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Out Of The Shadows: VI : Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

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"Now... sit." William Masters commanded to the werewolf his sister and he had captured in San Fransisco a day previous.

The wolf obeyed - Eli had broke him within minutes, her methods of torture too much for him.  William had simply wanted to kill him, but when Eli told him that a werewolf bite was fatal to their doppelganger's species of vampire, he was overjoyed and eager to turn the wolf dark side.

"Good doggy," Eli smirked, her lover Angelus coming up behind her, as well as her friend Kameron.

The wolf whimpered, "Please."

"What's your name, Fido?" Angelus asked, kneeling beside him.

The wolf looked up with sadness-filled eyes, "Eric."

"Well, Eric." William looked at his sister and grinned, "We have a little job for you."

Eric gasped in pain, "Just kill me."

"Why would we do that?" Eli gave a sadistic smile, "We don't mercy kill, sugar."

Eric whispered, "Then what do you want with me?" he teared up.

"Oh, darling..." Kameron tilted his face up, then pressed her lips to his.  When she pulled away, she continued, "We just have a job for you."

Eric was tensed, "What j-job?"

"We have someone for you to make your chew toy." Eli practically sung.

Eric coughed, "Who?"

"Do you know Nicky Lamont... my dear doppelganger?" Eli questioned.

Eric nodded, "My whole pack know her... but I can't attack her.  She's too strong."

Eli knelt beside him, taking his face between her hands, stroking her thumbs over his cheeks, her blue eyes glittering with a determined ferocity.  Under her breath, she uttered several words, and all emotion in his eyes faded, the orbs hardening with an almost anger.  His trembles stopped, and he looked to his mistress, his mind gone.

"She'll be dead by dawn tomorrow, miss." Eric stated monotonously, "I give you my word."

Eli let go of his face, and grinned, "There's my boy."

"I shall go now."  Eric got to his feet and helped up Eli, her brittle appearance misleading.

The girl smirked, "Very well.  Bring back her head if you can... Doubt she'll survive long without it."

He nodded, then left.  William stepped closer, studying his insane sister, watching in both wonder and irony.  She had been the headstrong one in life, and now her marbles were gone.

"You know that he shan't survive against Miss Lamont, sister." William peered at her, "What are you up to?"

Eli smiled, turning around, "Giving her a taster of what is to come, brother.  I found a gem that can bring thousands of demons to our cause.  We're already destroying the land, it has not rained in weeks."

"It's Cali... that's normal." Kameron said.

Eli laughed, "I've taken the rain with aformentioned gem."

"Okay..." A confused William huffed.

Eli's grin widened, "We are going to destroy the world, starting with those imbeciles.  Piece by piece, we will rip apart humanity."

"Sounds like a plan, little sister." William leaned against the wall, "I trust we shall destroy our shadow selves also."

Eli nodded, "Of course.  We'll make sure it's agony."


Nicky was walking around the backroads of Futureland, patrolling for the other's safeties.  Iain, her friend and hunter, was on the other side of town protecting.  She was checking her phone to see if any of her friends sans the Winchesters had texted or phoned back.  She looked back at their message.

Nicky: Hi boys, we've bumped into some trouble, apocalyptically bad, so could you dudes perhaps come and help us?  Dont have to, but we could really use it.
Kola Kube xx

❤Dean Winchester❤: Sure, Sammy and I will be there in a few days.  No problem anyway, we always help friends lyke you