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truth or dare

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Yoongi nearly choked on his beer as Hoseok ran out to their apartment balcony butt ass naked screaming;

"I love Min Yoongi! Min Yoongi is the best photographer in the world!" His long arms above his head in a heart.

Yoongi was rolling on the floor with laughter as Hoseok quickly ran inside, forgetting his sweats and throwing only on his briefs and loose tank.

"I can't..." Yoongi tried to stop laughing and catch his breath. "I can't actually-" He gripped the side of his stomach. "…did that!"

Hoseok's smile was brighter than the sun itself. His face red from embarrassment but mostly the alcohol intake he had kept consuming that night. They had been roommates for 3 years now, going to the same university and always seeing each other at a campus cafe on the same day and same time. It was Hoseok who introduced himself first and luckily, Yoongi was looking for a roommate while the other was looking for a way to get out of the dorms.

Everyone would tell them their meeting was fate, that somehow their personalities complimented each other. Yoongi was quiet, reserved and a bit of a smartass while Hoseok was outgoing, charming and can talk his way out of anything.

"Pffft." Hoseok reached for a beer. "I told you I have never given into a dare. I always do them!" He placed his hand over his heart and the other in the air, beer can still in hand. "Always!"

Yoongi sat up with lazy half lidded eyes. He was pretty damn drunk and was such a lightweight compared to Hoseok but he didn't want to call it quits. This month had been finals and they hadn't spent any time together at all and now that it was over, his daily life can be terrorized by the black haired male again. He rubbed his eyes, the tears from laughing disappearing and smirked.

"Bullshit." Yoongi shook his head. "I still don't believe you. There has to be something that you won't do!"

"Wha-" Hoseok gave an exaggerated look of offense. "I was just outside naked screaming your name!"

"Soooo?" Yoongi lifted his hand to grab a drink, only to bang his elbow against the table. "Ow fuck!"

Hoseok laughed. "That's what you get for questioning my abilities!" Yoongi rolled his eyes at Hoseok's theatre tone, questioning sometimes on how he could possibly think it was alright to have a theatre major as a roommate. Hoseok swatted the air after taking a chug of his drink. "Okay okay, your turn. Truth or dare hyung?"

Yoongi set his chin on the table, his pale skin flushed from the alcohol and fingers fumbling to open up another beer. "Truth!"

"What?! Ayyy you sissy~" Hoseok teased. "Choose dare hyung! Come on, you're all bark but no bite."

The orange haired male sat up and glared at Hoseok. "I have a date with someone I don’t even want to see!"

Yoongi had chosen dare on his first turn and Hoseok had dared him to text back a girl in his photojournalism class that was clearly interested in him but Yoongi clearly wasn't. Hoseok would always wait for Yoongi out of his class on Thursdays to have lunch together and he'd always see the two talking, teasing the older male later as much as his could. And now, he had a date with the girl on Friday night and Yoongi knew Hoseok wasn't going to let him get out of it.

Hoseok grinned. "Alright hyuuuuung~ Let me think!" The raven's brows furrowed and Yoongi was back laying his head on the table. "Okay! Is it true you missed me this whole month when we hardly saw each other?" Yoongi glared. "Admit it! You cannot last a day without the vocals of my precious voice to awaken you from the hibernation you call sleep."

"Can you quit with that theatre voice you?" Yoongi tossed a empty can at Hoseok which failed miserably to even have a chance of hitting him.

"Admit it!"

Yoongi pouted. "Fine! I did miss you're annoying ass." He grumbled.

Hoseok shrugged. "Fair enough." He smiled and chugged the last of his drink.

"What about you?"

"Ahh should I do another dare or let you get some dirt on my personal life, hmmm~" Hoseok tapped his chin with his long pointer finger.

Yoongi shook his head, his bangs shaggy and brushing against his eyelashes. "No, no." Hoseok looked at him. "I mean did you miss me too you asshole!"

"Ohhh, nah not really."

Yoongi glared and lunged for the male. Hoseok irrupted into a fit of giggles as the petite male tried to attack him.

"Yah! You little-" Yoongi sat on Hoseok's stomach, making it a bit harder for the male to breathe through laughter. "I am your hyung you brat!" Their arms fought against each other as Yoongi tried to pin the taller and more muscular boy down. "Tell me what I want to hear you little shit!"

Yoongi yelped as he was rolled over and onto the floor, his head hitting with a dull thud. His vision blurred and came back to focus, he stared up at the smiling face of his roommate and suddenly felt hot.

"Alright alright hyung." Hoseok pinned Yoongi's arms by his wrist on the side of his head. "I sorta missed coming home to you showing me the new photo's you made and stuff." He smiled. "But hey, I saw you more than you think!"

Yoongi raised a brow, an unintentional pout on his lips.

"Hyung, I wake up earlier then you every day! I always go to check on you before I leave so I know you're home and so I can turn your music off."

Yoongi felt himself soften. So that's why his headphones were always off, he thought it was just because of him moving around a lot in his sleep. He felt himself turn red and narrowed his eyes.

"That's creepy, you're a pervert."

Hoseok looked ahead of him with pursed lips. "Is that creepy?" He asked more to himself.

"Hey you pervert." Yoongi broke his thought. "Can you let me go?" He pouted. "My wrist hurt." His deep and scratchy voice coming out more whinier then annoyed.

Hoseok shook his head. "No way! I finally have the upper hand against you!"

"Yah you little-" Yoongi began to struggle. "Wait until I get a hold of you i'm gonna-" He quickly gave up his struggle, too lazy and tired for his own good. He glared as Hoseok gathered himself from laughter. "Your turn you disrespectful shit, truth or dare?"

Hoseok thought for a moment before shrugging. "Dare. Let's see what you can possibly come up with."

Yoongi had a dare already planted in his head but once he looked up at Hoseok, he forgot what it was. Hoseok's face was inches away from his, hovering, a smile on his heart shaped lips and a playful twinkle in his eyes.

The words came out like vomit and Yoongi didn't realize he had actually said it until Hoseok withdrew his grip on the older male's wrist and leaned back on his knees, making sure to not sit on the petite frame below him.


Yoongi groaned and covered his face with his hands. "Nu-nothing, I said nothing!"

Hoseok was still in shock. "You want me—you dared me to..." He moved off Yoongi and sat next to the petite body. ""

Yoongi was flustered, his face red and hot. He couldn't have said that. "No no no! I didn't say that! I said something else! I—I dare—I dare you—shit…” He couldn't even think of an excuse. He groaned. "I'm so damn drunk Hoseok, please don't listen to me anymore."

It was silent for far too long and Yoongi didn't like it. He moved his hands away and turned to look at a still frozen Hoseok. He opened his mouth to say anything but he didn't know what. He sighed. Shit, had he screwed up their friendship already? It felt like these past years of having to get used to living with someone like Hoseok were going to go down the drain. He didn't want-

"I'll do it." Hoseok finally spoke.

"Wa—what?!" Yoongi sat up on his elbows and looked at Hoseok. Now he knew for sure he was shitfaced because this wasn't actually happening.

Hoseok moved to straddle Yoongi again. "I said I’ll do it." He pushed Yoongi down. The orange hair pressed out of his face and eyes slightly widen. He felt like he might puke, his heart was beating way too fast. 

It happened so fast that Yoongi didn't even know it was happening until he felt Hoseok's tongue lick across his lips. It was soft, warm and near addicting. Yoongi never would have thought that Hoseok's lips were that gentle and perfect against his own.

He exhaled deeply as their lips detached. He opened up his eyes and looked up at Hoseok who was just staring down at him as if he was a rare artifact.

"Truth or dare?" Hoseok suddenly spoke.

Yoongi gave a look of bewilderment. "Huh?"

"Truth or dare, hyung?"

Yoongi licked his lips, still trying to catch his breath from his accelerating heart. "T-truth?"

Hoseok leaned into him, their lips brushing and Yoongi couldn't help but let a small gasp escape him.

"Is it true you want me to kiss you again?" Hoseok's puppy dog brown eyes stared into Yoongi's. "Hyung?"

Yoongi gulped, his tongue darting out to lick his lips but to only brush against Hoseok's. 

"Shit, yeah, yeah it's true." Yoongi brought his hands to rest at Hoseok's sides, clutching his thin shirt. "I want you to kiss me again."