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The Little Games That We Play

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“What am I even doing here?” Pansy asked as she knocked on the front door of Blaise Zabini’s home.

The door opened, revealing the tall, lean and slender form of Blaise Zabini, grinning handsomely.

“Blaise,” Pansy said.

“Pansy Parkinson. Please, come in,” he said, gesturing inside.

Pansy stepped inside the house. It was nice, if a bit on the small side for a mansion. But on the other hand, Blaise was only twenty. Most twenty year olds didn’t have their own mansions.

Blaise lead her into a drawing room. There was tea sitting on a table waiting for them. Blaise sat down casually, and gestured at the open seat across from him. Pansy sat down and waited for some sort of explanation that would illuminate the need for her presence today.

“How are you? Would you like some tea?” Blaise said, sliding a dish and cup to her as if she had already replied in the affirmative.

“I’m fine. Mostly wondering what I’m doing here,” Pansy replied.

“You didn’t have to come,” Blaise said, shrugging slightly.

“Well, no but… we’ve never exactly been close,” Pansy said.

“No. We haven’t. All right. You want to cut through the bullshit. Let’s cut through the bullshit. I’ll be blunt and honest with you, Pansy Parkinson, and you can be blunt and honest with me. My mother wants me to marry. A pureblood woman, obviously,” Blaise said.

“Marry? Marry? Fuck off,” Pansy sneered.

“Relax, Pansy. We’re just having a polite conversation. I haven’t asked you to do anything. I’m just stating facts. Now, you’ve never met my mum. When she wants something… she can be a real pain in the arse. She usually gets what she wants. So she’s gonna do whatever she can to get me married off as soon as possible,” Blaise said.

Pansy thought there was something funny about his mum rushing him to marry given her own strange marital exploits, for which the rumours were often sinister.

“And tell me why that should be my problem,” Pansy said, stirring a sugar cube in her tea.

“It shouldn’t be. I haven’t asked you to do anything. Now, I know that my mum isn’t going to let this go. She’ll start digging pureblood girls out of every nook and cranny all across the world, until one of them agrees to marry me. But what you need to understand is… I’m not like ordinary men,” Blaise said.

Pansy looked Blaise over and agreed he wasn’t an ordinary man. He was flawlessly gorgeous from top to bottom. There was something so elegant about him. Something so masculine and feminine that Pansy definitely thought was sexy.

“I’ll give you that, I suppose,” Pansy admitted.

“I’m not sure you take my meaning. I have a hungry appetite. I don’t give a shit about monogamy or romance. I’ve tried. I’m no fucking good at it,” Blaise frowned.

Pansy knew a great deal about romance. She was still in love with Draco Malfoy, though they hadn’t seen each other much these past two years. She longed for a reconciliation but never knew if one was coming.

“Is there a point coming?” Pansy asked, sipping her tea.

“Yes. My point is this: if I’m to marry I want to marry a woman who… understands who I am. I don’t want to lie about my very nature,” Blaise said.

“And what is your very nature?” Pansy asked.

“Like I said, I have a hungry appetite. I have a great many needs. I’m attracted to… different sorts of people,” Blaise said.

“Merlin, I swear if you’re about to tell me you have a fetish for centaurs-“

“What? No!” Blaise said.

“I thought you were going to be blunt and honest,” Pansy said.

“I fuck men as well as women,” Blaise said firmly.

“Oh,” Pansy said, almost feeling a rush of fantasies appearing in her mind.

Blaise grinned, perhaps sensing the quality of her reaction.

“I want a wife who won’t give a shit what I do. I get the need for marriage, sure. Appearances. Status,” Blaise said, not really seeming as if he cared about those things.

Pansy didn’t care about those things either. For so many years she just saw herself as being on the path to being Draco Malfoy’s wife. It would bring her status, though not as much now that they were disgraced.

“Why me? How far down the list did you have to go before you got to me?” Pansy asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

“We’re still being blunt and honest? You were my first pick. My only pick. You’re physically appealing, but you’re not very nice and you’ve never seemed impressed with me, regardless of how much those lovely green eyes linger over my visage,” Blaise stated.

Pansy laughed.

“You like that you don’t impress me and that I’m not very nice?” Pansy asked, feeling like Blaise had just very politely called her a bitch.

“Part of me likes a challenge. Another part of me doesn’t want someone to worship me. I won’t be any good as a husband,” Blaise said.

“So… you want me to just… marry you and… then what?” Pansy asked.

“I’m not asking you anything. But I will make an offer. What I offer is whatever you want. Whatever you’ve heard about my family’s wealth is bullshit. Dream bigger. Much bigger. We have money all over. Our vaults are deep and wide. Anything you want you’ll, you can have have it,” Blaise said, snapping his fingers.

Pansy saw some appeal in the idea but didn’t want to be bought.

Blaise continued: “You’ll have complete freedom. Come and go as you please. Fuck who you want. You want a girlfriend or boyfriend, I don’t give a shit.”

Pansy thought with sadness that someday soon Draco would also be having to make this choice and she might lose him forever. She couldn’t just be his girlfriend. It was wife or nothing.

“I have money. Not as much as you but there’s not much I want. I can already fuck whoever I want,” Pansy said.

“Ah, but you see… sooner or later your family is going to push you,” Blaise said.

Pansy sighed. The truth was she was still trying to convince them she was going to marry Draco. If they caught wind that Blaise offered her marriage and she turned it down… it was entirely possible they would disown her.

“Blaise… what do you think the chances are that your mum might’ve felt compelled to tell my parents about this?” Pansy asked.

Blaise scowled and shook his head.

“I’m sorry, it hadn’t occurred to me. I’ll admit that does sound like her,” Blaise said.

“Shit!” Pansy said.

“What’s the problem?” Blaise asked.

“You don’t get it, do you? If my parents had heard you’re going to ask to marry me, they’ll expect me to accept. If I don’t… they could cut me out everything,” Pansy said.

“Dammit,” Blaise breathed through gritted teeth.

“I’m fucked,” Pansy said.

“It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I wanted you to be free to decide,” Blaise complained.

“Well, I’m not. But I guess it’s not your fault,” Pansy said.

“We don’t know that your parents know. I’ll take care of it. If they have been told I’ll tell them personally that they were mistaken and this was just a social visit with an old school friend,” Blaise said.

“Thank you,” Pansy replied.

“So… I tell you what, Pansy. Let me make a smaller offer. Take a week here in my household. Just a guest, nothing more. Call it a sample of my life or call it a mini-holiday. Whatever. Just enjoy yourself,” Blaise said.

“Just a week?” Pansy asked for confirmation.

“No more unless you want it.”

Pansy made a small smile and nodded.

“Very well. I accept that offer.”

“How about I show you around?” Blaise suggested.

Pansy finished her tea and nodded. Blaise stood up and she followed him out of the room.

“There are five empty bedrooms. You can have your pick,” Blaise said.

Blaise showed her all around the downstairs, including four very nice rooms before taking her upstairs.

“What’s that room?” Pansy asked, as they went upstairs, turning left away from a partially opened door.

Within the room Pansy saw a flash of bright red and shapes that her brain couldn’t process.

“That’s nothing. Storage,” Blaise said, though Pansy had a sense that he was not being honest.

The final room was down the hall from the mysterious room. Pansy knew it was the room she would choose as soon as she stepped inside and saw the painting of a unicorn on the wall. She walked over to the painting and smiled. She’d always been fond of unicorns. She wondered if Blaise knew that. She didn’t see how he could have but the coincidence seemed to great to fully dismiss.

“I guess I’ll take this one,” Pansy said.

“Excellent. Feel free to make yourself at home. You are free to explore the house. I’ll be entertaining some guests this evening but we can talk again in the morning,” Blaise said with a smile.

“Oh. Well… goodnight then,” Pansy said, surprised that things were drawing to a close so soon.

Pansy chose to explore the library for a time before retiring in bed with a book on unicorns that sounded interesting. Just as midnight rolled around and she was prepared to go to sleep she heard some sounds that grabbed her interest. It was moaning, loud and deep, coming from a voice that wasn’t Blaise’s.

Pansy creeped to her bedroom door, cracking it open and peaking her head out. Light was coming from that mysterious room as were the sounds. Someone was having sex in that room. Pansy held her breath as she listened to the moans and grunts that came from a deep, masculine voice. Blaise was fucking a man in there. Then she heard two different voices calling out Blaise’s name at the same time. Slytherin’s arse! Blaise was fucking two men.

Pansy suddenly felt very hot, despite the coolness of the air. She was wet and she gently spread her thighs in vacant longing. She wanted to creep down the hall and look into the room but feared getting caught.

The sounds kept going and going, keeping her transfixed. Once she could no longer ignore her own arousal, she lifted her nightdress up and slid her knickers down to reach her sopping pussy. Leaning her back against the doorway, she frantically stroked her clit. She tried to imagine the actions that corresponded with the squeals and howls of ecstasy echoing out.

It was Blaise’s own shout of pleasure that sent her tumbling over the edge. The room grew quiet as she pulled her knickers back up and straightened out her nightdress, all while breathing hard in a post-orgasmic haze.

Pansy closed the door and went back to her bed. She hit the pillows and exhaustion set in.


“Morning,” an unfamiliar older wizard said as Pansy entered Blaise’s kitchen the following morning.

“Hello,” Pansy said with a polite smile.

He was good looking enough if you were into middle-aged men, Pansy wagered. A second, much younger man entered the kitchen behind her, walked up and took an apple of the island in the center of the room.

“Morning, fräulein,” the man said, his German accent thick.

The German took a bite out of his apple while he stared directly at Pansy’s exposed cleavage. He wasn’t even trying to hide it. She felt like going to cover up but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction and pretend not to notice as she went to make herself some tea.

Blaise entered the kitchen, smiling big and seeming proud. He walked over to the two men and gave them both sensual kisses, making Pansy blush as she remembered the night before.

“Morning, Pansy,” Blaise said walking over to her.

She wondered if he would try to kiss her but Pansy realised that she had arrived he hadn’t touched her once, not even casually. She hated that she really wanted him to touch her. She knew without a doubt that he made a pass at her she would open herself up to him without a second thought. But he’d never even offered her sex as part of the marriage proposal. It hadn’t come up. Surely Blaise didn’t want a wife he would never want to fuck.

No, he’d said she was attractive. That meant that he was probably just toying with her. Pansy resolved not to give in so easily to his little game. Instead, she leaned over the island, drawing more attention to her cleavage. Blaise’s eyes instead remained focused on her eyes and not her ample bosom.

“Tom and Reinhard were just leaving,” Blaise said, maintaining a friendly tone even though it still sounded like a command.

“Danke,” the man Pansy assumed was Reinhard said as he kissed Blaise on the cheek, his eyes still on Pansy’s cleavage.

Tom also kissed Blaise’s cheek and exited the kitchen.

“So, how did you sleep?” Blaise asked.

“Like a baby,” Pansy replied.

“Oh, did you fall asleep early?” Blaise asked.

Pansy felt herself blush and she shook her head.

“Just after midnight,” Pansy said.

Blaise smirked and nodded. Bastard, Pansy thought.

“I’m going out for the day. Feel free to explore the house all you want,” Blaise said.

Pansy felt disappointed but her mind also drifted to that mysterious room. Yes, this could give her an opportunity to explore there in particular. The very moment Blaise was out the door, Pansy dashed up the stairs, still in her nightclothes. She turned the corner and discovered the door to the mysterious room was closed. Furthermore, it was locked.

“Dammit,” she screeched as she tried to turn the knob.

She looked around, wondering where he kept the key. Surely, he wouldn’t store it with him at all times. She knew she should probably let it go but the curiosity was killing her, just like the proverbial cat. She walked towards Blaise’s bedroom, surprised to find the door to it partially open. She smirked, considering this an invitation.

She pushed the door open and stepped inside. His room was nice and well furnished with antiques. She wondered where she would keep a key to a secret room if she were Blaise. She needed to be careful. If she made too much fuss he might notice, though perhaps that was exactly what he wanted.

Then she spotted it: a large key ring covered with old keys.

“He wouldn’t,” Pansy whispered, stepping over to the ring that hung on the knob of his closet door.

She picked it up. It was heavy. Dozens of keys hung on the ring and she groaned. It could be any one of them. Or none. She held the key ring for a moment, contemplating if this was really worth it. She remembered the sounds from the night before and decided that it definitely was worth it.

With a sigh she marched back down the hall and began trying key after key on the lock.

“Shit!” Pansy growled as the tenth straight key in a row failed to fit.

By the time she finally found a key that did the trick she had nearly given up hope. With her heart pounding she twisted the knob and opened the door. Pansy held her breath as her eyes took in the sight before her.

The room was filled with more things than her mind could process all at once. Sex toys, ropes, whips, paddles, harness, chains and a great many things that Pansy couldn’t identify filled the room. She stepped over to a shelf that was solely dedicated to dildos of various shapes and sizes, looking over them like she was in a museum.  They were works of fine art, all handcrafted. Some of them probably had some very interesting charms, she wagered. There was some rather large ones on the bottom shelf, including one that was nearly as big as her arm.

She gasped as she crouched down, unable to resist wrapping her fingers around it. It was thicker than her fist.

“Fuck,” she whispered, shaking her head and standing up.

Pansy marveled that Blaise had even be able to buy all of this stuff in the nearly two years that they had been out of school. He must’ve hardly had time for much else. It wasn’t a wonder that he wanted a very particular marital arrangement.

She fawned over his collection of whips and paddles, feeling herself becoming aroused by the touch of leather on her fingertips. She was tempted to pull one of them down and give herself a nice smack but resisted for the moment.

“I know what this is,” Pansy said as she came upon what appeared to her to be a chastity belt.

She had read about them in the library. She bet this one had some special properties. She touched the cold, shining metal, imagining how it would feel on her bare skin. Her knickers were soaked again for the second time in the last day.

Pansy came upon a seat with a a dildo attached to it. She fondled it, loving the smooth shape of it. She was intrigued by how it widened at the base. She wondered how that would feel, sliding down as she was stretched, only to be stretched even further. She clenched her thighs, suddenly longing for touch.

Pansy came upon his bookshelf. Blaise must’ve gathered every book on wizarding sex ever written. There were far too many to focus on any one of them. Some of them looked very old indeed. Her mind was alive with fantasies and she couldn’t hold on any longer. She ran to the large, round bed in the room and pulled her knickers down, her fingers instantly sliding over her slippery flesh.

Her fingers stroked her clit as she looked around the room, visions of herself and Blaise losing them. There was no place her mind didn’t want to go, even if she didn’t fully grasp what something was for. She wanted Blaise to bring her into this room. She needed it. Oh, Merlin, she bloody needed it.

Pansy’s moans echoed in the room when she came. Knowing Blaise wouldn’t be back any time soon, she decided to bring herself to another hard peak before casually locking the room and returning the keys. She had been careful to leave everything as she had left it.

She took a shower and got dressed for the day. She tried to do normal things but her pussy ached and throbbed. She couldn’t get her mind off of that room. She would get Blaise Zabini to fuck her. She knew she was sexy. He thought he could hold the power but she would show him a thing or two about seduction.

That evening he brought an older witch home. They politely sad goodnight to Pansy, who was lounging with a book in the drawing room then went upstairs. The two wasted no time. Pansy tried to focus on her book. She wanted to close the door to the drawing room but it was no use. Before she knew it she was laying back on a chaise lounge, rubbing herself through her robes. Feeling brave she undid her robes and dug through to find her sex, her fingers sliding in and out of wetness until she brought herself to a climax.

Pansy stayed in the drawing room for an hour past midnight but Blaise was still up there with the witch. The witch’s moans echoed through the house. Pansy craved that pleasure. She craved Blaise.

Pansy walked up the stairs and quietly approached the room. Blaise had naturally left the door open again. Pansy peaked into the room to see Blaise between the woman’s thighs while her face contorted in pleasure. Breathless, Pansy watched as Blaise brought her to whimpering climaxes again and again. She watched as she fingered herself again, covering her mouth with a free hand in case she released any sounds.

When she came again she rushed back to her bedroom and closed the door. She removed all her clothes and got on the bed, masturbating once more before the moans coming from the room stopped.

Pansy laid there, not even feeling close to satiated. Dammit, she thought. He still had the upper hand. She must fix this immediately.