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Hands are Bound, Hearts are Free

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Merlin sat in front of Arthur's desk as Arthur read the files. Not that they had changed since he read them for the first time a week ago.

"No." Harry said finally.

"Yes." Merlin replied calmly. "The intel we received is from a reliable source. Secrets are being funneled through that club Arthur, secrets that could cripple the nation. They have to be stopped."

"Not by you." Harry insisted.

"And why is that? We both know I'm almost as good in the field as I am behind my desk." Merlin crossed his arms.

"You are too valuable to the Kingsman, to just be let out there in an undercover mission." 

"Do you have anyone else who's even capable of pulling this off?" Merlin quirked a brow. "Harry you might not like it, but you know as well as I do, this club can smell outsiders. I'm many things, but an outsider, nae." Merlin held up a hand to stop Harry. "We both know that my two key subordinates are ready for more work, more responsibility - ye just signed off on it not a week ago. This is a one to two month mission, in town, where in a pinch I can be brought in. Sir, this needs to be stopped, and I'm your best shot."

"I don't care for the fact that you are correct." Harry adjusted his shirt sleeves. They both ignored the slight tremor in his left hand. It, along with a nasty forehead scar were the only lingering after effects of Valentine's bullet.

"Oh, don't be a baby, you can live without playing bridge for a couple months."

Harry glowered at his friend of almost 30 years. "I am concerned for your safety and the fact that should you die in that godforsaken hole, the Kingsman will be left crippled."

"Harry, I'll be fine."

"Your back up will see to it." Harry grinned. He had had a brilliant idea while going over Merlin's notes.

Merlin hated that grin. He still had a scar and a tattoo on his pelvis from Prague thanks to that grin.

"I'll be going in alone, a dom looking for a new sub."

"Correction. You will be taking your new sub to the establishment to show off."

"Harry, I currently don't have a sub. And I certainly wouldn't have one that could handle a situation like this."

"Luckily," Harry continued with that smile that was never very lucky for Merlin, "we have an agent who has experience as a sub. I've debriefed them and they are happy to work with you."

For a moment Merlin held out hope that it would be Roxy, she listened to him, was trainable, smart, calm.

"Hey guv, I hear you're going to be smacking me up and fucking me raw on a stage or some such. This is crazy yeah?" Eggsy had barely knocked before strolling in and running his mouth off. "Do I get to wear a lot of leather? Oooh will ya put me on a leash? Or how about handcuffs? Or like girl underwear?" Eggsy kept rambling on.

"Make him stop." Merlin begged Harry.

Harry just kept that horrid grin on his face.