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Thine Beloved

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The game begins with needlepoint.

The girl is arguing with her mother — nothing serious, only a strained disagreement at most — but Mother knows best, and away she is sent to the sitting room. In there, she piles her skirts up around her knees as she dutifully settles in the arm chair with her studies and a tray of tea things.

It’s not a terribly inspiring setting by any means, but he is terribly good at what he does. There’s a well-maintained fireplace in the room, and it is not difficult to turn up the heat. The flames go from flickering to licking at the charred logs, and he lets the warmth seep through the little parlor.

She doesn’t feel it for a minute. Before she does, he slips his fingers into the laces of her corset, the existence of the dress only a figment of imagination, and he reties and tightens, tightens, tightens, until her belly is taut and her breasts and pressed slickly against themselves. So by the time she inhales, placing her fingertips against the slightly damp skin of her neck, she can’t quite catch her breath, and she is stifling, and her head is foggy.

It’s good that things are going according to plan, and it makes this easier. Out of curiousity, Dio peers at her reading and gazes derisively at the text — a Bible study — but he catches a strange shape in the outline and cranes behind her shoulders to find that a there is a medical book hidden inside of it.

It isn’t what he expected at all, and at most he feels that she is peculiar. But it passes, and with a single deft hand, he sweeps her teacup off the side table and onto her lap in one smooth movement, causing the blonde girl to gasp with shock at the scalding liquid.

Such easy steps. Others had harsher methods of attracting their prey — forcibly, demandingly, entrapping them and using violent maneuvers to take as they pleased. And maybe once he had considered it, but he knew better, knew from experience and wiser intellect that the best meal was one that was well-prepared and handled with the utmost care, delicacy, and purpose. After all, the more you savoured each bite, the fuller your hunger would be.

And Dio loved nothing more than sating his hunger in the most satisfying ways possible.

The girl was quite a mess by now, fretting dizzily as she tried to clean the murky stain from her white dress with a handkerchief to no avail. She wobbled as she stood, swaying and blinking and breathing unevenly as a bead of sweat trailed down her temple. He heard her murmur in a sweet tone, “It’s so awfully hot in here,” and did not restrain his smirk.

So everything had been going fine. The girl suspected nothing otherwise. It was just another normal, effortless night, and Dio was looking forward to corrupting the virginal little student, and just as he moved in close to let his hand drift down her arm to her own hand that patted urgently over the crux of her thighs, she looked up at him. Dio scarcely realized that she had, and it took him a moment to, and when he did he found himself staring back into stunned crystalline blue.

“Oh,” she gasped, stumbling backwards, and Dio didn’t have time to be wholly stupefied that this average girl had just ruined everything.