon transform into something real the more I know about him. I became hyper-aware of him, like my gut feeling is in tune with him. I can always tell where his position inside and outside the field is. I had to carefully hide my jealousy of seeing him so close with Sumire. There’s nothing I can do about that. After all, she’s his childhood friend, something I can never replace. I had to content myself being his closest friend.

I don’t know how long he just sits there in silence. I can feel his eyes on me. It doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all; it only makes my heart beats a bit faster and my body feels warm. I wonder why he hasn’t done anything yet. Usually he immediately wakes me up, not just sits there and stares at me. Will he actually let me ‘sleep’ for once? I don’t mind at all. By simply being in his presence is enough to make me calm; enough to send me into a real doze instead of faking it.

But then I feel it. I feel his fingers brushing away the hair that had fallen on my face. I’m surprised. This is the first time Akane ever touch my hair. Not only that, he even starts playing with them. He’s running his fingers through my hair. It sent pleasant shiver through my body every time he comes in contact with my scalp. It feels so good that I unconsciously let out a disappointed whine when he retracts his fingers. I inwardly smile in triumph when his fingers return. I even turn to him a bit, wanting to nuzzle his hand.

My brain activities screech to a halt when I feel the slightest pressure of something soft on my lips. It only lasts for several (very) short seconds, but I still feel it. I’m shocked. I really want to pinch myself to convince that it was not a dream, but if I move then Akane will know that I’m not really sleeping. When my brain starts to work again, only one sentences run through my mind.

Akane kissed me.

That one sentence keeps repeating itself several times in my head. Then, after I got over the initial shock, several questions start to bug me. Why did he kiss me? What does that kiss mean? What prompt him to kiss me? Why now?

As confused as I am concerning that kiss, a rather large part of me is dancing happily in my head. Akane kissed me. There’s a possibility that he likes me, no matter how slim that possibility is. I know for a fact that a boy doesn’t just go and kiss his male best friend on a whim. There have to be some attraction, right?

I feel slightly disappointed when he stops petting me. But maybe it’s better this way. It’s time to stop pretending that I’m sleeping. I need to know the answer to my questions. I need to know if there’s really a possibility of us becoming something more than just a friend.

I let him settles first before pretending to just wake up from my ‘nap’. I slowly open my eyes and raise my body on my elbow. I turn to him and have to mentally strengthen my control. Akane lays beside me, so vulnerable and tempting. How easy it is for me to just bend over and kiss him?

“Akane?” I make sure to slur my word.

He opens his eyes and looked at me.

“Hello, sleepy head,” he says with a sleepy smile and I feel my mouth go dry. Does he even realize how cute he is right now? “Finished with your napping?”

I need a few moments to find my voice back. “What are you doing here?”

“Ditching class,” Akane says before he yawns widely. “D’you mind letting me sleep here?”

My mind went blank. Mind? How can I mind him sleep here with me? If I have my way, he will have to accompany me every time I go up here for a nap so I can cuddle him. Not necessarily cuddling, of course. We can do so much up here, ranging from something innocent to something not-so-innocent.

His voice startles me out of my daydream consisting of me and him in a very compromising position. I inwardly shake my head while trying to remember our conversation. What were we talking about? Oh, right. “Oh. It’s fine. You can sleep here.”


He closes his eyes again, shifting several times in search of comfortable position. I see him becomes relax and smile sleepily. I can’t contain myself any longer. He’s just too tempting. Unconsciously, my hand reaches out and plays with his hair, much like what he did with mine earlier. I usually don’t like touching anyone, but this is Akane I’m touching now. I enjoy feeling the softness between my fingers when I run my hand through his hair. I feel him tensed a bit, but he quickly calming down again. Maybe he doesn’t think I will touch his hair?

Now is the next step. My heart is beating madly in my chest as I bend over him. I keep my eyes open. I want to see his expression when I . . .

Our lips touched. As expected, he tensed and snapped his eyes open. I can see his confusion and barely hidden want in his dark eyes. I add the pressure on his lips, letting him know this won’t be like the chaste kiss he gave me earlier.

His eyes slid close again as a moan escaped his mouth. I use that chance to deepen the kiss. I can’t even describe how I feel when our tongues meet and battle for dominance. I win of course. He tried to dominate the kiss, but I won’t let him. He quickly surrendered to me, though. I happily probing and mapping his sweet cavern, earning myself another moan. I can taste the fruit milk he had just before the lunch ended earlier. It actually didn’t feel that bad, and my brain had already registered it as ‘Akane’s taste’.

I reluctantly pull back when I realize (with great distaste) that my lung has been screaming for air. I smirk slightly when I hear his disappointed moan. That almost makes me go back kissing him, but I refrain myself. We need to talk after all. However, I don’t move from my position hovering above him. I greedily drink on the sight before me. Akane’s face flushed red and his lips swollen from our kiss. His eyes dilated with want and longing. I like seeing that in his eyes. And it feels good to feel him under me. I know he sees the amusement in my eyes when annoyance seeping into his own. So adorable. . .

“. . . Hito?” His voice laced with confusion. It makes me want to play with him a bit.

“Consider us even,” I said smugly, before reluctantly roll over him to sit beside him.

“Huh?” He’s really adorable when he’s all flustered like this. I need to touch him, so once again I begin petting his hair.

“You kissed me while I was sleeping, so it’s only fair that I got to kiss you when you’re sleeping in return,” I explain to him. “Isn’t that right, Akane?”

I see a shiver run through his body when I say his name. Huh. I never thought I had that effect on him. He blushes heavily for a moment, before his face loses all the color when he finally understands the meaning behind my words.

“You were awake?” he yelps as he scrambles away from me. The blush has returned full force with embarrassment.

“I was never asleep in the first place,” I replied him easily.

“Wha . .? You . . .” Akane’s jaw drops as he struggles to form understandable words instead of garble. It must be a shock to him knowing that I was awake when he kissed me. “You were awake the whole time?!”


Have I tell you how adorable Akane is when he’s blushing? He’s so cute, all flustered like this. Unknowingly a chuckle escapes my lips at that thought. He makes me want to kiss him again. I’m considering going to him and just doing that when he yells at me.

“You bastard! Why did you even pretend to sleep?”

I blink. “I don’t,” I said. “I was just closing my eyes. You were the one who assumed that I was sleeping.”

He knows I’m right. I know how his brain works in situation like that. I can picture it perfectly in my mind. I’m sure it goes along line like this: ‘Hito plus roof plus closed eyes equals napping’. It’s lucky he’s so simple-minded in things not related to basket.

“Why did you kiss me?” he asked me, which I reply with my own question.

“Why did you kiss me?”

“Don’t answer me with a question,” he cried. This is one thing that he found frustrating of me. I tended to answer his question with a question of my own. Am I wrong if I want to see him angry at me? He looks even more beautiful when angry. “And I asked you first, so you have to answer me first!”

Ah. So predictable. That’s what I like about him. Other people said Akane’s too unpredictable, but to me he’s as easy to read as an open book. But I notice he only behave like this when he’s with people he’s really close to. It means it’s only me and Sumire that ever see this side of him.

I chuckle. I might as well answer his question if I want him to answer mine. “As I said, it’s only fair that I got to kiss you after you stole a kiss from me. Now it’s your turn to answer.”

He’s blushing again. It’s not easy to make him blush, so I prided myself of being able to do that. I can tell he actually doesn’t want to answer that question, but had to do so anyway, as I had answered him. But then his expression fall a bit and I hear him mumbling something that sounded like ‘is that the only reason he kissed me?’ I immediately crossed the distance between us and crouching in front of him. I hold his face on my hand as I force him to look at me. I need to make him understand that that kiss wasn’t just some retribution for what he’s done to me.

“Of course not,” I said softly. His eyes widened in surprise and insecurity. I lean forward and give him a peck. “I’m not someone,” a peck, “who can kiss someone else,” another peck, “or another boy in your case,” another peck, “if I don’t like them.”

I ended my speech by giving him another deep kiss. He happily responded to the kiss with a moan. I seriously can spend the day with just kissing him. He’s so addictive. I love tasting him, feeling him surrender under my kiss. With dismay I once again pull back when my lungs screaming bloody murder at me for abusing them. Stupid lungs. Don’t they know I was kissing Akane?! Stupid, stupid lungs!

“So . . . you like me?” I hear him ask me in breathless voice.

“Yes,” is my prompt reply. I press our forehead together as I placed one of my hands on his nape. I can’t seem to separate myself from him. Unconsciously, my fingers move on their own account to rub soothing circles at the side of Akane’s neck. “So, what is your answer for that question, Akane? Why did you kiss me?”

“I wanted to taste you,” he answers me. I can see he’s telling the truth. He’s not the type of person that can easily lie to people who is close to them. “I didn’t think I had a chance with you ‘coz I thought you’re straight. I . . .”

I silenced him with another kiss. I fleetingly wonder how can I survive being separated from him and not being able to touch him whenever I like if we’re in the company of others. Well, I’ll think about it later. For now I’ll just enjoy kissing him.

“You’re being silly,” I tell him after I pull back. “Now that you’ve tasted me, what’s next?” I need to know the answer to this question. Will he agree for us being more than friend or will he stop whatever it is between us now before it can develop into something more? It’s all up to him. I will respect whatever choice he makes, even though it surely will kills me if he decide he wants to stay in just being friends.

“Originally, I’ll just let myself content being your friend,” he said and my hope rose. He said ‘originally, so that means he has changed his mind, right?’ “But now I want more. I want all of you, Hito.”

A smile tug on my lips and I let it. I never smile so wide in my life before. I feel so happy I won’t be surprise if I combust with happiness right now.

“I can do that.”

This day’s blue sky will forever be implanted in my mind.
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