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Cas, you're WHAT?!?

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"Dean... there's something I must tell you." Cas said uncomfortably. His eyes darted around the room.

"What's up, man? You all right?" Dean asked worriedly, shifting closer.

"I'm... I'm pregnant." He said nervously and softly.

Dean choked on his beer in surprise. After a minute of coughing he stared at Cass and asked "You're WHAT?"

Castiel looked down at his hands and shifted again. ''I am pregnant''

"How? You-you're a dude, right?" Dean asked, setting down his beer.

"Yes, Dean. Both my vessel and I are male." He said with a sigh.

"How can you be pregnant without- you know...- lady parts?" Dean inquired awkwardly.

"It is my father's will, Dean. It is part of my penance." Cas answered.

"Your penance? Your dad got ya knocked up cuz ya fucked up heaven?" Dean asked harshly.

"I did not have intercourse with my father!" Cas nearly yelled, indignantly.

"I know that!" Dean replied with a similar tone.

Dean sighed and took a long sip of beer. "So, what, is there some sort of manual or something? Angel baby 101?''

"The last fledgling was created thousands of years ago..." he looked shamefully at his hands and Dean could hardly hear his muttered "Samandriel."

Dean searched desperatly for a way to avoid the subject.

"But... there is someone I can call. Father willing, he won't turn me away."