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~ Giftig ~

Smith was not expecting any packages, so she was a bit wary of the mysterious cardboard box that had appeared on her desk sometime during the - she checked the clock - forty-seven minutes that she had been asleep.

She absentmindedly rubbed her left cheek, which still bore the grid-shaped imprint of where she had fallen asleep on her keyboard. Waking up with waffle face was never fun.

She felt a bit silly calling in her colleagues to help investigate a package, but she really had no idea where it had come from or what might be in it... better safe than sorry, right?

"It's just some socks," Doppel said, once the contents of the box were revealed.

"I can't believe you made us come over here for this," Zombina whined. "I mean, I know you're lazy... but making us open your mail?"

Upon further investigation of the box, Tio discovered that there was a note included.

"They're from Rachnera."

"Oooh," Smith said, running the fabric through her fingers. "Stockings made from pure arachne silk! What a thoughtful gift."

"How glamorous," Zombina said sarcastically.

Not caring that her underlings were still in the room (and they were all female anyway), Smith stripped off her pantyhose and slowly put on her new stockings, savoring the feel of the smooth spun spider-silk sliding up her legs.

"But why did Rachnera send her a present, anyway?" Manako asked quietly.

Doppel shrugged. "It's a crack humor fanfic. Don't think too hard about it."

"D...Doppel-chan... the fourth wall..."

"I just said!"