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No Sweet Talk*

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Late Afternoon at the end of August. Kise and Aomine are returning to Kise’s condo in the upscale Rittenhouse Square* neighborhood.

Made uncomfortable by the feel of Aomine's hand on his butt, Kise swats it away.

Kise: Come on, Aomine. Stop it.

Aomine: What did I tell you about that? Call me like you used to and don't act like you don't like it.

Kise: I'm only calling you by your name. And whether I like it or not is not my point and you know it. I'm not sleeping with you. We aren't that way anymore and you've had more than a year to get used to it, so I'd appreciate if you'd act like it.

Aomine closes in on Kise and drapes his arm around him.

Aomine: That was your decision and besides, sleeping is the last thing I want to do. For old time’s sake, Kicchan?

Kise: Aomine, I already told you I'm not going to be a fill-in for you anymore. You need to take your sorry butt back to your beloved Tetsu or whomever you're chasing these days and work out whatever happened this time because...

Kise slips out of Aomine's embrace.

Kise: ...I'm not interested. And don't call me Kicchan; it's gross coming from you.

Aomine: Oh, what, now I'm boring and gross?

Kise: I'm not having this conversation with you again.

Aomine quickens his stride to gain ground on Kise. Once in front of him, he starts to walk backwards to keep eye contact.

Aomine: What if I'm chasing you?

Kise: Oh no, don't start that mess. I refuse.

Aomine: Kise, I’m ser—

Kise: Hey, Aomine...

Kise points at the guy setting up for a 3-pointer.

Kise: Doesn't that guy look familiar?

Aomine: Eh? That’s just some dude.

Kise: No, really. We know him … that’s … Hey! Kagami—

The rumble of a passing truck drowns out the rest. Kagami releases the ball and watches until he hears the swoosh of the net, then turns to find the source of the voice beckoning him.

Kise: It’s him! Told you, Aomine!

Aomine is somewhat disgusted.

Aomine: So it is.

Kise raises an eyebrow to Aomine’s tone, but chalks it up as Aomine’s playtime being interrupted.

Kise: It’s you, right, Kagamicchi?

Aomine's face contorts at Kise's endearment of Kagami's name.

Aomine: He gets it, but I don't?

Kise: Old habits, don't mind it.

Kagami strolls over to the fence separating out from in and once his eyes fixed on his summoner, he felt his facial muscles do something they hadn't done naturally in a long while: form a smile.

Kagami: Is that you, Kise? Kise Ryouta?

Kise drags Aomine with him.

Kise: Ah! You remember me?! It’s been a while!

Kagami: It really has. How have you—

He pauses, his smile fading a bit, when notices who Kise has in tow.

Kagami: How've you been?

Aomine drapes his arm around Kise and breaks in.

Aomine: We've been good. And you?

Kise elbows Aomine for his obvious stance.

Kise: I've been pretty good. Aominecchi’s been better, I suppose. What are you up to these days? Are you here for a show?

Kagami: Nothing much. Just settling into my new place before the next season begins.

Kise: You moved here?!

Kagami: Yes, about a month ago. Oh! I suppose congratulations are in order for you, Kise.

Aomine notices the lilt in Kagami’s voice on that last word.

Kise: Me?

Kagami: I heard your company took over the licensed apparel contract for the NBA.

Kise's excitement comes through in his voice and Aomine looks on, unimpressed.

Kise: Ah! Yes! Thank you, Kagamicchi! We worked really hard for that, so I will gladly accept any praise!

Aomine flinches at the sound of Kise's trademark suffix. Kagami blushes in embarrassment and shock. Aomine smacks Kise in the back of his head.

Aomine: Don't mind this idiot, he’s been in the U.S. too long. ’S lost practically all his modesty… before long, he won't even know how to do a simple bow.

Kise smooths his hair down.

Kise: That hurt, Aomine! And you've got no place to talk; you can't even spell modesty, let alone knowing what it looks like.

Kagami: I see you're still getting along as usual.

Aomine grows hostile.

Aomine: We certainly are.

Aomine readies his hand to catch Kise’s elbow that would usually jab him right about then, but he gets nothing.

Aomine: Didn’t you live on the West Coast before? What brings you East?

Kise: Hold that thought! Kagamicchi, we're going to grab something to eat, you wanna to join us?

Aomine/Kagami: Huh?

Aomine speaks through clenched teeth.

Aomine: I thought we were going home?

Kise: Change of plans.

He redirects his attention back to Kagami.

Kise: You still eat, don't you?

Kagami: Y-Yeah, but I don't want to impose.

Aomine: See, he doesn't want to— Ugh!

The elbow Aomine was waiting for is finally delivered.

Kise: Nonsense! We're so close to one of my favorite spots. Let’s go!