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Every Inch, Every Scar

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Scott sighed as he recounted the bills. It had been an unusually busy night. Some idiot had given him two hundred dollars without even asking what he charged for only a hand job. Not that Scott was complaining but the guy must have been pretty desperate to do that. In total, six hundred and fifty bucks. It paid to be the only well-known male hooker on that end of town.

He'd gotten a woman that night, which had been pretty interesting. That didn't usually happen. Other than that and hand job guy, everything else had gone pretty normal. He'd stayed off the street after those two as he'd had two regulars that night instead. Wouldn't have done him much use being outside though. It had started off with a light sprinkle and now it was pouring. Slamming against the window pane and onto the roof, Scott once again cursed that he was on the top floor as a leak begun that should have been fixed last week.

Grabbing the usual bowl, he listened to the soft ping of each drop as they fell down. The past winter hadn't been to wet yet now it seemed like the weather was just now getting started.

Scott sighed and fell back down on his bed exhausted. In his head, he started calculating all the expenses and mentally watched his wad of cash decrease to what he'd have left to get his daughter for her birthday. Sighing, he mulled his thoughts over before he finally moved a few bucks from his food savings to her present and finally smiled. He'd just have to be more careful with what he bought.

With that in mind, he fell asleep and woke up at around ten in the morning where he had a quick breakfast and ran off to his other job. He'd gotten it recently and though it helped with expenses, particularly child support, it was still almost miniscule to what he could get at nights.

The job was a cashier at a gas station and was one of the few where he could choose his hours. He'd tried getting a job that would alone support himself and Cassie but nothing had come his way. The fact that he was a convicted felon didn't help either.

Nor had he ever gotten the chance to go to college due to having to help his mother with her medical expenses. Nevertheless he had taught himself a good bit about engineering and computer engineering through books and later the computers that became more available. He was pretty good but it was the lack of a college degree and a criminal record that was really against him.

It would have been easier to stick with what he did but he knew that job wouldn't last forever and it didn't exactly have good retirement benefits. And even if that wasn't the case, he simply wanted to be better for his daughter. She needed someone who could truly support her.

After he got off, he used his last remaining hours of daylight to look for a gift for Cassie. When he didn't find one, he decided to get up early the next morning to look and instead went to the usual boulevard where himself, Lisa, Kirstin, and Davida usually hung around. There were others of course, but Scott had been friends with those three for a while thanks to living in the same neighborhood.

"Chris, nice to see you," Kirstin said, using the name that he gave clients. "You get any last night?"

"A few regulars. One random dude who was desperate as hell," Scott chuckled. "You?"

Kirstin shrugged as Lisa went off and said, "There was this one who wouldn't stop talking through the entire process. Clearly wanted someone to talk to rather than actual sex, pretty sure he felt guilty afterwards, but I did find out that his brother was talking with his girlfriend at lunch in this really nice café and she mentioned that her cousin who she'd talked with the day before had lost her job but spoken with this guy who got her connected with Pym Technologies."

"You say his talking irritated you but I'm surprised you didn't get married," Davida responded as the rest laughed.

"Yeah, interesting story but what's it got to do with us?" asked Scott.

"Well you never know. Big businesses are always in need of engineers and stuff. I could see if I could get you a job."

"At Pym Technologies? But Stark Industries already asked," Scott said sarcastically. "Don't make me laugh," he added. At the sound of a car slowing down, he looked up and said, "I think we've got the first one."

Scott watched the hustle and bustle as finally a woman got ahead of the others and leaned over and into the car. Scott remained back as always. Thanks to being male, he could charge more but the other women didn't really have that chance. If you got a good enough reputation for looks or certain acts you were willing to do, then you could, but most of these women were just barely making it by. Besides, there was no point in trying for those that weren't interested in a male escort. It was easier to just sit back and pick out those that were more likely to be clients.

As the group spread out a bit, another car pulled up about twenty minutes later and in this one, one of the girls actually got in, unlike the last one who'd driven off. Scott watched only for a moment before glancing across the street.

A car had been there for some time, longer than Scott had been, and someone was sitting in the driver's seat. Scott had no idea why he was there, it could have been for anything, but he decided to take his chance and crossed the street, making sure that his advance was obvious so that he didn't surprise the guy.

The man did notice him but didn't say anything, even when Scott was leaning against the side of the car.

"Any reason you've been sitting here for so long?"

Scott waited for the guy's first words or look as he usually could judge what the person was like and what they'd want. However, he just looked at Scott with curiosity. Not hunger, lust, disgust, fear, anxiety, or any of the other combinations of emotions that usually appeared.

"Not particularly," the man finally replied. He had a voice that could have performed a speech about the construction of a pen and made it sound interesting. "Any reason you've finally decided to come over?"

"Figured you'd have a friend show up but looks like I was wrong. Besides, I don't like seeing people lonely."

It was a stupid ass line but usually worked with a sultry glance and smirk. However, the man only seemed mildly amused.

"Perhaps I like being lonely," responded the man.

"Well let's not be to hasty. How about you take me for a ride and find out?"

"A little presumptuous isn't it?"

Scott continued with his perfectly placed smirk. "Not at all. I know exactly what you want."

Now it was the man's turn to smirk. It was softer than the one Scott practiced in the mirror and plastered on his face yet there was something extremely dark beneath it that the man seemed to finally reveal, almost like a welcome.

"Maybe not." The man pulled out his wallet and took out a bill. Holding it out, Scott didn't take it, to shocked and confused to do so.

This seemed to amuse the man even more and he added, "Think of it as a payment for your time."

Finally, Scott took it and as he did, he had to jump backwards as the man drove off, engine loud and tires spinning.

"Jackass," muttered Scott as he walked back across the street. Looking down at the bill, he was surprised that it was a hundred at first, half expecting it to be a joke or at least a smaller bill, but then decided that this was probably easy throw away money judging by the guy's cloths and car.

Thinking this all through, he didn't notice when Lisa walked over and said, "What did you do? Suck his dick through the window."

"No we just…talked."

"Talked?" she asked incredulously.

"Not like a real conversation. I tried to put my moves on him, they didn't work, it's as simple as that."

"And he gave you a hundred dollars for that?"

"I guess. I don't know Lisa. I'm still confused over it," muttered Scott. "And you know the weirdest thing? He actually looked familiar."

"What? Like you've met him before? That's just silly."

"I'm not saying like he was my best friend in another life. Just that he seemed familiar," muttered Scott.

He ignored everything else they said and in the end, didn't get another client that night. He went home and slept, concentrating on what he needed to get Cassie for her birthday.