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He walks up the stairs and into his bedroom, thinking about the events of the last few minutes. Getting ready for bed, putting on his pajamas and brushing his teeth he gets under the covers thinking about how he's never seen Thor act this way before. Loki believes that he knows Thor better than his brother knows himself, and he knew right when he walked through that door that something was seriously wrong.

He knows how much Thor loves Sif. He's known for quite some time now, and he knows that it must be burning Thor to know that she's going to leave. But like he said, there was nothing he could do. This was Sif's choice and really what was he going to do? Tell her she couldn't go to college? Highly unlikely.

He thinks about he'd feel if he was in Thors place and Tony in Sifs. It worries him because it's very likely that the same situation could play out for them if they stayed together that long. He doesn't want to loose Tony, doesn't even want to think about the idea of loosing Tony.

He closes his eyes and inhales heavily, trying to get his mind to different subjects. He thinks about how only an hour ago Tony was walking him back home, holding his hand and talking about nothing and everything. Loki wasn't entirely focused on what Tony said, just listening to the sound of his voice was seeming to relieve him of all his stress.

"Looks like it's going to rain," he had said, walking Loki up to the front door.

"I like the rain, it helps me relax," Loki had replied, looking up into the deep, heavy looking clouds that hung in the sky.

"I'm more of sun person," Tony said, smiling at Loki when the younger raised an eyebrow. "I like the rain too, though."

Loki remembers rolling his eyes and smiling at Tony. "I'll call you tomorrow, okay?" He turned to open the door but was stopped when he felt Tony's grip tighten on his hand and pull him back, leaning his forehead against the slightly taller, (Even though Loki was younger, he was still about an inch or two taller than Tony.), before kissing him. Loki was startled into a gasp at first but then moved his arm up to card through Tony's hair, feeling a strong hand grab onto his waist, the other not dropping his hand. Loki couldn't get over how soft Tonys lips were and how well they fit against his own. Like two puzzle pieces. Loki broke the kiss, smiling at Tony and kissing his cheek lightly before turning to leave again.

"It's a plan," he remembers hearing Tony say and offering him one last smile before closing the door. He smiles to himself, thinking that Tony probably got caught in the light drizzle that had started. Rolling onto his side, he eventually finds unconsciousness, dreaming about Tony all through the night.